Michael Stürzenberger: “They Would Love to Just Throw Me in Jail for Good”

As most of you already know, back in August the German Counterjihad activist Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to six months in prison for posting on Facebook a historical photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem shaking hands with a Nazi. For those who are not familiar with his case, in the video below Mr. Stürzenberger does an admirable job of explaining it himself.

The latest twist: the prosecution has already filed an appeal, because they believe the defendant deserves an even harsher sentence than the one handed down by the trial judge.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


Video transcript:

0:00   Just when you think it couldn’t get any more absurd,
0:03   you actually get schooled that indeed things can be even worse.
0:06   As many of you know, on August 18th
0:09   the circuit court of Munich
0:12   sentenced me to six months in prison
0:15   and a three and a half year term probation,
0:18   all because I posted an actual historical article
0:21   on Facebook, with a historical photograph of
0:24   the NSDAP [Nazi] Gauleiter [regional leader] of Saxony,
0:27   Martin Mutschmann,
0:30   who is shown here peacefully shaking the hand
0:33   of the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini.
0:36   Because of this, I was accused of the unlawful
0:39   use of an anti-constitutional symbol,
0:42   here, oooohhh… a swastika!
0:45   And, well, this is just something that is shown
0:48   on historical photographs from the Nazi time, right?
0:51   But also we do have a penal code,
0:54   and in it — paragraph 86 — it is clearly defined
0:57   that the use of historical photographs
1:00   is allowed.
1:03   Namely, this applies basically
1:06   when the propaganda symbol, the swastika, is being used
1:09   in an informative way for the civil population, check,
1:12   for the resistance of anti-constitutional aspirations, check,
1:15   for research, check, and when it’s used for
1:18   reporting events and for historical purposes.
1:21   All these criteria were met by my article.
1:24   But the judge, Sonja Birkhofer-Hoffmann,
1:27   had it in her mind that I had to be judged
1:30   additionally for insulting Islam,
1:33   paragraph 166 in the penal code,
1:36   because I in fact did use the affirmation
1:39   from Hamed Abdel-Samad’s book
1:42   that Islam is fascist ideology,
1:45   and this is actually a statement of opinion.
1:48   It’s an assessment, and not an insult.
1:51   And, furthermore, plenty of others
1:54   before me have discerned that,
1:57   for instance Josef Joffe, who is the publisher of DIE ZEIT,
2:00   and he is the recipient of the cross of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany,
2:03   and also the chairman of the board
2:06   of the ex-Muslim council in Germany,
2:09   Mina Ahadi, and also many many other people.
2:12   But it is apparent that there is an obvious intent to intimidate me,
2:15   and therefore the trial for my appeal shall proceed very very quickly,
2:18   because I have just now received this letter from the Munich district court
2:21   that my appeal hearing will take place on December 5th.
2:24   You can make a note of that: at 1pm hours in courtroom A229
2:27   on the second floor on Nymphenburgerstrasse 16.
2:30   It is recommended
2:33   that you get there early, because the last time
2:36   the courtroom was full to the last seat;
2:39   some had to wait outside,
2:42   unfortunately, because they came too late.
2:45   And now for the real heart of the matter
2:48   of the whole ordeal:
2:51   the Munich prosecutor’s office has
2:54   filed an appeal in this already
2:57   outlandish judgment,
3:00   because obviously they seek an even higher punishment.
3:03   The reason: the degree of penalty does
3:06   not do justice to the offense, and does not do justice enough
3:09   in light of the personality of the offender.
3:12   I guess they would love to just throw me in jail for good.
3:15   And that’s why I am already wearing an appropriately striped
3:18   suit. All I need is a tooth brush;
3:21   off we go, and then I would never utter
3:24   another word about Islam. I bet
3:27   that’s what they would love, right?
3:30   But, not with us, we will not be intimidated and we will not bend.
3:33   The grounds for appeal is 18 pages long.
3:36   It is already done, and in it
3:39   this ridiculous verdict by the judge
3:42   Sonja Birkhofer-Hoffmann has been scrutinized
3:45   and demolished down to the last detail.
3:48   And… they probably believe… that they can silence me with the
3:52   concentrated power of the judiciary and
3:55   the Munich District attorney.
3:58   But I have this little card here by my computer.
4:01   It says: “A headwind makes you strong.”
4:04   We patriots will not let them buffalo us,
4:07   because we know that all the facts
4:10   and all arguments are on our side, and if there should be
4:13   a perversion of justice occurring, then even more so.
4:16   So, December 5th, mark it in the patriotic calendar.
4:19   This will end up with either a verdict of acquittal,
4:22   which is what we are 100% sure is going to happen,
4:25   If everyone acts according to the law,
4:28   or this scandal will spread out even more enormously.

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40 thoughts on “Michael Stürzenberger: “They Would Love to Just Throw Me in Jail for Good”

  1. Merkel brought in several ex Stasi Communists into her “Government”. We have seen nothing yet. It is called “Collapsible Communism”…. A reign of terror is about to descend on Europe..

    PM May is promising the UK one like Merkel’s. We have seen nothing yet. The Tory Party and every other former democratic party in Europe has been infiltrated and are simply an extension of the Central EU Committee. The latter is a copy of the Politburo of the old USSR.

    These tired old Leftists never change the tune. There will be another war in Europe within days or weeks. Many millions will suffer as we already are. Time to ditch these Socialist ideologies and place the culprits under arrest and a new Nurenburg. Many of us will be going to the gulag shortly anyway.

    • I have no reason at all to challenge your opinion, I just hope that when the time comes of which you write, that those who have been oppressed will know who the real oppressors are and not let them escape what is due to them.

      And Traitors Gate comes to mind here!

    • You are right. I moved back from Canada to Hungary to be with my family and when the time comes, defend them and my homeland!

  2. I wish Mr. Sturzenberger good luck come December 5. I have to add though, that TRUTH is a poor companion in a country full of perversions.

    • When members of the Dutch liberal establishment, sought to prosecute Geert Wilders. The scholar of Islam, Hans Jansen, believed he was asked to testify because the court:

      ‘could not imagine that the things Geert Wilders claimed were in the Koran were actually in the Koran.’

      While the trial mentioned above collapsed, Geert Wilders was told in another (show) trial, that he could not:

      ‘defend himself by arguing his comments are true.’


      Just let that sink in for a moment, leaving distinctions between truth and fact aside (although would the court accept ‘facts’ constructed on untruths?), in EUrabia the truth is no defence.

      • In the early days of the Thirteen Colonies, in what was to become America, there was a printer/journalist named John Peter Zenger who published articles about the corrupt royal governor of New York. Zenger was arrested and tried for libel.

        At that time, it was illegal to criticize and defame officials – even if what was written was true. TRUTH WAS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE DEFENSE. Fortunately, the jury, in spite of abusive treatment by the officers of the court, refused to convict him. He was acquitted.

        There existed – and still does in this country, although the courts fight it and have done their best to see it is not widely known and practiced even less – the power of the people called jury nullification (www.fija.org), which states that a jury has the right – and the duty – to judge not just the facts, but to judge the law as well. If the law is deemed by a juror to be unjust, or morally unacceptable, or if the punishment is deemed to be too harsh, the juror(s) have the right to acquit – even if the defendant actually violated the law he or she was being tried for violating.

        I don’t believe jury nullification is a legal concept in Europe, and apparently, as it was once true in this country 284 years ago, telling the truth is not an accepted defense. For all of our faults, America is still the greatest country on Earth, in spite of everything Obama did to ruin us and bring us to our knees. (Except for the NFL. On their knees.)

  3. If Germany is still producing brave and strong men like Michael Stürzenberger there’s hope yet. That’s what the bad guys always forget: that the earth is ever renewed in the young.

  4. Its getting very scary, these commie beaurcrats, are steadily making moves against us all, u begin to see it now, its been steadily creeping up on us over past 40 years. Now its at our doorsteps!!!

    Merkel communist nazi, they were planning this for us all, even as the berlin wall was falling, there plan B,

    Lets just continue on after wall has gone, well just reform in the west, melt into there system and spread communism in dishuised forms, and take back over power using our own democrstic systems against us, just like islam.

    Now u see it, The banks, acting like police stations, war on cash, spying on peoples bank accounts, money movements, criminalising small cash payments, trying to force and intimidate people away from cash, force u into there economic prison, force u to use plastic, so when u buy a coffee its tracked, logged,


    They seeking power over us all, they must be destroyed along with all of there proxy army of islam nazis supporters.

    These Pen pushers, making our lives a misery, creating and using these crazy laws to terrorise us all.

    Hate speech?? NO, free speech, is NOT hate speech, get it!

    The war is already here, its started,

    Just open u eyes, look around you in the street, u can spot the enemy, its not hard, theres going be house to house, street to street fighting,

    It will kick off at any time, huge riots, the left commies have alfeady defiled our children, and poisoned our societys.

    All these western politicians are the devils advocates, bar trump, and few others.

    This woman, so called prosecutor needs a visit to her nome, shes a commie payed off traitor to germany.

      • We can only speculate what would have resulted from a British Declaration of War against the USSR for their connivance against the Poles.

        Stalin died from a stroke in 1953, his attendants too fearful of the Red Czar to even knock upon his bedroom door when he failed to make his morning appearance.

  5. Die Muslime (the poor refugees), die nach Deutschland kommen, haben gar keine Deutschkenntnisse; ihre Deutschkenntnisse wurden auf drei Worte beschränkt: Angela Merkel Hitler (mit oder ohne Komma) – das ist doch eine verbotene Verwendung der durchaus verfassunnsfeindlichen Symbolwörter!

    [Machine translation:

    The Muslims (the poor refugees) who come to Germany have no knowledge of German at all; their knowledge of the German language was limited to three words: Angela Merkel Hitler (with or without a comma) – that is a prohibited use of the completely defunctive symbols!

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • ‘verfassun(g)sfeindlichen Symbolwörter’ should be translated as ‘unconstitutional symbol words’

  6. This man would be a TRUE refugee.

    Here’s the thing: win or lose on appeal, whether he goes to jail or not, the intimidation effect on others will be felt. That’s what this is all about. The message is clear: “Stay away from making Islam look bad, or be treated worse than a sex molester on New Year’s Day.”

  7. What Frau Merkel said after combing her hair, powdering her face and putting on a thin line of lipstick, “My mind is made up, do not bother me with the facts, or legal codes for that matter.”

    • “Sentence first! Verdict afterwards!”, said the Red Queen.
      Alice in Wonderland

  8. Well now……….

    …………..is there anybody out there (in good ‘ol Deutchland or the rest of Europe) who STILL thinks there is a ‘democratic’ or “political” solution to this Islamotyrrany anymore?
    (Or even here acrosst the pond for that matter?)

    Me–I’d start with the Judicial minions of tyranny personally, but I’m just a pussycat, and if nothing’s done there will be many more (and much. much worse than me) to follow.
    The listed “judge” would make a good start.
    This pre-emptive Sharia will eventually stop–the question becomes [redacted].

    Lock and load, boys and girls–it’s comin’ FAST.

    • I am reminded of the assault on Gondor by the orcs who were assembled by Sauron in Mordor. After the cavalry that was riding to the rescue broke the siege and the returning king with the hitherto dead Numenoreans (people of the west) taking care of the orcs’ southern flank, the assembled troops from Gondor and Rohan led by the King who had returned to claim the throne took the battle to Sauron.
      There seems to be a ‘Ring’ of allegory here, something about tossing the pursuit of worldly gain into the fires of hell and leaving the King free to rule in righteousness.
      I still say that the siege of Gondor was taken straight from the siege of Vienna.

      • Tolkein had several influences,including his Christian faith (which he shared with his friend and colleague CS Lewis), German and Nordic myths (eg the Ring; see also Wagner, of course), his experience training horses for the military in WW1 (The Riders of Rohan), the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset (Helm’s Deep), but especially WW2, in which his son served in the RAF; it is probably not a coincidence that Mordor is to the southeast , as Nazi Germany stood in relation to Britain.

        • If I were to point out any similarities between orcs and Bedouin hordes I would be permanently moderated off of this blog post. Still, that’s the impression that I am left with.

          • Bedouin scum and other desert brigands were the first ti rally to mohammed’s banner, for the same reason so many young losers from England, Europe and America join ISIS.

            mohammed created the cult of islam to justify his own sexual perversions (killing the husbands of woman he desired, sex slaves, child rape, boy rape, etc.), and he knew that if he made those perversions acceptable in the eyes of “allah”, thousands of the desert scum would join him – as they did.

            So, the qur’an and hadith promote and encourage those sexual perversion to this very day. And as mohammed is considered the “perfect man” anything he did is permitted and encouraged – no matter how vile.

  9. “It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom [habeas corpus], freedom of (opinion) expression, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications. Warrants for House searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.”
    From the Reichstag Fire Decree of 1933

    And I used to wonder how easy it would be for a repressive regime to come into power in a ‘democratic’ society. I wonder no more. I feel the cold hand of the past tugging at the present saying: I am still here…I have only been sleeping for awhile but now am beginning to awaken. I may not look exactly the same but that is only the better to fool you.

    • Yes. He is quite an inspiration. He is clear, rational, highly intelligent and will surely win his case.

  10. You are all dead on in your observations and your assessment of what’s coming in the future for all of us. But you are missing one thing. You know exactly who is doing this to us and basically how it’s going to play out. House to house gathering people one by one – or as they “offend” against their Communist doctrines. They do this because they can’t handle – lets say – an enormous number of people in opposition of their oppressive plans for us. Why would the whole of the Swedish patriot movement allow these people to imprison one of their own?

    Look, it’s just like this. Every day that goes by they bring more of their army and become stronger as we become weaker. We will not be allowed to live in the world that they’re creating, and if we are permitted live it’s not a life anyone wants to live. A life enslaved, pretending to be someone that we’re not out of fear of the repercussions. Or God forbid a life in a camp somewhere being “re-educated” complete with torture and in the worst case scenario murdered anyways.
    They cannot imprison that man through hundreds of thousands of people, or more. They know that. There’s not many of these elitist bastards, not enough to take on the people, not yet. And we cannot allow them get to that place.
    I hope that the people of Sweden will stand up for this man. Don’t leave him to stand alone, he will not be the last and eventually they’ll come for you.

    • Conversely every day the opposition to this garbage gets stronger. Brexit, Le Pen getting 40% of the vote, AfD doing well etc. The “army” is confronted by governmental fiscal power that is necessary to win before demographics take over. The change in mindset of the voters is happening very quickly.

    • Your assessment will be even more apt, when enough of those who still remain silent on what they know is occurring, begin to lose their accumulated possessions and future financial security that they have, in most cases, worked decades to put together.

      In Germany and Sweden, the elite are already commandeering private property with which to house the native populations replacement. So, its really just a matter of time before the elite begin stealing the natives possessions and future financial security.

      And that is when the ‘fireworks’ will begin.

      • I watched a ‘Blonde in the Belly of the Beast’ video interview with ‘Tree of Life’ who reported that in Germany the government literally has instant access to anyone’s bank account. It’s quite routine for depositors to have their account balance fluctuate down after a government department withdraws money it deems is owed. Any government department has the power to do this, and there’s no right of appeal. I wonder how often bloggers are being hit with groundless, punitive ‘withdrawals’ on their accounts.

        • who told you this?
          The only amount a governement agency withdraws from my account and with my consent is the motor vehicle tax, about 120€ p.a. for a mercedes.
          There is no withdrawal, not even for taxes I am due. There is always a right of appeal.
          Your last sentence is close to conspiracy crackpotism. I have never heard of such thing, but maybe the powers that be keep that info away from me by means of noxious airwaves or additives to my tap water.

          • In Greece, a significant portion of money was removed from everyone’s (except the elite, I presume) bank accounts. I don’t recall what the issue was, but I remember it was publicized in a number of sources.

        • Eh, pretty sure the IRS can make any US bank account vanish with the snap of an agent’s fingers.

  11. Posting a historical photo of Nazi-Muslim cooperation is something that I can see myself doing.

    It is a lucky accident of residence than if I do that, I won’t face punishment.

  12. It’s an open question whether people in European states are more under threat now by Islamic terrorists or their own authoritarian governments? Notice how quickly the Catalonian crisis is moving towards violence. Spain and the EU can’t allow such a blatant challenge to their control. If elections don’t produce governments prepared to deal with the slaughter parade by unapologetic migrants how long till regions start pulling a version of a Catalonian separatist vote? And when suppressed, how long till a violent resistance?

    My only regret is that the Louvre and 4 or 5 other European museums haven’t been re-located to a place where our European cultural inheritance can rest secure. The countries themselves deserve the whirlwind they’ve sown.

    • I also fear for the irreplaceable art in the Louvre and elsewhere, because the moslems in so many places have destroyed sculptures, statues and architecture that were thousands of years old. They consider almost all art and statues as being haram.

  13. I wrote about the Stürzenberger case and about the wave of censorship in Germany and across EU in my blog ( lindecentecritico.blogspot.it ).

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