Matt Bracken Booted off Facebook Again — Watch Out for FISBEP!

Matt Bracken is in the doghouse again on Facebook.

Whoops — that’s offensive! I should have said he’s in the goathouse. There, that’s better.

Here’s what Matt said when he sent the image below:

I am currently just beginning a 30-day FB ban for rudely offending moslem rape apologists. FISBEP (Facebook Islamic Sharia Blasphemy Enforcement Police) nailed me again.

(Post at Jihad Watch)

24 thoughts on “Matt Bracken Booted off Facebook Again — Watch Out for FISBEP!

  1. FaceAche is a repressive place. Not a good environment for free speech at all.

    Which is why we abandoned it.

    FISBEP is very fine.

    • Well, it looks like little Justin (‘Shiny Pony,’ ‘Baby Doc’) has allies coming to his rescue in Canada :

      Facebook Canada unveils plan to fight fake news, hacking in lead-up …
      7 days ago – Facebook has launched an “election integrity initiative” to help promote … and civic engagement in the lead-up to the 2019 Canadian federal election. …


      Twitter Canada rolling out election ad transparency measures ‘in the … › News › GTA
      22 hours ago – Twitter says it will disclose all political ads running on the platform, as well as revealing who is behind them and how much they spent …

  2. You got off easy.

    Impugning the moral perfection of the World’s Only True Religion can be a capital offense.

    Have Scimitar, Will Travel.
    Wire Saladin, San Francisco.

    [ I can hear the theme music now:

    Saladin, Saladin, where do you roam?

    see & hear: ]

    • Love it !

      One of my favourite TV shows when I was a kid. Long live Richard Boone – a.k.a. Paladin – if he ain’t already dead … in which case: RIP.

      ‘Have Gun, Will Travel.’ Matt Bracken will love it, too !

    • Have Scimitar, Will Travel.

      You don’t know the half of it… As in [gasp] “STAR TREK”!

      From: Have Gun – Will Travel:

      Of the 225 episodes of the television series, 24 were written by Gene Roddenberry [of Star Trek fame].

      DeForest Kelley, best known as Dr. Leonard McCoy on Star Trek, appeared in Season 6, Episode 16 The Treasure.

      Not to mention:

      Werner Klemperer, famous for his portrayal of Colonel Klink in Hogan’s Heroes, appeared in “Fragile”.

      Vincent Price appeared in “The Moor’s Revenge”.

      Charles Bronson appeared in five different roles, from the second episode up to the last season. (“The Outlaw”, “The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk”)

      Lee Van Cleef appeared in The Treasure and Face of A Shadow, both in Season 6.

    • No, my dearly beloved is always getting banned, then he is back. For a while, then banned again. For the usual offence, Islamonausea.

    • Brother Matt–wear ANY suspension/exile from FB as a BADGE of HONOR!

      We Patriots are behind you 100%!

    • If you have to use PC weasel words when you are back, it will detract from the full meaning of your posts and will pretty much be like other pages….. void of meaning and content. You know you will not tolerate censorship very well. Have you considered a website where all your followers can follow you without fear of the idiotic FB censorship?

  3. So if we turn that around… “Muslim clerics instigate luggage to murder them.” Would that sit better with the sharia enforcement folks?
    Kinda didn’t think so.
    Here’s a hint: try on the shoes before you throw them, you’re liable to be wearing them soon.

  4. I hate Faceberg, although I do have a Faceberg page. Since I only post about dogs, they haven’t marked me for death yet. However, the Religion of Peace does hate dogs, so……should be soon, I’m sure. Well, Fudge It-let’s just kill them all!! No Moslems, Know Peace.

    • Melike that motto, Stealth Spaniel! No Musloids, Know Peace!

      My usual “Pack ‘o Beagles” concur with a hearty: “ARROOO!”


  5. Till we DO something back at these [epithets], [ordure] like this will continue! How much more people, how much more are you willing to bend over and take?

  6. It is my considered opinion that FB is highly overrated.
    If you have a FB account you may want to consider pulling the plug.
    Write a final note to your FB friends explaining to them why you made this decission and to say goodby let it sit there for a while and then up comes the plug. Swish gurgle gurgle and your ready to go to greener pastures.

  7. One thing still propping up Bookface is the whole Internet advertising scam.

    At this point, it is well known to everyone but the ad industry that real people rarely see Internet ads, much less click on them. Already major firms like Proctor & Gamble have slashed their digital ad spend with no effect on sales.

    The real test will come next year when Bookface tries to make the News Feed pay-to-play. I think most people there will abandon the platform if that happens because they are there to keep up with friends and family, not be bombarded with dumb ads.

  8. Seems like the problem is not calling them by the proper name. They are more a religion of ‘taking a piece by force’ than ‘peace. So, ‘The Pieceful’ may stop the auto bots from busting you.

  9. Matt, same thing happened to me over 2 weeks ago. I was arguing with a Ken-yen savage over on RT about how isalm (no caps for the religion of pieces for me) was a cancer on the world right now. I got reported to O’Brien at FISBEP (O’Brien 1984 reference) and got the usual reply about “community standards” I replied back to the folks at FISBEP and told them they are all islamic apologists and [Z]uckerberg is a [poofter], got another week.

  10. BTW: Recently saw an article at where they report
    that Facebooks translator function translates “Sverigedemokrat” (Sweden democrat) into “nazi”!!!! (Translating Swedish–>English; can’t check it as I don’t have a FB account/deal with them.)

  11. Matt needs to start collecting supporters’ email addresses so he will always have a connection if he goes to a different platform. Check into Mail Chimp.

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