Jihad Terror in Marseille

A mujahid in the southern French city of Marseille went on a rampage today, attacking and killing two women with a knife before being shot dead by police. His cry of “Allahu Akhbar” during the attack made his “terrorist” intent clear.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report on the incident from The Jerusalem Post:

Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kills Two at French Train Station

MARSEILLE – Two women were stabbed to death and their assailant shot dead by soldiers in the southern port city of Marseille on Sunday in what police sources described as a “likely terrorist act.”

Three police sources said the suspect had shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) as he carried out his attack at Marseille train station. No further details were immediately available.

Police cordoned off the area.

France has been in a state of emergency following a spate of attacks by Islamist militants over the last two years, including attacks in Paris in November 2015 which killed 130 people. Other countries, including Britain, Germany and Belgium, have also suffered attacks using knives, guns, explosives and vehicles.

A witness told Reuters she saw a man take out a knife from his sleeve and then stab a young girl and then a second woman, shouting what could have been “Allahu Akbar.”

She added that she saw soldiers from France’s Sentinelle force who were patrolling in the area arrive on the public square at the Gare Saint-Charles station.

“After the attack carried out next to Marseille Saint-Charles, I am immediately going to the site of the attack,” French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Twitter.

French media reported that one of the women had her throat slit, while the second woman was stabbed in the stomach. Reuters could not confirm that information.

“We have generally avoided these sort of attacks in Marseille,” regional president Renaud Muselier, who was speaking from the site of the attack, told BFM TV. “I think the security services responded extremely quickly. It’s difficult to do more because when you see the distance between the two bodies and the attacker it’s only 10 meters, so they intervened quickly.” Security forces have increasingly been targeted by militants who have carried out several knife attacks on them, most notably in June 2016, when a Frenchman who pledged allegiance to Islamic State stabbed a police commander to death outside his home and killed his partner.

Video transcript:

00:00   A girl, who was on a bench, about five or six meters from me, he grabbed her by the throat
00:04   and there I froze, I told myself
00:08   I’m dreaming, it’s a nightmare, or what?
00:12   And there he started screaming Allahu Akhbar, and there
00:16   I didn’t try to understand, I escaped on the run. I just saw that this girl
00:20   was covered with blood, that there was another girl a little further away who was bleeding,
00:24   and there were guys who were trying to block the perpetrator, you know,
00:28   civilians, who were trying to [catch] him.
00:32   After that I ran away. I have two small children, I thought,
00:36   I had to think about my life.
00:40   I ran inside the train station, and I don’t know anything any else. And then there were
00:44   shots fired, the shots of… I think the cops
00:49   tried to kill him, and then I don’t know, we were evacuated
00:53   and that was an hour ago. —How did that evacuation go?
00:57   Well, we were all at the train station, and they told us to go
01:01   to the train station, inside the train station, and after that we’re waiting, you know —
01:05   You went… well, why were you at the train station? —Well, I had a next train to catch
01:09   in two hours, so I sat outside in the sun
01:13   Voilà. About ten meters from me.
01:17   The emotional eyewitness account, you just heard: after that knife attack
01:21   three people are dead, including the attacker. According to official sources
01:25   from now on the anti-terrorist prosecutor will investigate; we are closely following
01:30   the development of the situation and of the investigation.

7 thoughts on “Jihad Terror in Marseille

  1. This is very sad and drastic, and as we know, not preventable. Anyone can pick up a large kitchen knife for ex. and go kill people out in the open.
    The Pope says we are afraid of the new immigrants because we don’t know them well enough and are not in close enough proximity to them.
    I used to trust and befriend people from The Middle East and Africa when I met them in college or in the work place, but now I am suspect, and just don’t think an acquaintance is worth the risk or time, and prefer my own kind. That’s kind of sad too.

    • It’s preventab;e if you know at which point to intervene. In a recent (April 2017) conversation with one of the Middle East field agents of OpenDoors USA, the OD correspondent asked if Christians would breathe easy upon the complete removal of ISIS. His response: “No. As long as Muslims believe the Koran, Christians in the Middle East will face persecution. It’s about theology.”

      The right point to intervene is not so much to ban the Quran as to impose the death penalty, or a lesser just penalty, on anyone who professes it to be the word of God.

      Such a profession is blasphemy and is justifiably punished with death according to biblical law.

    • My feelings exactly, except for the first part (“not preventable. Anyone can pick up a large kitchen knife for ex. and go kill people”). Not everyone will engage in terrorism and terrorism can be avoided if the target audience of the terrorists is removed.

  2. “I think the security services responded extremely quickly.”

    This regional president displays perfect French logic – magnifique!

  3. The finely developed sense of irony, misunderstood by most peoples of the globe, has made us and got us to where we are today.

    Will it save us in the future though ?.

    • Latest update – this creature was an illegal immigrant, travelling
      Around France under at least 8 aliases, released by the police
      Just last Friday!

      If he had been detained until the next flight back to his country
      Of origin was available these young women cousins would
      Still be alive with so much to offer.

      Meanwhile the manchild Macron “feels” Marseilles” Pain,
      Not much consolation to the families and friends of these
      Two young women.

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