Jihad Terror in Edmonton

One wouldn’t think of Western Canada as a hotbed of jihad, but the larger cities in Alberta enjoy considerable cultural enrichment. Last night in Edmonton a mujahid ran down a policeman on the street, then got out of his vehicle and stabbed him.

Very few of the initial news reports mentioned the fact that a flag for the Islamic State was seen in the suspect’s car. The first clip below, however, talks about the flag. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading these videos:

The second clip shows a CCTV view of the ramming attack and stabbing of the policeman. WARNING: Although there are no graphic details or gore in this video, sensitive viewers may want to skip it:

This CNBC report doesn’t mention the ISIS flag, and it came out before the perp’s name was released:

Edmonton Hit by ‘Acts of Terror’ After Police Officer Gets Stabbed and 4 Pedestrians Are Hit by a Truck

The first attack where a police officer was run over and stabbed by an attacker occurred near the Commonwealth football stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

A man was arrested on Sunday in connection with two “terror” attacks in Canada which saw a several pedestrians hit with a vehicle, and a police officer stabbed in Edmonton, officials said.

At around 8:15 p.m. local time on Saturday, an Edmonton police officer was working traffic control duties at a Canadian Football League game between the Edmonton Eskimos and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The officer was patrolling a road southwest of the Commonwealth football stadium. At that time, a male driving a white Chevrolet Malibu crashed through the traffic barricades that were separating vehicles from pedestrians at high speed.

The officer was hit and went flying 15 feet through the air, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) said in a statement.

A male, believed to be 30 years of age, got out of his vehicle and began stabbing the officer with a knife. The attacker then fled, and the officer was taken to hospital.

Later on Saturday just before midnight, a U Haul truck was pulled over on Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112 Avenue in Edmonton. An officer asked to see the driver’s license and recognized the name as being similar to the registered owner of the Chevy Malibu involved in the earlier incident.

The truck driver then immediately fled the scene, but police officers pursued it as the driver deliberately attempted to hit pedestrians. The EPS said four civilians were hit by the truck and taken to hospital with multiple injuries.

The U Haul truck eventually flipped over, and the driver was taken into police custody.

Police believe the two incidents are related and said they are being investigated as “acts of terrorism.”

This report from the CBC gives the perp’s name, Abdulahi Hasan Sharif. Other news sources identify him as a Somali national:

Edmonton Terror Attack Suspect Was Known to Police, Public Safety Minister Says

Suspect identified as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif

The man arrested in a suspected terrorist attack in Edmonton that saw a police officer stabbed and several pedestrians run down with a cube van on Saturday night was known to law enforcement, says Canada’s public safety minister.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in a news conference on Sunday in Regina that the suspect, who is in police custody, was on a “police watch list.”

Goodale said the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team was working closely with Edmonton police on the investigation.

“The individual had apparently some appearance on a police watch list, but that is a detail of the investigation that the authorities will pursue in the appropriate way,” Goodale said. “There are no conclusions that can be drawn at the current time.”

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif is the man accused in the attacks, multiple sources tell CBC News.

8 thoughts on “Jihad Terror in Edmonton

  1. “No conclusions can be drawn …..”. Funny, I was able to draw some. Something about Islam, idiocy, and the (slow?) suicide of Western nations. But in view of their strict anti-“hate” laws, so I understand, Canadians had better be careful about what they say.

  2. I suppose as a result of incidents like this one, the Canadian Parliament will move to make the anti “Hate” speech resolution M-103 into an actual law, instead of a “sense of parliament” motion.

    Now, a logical person would incorrectly assume that an increasing number of terror incidents by Muslim refugees would loosen the social restrictions against questioning Islam or questioning immigration. But, logic as an innate feature of Westerners seems to be weakening over generations, as the welfare state removes virtually any requirement for survival and procreation other than the ability to impregnate a woman or be impregnated.

    • This happens time and time again in the West but stupid, meek Westerners time and time again cast their ballots for their betrayers. The AntiFa phenomenon is handled the same way. Willful blindness.

      If there is any phenomenon in the Western world that is reviled it is National Socialism. In fact, it’s the ONLY thing that is reviled. Not communism (with its economic lunacy, secret police, concentration camps, elite privilege, judicial murder, ghastly torture, and theft) or Islam (with its obscurantism, oppression, arbitrariness, misogyny, cruelty, vigilante murder, and hatred of infidels). Ten tons of celluloid and oceans of pixels depict the distilled evility of every aspect of National Socialism. Nothing is worse. Satanism is a protected practice in the U.S., such is our stupidity. But not National Socialism.

      However, to get to the point eventually, even though there is massive official approval for revulsion, and every aspect of National Socialism is known and depicted and re-depicted, there is at this moment precisely zero appreciation of the fact that the AntiFa thugs are a carbon copy of the commie and Sturm Abteilung street fighters of the 1920s and ’30s.

      MSM and government are totally – and I do mean totally – blind to this simple fact. If anything, there’s a warm appreciation of AntiFa. However, utter a discouraging word against Justin Trousseau in Polar Bear Land, whip out a copy of Mein Kampf on your lunch break, or teach your pooch the Hundheil in Germany and you will be treated to the Official Uberubersensitivity Experience before you can say “Horst Wessel Lied.” Visualize, if you will, the Ghostbusters exiting their command center in Gotham City to give battle to ectoplasmatronic wraiths and you have the official reaction clearly.

      But street thuggery that was an integral, essential part of the run up to full-blown National Socialism? Why, it cannot be seen. It is invisible!

      So, bottom line, you see the studied, deliberate, lawyer-tested, judge-approved, professor-celebrated abandonment of bedrock Western traditions of free speech and TOTAL blindness to ghastly foreign threats to decency and an orderly society free of civil war and the humiliating celebration of primitivism and ____ culture. The cherry on top if all this is having to listen to interminable ________ about white privilege, racism, transgenderism, the sacramental nature of buggery, feminist vaporings, open borders, and our Muslim fellow citizens yearning to make a contribution to our way of life.

      Yes. The Western world is in touch, on the qui vive, alert, vigilant, and just plain wide awake to mortal, existential threats. Yes, it is.

      • Given your post, I would say the greatest single threat to free speech and any chance for a reversal of the Western race to suicide, it is the surrendering of internet domain-naming to the globalist, non-US NGO, ICANN.

        When the US had control of domain assignment, the government agency in charge of assigning domains was under the discipline of the Constitution, and so was subject to lawsuits if it showed a religious or ideological preference in its assignments or withdrawal of assignments. What that meant was, if the right, or alt-right, or non-traditional conservatives or nationalists chose to fight, they had a clear route to assuring their presence and the availability of their ideas.

        When the Obama administration surrendered US control of domain assignments, it was signalling, and making legal, the withholding or withdrawal of internet domain assignments based on ideology. To me, nothing else illustrates so clearly the profoundly anti-American ideology and hostility to US law and traditions that was held by Obama and his administration.

        But, unless the US government is willing to take back the right to assign internet domains, certainly more than possible but unlikely by the Trump administration, this is something we have to live with now. There are already ways of getting around the centralized internet administration, and I hope to see more of those in the future. In my opinion, it will mean a cadre of very well-informed liberty-seekers and US nationalists who are unlikely to ever be a majority again.

        So, the direction to go is to explore the creation of influence by minority, special-interest groups. The beginnings of such strategy are the books of Alinsky, but of course, the point of Alinsky was to dissolve US culture, and the point of nationalists is to preserve it. Any resurgence of US nationalism must include the opportunity for free speech representing any point of view, including Nazis, Communists and Islamists. Free speech does not equal right of immigration or right to circumvent laws through religious cloaking.

  3. Another follower of the Religion of Peace trying for his 72 virgins. Soon this won’t even be news.

  4. we have a mayor here who has aligned himself with an Islamic cult by supporting their efforts at destabilizing our way of life. his actions on the weekend fully supports muslim extremist here in Alberta and his actions further prove that he is denying christians and jews alike their rightful place in our society. this satani islamic cult is not compatable with canadian values and should be thrown out of our great country.

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