Italians Say: Stop Illegal Immigration!

The following video from the Lega Nord shows a protest against immigration in Milan in October of 2014. MEP Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, was a featured speaker.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:20   Are you waiting for the bus or what? To go to Milan? —Yes. Yes.
00:23   What takes you there? —To protest against illegals coming over and stealing our jobs,
00:27   and who wouldn’t feed us if we were the ones in need, while it’s expected of us to feed them.
00:32   Everyone’s going to the Northern League’s demonstration?
00:35   Besides us, we have five more coming and about ten from Treviglio that we are carpooling.
00:44   [Sign: Oriana Fallaci was right. No to Eurabia, Stop the invasion]
00:49   [Shirt: the North comes first]
00:52   Chant: Those who don’t jump are illegal aliens!
01:01   We’re here to protest Operation Mare Nostrum.
[Sign: If I get Ebola, I’ll go ahead and infect Napolitano / Migrants = in hotels, Milanese = in deep s***]
01:06   We are against it because it’s about time we stop spending billions for people
01:10   who come here only to bother us .[Sign: No to mosques]
01:13   Chant: Those who don’t jump are illegal aliens!
01:16   We’re protesting because they have more rights than we do.
01:19   It’s going too far. We’ve been paying taxes for generations, working in our territory,
01:24   and we’re not entitled to what they are entitled to.
01:30   Put OUR jobless first!
01:33   The world is laughing at us Italians. Italy’s image is ruined!
01:36   What do immigrants have to do with this?
01:39   Migrants are meat that’s being sold.
01:43   If we really have to, couldn’t we at least subsidize them
01:46   in their own countries so that we at least get less crime?
01:49   To Mr. Renzi Harlequin [PM Renzi, the clown]: the route we choose is secession!
01:53   That’ll rid us of him. He’s a pawn.
01:56   [Sign: Northern League till I die] —As a Leaguer?
01:59   I’ve always been a Leaguer. [She has an English accent] —Brava! Brava!
02:03   Why don’t they make laws to help girls like her instead?
02:06   You see, this is why I’m a Leaguer.
02:09   [Sign: Saint Salvini, save us!] —Saint Salvini? —Save us, ha-ha.
02:12   A saint… for real? —Why not? Don’t you think salvation
02:15   is what we need in such a predicament?
02:18   Chant: Matteo! Matteo! [Title: The New Leader] [Sign: Less migrants = less disease]
02:21   There are those who say that the real intent behind this protest
02:24   against immigrants and Mare Nostrum is to try to win some votes.
02:28   We are just expressing what the overwhelming majority of Italians think.
02:31   If we were to held a free, democratic referendum tomorrow morning,
02:36   Italians would say: stop it with illegal immigration.
02:45   This is the ‘Matteo’ we want, not that other one [PM Matteo Renzi].
02:49   We’re here because we’re against ILLEGAL ALIENS!
02:56   I’ll be at Strasbourg tomorrow and with our allies, from Marine LePen on down.
03:02   We’ll ask that the Schengen agreement be suspended and for our borders to be surveilled!
03:07   Either THEY stop this illegal immigration, or WE will instead!