Italian in Corcolle: “The third world isn’t the countries they come from. This is the third world.”

The following report that aired on Italian television in 2014 was obviously put together by multiculti leftists in such a way as to make ordinary working-class Italians look stupid, vulgar, repulsive, and above all WAYCIST.

The background to the report was an attack on migrants on a bus. The presenter doesn’t mention it, but migrants had previously attacked and vandalized a bus with Italians on it.

Notice that the only two immigrants interviewed in depth in this video are African Christians — in other words, representative of only about 2% of the arrivals in the Great Migration, the vast majority of whom are Muslims.

Notice also that they make a special point of highlighting the fascist tattoos on one of the local Italians they interview.

Despite their best efforts, however, their production doesn’t make the culture-enrichers look as wonderful and harmless as they hoped it would. And they give ordinary Italians a chance to speak for themselves. To a non-Italian like me, the sentiments expressed by those “racists” seem like simple common sense.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [Leftist radio host reading listeners’ comments]
00:03   “You are in Italy on our dime and at our expense.
00:08   You represent a problem for my nation, and you even have the audacity to protest against us.”
00:17   Down there you can see two police cars that are protecting this refugee center.
00:23   No one has come out of this building for a week, right?
00:28   Longer than that. —You’ve been barricaded for longer than a week?
00:35   “Are the citizens of Corcolle and neighboring areas happy to have these people as neighbors?
00:41   Go ask them.”
00:44   Every morning at 5:27 I take the bus to go to work.
00:52   I work for ATAC, doing maintenance.
00:55   This is Corcolle, it looks pretty deserted.
00:58   Yeah, it’s almost always like this.
01:01   There’s not that much of an influx of people; it’s tranquil.
01:04   Corcolle is a town on the outskirts of eastern Rome.
01:12   We went down to the square cause we got word that
01:16   they [the government] put 40 political immigrants in an apartment block,
01:20   and no one had informed us about it.
01:23   They give these people €30 a day. I earn €45-50 a day,
01:29   and I have to wake up at 5am. And these people? They come to Italy illegally;
01:35   they’re given board, lodging and €30 a day.
01:38   Well, then, I’m gonna get on a boat myself, load the citizens of Corcolle on it,
01:42   then we’ll land on the shores of Sicily and we’ll be set for life.
01:46   If you come here, like in any other place, you have to respect us.
01:49   If you then get on a bus in the morning and it stinks of kebab, onions, etc.
01:56   Then you see some drunk lying down occupying three seats,
02:00   some who won’t even buy tickets while I have to buy mine… you’ll start having problems.
02:05   My bus is here. “You may say: ‘you’ve called them monkeys!’
02:09   So what? What would you call someone who
02:13   with another forty people attacks a bus and destroys it?
02:17   In a nation that has welcomed them in, that feeds them?”
02:20   That Sunday I went to church. After mass, my friends and I
02:23   took bus 508 to go home. While nearing the terminal
02:31   we saw about 50 people shouting. I couldn’t understand what they were saying,
02:36   but as soon as we got out of the bus they ran towards us
02:39   and started striking me repeatedly. I fell to the ground.
02:43   I was asking: what have I done? am I a thief? What have I done to you?
02:49   And they kept hitting me,
02:53   until I was lying on the ground unconscious, as if dead.
02:57   Ever since I regained consciousness
03:00   I can’t see anything out of this eye anymore.
03:04   “What we need is a madman.
03:07   Someone who drives by with a machine gun and kills 34 of them.
03:12   34… Six of them were able to escape?
03:16   You see, that’s the problem, that six of them may possibly escape.
03:20   Ethnic shop… pizzeria and kebab…all there.
03:26   Then you open your own Italian shop and they ask you for €2000.
03:30   Everything by now is owned by these people of color. Let’s help Italians first,
03:35   instead of foreigners. You know that they call us racists for saying this.
03:38   Let’s help Italians before foreigners. Italians are dying of hunger.
03:42   And those who land on our shores from abroad, instead of giving them board and lodging,
03:46   they should send them back to their own countries to help there.
03:50   Our kids have to go abroad to find a job.
03:54   “When the savages take ownership of something that is yours,
03:58   you are prohibited from calling them ‘savages’ otherwise, you will be denounced and called racist.
04:04   I mean, you’re subsidizing savages who destroy your city and your civilization,
04:08   and if you try to rebel you get called racist.
04:11   If you try to organize vigilante patrols you get called fascist.”
04:15   Now we’ll enter a SPRAR center, the refugee center is beyond this wall.
04:20   We won’t show you the front of it because those inside are afraid
04:23   of possibly being raided again. 99 migrants are hosted here.
04:26   This is the reception, here we have a notice-board.
04:30   Timetables for meals are listed… breakfast, lunch, dinner… Italian lessons… Here we have
04:36   job offers, customer service personnel, cleaning personnel, hairdressers…
04:45   We are now entering the recreation room
04:48   where we have some guys watching TV.
04:54   There’s a room dedicated to the legal office for procedures that could grant refugee status.
05:02   There’s also an area that is often used
05:06   by migrants of Islamic faith to pray in.
05:12   How long have you been here?
05:15   One week. —How many people stay in this room?
05:20   Seven. —In one room? How do you find it? —I like it here.
05:25   “Someone asked me: what do you think we need to do
05:28   to see Italians revolt? To see Italians gather in the public squares?
05:34   What do we need to do? Do we need to wait for what’s happened in Corcolle?
05:40   Do we need to wait till someone dies?”
05:48   We don’t get any work. These people… they come here and act like masters over us.
05:52   What in the f*** is this f***ing government doing? Do we ourselves also need to become niggers?
05:56   [to get better treatment from the government] When cops tell you: as far as we’re concerned,
05:59   you can beat them as long as you make sure not to be seen, it makes you understand
06:02   what kind of state our institutions are in. First, Romanians started coming.
06:07   Now after fifteen years, even niggers have started.
06:10   Then what? Are the Kurds also gonna come now? And then?
06:14   The third world isn’t the countries they come from, it’s right here. This is the third world.
06:17   They [the government] treat us like dogs and then they even bring us niggers.
06:21   Who spit, piss, throw cans, bottles and trash everywhere.
06:27   Those are savages. These people were fighting lions in their backyard up until last week.
06:32   They were beaten… these people of color.
06:36   Yes, they got beat up, they told me. I know everything.
06:40   We started it here in Corcolle; now it’s gonna start up roundabout us.
06:46   “What difference is there between Tarzan’s monkeys who
06:50   attacked the colony’s villages and these monkeys who attack a bus?”
06:57   How was your life before leaving your country?
07:00   In Sierra Leone I was a farmer. I had a wife and two kids.
07:03   Then the civil war broke out. The rebels went house to house,
07:08   saying: take the gun and fight with us, or we’ll kill you.
07:12   I didn’t want to kill people.
07:15   When they came, I wasn’t home. They killed all my family.
07:20   That’s why I left my country. I had nothing left there.
07:25   I don’t have a family anymore. When will I be able to recover?
07:42   My father is dead, my wife and two kids are dead.
07:47   Now I only have the Lord and no one else.
08:02   I think again and again about this.
08:05   Thank you Italy, thank you Italy,
08:08   because now maybe my mind will be able to find some peace.
08:15   If you dare destroy a means that is part of the community,
08:18   the same community that subsidizes you, you disgusting, ugly leech,
08:25   and someone kills you…
08:29   I say they did well.”
08:32   I am not a racist… But you have a portrait of Hitler in full view…
08:36   And what’s the problem? —You don’t disavow the tattoo? —No! I don’t disavow anything!
08:41   And this quote… ‘Better to die standing than to live on your knees.’
08:44   Here we have the centurion,
08:47   the fascio, the Celtic cross, ‘Many enemies, much honor’,
08:50   with Mussolini written on… And what do you think the problem is?
08:53   Showing off these things, here, in a time where you guys are accused of racism…
08:56   What in the f*** do I care!? I respect everyone, and I want
09:00   to be respected, full stop. Whether or not I have a tattoo not doesn’t make any f***ing difference.
09:05   But a week ago three guys of color were beaten up in Corcolle… What the f***—
09:08   Just because they were exiting the bus. —No, it’s cause they’re pieces of s***!
09:12   If someone like that bothers someone he shouldn’t… or some young girl walking down the street,
09:17   I’ll kill him, and I’m not a racist.
09:21   If someone takes matters into their own hands… Tell me…Well, who will do it if not me? Excuse me…
09:27   Tell me how to get justice in Italy. Tell me!
09:34   “You have the audacity to assault a person who is just doing their job…
09:40   This is the kind of behavior that leads us to think, ‘How many died in the strait of Sicily? 200?
09:47   Well… I hoped it would be more.’”
09:54   There we have the Carabinieri and there we have the migrants
09:58   who are picketing with placards.
10:02   ‘Italian government: we need documents.’
10:05   Where are you from? —Pakistan.
10:08   You? —Nigeria. —And you? —Nigeria. —How long have you been here?
10:13   —A year and two months, still without documents to this day. All we want are our documents!
10:19   The Italian government needs to give us the documents in this shelter, RIGHT NOW!
10:23   If I had documents I would go find a job,
10:26   and if there are no jobs here I would go to another country!
10:30   Their time of stay has expired and now they have to leave the shelter.
10:35   The guys who need to leave, where will they go?
10:39   Right now, they have to find a solution autonomously.
10:42   No house, no residency, no father, no mother, no documents.
10:48   This is where we are at. What do they expect me to become if they kick me out on the streets?
10:53   A criminal? A drug dealer? No.

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  1. Nothing like being the ordinary citizen at the receiving end of all that ‘cultural enrichment’ and to then notice how such ‘enrichment’ is favored by one’s own authorities to wake the ordinary citizen up!

    The next year or so is going to be very telling indeed.

  2. These criminal politicians, the EU traitors [redacted for over-use], all have to be held to account for this!

    These left wing losers, [if] rounded up and jailed, then send them to Sudan. Confiscate their UK citizenship.

    These fools have betrayed us all, betrayed our countries, betrayed the future of our children and their childrens’ children.

    The EU and all other European politicians have made genocide against native white people of Europe. People must start rising up, rebelling; violence is coming to these traitors who have led us to this.

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