Gianluca Buonanno: “In 20 Years, We’ll Be Dominated by Them”

The late Gianluca Buonanno was a politician for the Lega Nord, the separatist political party in Northern Italy.

The following video is taken from a television free-for-all when Mr. Buonanno was mayor of the Italian municipality Borgosesia. In this clip he debates (among others) a culture-enricher named Michele Karaboue, who is also a university professor in Naples.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It makes us think it’s just a… Buonanno what do you think?
00:05   I’m replying as a mayor, in any case, after seeing the previous footage.
00:09   The man who kicked out the cameraman and the journalist should be expelled immediately
00:15   the man saying, “Who are you, Alfano? Who are you?” These are guests! If we were to go to Tunisia,
00:19   Egypt, or any other place in the Arab world, we wouldn’t even dare to say the things he said!
00:25   These people do whatever they want here because constant permissiveness exists by now in Italy.
00:30   They should instead understand that permissiveness shouldn’t exist!
00:33   In other words: too much democracy leads to this kind of stuff!
00:38   They need to understand that either they behave, or they piss off outta here.
00:42   Regarding mosques and cultural centres: as mayor, I’m carrying out inspections in my city,
00:49   because people are requesting security from me and if I find something wrong, I’ll shut them down
00:54   I want to register every single one of them and understand what they’re doing.
00:57   I want to know how they make their living. And they should remember that they’re guests
01:00   who certainly have rights, because if one behaves, he is welcome, but they also have DUTIES.
01:06   And they always forget their duties! Therefore, dear Islamists,
01:10   as well as Albanians, Romanians, etc.,
01:13   are you in Italy? If so, you need to comply and behave well.
01:17   Otherwise, we should kick their butts.
01:20   Because these people won’t let US get away with anything! In 20 years, we’ll be dominated by them
01:24   if we don’t enforce firm rules. Unfortunately though, we have a government that, instead of
01:28   getting things done, sleeps while standing up and laughs.
01:32   Henceforth the right policies should be applied. If we can’t.
01:35   —No, it’s because you people are sly.
01:38   I say this as a mayor: if someone requests to build something that can hold five people…
01:43   But if they don’t have the possibility. —… you can’t put 50 people in there!
01:46   Buonanno, there’s no slyness here. There are just people asking to pray. —If one wants to pray,
01:52   let him pray in his own house, not in mine! Got it!? —And what should we say to Christians
01:57   who pray on Sundays? To pray at home? —If someone acts sly and sets up an illegal mosque…
02:00   I’ll make him close it! Got it? We’ve freaking had it
02:03   with you people coming to Italy to order us around!
02:06   Since you’re so good at talking, go back to your own country to explain things!
02:09   Because Italy was built by OUR grandparents and great-grandparents! People who died!
02:14   For what!? So that you people can come here to study and then send your pensions
02:18   back to your countries!? —Karaboue, in Italy. —You want rights but want exemption from…
02:22   Buonanno… —a kick in the a**! A KICK IN THE A**! WE’VE F****** HAD IT WITH YOU ALL!
02:26   Buonanno, I invite you to maintain a respectful… —WE’VE F****** HAD IT!
02:30   Calm down, Buonanno… —WE’VE F****** HAD IT! —Yes we got that already!
02:37   In a 100 years [inaudible shouting] —We got it loud and clear, stop repeating it!
02:40   Buonanno, maintain a more conservative manner of speech.
02:49   How dare you!? —The only good thing you did today was opting for a jacket
02:55   and forsaking the robe for once! Other than that, nothing ever changes! [inaudible]
03:03   Mrs Santanchè, the word to you. —Yes. What I wanted to do instead… I wanted to get
03:08   a clear answer to this question: How many mosques and worship centers are there in Italy?
03:15   Evidently NONE. —No! Excuse me; I don’t want chatter. I want to stay on facts.
03:24   None! —You need to tell me how many mosques are in Italy. —None! —Excuse me.
03:30   They don’t exist! —It appears to me that there are. —HE’S A LIAR BECAUSE THEY EXIST, BUT THEY
03:42   You were saying.? —It’s awful to debate someone who won’t admit the truth.
03:51   We know that in Italy, although, unfortunately, I would advise for a new census to be taken.
03:55   But between worship centers and mosques we go beyond a thousand units.
04:00   To fill this void, I’d like to say that the government was active in regards to…
04:06   Who!? Your government sleeps while standing up! [inaudible] —Buonanno, please let her finish.
04:12   I’m sorry but I’m not hearing anything anymore. —Thank goodness! —because my earpiece
04:15   fell off. I was saying that the government was active and approved an anti-terror decree
04:22   that added new criminal offenses to our ordinance. First and foremost.
04:31   You’ve decriminalized and liberated prisoners from jail four times!
04:36   Do you even know what you’re saying, or are you just b********ing!? —What are you even saying?
04:39   You’ve emptied prisons four times! You’ve decriminalized offenses! [inaudible]
04:44   …you’re speaking nonsense! —I want to remind you that on security, when your party
04:47   was in office, you only caused damage. —What the heck are you talking about? You’re a liar!
04:51   Damages worth three and a half billion. —You’re a liar! What are you talking about?
04:54   You had the biggest amnesty for illegals ever implemented in this country! —You emptied prisons
04:58   four times! You freed criminals! —Buonanno, wait, we can’t understand anything!
05:02   Now that you hold such a position, you’re good at shouting and using profanities.
05:06   I’m sorry, this is not my style. —Yeah right, profanities. [inaudible]
05:13   This government is working to create conditions… —You should defend Italians instead
05:16   of all these other people! We’re in Italy! —…to guarantee security to citizens by returning
05:24   resources that your party cut off… in order to guarantee security to citizens. Two billion euros…
05:32   You should be ashamed! Nonsense! —…that you cut off. From 2009 to 2011
05:35   you cut off three and a half billion. —You’re a liar! Liar! Liar!
05:41   I was saying, there’s an anti-terror decree we approved. —Liar! Liar!
05:47   You’re the liar. —Sue me if you want; you’re a liar! —Buonanno, I’ll remove your audio!
05:54   This decree gives the secret service every tool they need to combat the terror risk.
06:02   Therefore, on this matter, we weren’t inactive.
06:06   All right, I’ll go back to the point. Karaboue, just a second.
06:15   Do you remember Totò’s movie ‘Totò Le Mokò’? —Yes. —This thing looks like a scene from there.
06:19   Yes, I have the same impression. —Is this Italy? Is this Italy?
06:23   No this isn’t Italy, Italy is something
06:26   else. —Oh, good. You are not Italian anyway! You are not Italian. —I am Italian. —You are a guest.
06:31   Deal with it. I’m not a guest. Just give up already. —Why don’t YOU keep a migrant in your house?
06:43   There’s old unfinished business between Karaboue and Buonanno. But I’d like to move along.
06:48   To Karaboue and the whole Democratic Party: TAKE IN SOME MIGRANTS!
06:53   If we tried to incentivize these mosques instead of closing them, paradoxically, we would have…
07:01   how to say, honey… I mean, we would get information from there on those people we know
07:09   through intelligence services, through a major system.
07:15   We’re trying to open such spaces regularly. —Excuse me! If you guys are so clever,
07:23   If you and these other people are all so good, go back to your countries…
07:27   AGAIN!? —…and teach your own people how to behave well! —Mr. Buonanno, tonight, you…
07:31   If you’re so smart, go to your country and teach people how to behave! You and all the democrats!
07:35   …Tonight, you used curse words, you advised me to go back to my country. I can’t do this anymore!
07:38   Let’s cut off the audio, please. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Gianluca Buonanno: “In 20 Years, We’ll Be Dominated by Them”

  1. It’s a pretty fun video. The Muslim immigrant is hitting all the standard points, and Buonanno isn’t biting on any of it. The points are: government support of more mosques, bring the immigrants into the community and they will provide the intelligence you need to combat terrorists, the immigrants are full Italians now, the government needs to provide assistance for the immigrants to integrate into the community.

    A standard tactic of leftists is to counter arguments with guilt accusations: you aren’t doing enough to help us, our people are still feeling the effects of discrimination, slavery, the trauma of the war, the long boat ride over, whatever. But, the guilt trip is only good as long as the mainstream buys into it. Buonanno obviously doesn’t buy into a bit of it.

    I’m sure that anyone dealing with Buonanno needs to put on a leather armor suit, maybe a rain hat, and perhaps bring a lawyer. But, as the leftists of the ’60s used to say, nobody listens to you if you’re nice. The evangelicals supported Trump overwhelmingly. They’re not stupid enough to believe he has gotten religious, but they do know that his program is vital for their survival. As someone said, they are not installing him as their minister; they’re voting for him as President.

  2. Still wondering why Buonanno had an accident and is no longer with us?

    What we can see from this heated encounter is that all debates are fruitless. The Mohammedans doggedly follow their script and the left are their useful idiot- enablers. Without the left, the invasion & the conquest wouldn’t be possible.

  3. The F-word and all its variations in French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German, Russian and Greek etc. is ALL that’s left to say to them anymore. Good point.

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