Gianluca Buonanno: “Do we want to be completely subjugated by Muslims?”

The following clip shows the late Gianluca Buonanno, a politician for the Lega Nord, discussing the Islamization of Europe in the European Parliament.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. Buonanno…
00:05   Thank you, President Schulz. Well, I’ll start by saying that…
00:12   Brussels is the European capital. There’s a study that shows that in 2020 more than half
00:17   of the inhabitants of Brussels will be Islamic. And this should be the European capital?
00:23   They say that not all Muslims are terrorists; that’s true.
00:27   But it’s also true that all terrorists are Muslims.
00:31   What do we intend to do? Do we want to keep going this way, and be completely subjugated
00:36   by Muslims? The Koran is like a weapon by now.
00:39   They use it as a weapon. What are we still waiting for?
00:43   After New York, Madrid, London, Paris twice, Brussels and others, we’re still here
00:48   trying to understand what to say! It’s called ISLAMIC TERRORISM! It’s called ISLAMIC TERRORISM!
00:57   It has no other names! That’s it. We have to fight that! It’s there that Europe needs to show up.
01:03   Because what do they say when they blow themselves up? ‘Allahu Akhbar’, Viva Allah!
01:09   Is this a normal religion? Is this a democratic religion? It’s the only religion
01:13   that causes death and damages in the name of a god! To everyone!

5 thoughts on “Gianluca Buonanno: “Do we want to be completely subjugated by Muslims?”

  1. (hot-mike comment from the EU control room): “Every once in a while, our re-education protocols fail to implant, and the subject must be terminated.”

  2. Shout all you want, shove facts into their ugly commie faces,

    They are not going to listen to reason, to facts, to the truth.

    They want to destroy and and replace us all with muslims.

    Only direct armed physical confrontation will have any chance of stopping
    These communists from implementing there new “killing fields”
    I think that most people who will resist will end up dead, fighting against muslims and traitor police forces in there very own streets and neighborhoods in the not too distant future.

    Ethnic battles going on in cities, towns, villages, it be like movie “mad max 1”

    • It’s easy to say “fight to the last man”. It’s hard to actually win.

      We had a very sensible letter a while ago from a Romanian who said once the Communist government decided to institute tyranny, and confiscate arms, they backed up their determination with brutality, torture and the complete power of the military. You aren’t going to win against that.

      There is a way to win, and it’s the same way the left won. Develop and research your ideas, institute study groups and schools to spread them, infiltrate the institutions, and develop mass movements a club or special interest group at a time. This is the way the left took over the West, and it is also the way the democrats took over the USSR and changed it to Russia. The military will be on your side, but not if you start shooting at them. The police will be riddled with sympathizers, but again, not if you start shooting at them.

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