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Radee Labeeb Prince, the man suspected of shooting five of his co-workers, killing two of them, reportedly gathered his workmates together in one place in the Maryland business where he worked with the deliberate intent of shooting as many as he could. Mr. Prince remains in jail in Delaware in lieu of paying a $2.1 million bond.

In other news, the public prosecutor in the German city of Bonn is asking for a sentence of 13 years in prison for the Ghanaian immigrant who raped a young woman at knifepoint at a campsite last summer.

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» Chelsea Handler to Focus on Political Activism After Netflix Cancels Her Talk Show
» Chicago-Area Man Gets Maximum 15-Year Term in Terrorism Case
» Donald Trump Blasts Media for Ignoring Russia Uranium Deal Story
» Everett Man Found Guilty on All Charges in ISIS Terrorist Plot
» Hamas-Supporting CAIR Leader to Lecture Harvard Student Group
» Harford County Shooter Gathered Employees Before Opening Fire, Authorities Say
» Judge Napolitano: New Emails Found on Weiner’s Computer Will Lead to Clinton Indictment [Video]
» Musicians Investing in Terrorism Insurance Following Vegas Attack
» O’Keefe Drops Part IV: 20-Year NYT Veteran Exposes ‘Culture of Anti-Trump Bias’
» One Brave Man is About to Reveal the Truth About What Really Happened in Ferguson… Black Lives Matter and the Media Are Not Going to be Happy [Video]
» Shocking News: Hanoi Jane Says She’s Not Proud of America, But is Proud of ‘The Resistance’
» Shreveport Man Arrested for Hate Crime
» Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes us One Step Closer to the Singularity
» The Mysterious Death of Joe McCarthy
» Twitter Shuts Down Conservative Patriotic Journalist Network Auto-Tweets
» Twitter Plans Aggressive Crackdown on ‘Hate and Abuse’ With New Update
» Two Key Figures Associated With Anti-Trump Dossier Plead the 5th [Video]
» UC Santa Cruz Liberals Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis and a Threat to Their Safety for Simply Existing
Europe and the EU
» Bank Run Imminent: Catalan Separatists Urge Supporters to Pull Cash From Atms on Friday Morning
» Brexit Standoff on Eurocrat Pensions as May Goes to Summit
» Brexit News: Farage Claims EU Members Are Now Fighting Against Brussels Bureaucrats
» Catalonia Set to Declare Independence — Spain to Take ‘Nuclear Option’
» Construction on Bypass in Bavaria Stopped to Let Hamster Sleep
» Spain to Activate Article 155 Process, Suspending Catalonia Autonomy
» Sweden Hit With Wave of Attempted Bombings
» UK Spies Using Social Media Data for Mass Surveillance
» UK: Breitbart-Hating Writer Who Ranted Against ‘Misogynists’ Forced to Apologise for Sexual Harassment
Middle East
» Avoiding the Iranian Quagmire
» Betrayal of Kurds Delivers Victory to US Enemy Iran
» ‘Denmark Should Not Accept EU’s ‘Mandatory’ Refugees’: Danish People’s Party
» Germany: Prosecutor Calls for 13-Year Sentence for Migrant Who Raped Woman at Camp Site
» Judge Orders Trump Admin to Honor Abortion Request by Teen Illegal Alien
» Migrants Now Chartering Luxury Yachts to Sneak Into Europe
» Polish Archbishop Threatens to Suspend Any ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Priest
» Sharp Drop in Number of Migrants Entering Italy by Sea
» Syrian Asylum Seeker Warned Authorities About Berlin Terrorist a Year Before Attack
Culture Wars
» A Tale of Two Leaders: Trudeau Versus Trump
» Vox Day’s Sexy Althero Comic Book Challenges SJW Marvel, DC Comics
» Olympic Athletes Could Soon Face Being Microchipped ‘Like Dogs’to Compete

Chelsea Handler to Focus on Political Activism After Netflix Cancels Her Talk Show

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show Chelsea has been canceled after just two seasons, a decision the late-night host said gives her an opportunity to be more politically active in future elections in the era of Trump.

In a tweet sent Wednesday evening, Handler confirmed the news that her show had been canceled. Citing her own political galvanization since Donald Trump’s election as a factor in the decision, Handler says she will become a more “engaged citizen,” partnering with Netflix on a forthcoming Documentary featuring her talking to “people of different ethnicities, religions and political philosophies.”:

[Comment: Horrible woman.]

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Chicago-Area Man Gets Maximum 15-Year Term in Terrorism Case

CHICAGO — A federal judge scolded a former college student from suburban Chicago as he sentenced him to a maximum 15-year prison term Thursday for seeking to join terrorist-linked militants fighting Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria, saying he would have given him even more time behind bars if statutes allowed it.

The judge brushed aside arguments by Abdella Ahmad Tounisi’s lawyers who said the then-18-year-old’s plans for Syria in 2013 didn’t neatly fit the definition of terrorism. They insisted he’d been motivated foremost by a sincere desire to help Syrians by fighting Assad’s repressive regime — not by any extremist ideology.

“You traded your opportunity to attend college for a terrorist training camp,” Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan said, addressing Tounisi directly. “You chose to join a bunch of thugs who took pride in cowardly killings.”

He then added sternly: “There are no free passes when it comes to collusion with terrorists.”

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Donald Trump Blasts Media for Ignoring Russia Uranium Deal Story

President Donald Trump criticized the media on Thursday for ignoring the latest development about Hillary Clinton’s ties to a major uranium deal with Russia after receiving millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation.

“Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

A new story from The Hill reported that the FBI had evidence in 2009 that the Russian deal was crooked, but the Obama administration approved it anyway in 2010.

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Everett Man Found Guilty on All Charges in ISIS Terrorist Plot

The message came in swiftly: A verdict had been reached. And the speed with which it came was seen as bad news by the defense.

Leaning in to confer with the towering defendant, lawyer Jessica Hedges put a hand on David Wright’s back to prepare him. His mother and grandmother, who had attended the trial daily, were noticeably absent from the federal courtroom.

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Hamas-Supporting CAIR Leader to Lecture Harvard Student Group

He has publicly endorsed Hamas and secretly schemed with the Palestinian terrorist group’s supporters to thwart U.S.-led peace efforts.

Now Nihad Awad is preparing a prestigious lecture for Harvard University students on how “to inspire a deeper engagement with critical social issues on campus and in the wider community.” He is scheduled to be honored the first weekend of November with the Phillips Brooks House Association’s Robert Coles “Call of Service” Lecture and Award. Past recipients of the honor include former Vice President Al Gore and Children’s Defense Fund founder Marian Wright Edelman.

A Harvard release describes Awad as “a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding, promoting dialogue and empowering American Muslims.”

That’s extraordinarily generous, as Awad’s words and deeds foster mutual enmity, not understanding; deception, not dialogue…

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Harford County Shooter Gathered Employees Before Opening Fire, Authorities Say

EDGEWOOD, Md.- Authorities say 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince gathered his co-workers together before opening fire Wednesday morning at a business in Harford County, Maryland — an incident that left three dead and launched a 12-hour manhunt that ended with his capture in Delaware later that night.

Speaking with FOX 5 Thursday morning, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said Prince worked at the location of the shooting, Advanced Granite Solutions, for about four months. The company, which manufactures countertops, is located in the Emmorton Business Park in Edgewood, Maryland.

“He came into work that day, there are some reports out there, that he indeed called the workers together and assembled them,” Gahler said. “He strategized and thought this thing through ahead of time — it’s obvious.”

Gahler said the victims did not know the reason for the meeting and that Prince pulled his weapon out and began firing once they were all together.

“His intent was clear — to take as many lives as he could yesterday,” Gahler said, noting a specific motive was not yet known. “This is just a monster who really, from what we are seeing, probably should not have been on the street and in a position to commit these acts of violence.”

Prince knew all six of the shooting victims, according to officials. The two injured in Maryland remain in critical condition while the man in Delaware appears to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries…

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Judge Napolitano: New Emails Found on Weiner’s Computer Will Lead to Clinton Indictment [Video]

More evidence is mounting against Hillary Clinton: Judge Napolitano just said that the new e-mails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer will lead to an indictment for Hillary Clinton if the FBI reopens the case:

Yesterday, the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange sent a cryptic tweet that contained a series of number and letters. Someone out there knows what that code means, and they are very likely shaking in their boots today.

On another front, two writers from separate publications were set to publish what Sean Hannity was calling a “huge bombshell” story that was due to break today.

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Musicians Investing in Terrorism Insurance Following Vegas Attack

There’s been a high demand for terrorism insurance in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre — with artists from all music genres reportedly looking to invest in policies for their concerts.

“Now more than ever they are targets,” explained Steves Rodriguez, business manager for the all-girl pop group, Fifth Harmony.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter this week, he and other managers described how musicians were taking out terrorism insurance policies now — more than ever before — following the deadly mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival on Oct. 1.

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O’Keefe Drops Part IV: 20-Year NYT Veteran Exposes ‘Culture of Anti-Trump Bias’

First it was Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich, who admitted to repeatedly promoting content that intentionally sought to, among other things, damage President Trump’s businesses as a means towards forcing his resignation.

Next came the NYT’s senior Home Page Editor, Des Shoe, who described Trump as an “oblivious idiot” and Pence as “f***ing horrible” while admitting that her company’s perpetual bias and ‘shocking’ headlines were often nothing more than click-bait designed to attract readers in a hyper-competitive industry.

Now, James O’Keefe and the team at Project Veritas would like for you to meet Todd Gordon, a 20-year veteran IT consultant at the New York Times who says the “culture of anti-Trump bias” has become so pervasive at the Times that not a single person within the organization has a positive opinion of the President.

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One Brave Man is About to Reveal the Truth About What Really Happened in Ferguson… Black Lives Matter and the Media Are Not Going to be Happy [Video]

Thanks to one very brave journalist and filmmaker, FERGUSON, a very important and extremely controversial play, is set to begin in New York City on October 19 and will run through October 30th.

Much like the contentious real-life drama that played out on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, when Michael Brown was shot dead by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, filmmaker Phelim McAleer’s controversial retelling of what really happened that fateful day in the Ferguson the play, using only the Grand Jury testimony from the Officer Wilson trial, is sure to ruffle some feathers.

Black Lives Matter has been perpetuating a lie about Michael Brown and how he was a victim of murder at the hands of a white police officer, who had no grounds whatsoever to shoot him.

FERGUSON is a Verbatim Play — it only uses actual Grand Jury testimony from eyewitnesses who saw police officer Daren Wilson shoot Michael Brown. Most of these eyewitnesses are minorities and yet their accounts are totally at odds with the stories spun by the mainstream media and activists.

This is why it is so important to bring the truth to New York. Obviously the New York theatrical establishment won’t support this play. They seem to really detest anything that challenges their cozy consensus world view.

Ferguson the play, was the brainchild of journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who many know for his hard-hitting documentary Fracknation, that pulled the curtain back on a false narrative being pushed by liberal activists and politicians, and exposed the truth behind the lies Americans were being told about the dangers of fracking.

Two years ago, when rehearsal began in Los Angeles for FERGUSON, McAleer found himself having to deal with 9 actors who walked out when rehearsals began, after reading the script (that is based on the verbatim Grand Jury testimony of the witnesses during the officer Wilson trial).

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Shocking News: Hanoi Jane Says She’s Not Proud of America, But is Proud of ‘The Resistance’

I don’t suppose it’s a surprise to learn that Jane Fonda is not proud of America. A general disdain for the United States has been one of the hallmarks of her public life. Despite what she says in this interview, you can be 100% certain that her infamous trip to Viet Nam did change her image forever — but only because it revealed exactly who and what she is.

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Shreveport Man Arrested for Hate Crime

Shreveport, La. — Shreveport Police have a man in custody accused of beating another man in an alleged hate crime.

On October 14, 2017 just before 2:00 pm, Shreveport Police patrol officers responded to reports of a man being beaten with a shovel in the 5300 block of Prentiss Avenue in west Shreveport. The victim was transported to University Health Hospital where he was treated for head injuries and a ruptured sinus cavity as a result of the battery.

Investigators with the Shreveport Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit launched their investigation and learned that the victim was part of a contracting crew that was working on a city project in the area. The suspect, 25-year-old Derryon Houston of the 2800 block of Morningside Drive, began taunting the white employees with racial slurs and threatened them with bodily harm. The contractors ignored the taunts but Houston would not leave the area. A short time later Houston threw a ball of dirt at the victim’s head and when the victim turned around, he began repeatedly striking him in the head with a shovel knocking him unconscious. His co-workers came to his aid and wrestled the shovel from Houston’s hands and he fled the scene on foot. Through evidence left at the scene and eyewitness statements, investigators were able to identify Houston as the alleged suspect and alerted neighborhood patrol officers. On October 17, 2017 just after 7:00 pm, officers spotted Houston who then led them on a brief foot pursuit before they captured him.

Houston was booked into the Shreveport City Jail on charges of 2nd Degree Battery, Hate Crimes, Resisting an Officer, and fugitive warrants out of Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office. Houston has prior arrests through Shreveport Police Department for narcotics related offenses and resisting an officer.

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Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes us One Step Closer to the Singularity

Remember AlphaGo, the first artificial intelligence to defeat a grandmaster at Go? Well, the program just got a major upgrade, and it can now teach itself how to dominate the game without any human intervention. But get this: In a tournament that pitted AI against AI, this juiced-up version, called AlphaGo Zero, defeated the regular AlphaGo by a whopping 100 games to 0, signifying a major advance in the field. Hear that? It’s the technological singularity inching ever closer.

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The Mysterious Death of Joe McCarthy

The new book Betrayal at Bethesda looks at the death of anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy and others. The author J.C. Hawkins asks, how is it that McCarthy could go into Bethesda with a knee injury at five o’clock in a Sunday afternoon and be pronounced dead five days later from acute hepatitis. Hawkins speculates about a CIA role in the Senator’s demise, noting that McCarthy had wanted to investigate the infiltration of the agency by Soviet and Chinese intelligence operatives.

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Twitter Shuts Down Conservative Patriotic Journalist Network Auto-Tweets

Twitter has removed the ability for conservative users to send out automated tweets using a service created by the Patriotic Journalist Network (PJNet)…

Twitter has repeatedly banned conservative and libertarian users both permanently and temporarily from its platform.

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Twitter Plans Aggressive Crackdown on ‘Hate and Abuse’ With New Update

Twitter is reportedly planning to crackdown on ‘hate and abuse’ on their platform with the rollout of a new update.

TechCrunch reports that following a number of tweets from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last week, in which he discussed promised more aggressive rule enforcement on Twitter’s platform, the company has announced a crackdown on hate and abuse on the social media network as part of a new update. A number of Dorsey’s tweets can be seen below.

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Two Key Figures Associated With Anti-Trump Dossier Plead the 5th [Video]

This is huge! Fusion GPS partners Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan met with the House Intelligence Committee in closed session; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Capitol Hill. Remember that this anti-Trump dossier is the foundation for the left’s effort to hurt Trump. Fusion GPS associates are in deep trouble with their refusal to talk. In case you need more info on the dossier, our previous report is below this video.

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UC Santa Cruz Liberals Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis and a Threat to Their Safety for Simply Existing

A meeting of the College Republicans at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over and subsequently shut down by hard-left students who literally screamed that the groups very existence was a threat to their safety.

The leftist group initially organized the effort to derail the free speech of Republicans on campus in a Facebook post that openly called for shutting down the groups “ right of assembly” while also labeling mainline conservatives as white supremacists and fascists.

“White Supremacist, fascist-sympathizing College Republicans are having a meeting at McHenry library, room 0332. Everybody be aware of this violent racist activity happening everyday on this campus!” wrote a student. “We need a movement of people on this campus that rejects the ‘right of assembly,’ or ‘right of free speech’ for white supremacists and fascists.”

The group then went through with their social media threats, banging on the meetings door and eventually barging into the room to full on disrupt the peaceful meeting while screaming about fascists, racists, and white supremacists. Remember, this was a meeting of mainline conservatives.

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Bank Run Imminent: Catalan Separatists Urge Supporters to Pull Cash From Atms on Friday Morning

As tensions escalate in Spain, Catalan Separatists are potentially about to do some real damage and hit Madrid where it really hurts.

In a tweeted message to their 270,000 followers, Assemblea Nacional urged supporters to pull cash from CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell branches between 8 am and 9am Friday to protest at their decision to shift their legal domiciles out of the region…

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Brexit Standoff on Eurocrat Pensions as May Goes to Summit

The Prime Minister appealed for an end to bitter wrangling over the divorce bill, saying she wanted work to begin on her ‘bold and ambitious’ vision for future relations.

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Brexit News: Farage Claims EU Members Are Now Fighting Against Brussels Bureaucrats

NIGEL FARAGE has claimed Brexit sparked a “revolution” across the European Union, which is seeing EU members fight against Brussels.

The former Ukip leader claimed Brexit was “the first brick out of the wall” but said there had been a major shift in politics since the vote in June 2016.

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Farage claimed voters in Europe moving further to the right showed the “revolution is rolling”.

He said: “The revolution is rolling. Brexit was the first brick out of the wall and what you are now seeing is new political movements and parties going across the whole of the European Union.

“What they are saying is, we don’t want to be bossed around by unelected bureaucrats.

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Catalonia Set to Declare Independence — Spain to Take ‘Nuclear Option’

Catalan leader preparing to proceed if Madrid refuses to negotiate

Catalonia is set to declare immediate independence from Spain if Madrid fails to hold talks with separatist leaders.

Catalonia held a controversial independence referendum earlier this month drawing the condemnation of leaders in Madrid and Brussels.

After a huge Yes victory during a polling day marred by police brutality, Catalonia initially signed a letter declaring independence before immediately suspending it.

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Construction on Bypass in Bavaria Stopped to Let Hamster Sleep

A field hamster has chosen a building site in Euerbach in Bavaria to be its winter hibernation spot. Although a seemingly harmless occurrence, this means that building of a bypass has to be delayed until next spring.

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Spain to Activate Article 155 Process, Suspending Catalonia Autonomy

Spain announced it will trigger the so-called “nuclear option” of Article 155 under the Spanish Constitution, and move ahead with the process of suspending Catalan autonomy and the powers of the local government, after Regional President Carles Puigdemont for the second time in four days refused to comply with a Spanish ultimatum to clearly drop his claim to independence.

Spain deployed the ultimate constitutional weapon after Puigdemont said the regional parliament may declare independence unless the government in Madrid agrees to talks. Puigdemont’s response came to an ultimatum from Madrid to renounce his claims to full autonomy by Thursday or face the consequences. “It’s not that difficult to reply to the question”, but there is still no definitive “yes” or “no”. Consequently, Madrid is poised to trigger Article 155 this Saturday, suspending the autonomy of the breakaway region.

As previewed last night, the “final” deadline passed and the Catalonian leader failed to satisfy Madrid’s demands.

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Sweden Hit With Wave of Attempted Bombings

Five explosions or attempted bombings in the past week alone

Sweden has been hit with a wave of attempted bombings over the past week, highlighting again how the once peaceful nation is changing rapidly.

Last night, a powerful explosion ripped apart the entrance of Helsingborg police station.

Thankfully no one was harmed, but the country’s top police official, Dan Eliasson, called it “an attack against society.”

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UK Spies Using Social Media Data for Mass Surveillance

Privacy rights group Privacy International says it has obtained evidence for the first time that UK spy agencies are collecting social media information on potentially millions of people.

It has also obtained letters it says show the intelligence agencies’ oversight body had not been informed that UK intelligence agencies had shared bulk databases of personal data with foreign governments, law enforcement and industry — raising concerns about effective oversight of the mass surveillance programs.

The documents have come out as a result of an ongoing legal challenge Privacy International has brought against UK intelligence agencies’ use of bulk personal data collection as an investigatory power. (The group also has various other active legal challenges, including to state hacking).

[Comment: When Communists took over in Romania, the people were surprised how they rounded up the anti-communists so quickly. Spies kept details of all those who would fight against communism. Now the same thing is being done much more easily to identify those against the globalists new world communist order.]

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UK: Breitbart-Hating Writer Who Ranted Against ‘Misogynists’ Forced to Apologise for Sexual Harassment

Left-wing journalist Sam Kriss, who boasted online of his feminist credentials and attacked his enemies as misogynist racists, has been forced into issuing an apology after he was accused of repeatedly groping a fellow “Marxist-left” acquaintance while out on a date.

Yet despite his mea culpa, Kriss has found little sympathy and Labour MP Jess Phillips has even called for the journalist — known for baiting gamers and lashing out at the right online — to be locked up for his behaviour towards women.

A Facebook note which went viral Tuesday detailed how a night out with Kriss left its anonymous author feeling “trapped in some sort of hyper heterosexist hellscape” as the left-wing writer sexually harassed her, “smacked [her] backside hard”, and bragged about his family’s wealth in an attempt to lure her to his home.

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Avoiding the Iranian Quagmire

by Srdja Trifkovic

On October 13, President Trump declared that the only way to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons was to abrogate the multilateral treaty which has been provenly effective in preventing Iran from developing such weapons. This is potentially the most serious mistake of his foreign policymaking thus far.

According to Trump, “the longer we ignore a threat, the more dangerous that threat becomes.” This is true in principle, but not applicable to Iran today. Other parties to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—Russia, China, Great Britain, France, Germany and the European Union—all beg to differ. He keeps saying the treaty is terrible but does not outline which specific provisions are so objectionable. In his UN General Assembly speech on September 19. Trump called the JCPOA “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into” and “an embarrassment to the U.S.” but he offered no specifics beyond saying, “I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it. Believe me.”…

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Betrayal of Kurds Delivers Victory to US Enemy Iran

by Jerry Gordon

This morning I fielded a call from Sherkoh Abbas, President of the Kurdish National Assembly of Syria (KUDNAS)). He had spoken overnight with contacts among the Peshmerga commanders on the battlefront in Sinjar and other so-called ‘disputed areas.’ They told of American advisers to the Iraqi National Army — Shia Hashd al-Shaabi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) telling them that the US was neutral in the dispute over the Independence referendum, but that if they didn’t stand down and leave, “there would be consequences.”

That message was conveyed to embattled Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) President Massoud Barzani, who exclaimed that this means the end of US support. Kurdish Peshmerga units had no alternative but to leave. As a result 40 percent of KRG controlled areas held since the 2014 Islamic State blitzkrieg have now been effectively taken over by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards —controlled Shia Hashd Al Shaabi (PMU) commanded by Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani. KRG President Barzani of the ruling Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) lost vital oil fields that would have bolstered the economy of an independent Kurdistan…

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‘Denmark Should Not Accept EU’s ‘Mandatory’ Refugees’: Danish People’s Party

Denmark’s anti-immigration Danish people’s party says the country should cancel its cooperation with the European Union’s Dublin asylum agreement if it is forced to accept relocated refugees.

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Germany: Prosecutor Calls for 13-Year Sentence for Migrant Who Raped Woman at Camp Site

The public prosecutor in Bonn is calling for a 13-year sentence for a 31-year-old Ghanaian migrant who approached a young couple out camping and raped the young woman in front of her boyfriend.

The incident occurred earlier this year in July and when the 31-year-old approached the young German couple who were in their tent at a campsite in the Siegaue conservation area. The migrant, who is said to have threatened the pair with a knife, took their money and then brutally raped the 23-year-old woman, is now on trial and could be facing at least 13 years behind bars, Der Spiegel reports.

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Judge Orders Trump Admin to Honor Abortion Request by Teen Illegal Alien

Activist judge rules illegal has constitutional rights

A 15-weeks pregnant undocumented teenager apprehended last month on the US-Mexico border must be allowed to obtain an abortion “promptly and without delay,” a federal judge has told the Trump administration.

“Jane Doe,” as the 17-year-old illegal immigrant is known in court documents, has a constitutional right to an elective abortion, US District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, for the District of Columbia, ruled on Wednesday.

Scott Stewart, a US deputy assistant attorney general, failed to convince the Obama-nominated judge that the teenager, who remains in government custody in Brownsville, Texas, should return to her home country if she doesn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term, or otherwise find a US sponsor.

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Migrants Now Chartering Luxury Yachts to Sneak Into Europe

People traffickers earning $35 billion a year thanks to Merkel’s Open Borders Policy

Europe’s political establishment and the mainstream media keep on justifying the policy of open borders for the migrants as a compassionate response to a humanitarian crisis. The stubborn reality, however, continues to refute their false narrative.

Last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel again defended her ‘Refugees Welcome’ policy by calling upon the Germans to “open [their] heart for those who are much worse off.” President Obama, too, during his term wanted the US to follow Europe’s example and open the borders to the ‘refugees’ whom he simply described as “widows and orphans.” While the media continues to toe the ideological party line, Germany alone has ended up with more a million fighting-age Arab and Muslim men since the crisis began in the autumn of 2015.

With migrant trafficking emerging as a multi-billion dollar business, smugglers are offering luxury packages to wealthy migrants hoping to get to Europe. Migrants on the other side of the Mediterranean can choose from an impressive line-up of speedboats and yachts to enter the European Welfare system in style.

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Polish Archbishop Threatens to Suspend Any ‘Anti-Immigrant’ Priest

Less than two weeks after Poland’s massive “Rosary at the Borders” event, Archbishop Wojciech Polak has warned the priests of his diocese that he will not hesitate to suspend anyone who takes part in anti-immigrant activities.

Polak, who is the metropolitan archbishop of Gniezno and primate of all Poland, has threatened to suspend “a divinis” (from priestly activity) any member of the clergy of his archdiocese who takes part in activities directed against migrants.

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Sharp Drop in Number of Migrants Entering Italy by Sea

The number of migrants arriving in Italy from the Mediterranean has dropped sharply, according to the European Union’s border agency.

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Syrian Asylum Seeker Warned Authorities About Berlin Terrorist a Year Before Attack

A shocking new report from German media claims that a Syrian asylum seeker, who was roommates with Berlin Christmas market terrorist Anis Amri, warned authorities about him a year before the attack.

Syrian asylum seeker Mohamed J. lived in the same room as failed Tunisian asylum seeker Amri in 2015 and got to know him and his views well.

He told authorities that Amri was operating under false identities and that he had expressed not only a hatred for the West but also had sympathy for jihadists. However, police did not pursue the information, Neue Ruhr Zeitung reports.

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A Tale of Two Leaders: Trudeau Versus Trump

The contrast couldn’t be more telling. Last November, voters elected a Hemingway man as president. Hemingway, as in Ernest. You know, the great 20th Century writer who glorified masculinity: big game hunting, deep-sea fishing, bullfighting, war. Testosterone comes standard with males, and Hemingway never apologized for it. Why should he have? That’s like saying sorry for having two feet.

Up north, Canadians elected a party to govern — the Liberals — led by a Trump antithesis. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is everything that Trump isn’t — oh, and proud of it. He declares himself a feminist. Says he’s raising his boys to be feminists.

In an October 11 essay for Marie Claire, a fretting Justin Trudeau wrote:

I want my sons to escape the pressure to be a particular kind of masculine that is so damaging to men and to the people around them. I want them to be comfortable being themselves, and being feminists — who stand up for what’s right, and who can look themselves in the eye with pride.

In other words, Trudeau wants his sons neutered like all hardcore feminists want boys and men to be.

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Vox Day’s Sexy Althero Comic Book Challenges SJW Marvel, DC Comics

It’s a frustrating, yet exciting, time to be part of the counter-culture. While all the big conglomerates seem stacked against us, there are a few bright spots. Recently #comicsgate shone a spotlight on how unhappy fans are with Marvel, D.C. Comics, and other major players in the industry. The constant meddling and messing with well-loved superheroes and characters to mold them into feminist fantasies has worn very thin with the fans who are crying out for better material. But the criticism has fallen on the deaf ears of industry titans who prefer to attack their consumers instead. The problem has left hundreds of thousands of comics fans with very little of the entertainment they prefer. Vox Day, game designer, political philosopher, and founder of Castalia House, saw the need for real diversity in comics and answered the call with a crowdfunded project called AltHero.

Vox Day is the author of the philosophy bestseller, SJWs Always Double Down. AltHero raised a staggering $25,000 four hours after going live on a crowdfunding site. A few short days later the campaign had exceeded its goal by almost 600 percent with $122,000 in donations. PJ Media reached out to Vox Day to find out more about his overnight hit.

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Olympic Athletes Could Soon Face Being Microchipped ‘Like Dogs’to Compete

According to WND, the head of an association of Olympic athletes wants to require anyone who participates in the Summer or Winter Games to be implanted with a tracking chip to prevent the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Mike Miller, the CEO of the World Olympians Association, remarked recently at an anti-doping forum in London that athletes should accept digital implants or be barred from Olympic-level competition, according to The Guardian.

Speaking to anti-doping leaders at a Westminster forum on integrity in sport, Miller said: “In order to stop doping we need to chip our athletes where the latest technology is there.” He continued, saying: “Microchips get over the issue of whether the technology can be manipulated because they [athletes] have no control over the device. The problem with the current anti-doping system is that all it says is that at a precise moment in time there are no banned substances but we need a system which says you are illegal substance-free at all times and if there are changes in markers they will be detected.”

Consumer privacy expert Liz McIntyre, the co-author of “Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move,” called Miller’s proposal “outrageous,” insisting “no human being should ever be forced to accept a tracking implant to fully participate in society.” Miller reiterates that it isn’t about “privacy,” however, and Olympic athletes aren’t exactly regular members of society. “Some people say it’s an invasion of privacy,” Miller said. “Well, sport is a club and people don’t have to join the club if they don’t want to, if they can’t follow the rules.”

Although Miller didn’t specify what kind of microchip technology he was considering, McIntyre pointed out there are RFID chips with sensors that could detect the health status of a host or substances in the blood as would be the intention — to stop drug cheats. “When someone in Miller’s position has the audacity to suggest that RFID dog tracking chips are an acceptable prerequisite for participation in any endeavor, it’s time for action,” McIntyre said.

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14 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/19/2017

  1. Archbishop Polak wants Poland to have open borders to destroy its Catholic heritage? Why is this communist a priest?

    • The Archbishop did equivocate a bit with this sentence:

      “That is not the usual opening of borders without any control, but the wise systemic help that we can and should give, and which will not pose any threat to us,” he added.

      The only way I can see that happening is to send aid to the “refugee’s” home country to keep them from invading Europe. Hell, let them hang out on the European dole in their home countries rather than prey on naive Europeans and fundamentally change the European culture.

    • B-b-but the lib media said the “slippery slope” only existed in our tiny little minds!

    • It is interesting to me, sadly, how quickly the US went from “homosexuals must not be discriminated against”, to which I agree, to same sex marriage (with a few scalps taken just to cement this). To my knowledge, and please correct me if I am wrong, every single time this was put to a state vote by citizens (not a legislature and not a state judicial decree), it failed. I was outraged that 9 lawyers in black robes residing in Wash D.C. had the nerve to decide this for 320 million people. The issue should have been turned back to the states with the admonishment that the citizens of the state should decide this issue. Marriage law is the purview of the states, not the federal gov’t.

      No sooner were the pizza makers, bakers, florists and photographers dragged through the media mud and, in some cases financially ruined by the legal enforcers, that we morphed right into “gender identity”.
      Now, anyone that doesn’t want males with gender dysphoria changing, showering and eliminating with those of the opposite sex is a knuckle dragging bigot…

      I actually think that the “bathroom issue” gained millions of votes for Trump. The far left was running open loop during the Obama admin and they just pushed it too far. Next stop, pedophilia.

      If you want more Trump, this is how you get more Trump.

  2. .
    The Culture of Sexual Harassment and Cover-up in Swedish Media

    by Björn Norström/

    Only a few days following the breaking news of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, Alyssa Milano started the #metoo hashtag campaign, encouraging women who have been victims of sexual harassment and rape to tell their personal stories. This initiative immediately spread to Sweden where it turns out that mainstream Swedish media is steeped in a culture of sexual harassment and cover-up.

    While the Unites States has its Harvey Weinstein sex scandal involving the entertainment industry and shaking up the country while exposing sexual predators, Sweden now has its very own as well but in the media industry, shaking up the country while exposing sexual predators and media cover-up – the Fredrik Virtanen sex scandal, or #virtanengate.

    It all began to unravel only a few days ago. A Swedish woman and known feminist, inspired by the #metoo campaign, accused star-columnist for the major newspaper Aftonbladet Fredrik Virtanen, a self-proclaimed feminist and defender of women, of having drugged and raped her in 2006.

    As she gained strength and courage over the next few years, she wrote about it in 2010 and even reported it to the police in 2012. However, her story largely went ignored, primarily by mainstream Swedish media, including Virtanen’s own employer Aftonbladet. Meanwhile, the police dropped the rape case.

    To make things worse, Virtanen allegedly had his spokesperson call the victim’s employer to accuse her of being an “insane mythomaniac.” The victim of potential rape was now also accused by her perpetrator of being mentally disturbed through a third party who seemingly ignored the drug rape allegation itself but instead enabled the perpetrator.

    In the days to follow, inspired by this Swedish woman’s #metoo Instagram post, several other Swedish women have accused Virtanen of sexual harassment, including two women who, at the time of the alleged unwelcome sexual advancements, were minors.

    One of the women, who was 14 years old at the time of the alleged incident, posted a screenshot of Virtanen’s unwelcome sexual advancements along with her story as evidence of the authenticity of her allegations. It took her nearly ten years to “come out,” having saved the screenshot all these years for this particular occasion.

    The scandal only grows. A well known Swedish author now claims to have known about the drug rape Virtanen allegedly committed in 2006. The author also acknowledges that she knew that the newspaper Aftonbladet, Virtanen’s employer, was well aware of this drug rape incident. In addition, the author claims that her circle of acquaintances also knew about this drug rape but kept it quiet, just like Aftonbladet.

    As it turns out, Virtanen is not the only well known Swedish media personality who is now accused of abusing his position of power and popularity in order to sexually prey on women. A second well known Swedish columnist for the same Aftonbladet is now being accused of sexual harassment. Accusations against another Swedish media personality for another media outlet have also surfaced following the Weinstein scandal and Milano’s recent #metoo campaign initiative.

    However, these two specific cases are only the beginning. Swedish media is apparently steeped in a culture of sexual harassment and its systematic cover-up. Allegations are now surfacing that a well-known personality for the publically funded Swedish media SVT Gothenburg sexually harassed an intern in 2012. The intern claims to have brought this up to one of the media executives, which resulted in her being forced to quit while the alleged perpetrator TV show host was left unscathed. In addition, the same intern adds that her friend who works for the same publicly funded media outlet SVT also systematically has been sexually harassed by her boss.

    Wait, it gets worse. Another well known Swedish columnist now acknowledges that he has known for many years that several journalists are sexual predators who prey on aspiring journalists at the bottom of the media hierarchy.

    What’s horrific about this is not only that the problem of sexual harassment within Swedish media appears widespread, but that this particular journalist did not bring his knowledge of this sexual predator culture within media to the attention of the public but, instead, decided to cover it up for several years – until now when the cat already is out of the bag.

    Not only does sexual harassment seem to run amok among Swedish media employees but cover-ups by the media outlets themselves and their employees appear equally rampant.

    It gets even worse. Aftonbladet, Virtanen’s media employer, is now (indirectly) threatening to report to police those who make any sexual harassment and rape accusations against the newspaper’s employees, in essence attempting to silence other potential victims.

    Clearly, journalists and media are part of the problem, not the solution, when it comes to sexual harassment and rape. When media companies and their employees protect sexual predators due to colleagueship, something is rotten and corrupt in the world of media, which is the current state of affairs in Sweden.

    Swedish media used to have an obligation to expose those who abuse their power. What’s now unraveling in Sweden is that media is systematically covering up when its own journalists – who are considered to be people in power – use their power to engage in different types of sexual misconduct.

    The culture of sexual harassment and cover-up in Swedish media is nothing but a major slap in the face to all women but in particular, those women who now courageously post their own #metoo stories of being victims of rape and sexual harassment.

    I need to emphasize that, at the time of this publication, none of abovementioned allegations I refer and link to has been proven factually true, including the several allegations against Virtanen. They are simply allegations officially made by various women in various media platforms.

    None of the accused referenced in this column has yet been found guilty in court of any sexual or other misconduct. Thus, this column is not a statement of facts but merely an opinion based on the many allegations now surfacing about various Swedish media personalities around sexual misconduct and cover-up in Swedish media.

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  3. This is all so disgusting. Maybe human nature simply cannot change for the better. I speak as one who is old now but was definitely defiled as a child which back then was called molesting. Yeah, about 50 years ago (that’s how you know I’m really old). It’s probably worse now though. Very sad for the children who will never forget what happened; I say this because I never forgot. I doubt they will, either.

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