Forget the Asylum Centers — All Italians Must Take in Migrants

The Italian politician Marco Minniti is a member of the Democratic Party (social democrats) and currently the Minister of the Interior. In the following video Mr. Minniti expresses his desire to get all those hundreds of thousands of migrants out of their massive asylum centers so they can be distributed throughout local communities.

Mr. Minniti does not specify how many migrants he is willing to put up in his own house.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (timed from two separate original videos):

00:00   We have to try to make a clear separation between two words that have been linked together
00:06   many times up until now, especially in our country.
00:11   The two words are ‘emergency’ and ‘immigration’.
00:16   You need to make this distinction clear if you want a process that is actually
00:19   able to control and oversee the migratory influx. Immigration has little to do with urgency.
00:29   On the contrary, I would say that handling immigration with an ‘urgency’ mindset
00:34   is the most catastrophic mistake that one could make.
00:39   Handling a phenomenon (which I was describing as structural at first) under ‘urgency’ terms,
00:48   is the most catastrophic approach one could take.
00:55   We have to remove the word ‘emergency’ from the subject of immigration.
01:01   Because emergency entails acting in response to an unfolding matter
01:05   and trying minimize its effects.
01:08   What we rather need is an overall view of the whole immigration issue,
01:16   of an idea on how to deal with a rather complex phenomena.
01:19   If I could make a small political assessment here… I think that this is where the real match
01:27   between reformism and populism is taking place. Populism feeds on the word ‘urgency’
01:37   linked to the word ‘immigration’… Reformism needs to cement itself with a vision.
01:45   It needs to present an organic view, a project, an idea on how to approach the issue.
00:00   What is the objective then? Widespread hospitality that goes beyond shelters.
00:10   Because widespread hospitality respects individual rights and helps with integration.
00:16   Major migrant centers, no matter how much one may try to run them in the best way possible,
00:22   are not effectively conducive to integration.
00:26   My goal is for us to switch over to widespread hospitality and possibly close
00:30   the major migrant centers as soon as possible.

21 thoughts on “Forget the Asylum Centers — All Italians Must Take in Migrants

  1. They’re not migrants. They’re invaders and should be returned to wherever they came from.

  2. In the Bible, the Good Samaritan did not take the injured man into his home and assume responsibility for him for ever more. What he did was to pay for the man’s what until he had recovered and was able to look after himself. That’s all we are obliged to do and their two things should happen; 1. Any help should be provided in the country where these people originate and 2. It should only last for as long as it’s needed, at which point the recipients must take back control of their own lives.

    • Well, today’s Western ‘Churchians’ have a deeply perverted view of the Good Samaritan’s story.

      Note that their view of the invaders is extremely racist and patronizing because they believe the West must care for them forever, like children. This is what their world concept implies.

      Of course the Churchians will never admit this, because they are making far too much money selling the West out to import immivaders.

        • Every large nuclear family has sibling sub-groups within the larger clan. So their own two children will be one such group, and they will separately form evolving groups with the others as they find common interests. The 3 older kids being home-schooled will be another group.

          The enlarged family has been together for three years now, so it looks like a win.

          Yes, there are “tons” of kids up for adoption but in the U.S. inter-racial adoptions are verboten.

          Keeping these kids together is marvelous. I wish the same could have happened with my brother and me. But we never even got in foster care together except for one place.

  3. Has he ever pondered that “widespread hospitality” (whatever he means by that) might just have the effect of increasing the level of immigration?

    • Great point! Surprising, that Mr. Clooney did not stand at the front gates of his lavish estate to personally welcome and entertain the hordes of “refugees” so deserving of the material benefits that his cash would provide for them. Diversity on display! Huzzah!

      What could he possibly be concerned about? The refugees have shown themselves to be an orderly, law-abiding group of worthies who chafe at the opportunity to show their gratitude to the Italian people for the great gift of asylum in Italy.

      They ARE law-abiding and appreciative, are they not?

      Are they not?

  4. Widespread hospitality. My hospitality is already spread as wide (thin) as it gets. I can only economize and reserve it for certain types, but not for certain others. I know my government isn’t interested in hearing any of it. They’ll have a thing coming.

  5. OK, so how many will that commie pope take in to the vatican. I bet they have lots of room there.

  6. Italy seems a set of people who want to transfuse themselves with premalignant cells.

  7. As long as the ‘immigrant’ comes from such an alien background as islam , it will never be able to integrate nor want to integrate into Western culture. It believes it is the only true way and all others must be subjugated and become subservient to it. All of the fine words by people such as Minniti will never change that.

    Is he willing to lead by example? Let him and his supporters be the trailblazers in offering the hospitality of their own homes. We’ll see how that goes.

  8. “All Italians Must Take in Migrants”

    You first.

    Give it 3 months. Then report back to us.

    • yeah right. this is the ultimate hypocrisy of the socialist leftist and globalist engineers…always making others be generous by forcing everyone else to bend, but they dont lift a finger. this is the reality of Communism, its all about being in the elite Party.

  9. So “widespread hospitality” is the new euphemism for “forced integration”, which itself is a euphemism for ethnic cleansing of whites!

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