Do-It-Yourself Asylum Documents in Berlin

Culture-enrichers in Berlin now have the option of expediting the asylum process by creating their own approved applications, using official government equipment.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Berliner Morgenpost:

B&E at the Migrant office: Asylum papers stolen

At a breaking and entering of the migrant office, thieves have stolen blank documents and stampers

According to police, in the early hours of Monday morning the office for Migrants was broken into at the Friedrich-Krause shore in Moabit. Four offices were obviously ransacked, and one steel cabinet was forcibly opened.

The B&E occurred on the second floor, in the department entitled E4. The department processes asylum applications for Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and the Russian Federation. The entire department is closed down until all forensic investigations have been concluded. Numbered seals were stolen as well as blank asylum applications and stampers. Therefore asylum applications can now be forged.

According to the Berlin Morgenpost, the thieves also tried to cover up their traces with a fire extinguisher. A security service apparently secures the Migrant office only during the day.

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  1. Talk about good luck. Lucky Europe has found just the enterprising self-starters who literally exude get-her-done-now enthusiasm. This burst of self-sufficiency and initiative shows nothing will hold these winners back.

    oh, lucky Europe!

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