Austria Welcomes Immigrant… Diseases

Who would have thought that the “welcoming culture” would have to be grown in Petri dishes and then put on a microscope slide?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Austrian news magazine Wochenblick:

And With the Migrants Came the “Migrant Illnesses”

In the photos, Michael’s gray-blue eyes look at you as if they wanted to ask: Do I have to die because of your migration politics? Michael R. (15) was a happy kid, and he shared his interests with lots of friends at the Polytechnic school.

But all expectations for a future have come to a sudden end, due to one single visit to a disco in the nearby large city. “Saturday he was at the disco in Graz,” his mother says in shock.

Deadly Contact

By Tuesday the flu-like symptoms became noticeable, and the morning after 911 had to be dialed because the boy wasn’t responsive anymore at all. Two hours after having been admitted to the children’s intensive care unit in Graz, Michael was dead. He died from an infection of the brain and the cerebral membranes. And that even though he had just been vaccinated a year before against meningococcal bacteria; his body wasn’t able to resist this aggressive strain: “Origin of strain: Sahara belt.” Such was the curt answer given to the mother when she asked.

More could not be said. Maybe they didn’t want to, it is being assumed, especially since a blood sample that the emergency worker took when the boy was still at home has now gone missing. The blood sample taken later was — due to the heavy presence of antibiotic medication — not sufficiently convincing. And even as this is being treated as an extreme isolated incident with respect to the public, the public health authority board thought it would be appropriate to take precautionary measures: “Within the student’s environment, an antibiotic-prophylaxis was implemented,” the Kleine Zeitung stated.

Robert Koch Institute Warns

Once a year the Robert Koch institute (RKI) in Berlin publishes its “Infection epidemiological yearbook of diseases that are subject to registration”. The last publication is from July, and it reports data concerning more than 50 infectious diseases from the year 2016.

Since the RKI is subject to CDU-health minister Hermann Gröhe, they voice their findings with restraint: “Through continuing globalization and the increase of commerce and travel, unfortunately a lot of pathogenic agents can spread more easily and faster. It is therefore possible that the occurrence of previously less-noticed pathogens can change substantially…”

Diseases are Spreading

And yet all that is needed is one look at the yearly statistics from 2015 to see the infectious consequences of the migration tsunami: Diseases that have long been in the forgotten realm or were simply unknown here have shot up with speed. For instance the large city Berlin can already be seen as a potential epidemic centre for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, Legionnaires’ disease, meningococcal disease, syphilis and tuberculosis; drawing conclusions for other German and Austrian large cities is entirely feasible.

Asylum Seeker Endangers Children

It is no wonder that by now even church-based facilities have reported suspected cases of infections: When the deportation of a rejected asylum seeker from Yemen was thwarted through “church asylum”, the disease carrier — he was determined to be carrying a highly infectious strain of tuberculosis — came into frequent contact with 50 German kindergarten-age children at the church in Bünsdorf (Schleswig-Holstein).

It is not an “isolated incident” either. One “unaccompanied minor refugee”, who was allowed to work as a Kindergarten-intern in Aystett (Bavaria), was diagnosed with tuberculosis as well. Especially harrowing: One of the “Beasts of Rimini”, the Congolese lead rapist of the gang rape [in Italy], just recently tested positive for tuberculosis.

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  1. If you go by the r/K model of reproduction, the means of survival of the refugees subspecies is to have more children in the face of fatal and prevalent diseases. They put very little effort into raising the children, so more children is an efficient strategy for them. Having a child, or two, or three die, is not a big deal to them.

    The native Germans, on the other hand, put a great deal of resources and effort into raising a child (those who still have children), so the death of a child is a major tragedy.

    But, in the case of infectious diseases, the presence of an infected individual is a threat to all others in the vicinity. But, the effect of importing diseases will be far greater and more devastating to high-effort parenting than to low effort, high birth rate parenting.

    As the German authorities have no intention of acting on any actual facts affecting the German population, and through either censorship, the threat of incarceration or shunning, or just plain apathy, the Germans were unwilling to vote the current government out, thus there is not really anything to be done about the horrific situation.

    Remember the Godfather’s motto: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” In the case of diseased immigrants, the admonition probably doesn’t work.

    • Sorry, but Graz is in Austria.
      And these illnesses are a problem, we in Portugal due to 500 years of being into the tropics have a very advanced hospital that cares this cases.
      But immigrants and travelers -members of their governments included- are a real treat.

      • Thank you for the correction.

        The best prevention is quarantine and immigration control.

        Do you recall that during the ebola outbreak, the Obama administration actually brought ebola-infected patients to the continental US, instead of treating them (or not treating them) onsite? To my mind, if doctors without borders chooses to expose themselves to exotic diseases, I applaud their humanity, but I’m unwilling to transport them as possible vectors of infection.

        Also, Obama actually sent members of the US armed forces into ebola-infected areas to help with the medical care. For Obama, virtue-signaling his globalist, anti-national inclinations far out-trumped his dedication to US safety, which was quite obviously a priority of zero.

  2. Some yeas ago I met with a group who seriously thought importing tropical diseases was not a problem and that we in the West now had the opportunity to suffer with the Third World. They genuinely believed that this showed a noble attitude of those that deliberately went out to catch these diseases. One of the women/girls caught TB on a London bus.

    This is why I regard “Leftism” as a mental illness.

    • Amen.

      The problem with the Left is that they are constantly thinking about how reality can be made more Leftist.

      We can only hope the bug chasing goodwhites you mentioned found what they wanted.

    • Wow, I would encourage them to pursue fatal diseases.

      Talk about a self-limiting philosophy!

  3. and then the big pharma comes in with new more powerful vaccinations, that will just like that destroy 10 or 20 percent of the inoculated children, cost X billion dollars, and everybody will be happy. happy days!

    PS: If you are at odds with God and have no faith, you will be subject to the darwinian evolution. because big pharma knows that there is a certain percentage of kids destroyed by vaccines, but they say ‘its a risk worth taking for the greater good!’

    by any means necessary…

    • By the way, whether you believe in god or not, you’re subject to Darwinian evolution. Darwin simply described nature and made reasonable inferences.

      And a Darwinian perspective says, if you make a vaccine that eliminates a disease, your natural resistance to the disease goes away. In other words, you become completely dependent on the vaccine for the survival of your population.

      We probably evolved a healthy suspicion of strangers, and especially strangers as different from ourselves as the people from Africa. Tribes that welcomed disease-ridden, hostile, alien strangers into their borders didn’t last very long, and are mostly lost to history.

      The protections and conveniences of modern science and civilization seem to have bred that suspicion out of us, which may indeed prove fatal in the long run.

      By the way, you’re on the right track in a healthy suspicion of pharmaceutical companies lobbying for mandatory vaccinations for diseases which are extremely rare. I don’t know your feelings for vaccines for diseases that used to devastate populations: smallpox, polio, measles (for pregnant women) etc.

    • [sarc] i was unaware that childhood vaccinations were killing 10% to 20% of inoculated children; seems like vaccines have changed since i was a child. of course, way back then there was less regulation in the u.s. market, since this was before thalidomide; it only makes sense that closer regulation has allowed criminal drug companies to fulfill their main goal, which is to kill as many children as possible.[/sarc]

      [ad hominem redacted] before U start blasting out your conclusions, be sure to have your data ready. what countries have even 1% of their children dying from vaccines? if U really believe that things are that bad, why aren’t U taking up arms against the government that “forces” parents to inoculate their children? if that were really happening, i believe that as a parent of 3 (each of whom had multiple vaccine inoculations) with lots of community connections, i believe that i would have known of deaths caused by vaccines; i saw none. let’s reserve our comments here to the dangers presented by massive muslim immigration (if U like, islam could be considered a mental disease).

  4. The plagues that beset Europe and nearly wiped out the population during the 1100s and 1200s had their origins in, you guessed it, and were brought onshore by sailors from, you guessed it. We learned the value of quarantines as laid out in the Torah from those plagues. You would think that we would have done health screening on the new arrivals, but that would be hateful bigotry, wouldn’t it.
    Yes, that is the downside to improved hygiene, reduced resistance to unknown diseases, especially the communicable kind.

    • Part of the resistance to unknown diseases is a totally-functional suspicion of alien strangers, who could well be bearers of disease.

  5. These Muslims, they just keep taking. Take take take take take.

    They take the cake for self entitlement, too.

    They want access to our countries.
    They want access to our welfare.
    They want access to our healthcare.
    They want access to our housing.
    They want access to our education.
    They want access to our rights and freedoms and opportunities.

    They demand these things. They just bully in through the front door, shrieking and waving their fists, expecting it all.

    And in return, what do we get?


    There is absolutely no conceivable justification for any Westerner, who is living in the West to die of some horrific disease that they would never have been exposed to, if not for these self-entitled, demanding, selfish wretches who just take take take take.

    Its murder. That poor kid was killed by migrants – at the bequest of the Politicians.

  6. The Muslims are not to blame, they are trying to escape from their disease ridden, over populated, corrupt excuses for counties. It is we who are to blame for allowing unfettered immigration. Because we do not want to be called names we elect knaves who delight in inflicting totally incompatible aliens, not upon us but on our children. Cowards all.

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