Anti-Fascists Beat Up “Nazis” on the Street in Ottawa

Another member of the “Proud Boys” talks about the violent attacks on himself and other “Nazis” that occurred after last Saturday’s free-speech rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Notice that the antifas seem to be confident that they can assault their political enemies on the streets of Ottawa with impunity.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

5 thoughts on “Anti-Fascists Beat Up “Nazis” on the Street in Ottawa

  1. I know the girl who has dreadlocks. Met her my last year of school in Ottawa. I’m not surprised she’s apart of Antifa now, she had strong communist views and would regularly go to communist meetings and seminars.

  2. Are all the Nazis at risk or only the little, infirm, very old or very young ones flirting with catastrophe by venturing outdoors and inviting Antifa heroism?

  3. What exactly are the Proud Boys? According to Wikipedia they are “far-right” and “alt-right”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Does the second degree of initiation really involve five or more Proud Boys punching the recruit until he names five breakfast cereals? Does the fourth degree of initiation really require the recruit to get into a physical fight with an anti-fascist activist at a public rally? Do they really believe in closing all prisons legalizing drugs and shutting down the government?

  4. The Proud Boys have every reason to be proud. They sound eminently civilized, but unwilling to be bullied.

  5. If I hadn’t seen the photo I’d say Rastafarians who peddle ganja from candy-colored mopeds.

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