White Supremacy

MC’s latest essay touches on a subject that has been the topic of overheated discussion for the past month or so.

White Supremacy

by MC

There is white supremacy and there is white-skinned supremacy — there is a difference, a big(oted) difference. Whilst one is a fact, the other is a weapon used to obscure the fact.

It is very difficult for socialists who believe that man is god to accept the superiority of Judeo-Christian culture. It does not fit with their religious beliefs and zealotry so, somehow, they must discredit it,

The way they do this is to employ their usual ‘turn it into a skin color problem’ meme and thus to hide it behind their own well-projected definition of racism. The sheer flexibility of the accusation of ‘racism’ makes this very easy to do, and we, like Eloi, take the bait every time and without ever stopping to think or to criticize.

History is replete with the disastrous effects of new weaponry. The minie ball rifle was responsible for the carnage of the Civil War. The aeroplane brought war to the home front. And television brought the war into the front room.

Yes, there is a war actually going on inside the homes, a mind-bending propaganda war to destroy white supremacy using the very technology that white supremacy has endowed to the world.

Those who define the Narrative now control the battlefield and thus the result:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

— Noam Chomsky

Because television is a one-way pipeline it has an exceedingly powerful influence, and with it, the ability to define new ‘truths’ and to redefine old ‘truths’. It is these neo-truths which are so dangerous. We all know that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, but how many of us know where in the Bible to find it?

I have twice written in these pages about the Narrative as a deadly weapon, and each time been strongly criticized by those who cannot see the difference between questioning the Narrative and intellectual treason. I have been accused of being unscientific when the whole of science should be about the questioning of narratives.

Television makes it terribly difficult to question those things that people hold dear. Questioning presents people with dilemmas that they don’t want to confront. It opens vistas that are uncomfortable. While the television tends to soothe the psyche, the questioner travels in lands abhorrent to many.

On the whole, people don’t want truth; they want unchallenged comfort zones, and will answer the challenge with an ad hominem attack and a ‘no platform’ demand rather than stop and check the facts.

It is when the Narrative is defined, delivered and defended by one particular politico-religious sect that we are in for a rough ride. Socialism, for all its emotional desirability, has a bad track record, and this latest iteration of it is showing the same old warts as the previous iterations of socialism known as Communism and Nazism. The current iteration of cultural Marxist socialism with its emphasis on ‘equality’, moral relativism and emotional righteousness is potentially the most destructive yet, and seems to be intent on bringing down civilization as we know it. Do we really want to go back to living in caves?

Under this philosophy, Islam is elevated to the level of a political ideal to which all should pay attention, and Muslims are imported with almost no questions asked. A brown face is now a huge asset that opens many doors.

Civilization came from Judeo-Christianity and, by accident maybe, its core was in the white inhabited areas of the northern hemisphere. White ‘supremacy’ is actually Judeo-Christian supremacy, but there is another pseudo-supremacy which one might call white-skinned supremacy, and it is very easy to muddy the vast ocean that separates them. Brown people who enter into white supremacy can very easily assimilate and become a part of civilization, but those who can only see through ideological spectacles have difficulty separating skin color from geographical descriptors. A huge number of Americans of African origin are primarily Americans; some however, particularly those who have failed to assimilate well, or have other agendas are primarily skin color-sensitive. White people, too, can also fail the civilization test, and these are the ones who believe that the causation of civilization is a white skin. Between the brown-skinned supremacist and the white skinned-supremacist, there is very little difference, and both tend to detract from civilization.

A third category is the religious supremacist. This is the type of person who believes intrinsically in a politico-religious meme and that his definition of ‘civilization’ is superior to that which currently exists, and thus the huge gamble of replacing civilization is worthwhile. These are the really dangerous people, because, for them, the ends justify the means, and they will willingly set nation against nation:

         (Matthew 24)
     4   And Jesus answering said to them, ‘Take heed that no one may lead you astray,
     5   for many shall come in my name, saying, I am the Christ, and they shall lead many astray,
     6   and ye shall begin to hear of wars, and reports of wars; see, be not troubled, for it behoveth all these to come to pass, but the end is not yet.
     7   For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places;
     8   and all these are the beginning of sorrows;
     9   then they shall deliver you up to tribulation, and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated by all the nations because of my name;
     10   and then shall many be stumbled, and they shall deliver up one another, and shall hate one another.’
         (Young’s Literal Translation)

This describes the penalty of throwing out the Judeo-Christian heritage in the last days, and thus far I cannot fault it. Especially the idea of ‘hate’ crimes…

The Ferguson effect is still in its early stages. What police chief is now going to risk life, limb and job by policing events like Charlottesville when sitting on the fence (or hiding behind it) is much the preferable and risk-free action? Social order be dammed when hard-pressed policemen risk political crucifixion of their careers and their lives for doing their jobs and enforcing the law on dark lefty orcs and imported Craig’s List rent-a-mobs.

So there was no law on the streets of Charlottesville that day, only the laws made by media puppeteers and the jornolists: the laws of brown-skinned supremacy.

The US of A is the ultimate target for the vast majority of immigrants. Is that because of Black Lives Matter? Not at all. It is because of a thousand years of Judeo-Christian culture and at its apogee a Constitution and Bill of Rights which enshrined and crowned the efforts of Americans to form an all-inclusive culture, an American dream.

So why do Muslims go to the Land of the Free? To live a better lifestyle? Or to bring their own Shariah bondage with them? I don’t know the answer to that, but I can see the results.

If the Left get their way and rebuild the USA in their own image, what will it look like? When the Prairie states have their produce confiscated by the FDA and the EPA, what will the streets look like?

Is this what the DNC wants? Because that is what happens when socialism gets control (or should I say gets out of control). These Ukrainian children were born into a land of plenty, but the communists decided that there were too many of them, so they starved them to death. The Communists played god, and innocents died in their millions.

There is a lady here in Sderot who was there. She was put on a train by her parents to try and get her out of the starvation zone. She remembers being put off the train at a lonely station (out of the zone) and eating grass to stay alive. She survived because someone took pity on her.

The Holodomor was just one atrocity in a despicable list of cruel 20th-century inhumanity, and this is what the leftists want for YOUR children and grandchildren. They might have the best of intentions and motives. They might want cradle-to-grave welfare for all. They may want free medical care for all. Yet they always seem to forget that it has to be paid for, and the price is very, very high. The degree of welfare becomes disproportionately more expensive as it progresses, the costs having to be borne by fewer and fewer people as the coverage inevitably increases.

Seven to ten million people died in the man-made famine called the Holodomor, victims of International Socialism. Eleven million in the Holocaust, mainly Jews and Slavs, victims of National Socialism, fifteen to thirty-six (up to some estimates of forty-three) million in the famine following Mao’s Great Leap Forward and 1.5 to three million in the Cambodian Genocide by the communist Khmer Rouge. Socialism always has a huge butcher’s bill. Every time they come back for more, they think it will be different this time; after all, Stalin was not a true communist, and Hitler was a National Socialist.

Mention should also be made of the Armenian genocide by the Young Turks who are described as nationalist, progressive and revolutionary and who decided to eliminate all the Armenian Christians in Turkey to add another 1.5 to three million to the bill.

And somehow we are meant to forget all this and to let them try their social experimentation all over again.

But this time the coercion is much more subtle and so, so much enhanced by media brainwashing. So many people actually believe that this time they can dodge the inevitable ball, that they can suck at the udder without feeding the cow.

Socialism itself is a newish form of an old, old problem, that of elitism, where those who are well-placed believe that they have the right to impose their will and religion on those not so well-placed. Elitism is older than white civilization. It is the coffin into which many ancient civilizations tumbled as they got tired and lazy. They imported slaves to do the work that they themselves felt too ‘important’ to do, and the slaves brought with them their own gods and cultures, and thus replaced the indigenous population.

White civilisation was different for a while because of responsibility shared among all citizens; that is, until the citizens found that their representatives were corrupt and nothing could be done about it because all the mechanisms of change were systematically choked. They had been betrayed. The Federal monster had grown fat, and inert, and in its unwashed state, stank of corruption.

The white-supremacy based civilization so painfully achieved over a few hundred years, and shared with many of non-white skin color, is now a casualty of a war that is supposedly a battle between brown-skinned supremacy and white-skinned supremacy, but which is in reality nothing but a divisive ploy to recreate the same old feudalism of old. See the photo above, that is what these globalists want for you and yours, and this globalism is not only Jewish:

He’s five foot-two, and he’s six feet-four,
He fights with money and with hype.
He’s all of thirty-one, and he’s only seventeen,
Been a globalist ’cos he’s got a gripe.

He was a Catholic, a Hindu, an Humanist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist, perhaps a Jew.
Now he has a bitter pill,
But he knows its destiny’s will,
That he kill you to achieve his aim.

And he’s fighting to get Canada,
He’s fighting to get France,
He’s fighting to get the USA,
And he’s fighting against the Russians,
And he’s fighting against Japan,
And he believes it’ll only be just his way.

And he’s fighting against Society,
He’s fighting for elites,
He says it’s for the peace of all.
He’s the one who must decide,
Who’s to live and who’s to die,
And never sees the overarching flaw.

With apologies to Donovan, who saw the problem many years ago.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

62 thoughts on “White Supremacy

  1. “He’s the universal soldier and he really is to blame but his orders come from far away no more. They come from you and me, and brother can’t you see, this is not the way to put an end to war.”
    So did I, but I was powerless to stop it or avoid its consequences, which are now here on our doorstep. (6.3 in N. Korea miles from any fault line)

  2. The left’s central nervous system is now seizing over the notion of white privelege. It’s like it has only one brain that must be follwed to stay chic; and this time this central command has told everyone to use the attack of white privilege as the reason for everyone else being oppressed. So this idea will therefore go around our campuses and NGOs for a few years until the leadership thinks of something else.

    Yesterday, it was diversity that was au courant.

    But these fad concepts belie the Left’s enthusiasm over diversity, as they demonstrate the exact opposite of diversity. They are actually boring us with the stiffling uniformity of their mentation.

    • The implicit assumption of the left is that all races and sub-races of man have the same abilities, personalities and proclivities as the white Northern European population. Hence, any differentials in educational or career achievements, income levels, crime rates, or incarceration rates, are attributable to institutional bias based solely on skin color: hence, white privilege.

  3. But gradually, as the drink flowed and the suckling pig was eaten, the mood lightened. Churchill was bold enough to ask if the current problems of the Soviet Union were as difficult to deal with as the forced collectivization of the peasants. ‘No,’ replied Stalin. ‘That was much harder.’

    ‘What did you do with all the kulaks [wealthier peasants]?’ asked Churchill.

    ‘We killed them,’ replied Stalin.

    Rees, Laurence. World War Two: Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West (Kindle Locations 2724-2728). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

  4. “..Young Turks who are described as nationalist, progressive ..”

    I always thought that the term “Progressive” means “accepting that human life is an ultimate value, and rejecting violence”, something like that.

    • No. Progressive means getting beyond that old lark Democracy and instituting the Progressive Elites over the rednecks, bluenecks, Whitenecks, and re-educating them so they realize how lucky they are to have the Progressive Elite ruling them. Hitler was progressive Elite. So was Lenin. So was Mao-Ze Dong, etc… The mark of the progressive Elite is the inverse logic they employ, the devious use of words to mean the opposite of their non-progressive dictionary comprehension. Free speech is non-platform. Equal opportunity is preferrence divorced from achievement. Courage is the demand for safe-spaces, tolerance is the forceful subjugation of micro-aggressors. And the worst is the Sacrifices for Peace, human sacrifice that is.

      • Progressivism is all about eliminating the badwhites so the goodwhites and pseudo-whites can live in their vibrant, multicultural utopia with all other ethnicities.

        The main problem is that the goodwhites and pseudo-whites fail to recognize they are #2 and #3 on the menu after all the badwhites are eliminated.

        • Oh, it gets even worse. Light-skinned blacks are now being singled out by BLM for not being black enough. This is an ancient grievance; New Orleans’ blacks have a well-established pecking order based on the amount of melanin one has. Lighter is brighter, etc.

          • Yes of course, they will be #4 on the menu.

            Sadly, the goodwhite/SWPL crowd are willfully ignorant of such longstanding distinctions among the black community.

            Even more ironically are all the ads and mass sales of skin/hair lightening products throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It is almost as if there is something desirable and treasured regarding pale skin…

          • And aside from colour skin, the not-moslem enough will be singled-out by the moslem enough. Sorry if this is out of topic.

          • Oh, it gets even worse. Light-skinned blacks are now being singled out by BLM for not being black enough.


            So, the “high yallers” no longer qualify?

            Is the final destination of the “one drop” rule?!?!?

            Please pardon my chaud froid (i.e., schadenfreude delight), at seeing the anti-White elements devour themselves.

            No mercy or sympathy shall you have from me, even as I desperately try to squeeze out a minuscule tear.

      • still I’m not convinced.

        you describe some sort of supremacist demagogy-powered totalitarianism, other commenters talk about anti-white racism, etc.

        to pick up a term, associate with it all spectrum of bad meanings, and use as label, that reminds me something.

        so I will continue using the term in narrow sense, as specified above.

        Progressive is actually synonym for Pacifist, not more.
        if you mean something more, say more.

        • Progressivism properly understood is the continuous removal of decision-making from the hands of the citizenry and placing it in the hands of highly trained experts at the top. See the writings of such early 20th-century caucasoid luminaries as Herbert Croly.

          The justification is that society has become just too darned complex to leave decisions in the hands of the little people. Society’s resources are too valuable to have them potentially squandered this way. Highly trained experts doing central planning are needed to make sure everything runs efficiently (it’s no coincidence that the Progressive movement arose simultaneously with the theories of F.W. Taylor and “the one best way” for every industrial process).

          • again, that is “elitism”.

            isn’t it better to write directly – “totalitarian, Pacifism-obsessed elites” instead of this confusing term.

        • Forgive me, I’m on a roll.

          AY, you say that Progressivism = Pacifism. Not so. Woodrow Wilson practically drooled on himself trying to get the United States involved in the First World War because such would be a perfect excuse for transforming American society along Progressive lines. Once war was declared, he and his compadres instituted what they proudly called War Socialism, i.e., using the war effort as a pretext for taking unprecedented control over the U.S. economy.

          And, like the frog in the proverb, here we are today no longer even noticing how hot the water is.

      • Ultimately, control comes down to wealth and power. Those with the most wealth and power have strong tendencies to leverage the government into giving them more power and benefits than they already have.

        Hitler threw away the socialism once he got to power. Stalin threw away the internationalism, except for just enough to keep the deluded fellow-travelers in thrall.

        • When enough power is concentrated at the top, socialism and other forms of totalitarian dictatorship become indistinguishable from each other. Except for the wording on the propaganda posters, they are interchangeable.

          Absolute despotisms are drearily uniform across the ideological spectrum.

          • so you don’t use “Progressive” to explain that.

            I suspect that is because the term is vague and excessive.
            I think MC used it as substitute for “pragmatic” in the article.

            it would be great to have clear definitions or at least description of what is meant by that – Liberal, Libertarian, Left, Socialist, Marxist, Progressive.

  5. It is very difficult for socialists who believe that man is god to accept the superiority of Judeo-Christian culture.

    There’s no such thing as “Judeo-Christian” culture in the sense used there. “Judeo-Christian” is a tendentious term invented in the 20C to undermine genuine Christianity. There is no “Judeo-Islamic” culture either, but Judaism and Islam are much closer than Judaism and Christianity. Like Muslims, Jews in general are hostile to Christianity. Why else do Jews so overwhelmingly support mass immigration by Muslims and so eagerly form alliances with Muslims?

    Jewish-Muslim alliance formed against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

    The day after President-elect Donald Trump appointed a man accused of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as his chief strategist, two of the nation’s largest Jewish and Muslim advocacy groups formed an unprecedented partnership to fight bigotry.


    • There may be an alignment of Jews and Muslims politically (though I am not informed enough to comment on this), however the author speaks about the underpinnings of `white culture`and indeed, both Jews and Christians have contributed significantly to this. There is also at least some overlap in values between Jews and Christians. Both support Western democratic values. Islam support Sharia.

      • There is also at least some overlap in values between Jews and Christians. Both support Western democratic values. Islam support Sharia.

        Can you tell me which Western nation allowed its citizens a vote on whether to accept mass immigration by Muslims (and other third-worlders)? If you can’t, can you explain why Jews, who support “Western democratic values”, are so much in favour of mass immigration by Muslims?

    • There’s no such thing as “Judeo-Christian” culture in the sense used there.

      Judaism is the bedrock of Christianity. Thus our most important feast day remains Pentecost, a Jewish holy day. Without experiencing what they did on Pentecost, the disciples and other followers would have eventually followed. America was founded as a nominally Christian nation, even though some of its main proponents were Deists. It is only with the approach of a somewhat incoherent iconoclasm that America is becoming post-Christian.

      We also formally accepted Jews into American culture via Washington’s letter to a synagogue, and previously when the tolerant Dutch of New Amsterdam allowed a ship of Jewish immigrants to land. The New England area refused to do so.

      • Judaism is the bedrock of Christianity.

        Yes. And who founded Christianity? Judeo-Christ?

        We also formally accepted Jews into American culture via Washington’s letter to a synagogue, and previously when the tolerant Dutch of New Amsterdam allowed a ship of Jewish immigrants to land.

        And can you tell me where Washington used the term “Judeo-Christian” to seal the formal acceptance of Jews into American culture? I also wonder if Washington would be happy to see Jews so eagerly welcoming Muslims into American culture:

        Jewish-Muslim alliance formed against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

        The day after President-elect Donald Trump appointed a man accused of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as his chief strategist, two of the nation’s largest Jewish and Muslim advocacy groups formed an unprecedented partnership to fight bigotry.


        The New England area refused to do so.

        Israel refuses to accept Christians and Christianity as part of Jewish culture.

    • Here in Israel we look at US Judaism and wonder. Firstly, you should not mix ethnic Jews with Yah believing Jews. Secondly, not all Jews live in the USA, here in Sderot we get special air-mail deliveries from Hamas which express their ‘love’ for us. We are not allowed to reciprocate.

      Jews and Christians share the greater part of their scriptures, Islam has its own book which is a book of hate and death.

      If you actually read the Acts of the Apostles, you will see that the early Christians kept the Law and the Commandments and the feasts of Yah as D points out. They kept a seventh day Shabbat and Shaoul (Paul) returned to Jerusalem for the appointed times as required by the Law of Moses. Jesus said to those who don’t keep Torah “I know you not” (Matt 7 v 21) (in the Greek ‘anomia’ = without LAW a.k.a. Torah)

      • Yep, Paul wasn’t kosher according to the Jerusalem Church. Paul and Peter fought against one another’s ideas. Paul was a “globalist”, wanting to spread the word to Hellenic Jews (very Greek and some educated), while Peter saw the mission as being confined to the Jews.

        It all became academic after 70 AD.

        • And what about Peter and Cornelius? (Acts chapter 10), and Peter supported Paul in the Council at Jerusalem, Acts 15. Also, Peter refers to “our beloved brother Paul” and refers to his writings as part of Scripture (2 Peter 3:15-16). Granted that there was a squabble in relation to Peter’s attempts to avoid conflict with those who tried to insist that gentile converts keep all of the Jewish law, but how representative is that. Yes, yes, I’ve read plenty of Protestant higher critics that say that this and that can’t be what was originally written, but they usually have ended up by impressing me with their intellectual dishonesty. Here in Colombia, a Catholic priest told us (during a University orientation for new professors) in his history of the university. that there were no universities founded in the United States before the 18th century except William and Mary (never mind that Harvard was founded in 1665) and most higher critics that I have read come up with similar checkable howlers, so why should I believe them?

      • Jews do not believe that their scriptures are “shared” with Christians. Jews in general are hostile to Christianity. “Judeo-Christian” is a recent term invented to undermine genuine Christianity. Nothing you’ve said addresses those points.

        If you actually read the Acts of the Apostles,

        I’ve read it, thanks. How does the stoning of Stephen fit into the Judeo-Christian ideology? Christianity came out of Judaism. Islam came out of Christianity and Judaism. So what? Lions and gazelles have a common ancestor. Does this mean they are friends?

    • [redacted]. Christianity arose out of Judaism. Jesus of nazareth of Judea, Jesus preached in jerusalem and on the sea of Galilee. Islam was born to spite the jews and kill them and instruct that whatever a Jew does – do the opposite. The first thing Muhammad did was kill a tribe of Jews. the second was to kill and banish all the jews of Arabia. So dont conflate Judiasm and Islam. And dont conflate leftists with Jewish names with real Jews.

    • The American Jewish Committee has been reliably center – Left for a long time, advocating for Oslo and its progeny. It’s against “racism,” and since “Islamophobia” is “racism” to the New York Times and all the other best opinion, then the AJ Committee will ally itself with ISNA. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood has been certified as “moderate” by the people who really matter, so the fact that ISNA of the Muslim Brotherhood is no problem.

      American Jewry largely stems from communities which were oppressed by and coerced to abandon their faith by rulers and clergy of various Christian denominations; it has no familial/visceral association with oppression and coerced conversion by Muslims.

      The AJ Committee’s deeper problem is that the center Left is disintegrating, and its version of “Jewish” is secondary to, and largely defined by, what the Left believes; this is increasingly hostile to Israel and Judaism. President Trump has Jewish grandchildren. That is increasingly rare in the sector of Jewish society which gave rise to the A.J. Committee.

      • Lol.

        I think you heard the joke:
        Question: what’s the difference between a reform Jew and Donald Trump?
        Ans.: Trump has Jewish grandchildren.

        I have a reform Jewish background, but no longer practice religion in any form whatsoever. But, I know that the majority of US Jews are reform, and looking at the website of the Union for Reform Judaism (look up the link yourself), you can see that the agenda of the Union is hard-left progressive, including support for Black Lives Matter and related non-white identity groups.

        What kills me, though, is the sheer suicidal impulse of the Reform Jews, as they form coalitions with Muslim Brotherhood fronts and as they support lobbyists for still more Muslim immigration. One stereotype of the Jew is that he is smart, but that is the dumbest possible stance I can imagine. The bedrock Christian community in the US, in the red states, love Jews and support Israel. It is a massively-losing strategy to change the nature of the US from Christian and European to brown, black, and non-Christian. I have nothing against Hinduism, in small quantities, but Hinduism is an Indian and Asian civilization, and the US is European.

        When we speak of “European” we of course use it as a code for “white”, although the way Europe is destroying itself with unlimited immigration, that category may no longer be meaningful. MC doesn’t really distinguish the “proposition nation” or the notion that your genetic background is not as important as your cultural identification, from the genetic basis of “white”. However, I think MC could confirm that the “black Jews” of Israel, accepted by the government as genuine Jews, have social problems more akin to the illegal Africans now being eliminated from Israel, than to the Ashkenazim or Sephardi Jews in Israel.

        So, while we’re at it, let’s distinguish the Reform Jews in the US from the Orthodox, who are less educated and make less money, but are not nearly so anxious to bring in loads of Muslims. Even the secular Jews in Israel identify more with Orthodox Judaism as the authentic Judaism, rather than with the Reform. And myself, at this point, if forced to be in some service, would rather sit in an Orthodox service and not understand a word, than sit in a Reform service and hear all the progressive, Social Justice Warrior mandates based on selective quotes from the Jewish scriptures.

    • The closest religion to Christianity in intent and style would be Buddhism. Judaism is an ethnic religion at heart. Many have converted over the centuries to Judaism but the idea of a Jewish people as a group with biological connection to the Jews of the bible is still fundamental.

      Christianity is a break from Jewish tradition which is why it is a separate religion and not a sect.

      I understand the reasoning for wanting to link the two, but during the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic occupation of Spain, Jews and Moslems were partners. It seems as though today’s Jews have swapped Moslems for Christians and now some are hedging their bets and supporting Moslems again.

      Partnerships are fine, but for a stable society you need one culture in charge that doesn’t power share. One national default culture which everyone pays at least lip service to. That culture in Western countries was a good combination of western style Christianity and the Classical world. That culture is being slowly trashed, even by the Churches and the only thing which can replace it is nationalism because the alternative, given the extreme number of foreigners let in, is chaos.

      We’ll end up with small groups vying against each other for every petty reason and rampant corruption as no one sees the need to cooperate with people who aren’t from their in-group.

      Jews likewise follow these human instincts. Jews in Israel are more likely to be nationalist given that they want to preserve their country. Jews in Europe and America are more likely to be globalists as it wont affect their standing as a small minority in those places. Hence Judeo-Christian is an attempt for the smaller group to be seen as part of a larger group for protection. The term itself is meaningless and has no historic credibility. A Judaic sect didn’t morph into Christianity, it was a radical break that led to a new religion. The better universal term is Western values which encompasses a slew of historic inputs from various groups including Christians and Jews.

      What I don’t get is why Jewish groups in Europe will complain of attacks by Moslems while simultaneously supporting more Moslem immigration to Europe. Or, why they try to conflate persecution of Jews under the nazis to an unwillingness to accept mass immigration from around the world. The Jews the nazis persecuted were citizens of their respective countries; they lived in communities that were often centuries old; most were integrated into wider society. To compare that with people who have shown up on your doorstep, cap in hand, having ignored those half dozen other countries they passed though is risible.

      • Some of those Jewish communities in Europe were (are) millennia old. The Jews arrived in Central Europe (unwillingly) before the Huns did.

  6. Third Wave Socialism is using the migrant mass of bullying young Muslim males to build yet another post-Christian hell. Europe becomes so predictable. We should quarantine the twin hells of Europe and Islam so the rest if us xan prosper under democeatic capitalism. Let the dead bury the dead.

    • Well, yes. The Ummah are thoroughly programmed to believe that life on Earth is Hell.

      Due to that programming, the Ummah strive to create that hell wherever they find themselves.

  7. Excellent article, MC, though we’ll never agree about welfare. I couldn’t resist a wry grin over your quoting Chomsky, but they say the Devil would quote scripture if it suited him!

    • “Excellent article, MC, though we’ll never agree about welfare. ”

      So, how would you reply to the observation that a welfare state takes resources away from people with productive traits, and gives the resources as support to people with dysfunctional traits. There is thus a selective pressure against desirable, or at least productive, genetic traits, and a pressure favoring those with dysfunctional traits, which would keep them from surviving on their own.

      In other words, the quality of the population experiencing welfare steadily deteriorates.

  8. Nice essay, but I disagree with one part. The brown skin is not trying to wipe out the white skin. Take a good look at us Hindus. We are brown, we are above 1 billion. We have fought islam for a thousand years now and we have reached a point of exhaustion. 200 years of british loot and plunder, followed by 70 years of ultra left communist insurgency along with the latest nexus btw left wing and islam, we are not in a better position than the west. After 80 million hindus dead under islamic invasion of India and 800 year long brutal muslim rule, we are still paying our blood debt of being a kaafir. We have lost Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh out of historical hindu homeland. India has shrunk by 30%. We still face genocide in several parts of India where we are outnumbered. Please dont make it a Brown Vs White thing. I am a hindu and in no way do I see west as an enemy. In fact, I dont want any non-muslim land ever falling or surrendering to Islam. We need a united front against Islam and its globalist allies.

    • India is a separate story, one the West ignores except to take the best and the brightest. And one cannot blame the B&B for their ambition, though they do remain homesick for decent food.

      India and China have a problem separate from the West, one that weakens them as it did Rome: female foeticide is leaving huge cohorts of single males who have no hope of ever marrying. It’s a built-in social problem with huge consequences, one of them being eventual war. If neither country can address that problem, the future is worrying.

      • Thank you, Dymphna.

        Not even Islam can so thoroughly screw India and Red China as their own practice of “female foeticide”.

        Do a search on how birth order effects personality types and you will get a glimpse into just how terribly damned China (especially) and India (too) are hosed by their DECADES of KILLING girl babies.

        The chances of success for either of these countries to reach First World status is utterly screwed, blued, and tattooed by their slaughter of so many future, childbearing wives.

        May they both rot in everlasting hell for their mass-murder of each country’s birthright. The evil of this exceeds all comprehension.

        • I do not appreciate your comment on wishing India rots in hell. You seem pretty ignorant on my country. Female infanticide is there, but it has come down drastically as the country has moved forward.

          wow. such arrogance that you think we will never reach first world status. What a few centuries of prosperity can do to peoples minds. India was a superpower for 800 years, the richest in the world, if it wasnt for colonial loot and thousand year war against islam that dragged us down.

          If hate, is what you have for us , then be glad, that east will not be an ally to west against Islam. You fight your own battles and we will fight our own.

          PS: Tell your christian missionaries , evangelists and charlatans, not to lay a foot on Hindu Homeland. We dont want your Christianity, just like we dont want Islam.

    • Hindu Indians have entered into western civilization and have added greatly to it. As a single nation greatly damaged by Islam, they too (as well as Israel) have risen above it and are of a great benefit to mankind.

      I would like to write about Indian history as it is fascinating, but I do not think I could do it justice, too many Englishmen have preceeded me and I think most have missed something vital – and maybe it is the vitality that allowed the nation to survive hostile invasions and remain reasonably intact.

      • Ehhhh, there are too many ugly anecdotes about Indian managers in Silicon Valley hiring no one but Indians for me to give this a pass.

        Also, all the Indian H-1Bs that have taken jobs from skilled Americans because they will work for 30% of the wage and live 10 to a one bedroom apartment, they have to go back, they all have to go back.

        • All right. Out we will go. All of us. We are barely more than 1% of american population anyway.

          And in return we will ask you to take your american firms out of Indian market as well. All of them. No more western economic imperialism. Find a billion consumers some place else, where a nation will allow you to do business and take all the profit back to Home Sweet Home, laughing all the way to uncle sams bank. Dont want your junk food either. Get out all american corporations, Coca cola, Nike, and 5000 others.

          We will fight unfair trade laws in WTO. If we have to prop up a BRICS bank against american dominated and biased world bank, we will do that as well.

          Another thing, dont send a single bible thumping christian missionary/evangelist/charlatan here. We dont want Christianity, just like we dont want Islam. You will never see a hindu asking you to convert to hinduism and how its good and dandy with its “one true lord”, stop conning our poor people into this foreign abrahmic cult.

          This game of offering money in return of religious conversions is shameful. We will not allow demography of India to be altered. No Christianity. No Islam.

          Only non-proselytizing peaceful religions of the East, will have a home in India. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism & Buddhism. Thats it.

          No monotheist supremacist violent abrahmic cult!

  9. Socialism itself is a newish form of an old, old problem, that of elitism, where those who are well-placed believe that they have the right to impose their will and religion on those not so well-placed.

    They might have the best of intentions and motives. They might want cradle-to-grave welfare for all. They may want free medical care for all. Yet they always seem to forget that it has to be paid for, and the price is very, very high.


    “One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution. This ancient faith rests on the conviction that all the positive values in which men have believed must, in the end, be compatible, and perhaps even entail one another…”

    Isaiah Berlin

  10. Not merely an excellent piece of philosophy and literary art, but something that should be printed on first pages of newspapers around the (civilized) world.

    (Yes – I am naive: can we imagine ANY medium with influence having the guts to put these words on its front page?

    And therein lies the treason of the elites …)

  11. No, white nations, i.e. those whose inhabitants are solely white-skinned, have a right to defend their borders against any invaders whatsoever, including dark-skinned ones. The alternative is to allow them in. The consequences of that alternative should be apparent by now. With all due respect, you are spouting the liberal line.

    • Skin color has been shown to be a genetic defense against UV radiation. The gene that supplies melanin to the DNA is like a volume knob that is turned up full blast for people who are native to the equatorial regions of the planet and turned down to almost zero for the people who are native to the northern and southern regions. While Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin, UV radiation will damage the skin to the point of causing melanoma.
      This is the result of studies into the cause of sickle cell anemia in black children who lived in the northern portions of America, while the white people in the north and the black people in the south did not suffer from the lack of iron and Vitamin D. It has since been recognized that the melanin volume knob is part of our (divinely) engineered bodies that allows us to live in various parts of the world.
      May I then suggest that “whiteness” as it were, is being diligent in what has been set before you to work at, loving your neighbor as yourself, treating others as you would be treated, and being at peace with others as much as it is possible, (if others don’t want to be at peace with you then make preparations for the defense of yourself and your household). Under that definition a Hindu would be white even though their skin color can be darker than a person who is from Africa. It’s all in the heart mates as we know what a “black-hearted” person is like.

      • With all due respect, there are greater differences between different populations from different geographic areas than simply skin color. There are large differences in intelligence, psychopathy, creativity and socialization, and there is every evidence that these differences are based in genetics.

        In no way do I believe brown-skinned Hindus are the enemy of Europeans: on the other hand, I don’t want too many of them coming into the country; not because there is anything undesirable about them (I find the women attractive), but because I believe there is a virtue to retaining some racial differences, as long as it is basically voluntary.

        The US made a huge, massive mistake by allying itself with Pakistan over India, and especially by building up the Pakistani Islamist network through support of the Afghanistan rebellion against the Soviet-sponsored government. Hindsight is always 20-20, but we would have been far better off letting the USSR dissolve a natural death on its own, and letting Afghanistan keep its liberal, but Soviet-supported, government.

  12. Empathy and communion are very different from socialisation. True judeo christian morals are very clear, love creation, including people. Harm not. The rest is superfluous, lesser realms of perfection. Hate and spite are not representative, they are just sentiments that exist, motivators of a lower order, along with fear. They are all of God, there is ultimately no duality. If you understand this there is no argument, human subsistence is a common reality, the order of ownership and reward were originally settled , and later further explained within very simple commandment as privation from wrongly acquiring the endeavour of others, the results of which are known to be destructive for all concerned. People are clever though, they like to invent ways to acquire, some do so purposefully at the unfair expense of others without their proper consent.
    They still live the illusion that their ability to proves they are more right, and deserving. Independence is a virtue, it reflects those who come to take for what they are. Expect to be tested on your own journey to fulfilment, it will teach you the meaning of faith.

    Here is a story that I have never related.

    In Dubai, a long time ago…before it became what it is…. I found myself living on a roof. I picked up a presence, call it a Jinn. Very bothering and unpleasant. So I set out walking across town, part desert, and a car pulls up. Two people inside ask me if I need help ( and no, I wasn’t acting “unusual” lol), and I say I am being bothered by a presence. They are going to the only church there ( at the time) St. Mary’s and invite me to speak with the priest. I agree and explain to him, he says he will include me in prayers later at service. I thank him and leave. So I am sat back on my roof, putting up with whatever, and then a bright light and the figure of Jesus appears before me. No more bother.
    I am not any kind of super religious devotee, just simple Christian somewhere. I did not expect this help, nor should you.

    I still must return to the church to thank them.

    Have faith.

  13. You say: Brown people who enter into white supremacy can very easily assimilate and become a part of civilization,
    With brown do you include black and yellow (afro-americans, asians)?
    If yes, I disagree with your opinion.

    Just look at Bruxelles-Molenbeek, Duisburg-Marxloh etc.
    In the 1950 a LEO could go down the streets and give out parking tickets and the only reaction of the “white people” was: “Sorry officer, please can you not look the other way. I will never park again in this spot.”

    Today: Today, if the LEO enters the streets who are known as turkish or kurdish street, they need 100 other LEOs to get out alive.
    Or is it any different to black/ hispanic streets in the USA?

    And what about Haiti? The blacks wiped out the whites and it is now a cesspit. How many times did the Marines go in, build the infrastructure and withdraw and how many years or months did it take for this infrastructure to decay into uselessness.
    How much of Haiti is rebuild after the last earthquake and how many years is this ago? Compare this to the European cities after WWII.
    Yes, the East looked bleak after the wall fell, but even they were far better as Haiti.

    Or look at Detroit. Did you watch the movie “Only Lovers left alive”? There you can see all the “glory” of Detroit. How an opera house was turned into a parking place.

    There is a saying: You can take the afro-american out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the afro-american.
    I think that Haiti proves this perfectly.

    And to muslims:
    They are unhappy in Arabia but they do their best to turn Europe into Arabia.

    Therefore I think that the most strict separation must be enforced.
    The Benes decrees 2017 as I call it. (and I once mailed it to Gates of Vienna)
    Europe is the Europeans territory and the muslims stay south of the sea.

    I met a lot of people but in regard to non-whites I met less then a handful that I would allow to live in Europe.
    ONE turkish woman who talked about her turkish cousins and all the other turks in such a way that even a hardcore nazi would blush.
    An afro-american woman who was raised by a white family and was more white (polite, educated) than some nazis I once (I had the misfortune but escaped without being hurt) met.

    Yes, there are also whites I am uncomfortable with.
    Two polish women who spoke polish while talking to each other, but surrounded by Germans. So we did not know if they insulted us.
    This is commonplace with non-white people (turkish, afro-american.)
    A jew who while being polite told me that we germans have a bloodguilt and for every drop of jewish blood spilt we germans have either to serve the jews for seven times seven times seven generations (and with every drop of blood after the first another times seven is added, so two drops of blood are 7*7*7 + 7*7*7*7 generations) or have that many germans killed by jews as blood payment. Yes, he was quite serious about it.

    I am tired of all this Black Lives Matter, La Raza, etc.
    If white people are sooo evil, how does it come that all non-whites want to live in white countries?
    Just sent them all south and those leftwing loonys should be forced to go south too.
    They can take their gender mainstreaming, sex education for 5 year olds and all the other things with them.
    I wonder how those left wings would prosper if we dropped them by parachute in the middle of the Congo?
    Dont they know “Come Back, Colonialism, All Is Forgiven”
    “We should just give it all back to the whites,” the riverboat captain says. “Even if you go 1,000 kilometers down this river, you won’t see a single sign of development. When the whites left, we didn’t just stay where we were. We went backwards.””

    • Re: Haiti

      Well, the last time around the Clinton crime cartel did a masterful job of making sure the elites pocketed 99% of the funds meant for Haiti’s reconstruction.

      Re: Colonialism

      The Congo’s infrastructure began collapsing mere hours after the crisis/Belgian pullout.

      Apparently today’s 12-way civil war is an improvement.

      With regard to North Africa, there was tons of worthwhile logistical infrastructure left behind by the French, but the locals can not or will not maintain it.

      I’m talking about tons of automated lifts, cranes, engines that are old, yet could be serviceable in their port and logistics facilities that have been left to rust and decay.

    • Thank you for the link. I just wish it were longer. I have heard this of several African countries, especially Rhodesia who now can’t even provide water or feed themselves. South Africa is headed in the same direction; drive off or kill the white farmers and very soon you won’t be able to feed yourselves.
      Do you want the white man back to “exploit your resources”?
      You betcha…

      • Don’t forget the rolling blackouts in South Africa, which were unheard of at the electric utility Eskom prior to the…mid 90s regime change.

        Apparently, they have found a way to ameliorate the rolling blackouts by finding a way around the racist Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) act by hiring the qualified whites back to Eskom as contractors without benefits.

  14. I guess no one dares (maybe they just didn’t think of it) to bring up the initial unfairness of human life. Millions of spermatozoa race for the chance to become human and are denied because they are too slow, go the wrong direction or just had a bad starting position or what not. It is not fair. I think anytime I have the opportunity to confuse a social justice warrior with a spermatozoa justice warrior I will.

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