Too Many Rapes, Too Few Investigators

In the following video, a Swedish man calls the office responsible for the investigation of rapes and asks why it has failed to make any progress on investigating the rape of a 12-year-old girl. It has been a month, he says, and there is a named suspect, yet the alleged perp has not yet been interrogated.

The woman he talks to explains that there are too many rapes, and too few personnel to deal with them. And she also lets slip the fact that the rape of 12-year-olds is no longer anything special — that they are dealing with the rape of 3-year-olds.

No mention of ethnicity in any of this, of course. But how many native Swedes are raping 3-year-old girls?

Hat tip: Steen.

21 thoughts on “Too Many Rapes, Too Few Investigators

  1. Haven’t you heard. Sweden’s famed crime writer, Henning Mankell has died. There is no more mythical Inspector Kurt Wallender to get his man. Now the cops sit in their station house sipping coffee and complaining about a lack of resources.

    • When the tipping point is reached a system begins steadily to collapse.
      Police, justice and social system are overwhelmed with their tasks.
      Less capable personnel get recruited (physical, mentally and morally), and even that in unsufficient numbers.

      They just can’t handle the situation any more.
      But in the beginning the public will demand even more, because they see that everything has turned for the worse.
      So politicians and bureaucrats will turn to political staging and at the same time going after criticism (even bending the law if necessary).
      Sometimes they will even turn to the ones who are causing the problems (fe. radical Muslims, organized criminals) because they acknowledge their power and strength, so they will cringe and ask for their wishes in exchange for support and a little peace (and even votes maybe).
      It`s a vicious circle…

  2. I understand that they’re losing lots of personnel.

    Add increasing crime, and the best that they can do is probably to control riots and general chaos.

    It’s not actually the fault of the cops, but of the politicians.

    But it sure says a LOT about where things are at.

    I have a piece of free advice: if you own real estate in Sweden, sell it now.
    Don’t hold on for later profits…

    • I am sure the government are on the case: making fully Sharia compliant the country, where Sharia police out every night, to beat the kaffir and ensure every woman is wearing their beekeeper outfit…

  3. No doubt, the funds needed to pay for additional personnel and resources has been appropriated to cover the welfare costs of the New Swedes. If this had occurred in a country that wasn’t a humanitarian superpower like say, China, the trial would have been swift and inexpensive, and the execution performed without delay. And the family of the child rapist would even have to cough up the funds for the bullet to perform it with.

    • Two recent cases in Yemen – rapists of children tried, convicted
      And shot in the back with machine guns in public, bodies
      Suspended by cranes for deterrent effect – all in a morning.

      Where there is a will there is a way.

  4. What a shame. I kind of like Swedish police, I had to deal with them on numerous occasions, and they were always very polite and proffesional and they really made me feel comfortable dealing with them, which is quite unlike our Czech “extra tax revenue service” called “police”.

    • “I kind of like Swedish police, I had to deal with them on numerous occasions, and they were always very polite and proffesional ”

      You have to adapt your methods to your clientele. When dealing with a highly-socialized, socially-conscious native Swede, the merest sign of disapproval could be devastating, and the police are likewise able to be cordial and civilized.

      When dealing with low-intelligence, highly-impulsive, violent, sociopath Muslim African or Middle-Eastern rent-seekers for whom being in a Muslim-dominated prison is like a day in the sunshine, the tack has to be different. A lot of these guys don’t see prison as a particular threat: chances are very remote, they’d be in a Muslim gang with lots of Muslim guys around, and they wouldn’t have to work. What’s not to like?

      Anyway, your polite police are going the way of the dodo.

  5. Much like the “Palestinians”, who devour their young, the Swedes are allowing their young to be devoured. They may as well be casting their children into a furnace.

    • That’s a pretty accurate analogy – children into the furnace. What have the parents of Europe done to their children? The horror that awaits them.

  6. So what are Swedish MEN going to do about it, if the feminized police will do nothing, when they have the name and address of the only suspect? Just allow girls from age 3 to 12 and up to be raped with no consequences by foreign invaders who believe that it is their right? Sweden is on the road to suicide and extinction in the name of political correctness.

    • Swedish men? You have to be joking, right? I’m sure swedish males can send a strongly worded letter to the rapist letting him know how much they disapprove of their actions. Better would be to maybe inport some men from Eastern Europe or Sicily who have no qualms about putting invader filth in their place.

    • Swedish men wil offer their bodies after completing their gender re-assignment surgery. Currently there arent enough hormone treatments available…

  7. Much more of this sort of thing will lead Western and northern Europeans to arm up like American militia. No one likes their family being messed with.

  8. I notice that the video is “unlisted” on YouTube and there are no keywords that would lead someone to find it. For such a frankly shocking video it doesn’t seem poised to get many more views than the 12,547 it has. It looks like the journalist in the video isn’t the owner of the channel either. Videos like this would be more effective if we knew the details (name of journalist, date of call, etc.), instead of just anonymous video reposts. I saw Vlad Tepes cited as a source in the Polish media recently with his interview of Michael Stürzenberger.

  9. Just what can I say, the majority of the comments must come from indoctrinate gullible Yanks, who read no other websites but ones like this one, and Breitbart and The Daily Caller, who also try to slag off Sweden with their vile anti muslim drivil, they even sit in the offices in the USA and concoct this drivel,or read other articles on the web, copy, change a few numbers etc and paste as their own vile and hate………and the “TRUDS”,,,,sorry spelt that wrong, they all believe the lies about Sweden………not Switzerland….most Yanks dont know the difference, they dont even know that there are 6 million rapes in the USA eash year

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