Today’s Londonistan Bombing: A Prophecy, a Warning, a Question and an Answer

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends these thoughts prompted by today’s bombing in the London Underground.

Today’s Londonistan Bombing: A Prophecy, a Warning, a Question and an Answer

by Seneca III


The perpetrator(s) of this attack, if found, will likely be determined to be good, well integrated enrichers who were training to be astronauts, brain surgeons, budding footballers or victims of Grenfell Tower’s post-Ramadan exploding fridge cooking practices but have developed psychological problems because of Islamophobia… and it really will be nothing to do with Islam.

And, as you read this, the Met and the rest of the National Thought Police are busy reinforcing their massive Islamophobia/Hate Crime units and going into high gear searching for as many white native Brits as they can invent a crime to persecute for to the full extent of the law, possibly even for ‘carrying bacon with intent’.


Hence, if any of you out there are contemplating retaliation, do consider that, apart from being illegal, it tends to be expensive in terms of lives and infrastructure, even discounting those lives and those material and fiscal assets lost during whatever event(s) initiated that retaliation. The other side have already calculated such a response to their initiating action(s) and will have specifically targeted as much of the physical and psychological means available for such a response as they can, thus limiting the chances of success of any such endeavor.

On the whole, in-country pre-emptive strikes are far more productive, particularly if they are immediately followed through repeatedly until absolute removal of the threat is achieved, but that is no longer an option left open to us.

The fact that the long-term ideological and social re-engineering of our culture is in itself a pre-emptive strike (one initiated and sustained by our own governing elite) designed to enable the process of Islamiscation, our ethnic cleansing and the subjugation of the West in general really does beg a question…


…Can we make it through this night of doubt and sorrow, and do enough of us have both the courage and a willingness to accept the personal sacrifice necessary to ensure the freedom and survival of our children?


History records that if any group, tribe or culture refuses to fight to the death to preserve itself and its way of life it will become extinct. Only when this reality is understood and accepted for what it is can draconian retaliation with whatever is left, right down to the last man or woman standing, be generally accepted as the only remaining survival option.

And, in our case, and if initiated, when this retaliation is finished it must have been such that Islam will have either self-repatriated, been forcefully removed or physically eradicated from these islands.

So, think hard, fellow Brits, always bearing in mind that no one can enslave a man or woman who is prepared to die, and your decision time is fast approaching… if not already here.

Furthermore, if a rallying cry would be of any help I would suggest ‘Not One Madrassa, Not One Mosque, Not One Muslim left in this once green and pleasant land!’ or, in a writable distributable motif form, 3(NOM).

“The lamps are going out all over Europe…” and only you, the native peoples, can keep them alight.

— Seneca III, in what is left of Middle England this 15th day of September in the year 2017AD.

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56 thoughts on “Today’s Londonistan Bombing: A Prophecy, a Warning, a Question and an Answer

  1. Illegality aside (the bombing was also illegal), doing nothing in the kinetic sense only invites further aggression. An eye for an eye could eventually lead to a dialing back of attacks, or it could lead to violent civil war where the slim possibility of repulsing the invasion exists.

    And that is the crux of the problem; to do nothing means that through sheer demographics Europe will fall to the invaders. Any response which will lead to polarization and sides being drawn is positive in my opinion, for nothing will change in the course of the looming demographic disaster until the native populace is awakened to the danger and forced to choose sides.

    To work against islamization legally is fruitless, since the invasion is being enabled and orchestrated by the ruling class. Words will not get Europe out of the mess; strong actions will. For every action committed by the invaders, an equally forceful response should be carried out by the invaded. There is no way around the fact that eventually the invaded will need to use well thought out targeted violence if there is to be any hope of saving Europe and western civilization.

    • if you would live anywhere outside the US of A, the SWAT teams would be on route to your location after a comment like this…
      I like it though, because it is the truth!

    • Reading your comments, these thoughts occurred to me.

      If the Muslim groups had just sat tight, Islamization would have passed the point of no return in 5 or 10 years without a whimper. In other words, the push to polarization and internal war has come from radical (willing to act) Muslims, rather than from the Europeans whose identity and existence is actually threatened. ISIS makes no secret of the fact it is acting well within Islamic laws and traditions, and in fact threatens those who make too much of the claim that Islam is really peaceful.

      So, why are Muslims who are overt terrorists throwing gravel into the already smooth and efficient methods of inundating and transforming Europe and the West?

      To the questions I posed, I have to say, I don’t know the answers. One possibility that occurs to me is that the fix is already in: the Muslims expect the help of the current police and military, to the extent help is needed against the disorganized, demoralized, disarmed, harassed native European population.

      What are possible solutions? I don’t know. I’m not a politician or organizer. It also occurs to me the best thing to do is to form clubs and groups based on native culture and identity. Don’t even mention Islam. Don’t talk about resistance. Just form cohesive groups focused on legal activities and avoiding politics. Perhaps a model could be the Suidlanders of South Africa.

      Do I have anything against armed resistance if law breaks down? Not really. But, the key to any effective action is organization. Politics requires you to dilute your message for the mass vote. Organization allows you to keep a sharp focus.

      • World economic music is slowing and there are not 7 billion chairs.

        The problem white Western Christians have is that they are the ones with much to lose.

        If you’re a Sudanese or Afghani teen, you fight, kill, migrate, fight, kill … or die.

        WE HAVE MUCH TO LOSE… our black and brown enemies do not.

        No apologies here. this is a race war, not just a war between Islam and the west.

        Black and brown people have created little, benefited little from our efforts to redeem them and they hate us for the reality that we are indeed superior.

        For every Larry Elder or Walter Williams, there are billions of low IQ breeding hordes that cannot assimilate to Western Civilization.

        The returns on investment are meager, and the recent published studies on IQ and environment are dismal.

        That together with Muslim practices of inbreeding and sodomy of their male youth, make the problem exponential.

        We are approaching kill or be killed time… and I fear only the Russians, Poles, Romanians and other rough cut Eastern Whites have the stomach for what needs to be done.

        • Western Europeans – Brits in particular – have “it” too. Although Hitler was looking good in 1939 he was dead in 1945. Once a nation DECIDES to push back there follows a period of adjustment. It would be wise not break ranks now.

      • Ronald, I would have agreed with your comment but for one glaring piece of reality that confronts us all – our own ‘intelligence’ services have been implicated in some of these Islamic terror attacks.

        That tells me that the powers to be want the terrorism to become more prevalent and would explain why the ‘authorities’ are displaying such ‘stupidity’ when it comes to identifying the enemy.


        • Well, our ‘intelligence’ services have their own agendas, some of which involve expanding their budgets and scope.

          Some of the incidents they have been involved in have certainly helped with that agenda.

          Note that I am not one of those who thinks every incident is a false flag because the Ummah have no agency and are merely the puppets of others. I think there is a blend of actors, and it can be hard to tell which ones are responsible.

    • ” For every action committed by the invaders, an equally forceful response should be carried out by the invaded. There is no way around the fact that eventually the invaded will need to use well thought out targeted violence if there is to be any hope of saving Europe and western civilization.”

      This is the very same conclusion I’ve reached; that is to say, Brits (Westerners) are on the way to extinction via betrayal of their own people by the elites. (Shades of Vichy France, n’est-ce pas?) They’re being snuffed out incrementally and being fed a steady diet of lies which serve to disarm and distract them.

      In other words — if they do nothing, they die (and die out) as cowards; if they become the equivalent of the French Resistance, at least the elites will not be able to HIDE the fact that they’ve baked into this little cake of theirs something of a low-level civil war. And sleeping Brits will take notice.

      No one is going to come from outside the Isles to rescue Britain; it’s time for them to man up and challenge the rule of tyrants who won’t even allow the people the right to COMPLAIN, much less speak the truth about what is happening to them.

      • Polite Western Civilization will not, cannot and chooses not to participate in the carnage that’s coming.

        Rough cut Russians, Poles, Bulgarians.. they have the starch and the recent history to man up for the race wars on the horizon.

        When I was in Hungary last year, I spoke with whomever could be nudged to speak freely.

        Lake Balaton is filling with angry Germans fleeing the “experiment”.

        Serbs watched their pets roasted on spits in their gardens and orchards, as they – SERBs? – cowered in their homes near the border.

        No one in the European press wrote about the carnage across the path from Greece and Turkey…. dogs, cats, gardens, orchards… ALL GONE.

        It is kill or be killed time and those of us with much to lose are waiting for someone else to save us.

        • Seems to me the IRA had the grit. But then again, I think that was fake too. You Brits are going down for the final count and you will be remembered as doing absolutely nothing.

  2. It is when, as has been suggested in this article, that people wake up to the fact that they are deliberately being erased from their own country, just as the Jews were slaughtered in the ghettos and the concentration camps in Europe in another era, that action of some description against this imposed ‘replacement’ will surely follow.

    I simply cannot accept that the true British people will eventually succumb to Islam without so much as a whimper. Why? Because there are now far too many alert Britons as to what is coming their way, and while many are still holding out hope for a political solution, I would wager that the greater part of those now alert know that the political process is lost, as it has been lost for some time.

    What this article does not cover though, and this is important, is the role the establishment plays in what is occurring now. We must remember that there are two enemies to all Western peoples, and that is the Globalists – as represented by their governments and agents, such as Antifa and the United Nations – and Islam. And it must be stressed, that we cannot defeat Islam if we cannot defeat the Globalists.

    I would also wager, that the alert Brit as to Islam’s goals, does not appreciate that part of Islamic expansionist policy is the assistance given to Islam by their own establishment, and that includes those who live in Buckingham Palace.

    The whole rotten edifice needs to be taken down as do the remaining Monarchies who are still able to wield political and social policy within Europe.

    That is where the real power lies!

    And while Peter Hitchins, Katie Hopkins and Richard Littlejohn, to name just a few British journalists worth their wage, are now expressing openly what many Brits now feel – that the native Brit is now abandoned to whatever is their fate -no one is connecting the dots to the elephant in the room and the real problem – the British establishment.

    And if that kind of exposure ever takes hold and the realization dawns on the populace as to who actually is pulling all those strings that preclude the British people from their own country, then all Hell will break loose!

    • Nemesis-

      I hope you are correct about an awakening.

      I am constantly astounded by the number of people of European heritage that are A-OK with their culture and heritage being completely bred out of existence.

      Even people who you would assume are against this, like ex-Marines that have seen combat, are for it.

      On top of that, I have been told by a person of color, that whites are automatically racist unless they are 100% OK with their daughters marrying and having children with blacks.

      I guess I’m a racist.

      • Racism is enjoying a face lift.

        Millions watched feral blacks looting hair extensions, skateboards and tennis shoes, while WHITE NEIGHBORS, used their own boats, fuel, and time to save their black fannies.

        Whites in the islands had to be under guard until cruise ships were summoned to SAVE THEM from the local black populations… that depend on those same tourists !!

        My instincts tell me this is denial based on comfort and fear. WE were comfortable and secure… THEY were not.

        WE flee. WE try to buy them off with welfare and affirmative action… acceptance of Islam as, maybe, just something “new”?

        There are billions of low IQ breeding hordes at the gates of Western Civilization. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE and everything to gain by killing us all.

        The newest published papers on social engineering and IQ are bad bad news for those who thought we could SAVE THE CHILDREN.

        Head Start and other remedial efforts to lift IQ have been dismal failures. The meager improvement to black and brown IQ is thought to be from early nutritional benefits of the breakfast and lunch programs.

        We SAVED THE CHILDREN…. now they threaten the animals we actually care about … and are coming for us.

        • J Thomsen, every Human has the innate ability to discriminate and assess – we do this every time we go shopping.

          And so we must put into overdrive that ability to determine friend or foe in the times ahead whether they be black, brown, yellow or white.

          • Nothing to lose? If they kill all the whites they had better learn to speak Chinese quickly.


            I asked a woman who was visiting from Kenya whether—after experiencing a decade or two of Chinese “economic assistance”—the Africans might look back rather fondly on the era of European colonialism.

            Without blinking, she replied, “You’d better believe it!”

            It’s the eternal story of having to be very careful about what you with for…

            Everyone whines about how America is the global cop. None of them ever seem to take pause and consider what things would be like if the USA abdicated that role to, say, Russia or China.

            Just think what our planet would be like if Iran or North Korea was the world’s policeman.

            Now, try to imagine what the earth’s present state of civilization would be like without the White race ever having existed. Would we be out of the Iron Age yet?

            Again, bravo!

      • From my own life experience and learning about history there will always be those who become complacent to the point of being apathetic about their own lives – it’s as if they could no longer be bothered in defending themselves let alone what they happen to possess.

        Maybe their view of life is not as pragmatic as those who comment on this site?

        And experience and history shows, it is that kind of person who needs to be watched in the times ahead because if they possess no loyalty to themselves and their kin, then how can they be loyal to others of their own kind?

        I too have had many conversations with those whose outlook on life I know I could never rely on when the chips are down, but I have also had many conversations with those I know I could trust in the times ahead.

        On people of color – it seems to me that over the past few decades it is white folk who have gone out their way in marrying colored folk or bypassed white orphans to adopt colored children just to prove a point – that they are not racist, but is that kind of action truly what they hope it means?

      • “Even people who you would assume are against this, like ex-Marines that have seen combat, are for it.

        As one myself, albeit of the old guard, I find that very hard to belive.

        • The ex-Marine I mentioned is a Millennial, with time in Afghan and Iraq.

          He is otherwise intelligent and well-read, but buys into the revisionist crap about the Native American utopia that was destroyed by the Europeans, and that the Crusaders were all bloodthirsty monsters.

        • I’m also a former Marine (no such thing as an ex one by the way) and I too do not believe most blokes are happy with this population replacement.

          On another note, no point going after the resident muslimes. It has to be the enablers and we all know who I mean by that, but that means being prepared to do time and you won’t get many to sign up for that.

          • Del-

            Pardon my imprecise language, I am a civvie with no military background.

            I think part of the issue is that I am in a part of the US that is very homogeneous, so people are not red-pilled about these issues.

      • The make believe refugees that are being imported into the US are the future Democrat/Antifa voting bloc that we are trying to stop.

        For those of you who are interested in understanding exactly how it works, I urge you to follow Ann Corcoran at

        There is no better source of documentation for the fraud that is being perpetrated by the so called “humanitarians” who are bringing the savage hordes to our countries.

  3. All of us, not just Europe, need to get rid of the central idea of Islam: that it is OK to be cruel to certain classes of people.

    It is another step civilization needs to take, like getting rid of smoking and allowing all people to vote, and disapproval of slavery and eliminating kings.

  4. Crying in the wilderness? I am 64 years old and still recall the Empire as I travelled with my RAF Pilot father-still alive at 95 years and thriving. Both sides of my family were bombed out of their homes. Father lost 74% of his aircrew. I asked him would he do it all again?

    “Too bloody right! and this time do the job properly!”

    Like me he hates the “Left” with a passion. He was even targeted by “Antifa” in tiny Rutland as a “Terror Flier and Nazi!” Yes I know some of these morons mix up their metaphors and history. His reply to the protesters on the occasion of Dresden-(He thought was wrong as many Bomber boys did)- at an Aircrew reunion, many passed on or alive at my father’s age- was simply “Croydon and 80%” referring to Himmler’s known plans to exterminate 80 percent of all British men and women for simply resisting…. This is true by the way.

    Don’t underestimate the British! Indeed never underestimate them-It ain’t over yet. Pessimism is fine and I am as guilty as the rest but as Powell said, “It is never too late to fight for one’s country!”

    The clue lies in the unadulterated arrogance of the Left to ignore and attempt to replace 62,000,000 sub-men (We British) just as Himmler planned. There is no difference- Nazis or Socialists. Both Leftwing totalitarians and sociopaths. Nutty ambitions and sublime nutty schemes. They never change.

    • So the subway attack was state-sponsored terrorism that was meant to cow the peasants into submission.
      So now we all go to work picking the cotton and whatever else under the watchful eye of the cruel overseer who has whip and bomb in hand and was imported from a far country to carry out the whims of the plantation owners.
      Aha! So that’s the reason all of these refugees are here. They are being trained as the People’s Police Force. I wonder if they report to Her Majesty’s constables at the end of the day and identify any free-thinking miscreants for prosecution, or even persecution.
      Sniff! Are the Colonies next in line for this treatment?

  5. “The lamps are going out all over Europe…” and only you, the native peoples, can keep them alight.

    I am not “native”, but I do like you “lamps”.
    oh, and I even make some, with your kind permission.

  6. The British are lost all the while their televisions are switched on and I wish it was the TVs that were going off all over Europe.

    No one, especially not me, can withstand the constant siren call of the one-way media in the front room, summoning the relaxed and unwary to their doom.

    My grandchildren were plonked in front of the goggle-box as soon as they could sit up, and have had the ‘be nice to all’ & ‘we are all the same and all cultures are of the same value ‘ propaganda streamed into their minds from a very early age.

    They are now mentally and psychologically unable to defend themselves. My children grew up without television in the home, but the peer pressure is still like wearing leg irons.

    The England I grew up in has now been destroyed completely, I do not recognise it when I occasionally go back. The new National Religion – media worship – has taken over and it is very cruel to dissenters, publicly dissecting any opposing opinion without right of reply; there is only one doctrine and the BBC is its prophet. Rome under Nero was probably more comfortable.

    • The BBC and its state-sponsored blackwashing of history, such as Roman Britain and the Norman conquest, is utterly disgusting revisionism.

    • Screen Addiction is a very real disease that has been inflicted on our children and grandchildren such that this latest generation has lost the ability to read, write and think clearly. Read the statistics and you realize they don’t call it Digital Heroin for nothing.

      The Screens control the younger generation that is now be educated by the State Thought Police that Western Civilization is the same as the barbaric, savage 7th century, murderous fanaticism that is being inflicted on us in the name of diversity and enrichment.

      We should be regulating Iphones, Smart Phones, tablets and the like just as we do alcohol and tobacco. They are worse than the worse drugs known to man. No one under the age of say 14 should be allowed to own on of these devices. Any parent that allows their toddler to use a smart phone or tablet is guilty of child abuse in my estimation.

  7. Native Brits have grown up in a tolerant society, so extremism of any kind is disapproved of, and people are afraid of being called racists. Churchill said “You have enemies? Good. It means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life” and that is the threshold the resistance will have to cross.
    Any discussion about ‘resistance’ needs to cover an aspect that hardly receives any attention. Surveillance technology is so far advanced, so sophisticated, and so well imbedded into our infrastructure, that European and American security forces are confident they can prevent any future attack on an organized scale. They can monitor every single phone call, text message and email. They use facial recognition, voice technology and behavioral analysis software. The average commuter in London, Paris or Frankfurt probably appears at least twenty times a day on some security screen, somewhere. This is how all the governments are able to announce how many attacks were thwarted, but they never explain the nuts and bolts of it because they never asked for our permission to install these surveillance systems in the first place. I am not against the security forces employing technology to ensure the safety of their citizens, what concerns me is to what degree our governments will use this Orwellian mechanism to maintain the status quo or to ensure the implementation of their globalist agenda? Take it as a given – it will be used against us, and as long as the critics are few and identifiable, they think it will be sufficient to isolate or silence us.
    When is a normal law-abiding person not only morally justified in taking up arms but actually, for the sake of his family and community, that he has a duty to do so? Does he wait until his country has been overwhelmed by a hostile alien culture, or does he act while he still has the option of self-defense? Self-evident, really.

    • first part of your post contradicts to the last paragraph.

      but in my view, these two tendencies can be reconciled.

      in reality, the power in the West belongs to the alliance of military/industrial/cultural oligarchies.
      among founding principles, they mechanically promote free-choice, high-IQ, high-tech, and Globalization, but it is still quite mediocre on Humanism.
      even sometimes degenerate – just look at Merkel/Hollande, Obama/Clintons/Trump, Blair/Cameron/May, and the rest of holy clowns.
      because oligarch, – not with absolute certainty but quite often, – is a bitch.

      so, – what if we small people, started working on some grassroots options to raise and bring in better oligarchies?

      it is still not definite in my mind, but maybe somehow marrying high-tech and high moral beginnings, will be a solution.
      one will need to argue a lot with many people, but they are Modern humans. not Islamic, not shamans of the past.
      hope one can do it.

  8. Do you recall the white British woman Labour MP who was shot during Brexit? I thought at the time that Brexit was finished b/c of the horrific optics of that. She often wore a hijab so her murder could have been played up, but surprisingly it wasn’t.

    Well, I think [intemperate suggestion redacted] is the only way to take back the country. The elite enablers who sold out the country havd to feel the heat before anything will change. Reprisals against Islamist gangs planning follow-on attacks, or pre-emptive hits, would receive 10x the state response than any Islamist attack.

    It’s much the same in the USA on immigration. After 30+ years of broken promises the only answer is [intemperate recommendation redacted].

  9. I would suggest people begin with trusted neighbors and friends in ‘book clubs’ where reading and discussion can take place. Networks can be established within the legal frameworks because they are private. Avoid use of technology.

    Recently I read that there are already ‘underground’ churches of people who have deserted the pews.

    We also have to realize that there will always be traitors in our midst.

    Book clubs could meet to discuss the articles on G0V and the books recommended here and other similar anti-globalist, anti-Marxist and anti-radical Islamic sites.

    Local networks of like-minded people will be crucial in the future as the battle heats up.

  10. I love the 3(NOM) concept.

    In the US, it should start at the Ground Zero mosque, followed by the Nation of Islam mosque.

    • “Furthermore, if a rallying cry would be of any help I would suggest ‘Not One Madrassa, Not One Mosque, Not One Muslim left in this once green and pleasant land!’ or, in a writable distributable motif form, 3(NOM).”

      I concur, most adamantly.


  11. Yesterday I walked back home from my local High Street with this thought playing over and over in my head….”Wish I could turn the clock back forty or fifty years.”

    How can we likeminded people come together to stop this evil cult decimating our way of life? I despise islam and its adherents.

    • Join U.K.I.P .Vote for Annemarie Waters as elected leader .She’s the only politician who has the courage of her convictions , is not afraid to speak out about Islam and to counter it.

  12. If a British Resistance comes into being there will be counterattacks against mosques and imams but even more effective would be attacks on high officials in the British Government itself. My reasoning is that such attacks would almost surely be answered by draconian measures repressing the Resistance and probably the general public as well by a panicked British Government. Who would be charged with carrying out the repressive measures? The British police and armed forces. Would they carry out such measures against their own people? Some would. But some would not. Some would mutiny. And perhaps the spirit of mutiny would catch and spread. Let’s not forget that draconian repression of the Resistance and of the general citizenry would expose the British Government for what it is — the enemy of the British People. That could very well spark a general mutiny in the ranks of the military.

    My argument is simply that attacking the British Government might pay the highest dividends for a British Resistance, should it come into being.

  13. Now being reported…

    ” ‘Refugee foster boy’, 18, arrested at Dover port over Parsons Green bucket bomb ‘was first held by police two weeks ago but freed’ as detectives raid home of the caring pensioner couple who took him in.”

    • Link for this development:

      “The home raided by police in connection with the attack, which injured 30, is owned by a kind-hearted couple who were both appointed MBEs for fostering hundreds of children.

      Penelope Jones, 71, and her husband Ronald, 88, have raised 268 foster children in the house over three decades and the last eight have been refugees.

      Officers stormed the house on Cavendish Road at 2pm around six hours after apprehending the suspect in the departure lounge of the Port of Dover.

      Close friends of pensioners Penny and Ron Jones said the couple – who are widely respected in the local area – were at ‘their end’ with the teenager.

      Serena Barber, 47, who has known the couple all her life and lives in a property backing on to theirs, said: ‘They have two boys at the moment, both are foreign. One is very quiet and polite, the other who is 18 is awful.
      ‘I know about two weeks ago he was arrested by police at Parsons Green, for what I don’t know and returned back to Penny and Ron. After that Penny said she was going to have to stop caring for him, she couldn’t handle him.’ “

  14. The idiocy of the U.K is simply astounding .

    A few weeks back there was an outcry because a 5 year old Christian white girl had been placed with 2 Muslim families (wearing burka) in succession. One family could not speak English.

    The Muslim foster carers confiscated the little girl’s crucifix.They refused to let her eat the Carbonari her biological mother made for her ,because it contained bacon..

    Now we find that the tube bomber is an 18 year old male asylum seeker.He had been placed with foster parents.The foster parents have also a 222 year old asylum seeker living as a foster child in their home.The foster couple are white ,British have cared for over 248 children over the years.But the last 8 have been asylum seeker “children”

    So that real white British children are no longer catered for by these to all accounts exemplary foster carers.

    And this asylum seeker “foster child” was arrested by police two weeks previous to the tube bombing and released back into the community. Once again Trump is proven right.

  15. I just today discovered an archive of the sublime writings of Seneca and I am glad to see that there is still a light, however dim in the growing heart of darkness that exists in the once free United Kingdom. I live on the East Coast of the USA in the Belly of the Liberal Beast where the battle is also being waged albeit not yet to the level that exists in Brittania.

    The evil that exists now in that fair isle of Albion is of mythical proportions and once again we need a contemporary King Arthur and his Round Table to lead what is left of the true Westerners, followers of Christ, in their battle against the unholy, debased union of jihadists and their liberal counterparts who will not rest until they enslave and destroy the so called infidels. They are getting bolder by the day as we see from the blogs that are still being published.

    Seneca knows where of I speak as he is a man who obviously understands history. There is nowhere else to turn- not the Pope, not the Queen, nobody in power by virtue of their loyalty to Islam.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

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