“There Are More and More of These Vermin”

The videos below were taken by a VERY politically incorrect German citizen. They were recorded last June in the old DDR “New Town” of Halle-Neustadt, now merged with the town of Halle itself, in eastern Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

0:00   Someone just asked me why I am filming here.
0:03   This is all authorized, great. This is how we live.
0:09   It just gets worse every day in this country.
0:14   Hear that? [can’t make out what he says, then] fireworks?
0:17   It’s not Silvester. [fireworks are illegal except for New Year’s Eve]
0:20   Wonderful!
0:23   This has been going on since 6:30, this theater.

Video transcript #2:

0:18   Early morning, 7am in Germany
0:24   This is just not normal anymore.
0:27   They light fireworks, they scream for Allah.
0:30   The people who have to work can’t even sleep anymore.
0:34   And there are more and more of these vermin.
0:37   In the middle of a meadow in Halle-Neustadt!
0:40   This is just not normal anymore.

6 thoughts on ““There Are More and More of These Vermin”

  1. Elections have CONSEQUENCES.

    So……………………….suck it up, SNOWFLAKES.
    You BOUGHT it……….you PAID for it…………….NOW it simply belongs to YOU

  2. Everything these in your face Muslims do is to forward Islamic supremacy.It’s always something ,they never cease,it is a court case over some BS, rudeness in public, assaults, groping women, harassment of senior citizens,Welfare fraud, petty crime (which they are experts at) rejection local customs and the civil order.

  3. I wonder what happened shortly after the 2nd video ended when that man was running towards the camera?

  4. Halle is the birthplace and hometown of Reinhard Heydrich. He must be rolling in his grave, which fortunately for him is in the Invaliden cemetery in Berlin and not in Halle.

  5. Sorry. I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time, but Reinhard Heydrich was a top nazi general. I think you might mean he was dancing in his grave because as we all know the Muslims, at least those that study this stuff, were very supportive of the nazi bastards and many nazis thought Islam was just fine and dandy.

    Mike from Brooklyn

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