The Great Mosque of Quebec City Decries “Islamophobic” Incidents

The following TV report from Quebec describes a “hate incident” directed at the Great Mosque of Quebec City, which, as you may recall, is the same mosque where a gunman shot and killed six people and wounded dozens more last January.

It’s not entirely clear when this report aired, but it looks like it might have been last year.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s the second time in three weeks that the Great Mosque of Quebec
00:04   Has been targeted by an Islamophobic act. After a pig’s head
00:08   was put in front of it in the middle of Ramadan,
00:12   the Moslem temple of … Ste-Foy is once again the object of a virulent
00:16   anonymous flyer, distributed in the neighborhood. — “It’s yet again a waste
00:20   of time and money,” the imam of the mosque denounces
00:24   the content of the flyer. “Anyone who reads this message
00:28   will understand what it’s all about. So this doesn’t
00:32   ever resemble the reality.” The pamphlet alleges
00:36   that the Great Mosque is financing terrorism, and that it is a center of radicalization
00:40   where the faithful are offered as reading material the writings
00:44   of ideologues advocating violent jihad, Sharia law, subordination of
00:48   women and virulent homophobia. —Listen to us and not
00:52   the others who talk about us. Really. If there are ever Quebecois
00:56   who want to know what it’s about, want to know Islam,
01:00   want to know the good values of Islam, come here, gentlemen.
01:04   In the neighborhood the residents condemn
01:08   the publication as well. —Oh, I threw it in the trash! It was my spouse who
01:12   kept asking what it was about. —We were totally shocked
01:16   by the content of this letter. It’s unheard of
01:20   that in 2016 we are … and then…
01:24   this person is doing it with full anonymity. The flyer
01:29   is printed on both sides and it sends the readers to a blog.
01:33   However the site in question doesn’t exist. The Quebec police
01:37   have been informed about the case. —Additionally we have one copy of this flyer.
01:41   Right now we are verifying and validating, so
01:45   if a complaint is filed we will start the investigation.
01:49   The imam of the Grand Mosque plans to file a complaint next week. Then the police investigation
01:53   will be opened. This is Alexandre Duval, Radio Canada, Quebec.