The AfD vs. the Multicultural German Establishment

Tomorrow’s general election in Germany may well be the most important since the foundation of the Federal Republic after the end of World War Two.

The following campaign video was released recently by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), the only major party that offers anything to the voter other than the Multicultural status quo.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:08   Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Frau Doctor Von Berg’s turn now.
0:11   Germany has a choice
0:19   “Madam President, ladies and gentlemen,
0:22   our society will change.
0:26   Our city will radically change.
0:29   I am of the opinion that in 20, 30 years,
0:32   from then on we will not have any ethnic majorities anymore
0:35   in our city, and that our city is based on the fact that we have many different ethnics,
0:39   many people, that we will have
0:42   a supra-cultural society, ladies and gentlemen.”
0:45   “We talk about how our country will look in 20, 30 years —
0:48   it will become younger!
0:51   Just how great is that!
0:54   For how long have we talked about demography!
0:57   It will become colorful, how beautiful that is!
1:00   And probably, it will also become less religious…
1:04   of course!”
1:07   “Well from my point of view, I want to say that, uuhhh…
1:10   our… former Bundespresident Christian Wulff said
1:13   that Islam belongs to Germany, and that is so;
1:16   I share that same opinion…”
1:19   “What the Bundespresident said, on October 3,
1:22   that Islam belongs to Germany, it has in Germany
1:25   literally opened doors…” [Frankfurter Allgemeine headline: Cultural discount for “honor murder”]
1:28   [Victim in Coma. Woman with rope around her neck dragged behind car. Halal in school cafeterias.]
1:31   [Debate: Migration imports an archaic view of women]
1:34   [Merkel, June 6, 2011] “We accept it, that the number of crimes among the migrant youth
1:37   is especially high.”
1:40   [Videos of Muslims attacking women and children]
1:43   “Pictures that leave one speechless.”
1:46   “Raw violence. Without reason and unpredictable.”
1:49   [Video of Muslims beating German children]
1:53   “Finish him, in the face…”
1:56   “On one hand, are we a country that is open for [male/female] migrants
1:59   a country that attracts migrants,
2:02   which we by the way do need urgently,
2:05   not just the skilled laborers, but also we need those people
2:08   that are at home in our social system, and yes… feel at home.”
2:15   “And, yes, our country will change, and drastically so,
2:18   and I tell you all, I am looking forward to that!”
2:21   [Gutmenschen and Bahnhofklatscher holding sign: “Welcome to Berlin”]
2:25   Think very hard about whom you will give your vote to on September 24th.
2:28   To a party that hates Germany?
2:31   [Scenes from a Green Youth protest]
2:36   A loaded EU-functionary without a bond of any kind to the people?

Yearly salary in the EU:

+ 35 employees
+ personal servants (!)
+ 2 chauffeurs

2:39   “I want to be a politician about whom the people know
2:42   that the problems we have, he has them too, and
2:45   I can emphasize.” — Or rather a chancellor whose policies are leading Germany into a catastrophe?
2:49   “The people outside should be glad that we tell them before the election
2:52   what we will do after the election!”
2:55   CDU Positions

NO Bail-out

Yesterday: For it
Today: Against it.

3-tiered School System

Yesterday: For it
Today: Against it

Minimum wage

Yesterday: Against it
Today: For it

Marriage for all

Yesterday: Against it
Today: For it

Women’s quota

Yesterday: Against it
Today: For it

Dual Citizenship

Yesterday: Against it
Today: For it

Unlimited migration

Yesterday: Against it
Today: For it

3:08   “The people outside should be glad that we tell them before the election
3:11   what we will do after the election!”
3:14   Therefore on September 24: Vote AfD

24 thoughts on “The AfD vs. the Multicultural German Establishment

  1. (From 0:45) “We talk about how our country will look in 20, 30 years —it will become younger! Just how great is that! For how long have we talked about demography! It will become colorful, how beautiful that is! And probably, it will also become less religious…of course!”

    I don’t know who that woman was, but she is clearly INSANE! I believe she represents a “center-left” position in German (and western European) politics.

    Extraordinarily, no party to the right of the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) has ever held a single seat in the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany. Well, the AfD is about to make history!!!

    Is 15% possible for the AfD?? (Most projections have them no higher than 10 or 11 percent). If they get to the 15% threshold I will go out and buy an expensive bottle of Riesling and celebrate!!!

    • The woman you are wondering about is the leftie named Katrin Göring-Eckhart of the Green Party, die Grünen.

      • Is she related to herman goring ??

        Must be!

        So the surviving children of the nazis are appearing now, continung where there relatives left off.

        Oh my god, what a mess this has become.

    • So some politicians are looking forward to the day when Germany becomes just another islamic cesspool? How sick is that?

    • They are at 13%! That’s pretty good, they’re the third largest Party now and ermagerd, “the Nazis are in the Bundestag now for the first time since WW2!!!”

  2. No, Germany belongs to Islam.

    In 2 years any German who fails to kneel in the street, in malls, in parks during one of the daily prayer periods will be randomly & severely attacked.

    Leftists, blinded by their lust for more power and their hatred for the right, don’t care if they destroy their country.

    Because of leftist treason Germany belongs to Islam.

    • Yes, if I go to Germany again it will be within 6 months, and that will most likely be the last time as it is going to feel too unsafe to wander around on a vacation much after that, as you point out. Even if these newcommers are inflicting violence on other newcommers like themselves, about 50% of the time, versus randomly striking out at the “Bio-deutsche” or the ” longer-living here Germans” as the native Germans like to say– this kimd of sharing of the violence, does not give me much reason to relax.

  3. Neighborhood Bully

    We talk about how our country will look in 20, 30 years —it will become younger! Just how great is that! For how long have we talked about demography! It will become colorful, how beautiful that is! And probably, it will also become less religious…of course!

    Certifiably insane and in definite need of capital punishment.

  4. I speak German. The following correction is needed.

    1:00 And probably, it will also become less religious…

    should read: And probably, it will also become more religious…

  5. There’s something VERY wrong with those people.
    Their grand and great grandparents were OK with isolating and slaughtering Jews who never so much as broke a window.
    But Mohammedans who are happy to rape, rob, pillage and generally degrade and destroy anybody or anything German … to these they have no objections … and against them they will not lift a finger.
    It is only by the strictest mental discipline that I can resist luxuriating in schadenfreude.

      • how can you say that?
        I for one, born 1946, know practicly nobody who served in the forces and was born late 40 ies and fifties and on. All of them were draft dodgers which was and is a legal method to avoid service.
        So: no more warriors there.
        As for the mohammedan warriors: all cowards when the going gets rough. At the slightest risk, they run away like chicken or fail.Look at the many coups executed by the elite of airforce personel ( Turkey, Morocco in the seventies and on) that failed to throw over their governements.

    • Agree, I am not crying over what will happen to the Germans. Even one of my closest, oldest friends is voting or has voted for the ruling bloc again today, no matter how much I argue with him, he ” wants to see Merkel continue her political agenda.” He makes the weak argument that these new
      Germans are needed to keep the social system ponzi scheme going, claiming they take the menial jobs the Germans won’t do. He is very cosmopolitan, always
      travelling worldwide and thinks borders between nations is passe. Sometimes, I want to strangle him.

      • Yeah, they’ll do the menial jobs until there are enough of them and then the Germans can kiss their pensions goodbye.

      • Why should he change his views if he doesn’t even risk the friendship of people close to him who supposedly know better?

      • “needed to keep the social system ponzi scheme going,”

        This guy should study the statistics on employment and wages from Norway, Danmark, and Sweden. Or study the book “Massutmaning” (a word play composing “massimmigartion” and “challenge”) by Tino Sanandaji. Here is an English language interview with Tino on the topic:

        Today almost nobody dares to claim any longer in Sweden that mass immigration from MENA countries would be economically beneficial in any forsseable future.

  6. Hitler in 1933 during the worldwide depression,”If you elect me you will not recognize your cities.”

    By 1945 they were rubble and you couldn’t recognize them.

    What is it about the majority of Germans (By the way – I am part German, lived there, married a German and studied there -then left in disgust) that is so bloody irrational and stupid.?

    • Germans never had a chance to engage in democracy properly. It was forced on them both times rather than being an organic outgrowth. They lost WWI and Weimar was imposed on a population used to being ruled by a semi feudal system. At the time there was huge pressure to make the country communist so the traditionalists grouped together and returned the nazis as a response who then sidelined many of the traditionalists for their own agenda.
      That then set us up for The Great War part II and democracy was imposed on a broken country full of refugees and rubble.
      The populace has had WWII held over them for 70 years, you cannot have a true democratic system when your people don’t feel their country and culture is worth preserving. Financial outcomes only take you so far.

      • I think what you say makes sense. Germany had a parliament as well as a Kaiser before World War I, so there were elements of democracy there. Nevertheless, some of us are coming to realize that democracy is not necessarily the best system for all societies, but that changes forced on a country by other countries are likely to be the worst.

        Pre-World War I Germany was not really such a bad place. It was an industrial powerhouse, has a lively culture of music, plays, and literature, and whatever discrimination there was against Jews or other minorities was non-lethal and didn’t really get in the way of their advancing financially or socially.

        True, the Kaiser fired Bismark, who would never have allowed Germany to be pulled into a general war. The von Schliessen plan and the general mutual-protection treaties ensured that the next war would involve all of Europe, rather than being a local affair. By the way, NATO is just such an open-ended commitment to the US and most of Europe being involved in the next conflict. It’s just literal insanity that the US and Germany are party to a mutual treaty of self-defense with Turkey.

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