Soldiers Guard the Synagogue in Copenhagen

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We reported in last night’s news feed that Denmark had pulled its regular border guards from the border with Germany and replaced them with soldiers from the army. At the same time, it had deployed soldiers to guard important landmarks.

When I read those news items, I didn’t realize that among the important landmarks was the synagogue in Copenhagen, but putting a guard around it makes sense.

Many thanks to Steen for sending these photos, which were taken earlier today.

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I don’t know the significance of the broken plate glass window that can be seen in the top photo. If I learn anything more about it, I’ll post an update.

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11 thoughts on “Soldiers Guard the Synagogue in Copenhagen

  1. I have always enjoyed traveling to the great cities of Europe to see what their national troops are wearing. It gives a good indication of next season’s hot fashions. I’m thinking of picking up a new MP5 this fall. And maybe some ballistic plates to slip beneath my sweater when the weather turns cooler.

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