Poland Takes up the Case of Michael Stürzenberger

Michael Stürzenberger is a writer, political activist, and stalwart of the Counterjihad in Germany, especially in Munich. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the conviction of Mr. Stürzenberger for posting a photo on Facebook of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem shaking hands with a Nazi during the Second World War (see the article and interview about the conviction of Michael Stürzenberger). His crime was “inciting hatred towards Islam”. The court sentenced him to six months in prison — for sharing an accurate historical artifact.

It was encouraging to learn today that Poland has championed Michael Stürzenberger’s case at an official level, and will take Germany to task at the Council of Europe for its failure to uphold freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Germany is a signatory. A persecuted dissident must find it bracing to receive the backing of the governing party of a sovereign nation and member state of the European Union.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Politics Abroad
31 August 2017

Stürzenberger Case

Poland’s ruling party concerned about freedom of expression in Germany

WARSAW. The Polish ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS), has announced that it will submit a proposal in Brussels concerning freedom of expression in Germany. “A discussion on freedom of speech in Germany should take place in the Council of Europe,” said PiS MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk.

“Poland is often given lessons by the EU, for example, about the media or the judiciary. We — on the other hand — would like to ask how democracy and freedom of speech are doing in Germany.”

His party [PiS] will shortly be submitting the application to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The reason is the conviction of the writer for “Politically Incorrect” (PI) Michael Stürzenberger for the use of “symbols of unconstitutional organizations” and the “abuse of religious groups”.

PI author sentenced

Stürzenberger had published an article at PI with a photo of the then-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, and an NSDAP [Nazi] official in Berlin during World War 2, wearing a swastika armband. In the article, the 52-year-old author called Islam a “fascist ideology”. For this he was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment by the Munich District Court.

Mularczyk drew attention to alleged unequal treatment in the EU at the Polish broadcaster TVP.info: “Such proposals will annoy the European mainstream, as they will show how different countries of the Council of Europe are treated differently. Our neighbors want to treat us like a younger brother, who can be given lessons. Therefore we would like to ask in turn what is going on with democracy and freedom of speech in Germany.”

For links to previous posts about Michael Stürzenberger and Die Freiheit in Munich, see the Michael Stürzenberger Archives.

27 thoughts on “Poland Takes up the Case of Michael Stürzenberger

  1. There was time when BBC, Voice of America (from Washington DC) and Free Europe (from West Berlin) radios were the voice of hope for Eastern Europe. I think that Polish conservative government is returning the favor today to those in Western Europe who need support and whose voices are being suppressed.

      • So sad…That’s the language my grandparents spoke. A whole culture that had been eradicated with them.
        The Germans, at least not all of them, the leftists, have restarted their madness of extermination of culture, and even of civilization.

    • Right on! Exactly.

      These days, I’d say that the Places of Hope are:

      Poland #1
      (rest in no particular order)
      The Trump-voting parts of the USA
      Czech Republic
      Hungary (with some reservations)
      Denmark and Switzerland to a minor extent

      Those are pretty much what’s left of the traditional West.

      Singapore too, in a different way.

      Did I forget any?

        • Not a bad point, indeed.

          I was thinking in terms of traditional Western culture, but India is somewhat influenced by it, so I should have added it to the list considering that I put Singapore.

          • To Mike, thanks 🙂

            To Affinity, nope, the RSS is being painted as ‘Hindu nazis’ but it’s a lie. Pattern you recognize?? PC is also very active in India, unfortunately.

      • add:


        “Padania”…I wouldn’t give up yet on northern Italy, despite what we’ve seen here recently from Parma, Cremona and Florence. Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord party may soon succeed in producing much greater autonomy for Lombardia-Veneto-Emilia/Romagna, etc. What a tremendous economic, political and intellectual powerhouse it would be in defense of EUROPE.

        Granted, Rome is lost. Ditto, Citta del Vaticano.

  2. This post is not related to this story, but I don’t know where else to post it.

    There was a MEMRI video clip from 1994 that ‘disappeared’ from the internet and I finally located a copy I had on old hard drive. Here’s a pertinent quote from it :

    Chicago Muslim leader, Dr. Mohammed Malkawi, Aug 7,1994. London, Wembley Arena.


    I posted it on Youtube today. Please copy it and spread it far and wide before it disappears again.


    • I don’t believe this is the video you intended to post. It’s not at all akin to who and what you describe.

      Still, it is worth watching. An educated and liberated (excuse the kaffiyah headwear) Arab (in Saudi Arabia, perhaps?) acknowledging that “Arabs have nothing to offer the world”, praising the historical greatness of the West…and speaking well of Israel.

      Sardonically, what’s the over/under on the number of years this wise and courageous man evaded imprisonment/assassination in the Ummah?

  3. I can’t help myself but … I strongly feel this Polish vindication, perhaps a revenge of sorts, and – sorry for my nastiness – even certain Schadenfreude from the botched “migration situation” presented as “Wir schaffen das” in Germany.

    But factually – the Poles are completely right.

    “Our neighbors want to treat us like a younger brother, who can be given lessons. Therefore we would like to ask in turn what is going on with democracy and freedom of speech in Germany”

    Let me rephrase it:

    “You ‘Big Brother’ always patronize us and show disdain for what we are and do. It’s payback time now: we will drag you [redacted] to the very same institutions you abuse on a daily basis to give you a taste of your own medicine …”

  4. Stuerzenberger “called Islam a “fascist ideology”. For this he was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment by the Munich District Court.”

    In 1960, Maududi wrote in his book The Islamic Law & Constitution about his vision of an Islamic state where “no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private.” The totalitarianism of God’s sovereignty, Maududi wrote, would “[bear] a resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states.”

    • haha, when they say it it’s OK, but when we say it, we are reinforcing the stereotypes; OSCE anyone?

  5. Submitting a proposal to Brussels concerning freedom of expression is about as useful as trying to submit a Citizen’s Initiative to the EU Commission, who will like an emperor at their pleasure either thumbs up or thumbs down a request to a slave.

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