Pierre Cassen: “I Prefer War to Submission”

Pierre Cassen is the founder of Riposte Laïque, which works in tandem with Résistance Républicaine to resist the Islamization of France.

The following speech by Pierre Cassen was given on September 2 at the event held to honor the tenth anniversary of Riposte Laïque. It’s rousing and inspirational, but it’s also a somber reminder that France has already passed the tipping point. The same is true of Sweden, of course, with Britain and Germany close behind. And the rest of Western Europe, along with Canada, Australia, and the USA, are doing their best to catch up.

Mr. Cassen points out what most of us have already realized, even if only subliminally: A democratic political solution to the Islamization of France is no longer possible. The most recent presidential election — won so resoundingly by Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron — was the last chance for the French to resolve the situation electorally.

The immediate future is murky, but whatever lies ahead for France will be ugly, bloody, and protracted. Nevertheless, even if all hope is lost, there is an imperative to resist the inevitable by any means available. Mr. Cassen’s words are a summons to his fellow patriots — Allons enfants de la Patrie!

French was the only language I studied in school. Eight long years, and I was never any good at it. But I was able to visit France a few times, and it made me love the French language and French culture.

I can say “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” with the best of them, but, really, I want France to stick around. The day when there are no longer any Frenchmen looking down their long Gallic noses at us roast-beefs would be a sad day indeed.

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This is an important speech. It’s all but certain that YouTube will take it down sooner or later, so please grab the video file and upload it to other platforms. Remember that Facebook and Twitter will also suppress it; but, then again, it’s difficult to find any video outlet that does not censor doubleplus ungood thoughts.

The more copies of it that are spread around the net, the better.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   To conclude this day
00:04   as well as possible, you received the
00:08   promise, all those who came here,
00:12   we promised you that you would leave here
00:16   with better morale than
00:20   when you arrived. And so I measure the
00:24   responsibility that is mine to honor
00:28   our promise. So I will start by
00:32   putting your morale into your socks; for starters,
00:36   to tell you that for ten years there has not been one
00:40   town in France of more than 100,000 inhabitants into which
00:44   we did not go, to hold conferences, meetings
00:48   encounter the militants. I can tell you
00:52   that, with perhaps Brittany being the exception,
00:56   there is not one town where we have progressed
01:01   significantly in determined militants
01:05   in the field. Everyone told us
01:09   that we were great people; that’s perhaps true.
01:13   Everyone told us that it’s fortunate people like us exist; that’s good.
01:17   Nevertheless, we started these conferences in the years
01:21   2007-2008, we had from time to time, in the best
01:25   situations, 250-300 people. I speak of the Provinces.
01:29   That was good. From time to time we had 30 or 40,
01:33   and seven or eight years later there is no
01:37   significant progression of a militant nucleus in our organisations.
01:42   And I don’t think I’m alone when I look around
01:46   at all my friends, I don’t think that this is a phenomenon
01:50   peculiar to Résistance Républicaine. One could say
01:54   that in France we are losers, we are bad and that abroad
01:58   they are much better than we. It so happens
02:02   that we have moved around a lot. We were in Belgium;
02:06   we were several times in Germany; we were
02:10   in Italy; we have been in Prague;
02:14   we were in Switzerland several times.
02:18   What we see when we go there, especially in West Germany
02:22   is the same phenomenon, that is,
02:26   the patriots in the street are in the minority
02:30   compared to those known as “Antifa” or counter-demonstrators,
02:35   mostly an Islamo-left alliance,
02:39   and that the patriotic camp is not in the majority in the street.
02:43   If I wish to continue to cause you despair,
02:47   I could tell you that for the last ten years
02:51   everything we announced has happened.
02:55   We announced that there would be no peaceful coexistence
02:59   between the disciples of Islam and the rules
03:03   of the République or the rules of European civilisation.
03:07   This happened in Madrid;
03:11   it happened in London; it happened in Paris;
03:15   it happened in Nice; it just happened in
03:19   Barcelona. And each time we
03:23   said with hope: no problem, surely
03:27   those who are crushed by cars, those who get shot with the “Kalache”
03:31   those who get slaughtered with the knife, will react.
03:35   We see…I think it was General
03:40   Martinez who spoke to us of Barcelona, we see the
03:44   result of Barcelona: Muslims kill fourteen people,
03:48   and it is an imbecile whose
03:52   3-year-old son was crushed by one of these
03:56   vermin who embraces an imam who pretends to cry.
04:00   And this is the result.
04:04   So, the result is that
04:08   they can tell us that 70% of our
04:12   compatriots are convinced that Islam is incompatible
04:16   with our values. They can tell us that
04:20   the majority of French people cannot stand Islam any longer.
04:24   Our observation is that these 70%
04:28   who are against (among other things) the migratory invasion voted
04:32   70% in France for the candidate of the migratory invasion
04:37   and the reinforced Islamisation of France.
04:41   By making observations like that,
04:45   one may also examine the situation serenely:
04:49   Hollande was elected
04:53   in 2012 thanks to 93% of
04:57   the Muslim votes. Macron, who multiplied the
05:01   pledges vis-à-vis the Muslim community was
05:05   elected with 92% of the votes from the Muslim community.
05:09   If we count the number between those who
05:13   say that there are eight million Muslims (let us leave out the clowns
05:17   who still speak of three or four million) between people like you and (unclear)
05:21   who tell us about eight million Muslims and others who talk
05:25   about twelve to thirteen million, we do the accounts; anyway, the
05:29   Muslim votes today in a ballot represent about
05:33   10% of the electorate. I’m talking
05:37   about the votes in a national ballot. I’m not talking about votes at the local level.
05:41   In five years, about 700,000 French
05:46   die every year, mostly Gauls;
05:50   that means that there will be 3,500,000
05:54   who will die in the next five years, 3,500,000 make up about
05:58   10%. And in five years (it is enough to look
06:02   at the composition of schools, look at
06:06   the composition of youth), lately you heard about Chalon
06:10   which, after all, is not a stronghold of Islamisation,
06:14   the Muslims claimed they made up 50%
06:18   of the presence in schools, so we can say
06:22   that in 2022 the Muslim weight in the electorate
06:26   will make it — not impossible, but let’s say
06:30   more and more “problematic” a democratic alternative.
06:35   We may add that a democratic alternative,
06:39   with today (what Jean Yves LeGallou described very well)
06:43   the double dictatorship of
06:47   the media and the judicial system, makes a
06:51   classic democratic alternative
06:55   increasingly random. Once we have said this,
06:59   we have two solutions: either we open our veins (which we will try to avoid)
07:03   or we say: that’s all well and good but
07:07   what are you proposing? Well, firstly
07:11   this morning I spoke of Ghiselaine Dumesnil
07:15   as the ‘grain of sand’ in the RATP [Public Transport Co. of France]. I’m convinced
07:19   that we have the means to be the grain of sand
07:23   in a situation that appears inevitable. Because
07:28   when I tell you all this, I remember
07:32   — you know I adore football — I remember
07:36   Aimé Jacquet in 1999 in the dressing rooms of a semifinal
07:40   of the world cup, and Aimé Jacquet turns to
07:44   his players and says: “We will lose, guys, we will lose.”
07:48   What is happening now: all the conditions
07:52   unite for us to lose.
07:56   Except, there is always a
08:00   grain of sand in life, and it is this that I will try
08:04   to develop. Firstly:
08:08   They may well multiply the complaints against us,
08:12   the intimidations… did you hear all the speakers
08:16   this morning (and) this afternoon? Do you really believe
08:20   that all the speakers that we have
08:25   listened to are the kind
08:29   of people who remain silent?
08:33   or who give up? What you have heard today
08:37   is the Vanguard of Resistance.
08:49   The vanguard of Resistance can have
08:53   several faces: The face of the battle of re-information,
08:57   the face of the political battle, Karim Ouchikh,
09:01   the face of the battle of the Identitaires
09:05   the face of the judicial battle; it has enormously many faces.
09:09   They may well want to silence us.
09:13   Do they believe that they will prevent us from continuing to say
09:18   while the facts confirm that for ten years we have been right?
09:22   Do they believe that they will succeed in forbidding us to say
09:26   that Islam is incompatible with France?
09:34   Do they believe, as Rene Marchand said,
09:38   that they will prevent us from continuing to say
09:42   that one cannot be Muslim AND French?
09:50   Do they believe that they will be able to prevent us from continuing to say
09:54   that Islam has no business being in France, and that
09:58   what is on the agenda is the banning of all visibility
10:02   of Islam on French territory?
10:11   Do they believe that they will be able to drag us before the courts for
10:15   “incitement to hate” and so silence us, that we will not continue to say
10:19   that during wartime the Islamic veil,
10:23   the (tschami?) the djellabas, halal butcher shops,
10:27   mosques, l’Eid, the Ramadan, and all that
10:31   are signs of belonging to a religion that has
10:35   declared war on us, and that when one is at war on a territory, one prevents
10:39   the enemy from expressing himself.
10:48   Do they believe that they are going to prevent us from saying
10:52   that it is Muslims who are the majority in our prisons?
10:56   They are 70% to 80%,
11:00   whereas they represent only 10% to 15% of the population.
11:04   and if they are 70%-80% in our prisons,
11:08   that means that the appalling numbers (which have not been
11:12   disputed) advanced by Laurent Obertone in “La France Orange Mécanique”
11:16   are mostly their doing: 13,000
11:20   assaults, 13,000 burglaries per day,
11:24   2,000 attacks per day, 200 rapes
11:28   per day, it’s something else entirely than the
11:32   terrorist attacks of Nice, Paris, of the Bataclan,
11:36   Charlie; these are visible attacks; they are brutal things.
11:40   The signs I give you, the figures I put forward,
11:44   signify the daily terror with which the
11:48   disciples of this religion reign over our compatriots.
12:01   There are several solutions: the first one,
12:05   we must not hide, is possible: we can lose
12:09   (unclear); one can lose without fighting.
12:13   Or one can lose in a situation
12:17   where the most valiant have been eliminated by
12:21   the apparatus of the State, it’s a solution. But there are other
12:25   possible hypotheses: confrontation. I always remember
12:29   a formulation by Renaud [Camus, political writer] that I fully share:
12:33   “I prefer War to Submission”.
12:41   It is quite possible; no one knows
12:45   how things can evolve and an event,
12:49   a phenomenon (I prefer to full clarify that I do not
12:54   wish it), a terrible attack in a school,
12:58   a barbaric act by Islamists in France; all this
13:02   can, at some point, topple things, because despite everything,
13:06   we are on a powder keg and the collaborators
13:10   will not succeed permanently in pulling the wool over our eyes
13:14   with their lovely stories of “Nothing to do with Islam” sniff, sniff,
13:18   “Muslims are the main victims of Islamist terrorist attacks” sniff, sniff,
13:22   “Not in the name of my religion” sniff, sniff,
13:26   “No Amalgam” sniff, sniff; it will not work forever.
13:30   And while speaking of collaborators, I will tell you
13:34   one thing, and it’s bad news for them: They will die!
13:38   They will die in any case.
13:42   I mean: if we win the confrontation that
13:46   will inevitably take place, obviously, there
13:50   will be some, those who pretend to be “anti-racist”,
13:55   journalists, judges… some will demand
13:59   accountability from them, in a naturally totally democratic
14:03   situation. This existed in other periods of history,
14:07   so, if we win, they are off to a bad start.
14:11   But if…
14:19   But if their fatal maneuvers succeed,
14:23   and that because of them, because of their
14:27   politics of migratory invasion that they have subjected our country to for years,
14:31   because of all the pledges they have given to Islam,
14:35   because of their secular betrayals, the Islamists win
14:39   they are dead. They are dead for a good reason:
14:43   The Islamists no longer need useful idiots once they are in power.
14:47   I remind you of the example of the Iranian Communists
14:51   who, hand in hand with the Islamists of Khomeini, ousted
14:55   the Shah of Iran. Once the Shah of Iran was ousted,
15:00   the party activists were in prison or hanged for the most part.
15:04   And that’s what is awaiting the collabos, and it will not make us cry.
15:08   The answer as far as we are concerned is Yes.
15:12   Yes, we want to live; yes we want to
15:16   defend our civilisation; yes we want to defend
15:20   our way of life. Yes we want to defend
15:24   Western society, a society unique in the world
15:28   in terms of progress and freedom; yes we want to
15:32   defend the specificity of France; no, we do not want
15:36   barbarians to rule our country.
15:41   We want to live, but for this we are ready to
15:45   give our lives. Because what does it mean to
15:49   to continue living on all fours?
15:53   What is the sense in continuing to live being
15:57   submissive, becoming dhimmis, leaving as their only chance to our
16:01   children and grandchildren, to become either “Resistants”
16:05   but if not: dhimmis or converts to Islam?
16:09   What is the sense in such a life? The sense of our life, the sense of our
16:13   commitment: it is a combatants’ commitment. We are not
16:17   pacifists, we are not resigned. We prefer rather
16:21   than the flowers, the candles, the prayers,
16:25   we prefer the old slogan of the Popular Front: “For an eye, both eyes…
16:30   and for a tooth the whole gob!”
16:42   Renaud [Camus]
16:46   spoke of the “Resistance”. Evidently
16:50   Resistance has begun to arrive in diverse forms
16:54   There is the “resistance” — I feel like calling it — “of words”
16:58   of ideas, of values, and evidently there will be
17:02   another Resistance which must and which is starting to happen,
17:06   which is the Resistance that consists in knowing how to protect our people
17:10   against the next Islamist aggressions
17:15   that are being prepared. We have to prepare
17:19   this, it is our role, this does not mean that it is the only battle, we must have a greater respect
17:23   for the pals who continue to lead the political battles,
17:27   but today the political battles are no longer enough.
17:31   The time when we feel like being crushed underfoot
17:35   must come to an end; it is really time
17:39   that the French regain a dignity, a consciousness of
17:43   their strength, a consciousness of collective organisation, and that cannot
17:47   be improvised, it has to be prepared and to be organised.
17:51   And for this, without meaning to keep
17:55   the monopole of it, you saw earlier Christine [Tasin]
17:59   Speak of a pamphlet that we are going to distribute everywhere
18:03   Where it is possible, and it is clear that
18:08   Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine are making the effort to put it at the disposal
18:12   of all those who wish it; that is, if we need to distribute
18:16   hundreds of thousands in mailboxes, in car parks,
18:20   on windscreen wipers of cars, wherever it is possible,
18:24   it must be done. So we put these pamphlets at the disposal
18:28   of our compatriots. The second thing
18:32   is that at the Résistance Républicaine table you
18:36   will be able to have contact with people who reflect,
18:40   each in his corner, to organise a resistance that today
18:44   has become absolutely vital for the survival of our people
18:48   and our survival, and I invite you to contact them.
18:52   To conclude:
18:56   In South America, very often
19:00   the revolutionaries said: “Victory or Death”. We absolutely
19:04   do not want to die. But, contrary to
19:08   what (unclear) said, we do not want to lose.
19:13   And we love life so much. We love life;
19:17   we love love; we love good food; we love good
19:21   wine; we love friendship; we love solidarity; we love
19:25   France; we love all those moments we share. And just because
19:29   we love these moments we share, because we love
19:33   what is our people, what is our history, what is our France,
19:37   it is obvious that we are absolutely ready to carry out
19:41   all the battles that will be necessary to save our country,
19:45   save our France, save her civilisation and
19:50   prevent those who for 14 centuries have waged war against
19:54   the whole of humanity seize our country: Islam in France:
19:58   Never! Islam, out of France! Long live the République and
20:02   long live France!

41 thoughts on “Pierre Cassen: “I Prefer War to Submission”

  1. If for no other reason but to honor Delacroix the French should fight to the death.

    And no, I’m not kidding, I’m not making some arch comment. Without our culture we are nothing.

    • Wasn’t it General Patton who said to his men : it’s not your job to die for your country, it your job to make the other bastard die for his. Well that’s how we must all behave when dealing with islam.

      • The precise quote is:

        “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

        ― George S. Patton Jr.

        As to your suggested behavior, my only amendment would be to incorporate massively disproportionate retaliation; as we should have been doing ever since 2001.

        • Retaliation tends to be expensive in terms of lives, material resources and funds even discounting those lives and other survival assets lost during whatever event(s) initiated that retaliation.

          The other side will have already calculated such a response to their initiating action(s) and will have specifically targeted as much of the means to so respond as they can, thus limiting the chances of success of any retaliation.

          Draconian pre-emptive strikes are far more productive, particularly if they are immediately followed through time and time again until absolute removal of the threat is achieved.

          However, as in this case the long-term ideological and social re-engineering of our culture is in itself a pre-emptive strike – one initiated and sustained by our own governing elites to enable the process of Islamification, ethnic cleansing and subjugation of the West – then ultra-disproportionate retaliation with whatever we have left, right down to the last man or woman standing, is our only remaining option.

          You said it right , NR, when you said“…as we should have been doing ever since 2001.”

  2. You gave up your monarchy in 1790’s…or rather you took off their heads. With your Revolution you de-throned Christ the King in your society and alternatively hailed The Rights of Man. So of course, France and the rest of the West is reaping what it has sown with it’s Masonic ideals. Can we be so foolish to think this “Freedom of Religion” would bear ANY good fruit?!
    Cast out His Kingship in our laws, schools, homes, prepare for doom.

    • Oh dear, Priscilla, you’re surely not banging on about the ‘Divine right of (mortal) Kings, are you!?

      Have you had a good look at that plonker who’s coming up next – an adulterer with the charisma of a dead fish and the brains of a retarded artichoke?

      Heaven forbid; the mind of this simple Christian revolts at the thought of such, and his soul cringes.

      • Priscilla is absolutely correct. What’s going on in France is a certain consequence of your masonic revolution and dethroning of Christ the King.

        That’s my only problem with this guy’s speech. He doesn’t have a clue what the root cause of France’s problem is.

        What does he expect to do? Drive out the muslim hordes then go right back to the normal routine of secular debauchery, aborting and sterilizing themselves out of existence?

        France was dying way before the musl[im]s came along. The muslims, being nothing more than cowards, could see a dying, flaccid French nation and decided now is the time to invade.

        Europe’s fate was sealed the moment they decided upon civilizational apostasy.

        Europe’s greatness was based in Christendom. Europe’s destruction is based in rejecting Christendom. Until Europeans get that through their heads, all the patriotic “France or death” speeches will amount to nothing other than the last gasps.

        • The Divine Right of Kings was propaganda to preserve their own hegemony without fear from the Peasant who was suitably subverted through indoctrination by the Church.

          Nearly everything assigned the meaning of ‘tradition’ is generally nothing but Theatre.

          Read up on Eustace Mullins or listen to Jordan Maxwell on the internet who can explain such things in better detail than I could ever put into words.

          • By their fruits you shall know them.
            When was Europe flourishing? When Christ was acknowledged as King. Or “indoctrinated”, as you might call it.

            Where is Christ now? Who reigns supreme? Where is Christendom?

            Masonic ideals paved the way for this diabolical disorientation. Where you find so-called “freedoms of religion, press, etc.”, you WILL find Islam, anti-Christ.

    • Assuming the collaborators (and they will know who they are) also believe this outcome then there are going to be some rather wild times as they double down on the suppression in the next 5-10 years.

      After all, they would have nothing to lose. Assuming they believe they will have favoured status in the new order that is.

      • “Like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)…often transliterated as ‘Every revolution ends up devouring its own children’

        From: Considérations sur la nature de la Révolution de France, et sur les causes qui en prolongent la durée, (1793) – Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749 – 1800)]”

        • Seneca III. Is it truly ‘revolution’ for the Patriot to indulge in actions to take back his country against those who are willfully destroying it?

          Is it not those who no longer obey the Laws of the various Lands that bind us all to our countries that now force the Patriot to react?

          If a government, its agencies and bureaucracy no longer abide by the legal constraints that they demand from us, then how is it a ‘revolution’ to fight back against such tyranny?

          The real ‘revolution’ has been against those of us who consider ourselves Christians and Patriots and who abide by the Law of the Land and are prepared to live and let live.

          I do not consider it an act of revolution or even of rebellion to take back what is our birth right that has been deliberately stolen from us.

          I would term it more an act of the repossession of one’s own country.

          • Agree. I too reject the notion of “Revolution devours its children” as the mantra that prohibits the dismantle of leftists. What is your alternative, Seneca ?

  3. In the history books a thousand years from now they will say that there was an entire civilization that killed itself. And all the intellectuals will write hundreds of books about why and how this happened. And the biologists and anthropologists will ponder he biological reasons for such a fate. Were they poisoned?. Was it a viral encephalitis?, Was it TV or computers? Was it some kind of infectious meme or engram? And the geneticists will show that there was a disappearance of western genetic signatures and an increase in middle east signatures. But that both cultures finally perished after the Chinese began their demographic ascendancy, the West’s disappearance apparently suicidal, the Islamic’s from Asian and Russian wars.

    • There are no intellectuals, biologists, or anthropologists under islam, there is only the koran. When they win, no one will be writing about anything.

    • If we fail, no such history will ever be written.
      Instead, it will say that Islam finally prevailed and wiped out evil pre-Islamic paganism, and no more needs be written or said about that period.

  4. Britain is lost. It is neck and neck with France, or ahead of it, certainly not behind it. There are hardly any large purely English communities left. The last major British community to escape dilution is the few hundred thousand Welsh speakers. Their circle cannot be penetrated; they are ringfenced by their language. The first owners of the British Isles are going to be the only survivors as a community.

    • For the the eventual Muslim busy now lying, cheating, stealing, raping, stabbing, mass murdering, denying, gun running, enslaving, feminising and castrating – the Welsh, Irish and Scots are just bunches of Yazdis. Imagine – London in less than a generation.

    • I was talking last evening to a neighbour who comes from Sierra Leone. He believes the British will reach the point when they’ve had enough of Islam, and start to push back.

      He also said Tony Blair would have made a good Third World leader, as he was corrupt and ruthless!

    • Wot about the starving, penniless, masses of the French Revolution? Led by a few hot-heads they did quite well when it came to dealing the “caliphate” of that day. Anger is building. There is no lack of anything now – except freedom from the great Islamic []. The Spanish are drinking and doing drugs again. Oh well…….

  5. Obviously Darren Osborne would not make a very efficient soldier, and he is now condemned to live the rest of his life in an Islamic nightmare, but everybody understands what drove him to Finsbury Park. Many, indeed, would have wished him better luck, but why is his crime not seen as ‘cultural enrichment’, since so many grizzly crimes committed by Islamic extremists are glossed over for the sake of multiculturalism? We used to say “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” – obviously the gander does not agree! Darren, my thoughts are with you.

  6. My experience in France was that the ordinary French people were nothing like the media caricatures which focused on the elites.

      • The old style communists of the older generation were told by the Socialist party that the National Front on coming to power, would gun them down in the streets.Having painted the National Front as modern day Nazis they painted the communists as their intended prey.

        It was intellectually dishonest but the communists fell for it.

        And it worked for the middle of the road conservative voter too.He fell for this dishonest peice of anti-aptriotic propaganda too .Memories of the Nazi occupation were enough to terrify conservative voters into voting for “Anyone but the Nazis” ie in the second round ,anyone but Marine Le Pen .Macron was the winner.

      • Very very very kinky fellow that M. Macron. Or, as they used to say before the great western EU transgender implosion, -unbelie-veable. Still there are some who just schrugg everything off with a “Well I’ll be darned. Is that so? Six million – imagine that.

  7. I think it is clear that the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden are all to a large degree ‘lost’. Only through a lot of horror and violence could they be preserved in anything remotely resembling their historical incarnations.

    Other countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, maybe even Austria could still be saved.

    Certainly fighting is better than submission, but the problem is that ‘fighting’ in this day and age reflects the atomized culture around us, and it seems as though Europe’s salvation will only come through a million individual acts of willpower and sacrifice, rather than through one single ‘king’ or ‘monarch’ or other figure pushing his ‘men’ a la Sobieski. The world is too different now, and in that way it benefits the globalist vermin propagating Europe’s death.

    To take language from our enemies, it is our collective “inner jihad’s” which seem to be the defining factor this time around, rather than any macro elements of the equation.

    That shouldn’t be a hopeless proposition though, as obviously the flattening of the information landscape today allows for dedicated individuals to have a massive impact, as demonstrated by sites like Gates of Vienna and others that have certainly raised awareness of the issue. As things collapse more and more hopefully such spreading of awareness will rise exponentially.

    I find this to be quite hopeful as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZULmqCOXci8

  8. One should make contacts with police, army, reservists and especially TA force.
    these are national resource that is kept exactly for this case – to rectify situation.

    police is supposed to be neutral, but these days it becomes neutral to subversion.

    for example, let us consider police in London.

    – the emblem put on police cars and banners, is not British coat of arms, but distorted stylization, with cross removed. Often presented as white on black background.
    – they display chess pattern on hats, what does it mean – that they are for hire?
    – their badge isn’t Union Jack, but again, some pale skeleton, a remnant of it, also white on black background. uniforms are also black, with white letters here and there.
    – they are called “Metropolitain Police” – so it is NOT British police but something else; maybe Sadiq Khan’s police? Islamic State’s police?

    this is clearly a subversion;
    one needs to explain this to people and to policemen themselves.
    one needs to campaign for changing uniforms and bringing back British symbols.

    as to “armed resistance”, – it doesn’t look serious.

    Islam (as well as other Archiacs) should be contained, boycotted and cut from free society in every possible way.
    if Islam will try violence, then society should develop lawful means, – procedures and forces, including armed – to maintain security.

    so – nothing but Apartheid.
    (the “Brave New” one, certainly; and look around – it is already in making).

    • AY, once upon a time, long, long ago, Western police forces were based more on the ‘peace officer’ way of keeping the peace, not the ‘law enforcement officer’ of today’s highly indoctrinated via university type ‘education’ requirements, that instills into the individual officer the government political agenda that is controlled via the United Nations.

      The difference between the peace officer and the law enforcement officer would be obvious to those still serving officers who were not university indoctrinated and those who have since retired, but were witness to the ‘new breed’ of ‘smart police’ during their later years on the job.

      In short, the art of policing society is a learned experience that requires a minimum education, years of interaction with the public at all social levels and a dedication to upholding Christian principles. The peace officer soon learns how to keep the peace within society by exerting his authority where needed (kick up the backside generally works on the young offender) by using his discretion where criminal codes have been breached on whether to charge or not, and using a minimum of legal interference or none at all, on consideration of an offender’s criminal and social status. And that does not mean those of higher social status are excluded from being criminally charged.

      The law enforcement officer is the complete opposite to the peace officer, in that he/she is ‘highly educated’ into humanist ideals and United Nations programs, such as multiculturalism, uses little discretion or none at all, in their interactions with society, while their actions tend to be more heavily law enforcement without exception. They do not question their own role in undermining through the enforcement of humanist based law, the very society that they are part of.

      In my opinion, today’s Western police officer cannot be trusted to ‘turn’ against his/her employer when that time arrives for choosing sides.

      • first, it looks like the societies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and increasingly similar to them China – cope quite well with law and order without “upholding Christian principles”.

        second, the “humanist ideals” understood directly, have nothing to do with “multiculturalism”.
        the former implies unity of law, whereas the later always degenerates into free for all jungle, dominated by predators of all sorts and sizes.

        third, there is no virtue in having “a minimum education”.
        Koran is one example of such minimum.
        Criminal order is the other; tribal customs – is yet another.

        so the choice is between
        1) being trapped within/under these unattractive options, and
        2) free society based on “humanist ideals”,
        and everyone will need to choose, – including policemen.

        the matter is blurred by multiple and – yes – “diverse” attempts to smuggle Archaics to the future, by presenting it as a kind of post-modern “entertainment” and/or “social justice”.

        so, the clarifying/explanatory work on such basics, is needed.
        the goal-setting is the next step.
        (but, avoiding confusion, is pre-requisite 🙂 ).

  9. I was accosted twice by Muslims in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They don’t work. They just look for opportunities to steal.
    I don’t understand why the West has lost their will to live.
    All someone has to say is “human rights” and everybody hunkers down. Why is someone else is more important than yourself.
    Their was a plot to blow up Notre Dame church. Think on this. What symbolizes France more than this church.

    • One can put his/her hope in the return of Jesus the Messiah, Armageddon and the Great White Throne Judgment. As a retired military member, I shutter at any viable solution other than physical violence from the indigenous citizens opposed to Islam & Antifa. Waiting for them to gain strength and oust Kuffir political leaders could take another decade of Islamic population increase. Only the youth of Identity Generation are willing to protest and commit acts of rebellion. The risks of losing life, limbs, income, personal freedoms prove to great for the lonely wolf to directly engage the enemy least he, she be mentally unbalanced and/or oblivious to the risks. Youth with high testosterone and underdeveloped frontal lobe thinking are the most willing to be the sacrificial lambs. As September 23rd approaches, I pray myself worthy enough to be raptured out of this broken, fallen world if God choses this hour of redemption for his Saints and righteous believers. If tribulation begins with natural disasters perhaps this would provide top cover for a frontal attack. However, many of the antifa, black lives matter type looters were quickly apprehended in Florida by being recognized on camera.

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