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For your edification, an essay from The Intergalactic Source of Truth. Otherwise known as the home of Col Bunny, or more colloquially, igst. No, I don’t understand his reference to Sigourney Weaver, nor do I grok that picture, but then I don’t get out much. Many of you may understand it entirely, which means you’re definitely not a thick Mick.

Whatev. I have been following resolutely our Yellow Brick Road to Humo(u)r, seeing where it leads. This one appeared at a wayside.

Many Sigourney Weaver discoveries.

To ordinary Americans, the winds that now blow downwind from society’s commanding heights make the country seem more alien than ever before. More than ever, academics, judges, the media, corporate executives, and politicians of all kinds, having arrogated moral legitimacy to their own socio-political identities, pour contempt upon the rest of America. Private as well as public life in our time is subject to their escalating insults, their unending new conditions on what one may or may not say, even on what one must say, to hold a job or otherwise to participate in society.[1]

To use a very old saying, people who don’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot are telling normal, productive Americans what to think and how to live. While I’m using earthy imagery permit me also to point out that for a very long time those same dweebs and freaks have been pissing up our backs and telling us that it’s rain. We’re being called upon to accept gold-plated, revolving, free-shipping, steam-powered, fat-free flapdoodle like:

1.   Joe McCarthy was making it up when he warned about communists in government,
2.   the invasion of millions of @#$%& foreigners is good for the nation,
3.   Islam isn’t a savage, supremacist political doctrine,
4.   America is a nation of immigrants,
5.   It’s normal for a nation to move a huge chunk of its industrial capacity to the shores of a communist dictatorship,
6.   it’s normal for a nation to import millions of low-wage foreigners to compete for jobs with Americans in a time of astronomical unemployment,
7.   America is a propositional nation,
8.   the U.S. Constitution is a “living” Constitution,
9.   white racism is the cause of all the woes of the colored races,
10.   blacks aren’t filled with hatred of whites, and
11.   Someone who can kick a field goal from the 50-yard line is a “woman.”

This is cause for hilarity and no small amount of white-hot fury in Normalville. If the arrogant fools who lord it over us and ran the country into the ground in the process think we’re angry now, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


1. “The 2016 Election is Not Reversible.” By Angelo Codevilla, American Greatness, 8/31/17.

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  1. Meant for Col Bunny, re: Sigourney Weaver

    So many corrections … so little time.

    To use a very old saying, people who don’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot are telling normal, productive Americans what to think and how to live.

    The scientifically correct terminology is, “couldn’t pour piss out of a boot even if there were instructions written on the heel”.

    Also, Sigourney Weaver is the niece of Winstead Sheffield Glenndenning Dixon “Doodles” Weaver, a musician in the immortal band, Spike Jones and His City Slickers. From his Wikipedia entry:

    “He portrayed eccentric characters in guest appearances on such television series as Batman (where he played The Archer’s henchman Crier Tuck), Land of the Giants, Dragnet 1967 and The Monkees. He appeared in more than 90 films, including The Great Imposter (1961), Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963) (as the man helping Tippi Hedren’s character with her rental boat), Jerry Lewis’s The Nutty Professor (1963), Pocketful of Miracles (1961) and, in a cameo, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963). He appeared in Six Pack Annie (1975). His last movie was Earthbound (1981).”

    All of which explains a lot about Ms. Weaver and her alien pals.

    • That’s an amazing performance by Jones, et al. For a sec I read Spike Milligan, another zany gent who was part of The Goon Show with Peter Sellers, whose appearances I loved. Seller’s zaniness was never quite captured in the movies though his black and white movies were terrific, as were his Insp. Clouseau roles.

      To be an entertainer you have to jump off the trail and cut your own path. Weaver’s part in “Ghost Busters” suggests her uncle’s influence more than “Alien.” The latter is emblematic of our times, as my post suggests, though it didn’t start out as that any more than the Godfather movies did, yet they have taken on a life of their own that was never foreseen. Some day I want to do a piece on the latter movie.

      • Well, if I as a Brit appreciate Spike Jones (especially “Der Fuehrer’s Face”), why shouldn’t Americans enjoy The Goons? Sellers was a comic genius, if not always a nice man; Milligan was bipolar, and his humour was often tinged with sadness.

        The third regular Goon, often the fall guy (“Neddie Seagoon”), was Harry Secombe, who was a Christian and later sang on the quasi-religious Sunday tv show “Stars on Sunday”, if I recall correctly. I heard a woman relate on BBC Radio 4 a few years ago, how she wanted to play a particular song from the show at her wedding, but couldn’t find his recording, so wrote to his agent. She got a reply from Secombe himself, saying he’d not recorded it commercially, but enclosing a cassette dubbed from the tv show, and hoping this would help.

        • Many, if not most, comedians suffer from some kind of of mental condition. You have only to look at their faces in repose to see the suffering. Robin Williams comes to mind and Jonathan Winters.

          Humo(u)r often comes at great cost, but it’s also a tremendous relief valve for the comedian. They live longer than they would have otherwise without that gift.

  2. Dymphna, the title plays off the word “alien” in Codevilla’s thought. The unpleasant discoveries we’ve been making about some of our leading lights. The vile things issuing forth from the body politic. Bizarre creatures in our headlights. The Steven King-ish cast now to what had seemed like benign and pleasant landscapes. Crippled humans masquerading as high officials reveling in death. War waged by a beloved country for reasons that advance no American interest and justified by lies.

    A+ for obscure references though! 🙂

  3. I used to believe that the average thinking of all the world’s people would be pretty logical, pretty loving and fairly intelligent….and that this was the reason to support representative governments, and the explanation as to why mankind–more or less–advances through history.

    Now, I am worried about H. sapiens’ large social brain. It seems to be making lots of mistakes, electing bad people, following bad policy. Could it be that civilization actually has some mental illness? E.g. how can Europe be doing this to itself? Why would we ever tax businesses so much?…do we not want jobs? How could we ever allow schools to get so bad? …do we not want our kids to thrive? If good movies make us feel good, how can cruel and violent movies be neutral and not relevant? What was Clinton thinking when he was dealing with North Korea? He was shrewd when he planned his own political life, but somehow was only wishing and hoping when he was dealing wth Korea? Was M.Stanton Evans just lying about McCarthy? Are false cliches never to be corrected?

    These are just a few of thousands of hints as to our mental health as a society.
    Are we somehow doing damage to our brains by something new in the environment? Computers every second of the day? The vapor pressure of asphalt all over the world? Something used in agriculture? Too much neural input from too many people?

    Something is happening that is big and not intuited clearly.

    • When Godless people create a Godless society in which to live; something will step in to fill the void, that something will be Godless.

      • Belief in a Supreme Being isn’t protection against intellectual error but it interjects a certain humility in one’s assessment of the place of man in the natural order. People enamored of their own intellectual prowess are remind one of Orwell’s “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

        In these times, one is tempted to think at last leftist zealots can plumb no deeper levels of asininity but that is a fool’s game. There is no limit at all.

        • After the establishment of 32 genders and the acceptance of bestiality, I realized there was no limit. It will get darker and we will be pushing the light against that darkness.

          In the long run, our energy spent will not be in vain, though we may not live long enough to see the upheaval.

    • Western political life is distilled obtuseness. The obvious course of action is studiously and enthusiastically not chosen and the absolutely most destructive option IS chosen. Return migrant boats 3-1/2 miles off the Libyan coast to Libya? Perish the thought. Take those people to Italy eo instante.

      Focus on AntiFa as a collection of vile, vicious thugs? No. Treat them like champions of free speech and good order.

      It’s this way in every sphere.

    • You’re assuming the biological, rational capacity of people remains fixed, while the conceptual frameworks they use change, resulting in bad decisions.

      Consider the possibility that the ability to think logically, and the inclination to do so, are biological. Like any other biological trait, they must be selected for by Darwinian pressures, or they disappear because of the natural mutation rate.

      So, why is a population like that of Sweden or Germany, which have had the benefit of modern medicine and a modern economic prosperity and plentiful charity, before and after the actual introduction of bureaucratic welfare, embarking on suicidal policies with the full compliance of the populace? Are they the same people of the 30 years war simply acting on the wrong assumptions, or are they different in some substantial, biological sense?

      • I have no idea how quickly traits can be altered or eliminated by natural selection. My guess is that in a large sample change would occur slowly.

        I think the people of Europe have not changed over the centuries but that the situational conditioning is powerful. The conditioning of the welfare state, for example. Human relations suffer when citizens are relieved of the burden of earning their own living, or some part thereof. When benefits flow to you from the government one is relieved of the pressure to learn to satisfy customers, co-workers, and employers. Hence a powerful process of socialization is simply done away with.

        Too, general prosperity similarly distorts thinking and, I think, predisposes citizens to be casual about sharing resources. It also conceals the reality that in other countries the competition for existence is intense. Finally, centuries of life in a rational, ordered, lawful society makes citizens devalue the things that brought those conditions about and that sustain them.

        People have not so much changed genetically as failed to appreciate where they come from, what they have, what is necessary to have a functioning economy, and the realities of human aggression.

  4. McCarthy didn’t seem a very studied man. Anyone carrying around a DoS personnel roster in the Forties had in his possession a document containing the identities of multiple Soviet agents. He didn’t snap to it as a national security imperative as much as an electioneering angle bound to draw in the rubes.

    Are any of the readership familiar with the effects of salts of morphine? The slurring of words, the sarcasms, the left-handed commentary (meaning rich with insults and accusations), the bullying, are prototypical junkie behaviour. I’ve seen recordings [ this was the age of film. ] of McCarthy doing all this while commanding his committee hearings. He did everything but rub his nose.

    And the discredited McCarthy did expire in an asylum in 1957. One may compare McCarty’s committee performance with the recordings of a loaded Lennie Bruce from the mid-sixties. Same drug.

    There is no real lesson here, unless it’s that habit-forming drugs effect everyone the same, and station in life provides no special protection. Ask Rush.


  5. 9. white racism is the cause of all the woes of the colored races

    If white racism isn’t the cause of all the woes of the colored races…then what is?

    That is why colonialism and racism are the go-to explanation because otherwise you have to answer some hard and uncomfortable questions.

    Detroit, Baltimore, the slums of Rio, Haiti, Africa from Cape Town to the Sahara. Muslim, Christian, animist, Protestant, Catholic, atheist, traditional African culture, western raised and educated, tribal culture, Islamic culture, a multitude of languages, cultures, history, and experiences.

    What is the common thread to explain failure on so large a scale spanning so many diverse nations and cultures if not white malfeasance?

    And that is why they will never let it go. They can’t.

    • White racism is not the cause of Mugabe’s viciousness and stupidity. It is not the cause of the murder’s of thousands of white S. African farmers. It is not the cause of this or of this.

      It is not the reason for the carnage in Chiraq. It is not the reason why American black female illegitimacy approaches 80% or why black “students” in Atlanta or Baltimore cannot handle even minimal educational requirements. It is not the reason why there must be a special prep school for black would be entrants to the Naval Academy. It is not the reason why black American youth make life miserable for any of their peers with ambition and intelligence who “think white.”

      As a black gentleman in Mauritania once told me, “the problems of Africa are right under our feet.” Not in Paris.

      • Blacks, as a group (with notable exceptions, like my ex) have pretty much stayed constant. What’s changed is the white population. They at first acted under the assumption that people with substandard decision-making capacities and processes should not be part of critical decision-making. That assumption changed to not only allow the flawed decision-making of other races, but to ennoble it.

        You can’t have one-man, one-vote successful democracy and an inferior electorate. The two are incompatible: one will degrade the other very quickly.

  6. McCarthy gave his Wheeling, W.Va. speech in February 1950. The next election McCarthy needed to face was 32 months in the future.

    I will be sure to dial down my use of sarcasm lest I be accused to imbibing salts of morphine. Do favor me with a link to video of McCarthy slurring his words. I didn’t notice such a speech impediment when he appeared on Face the Nation in November 1954.

    Your linked article is a nice little hit piece that has this: “But the fact that by many accounts, he was also addicted to opiates remains almost as hidden [now] as it was during his lifetime.” So it was hidden during his life. But you have the story now. Copy that.

    The article also contains the usual specious “have you no shame” story about how McCarthy revealed the communist associations of the Welch associate. But as Stan Evans recorded on p. 568 of his Blacklisted by History Welch himself “publicly confirmed Fisher’s former [National Lawyers] Guild weeks earlier” in the NYT. So much for Matt Harvey’s cred as anyone knowing anything about McCarthy.

    Evans also records on p. 2 of his book, “in fact, there is virtually no aspect of McCarthy’s personal life, dating from his earliest childhood, that hasn’t been the subject of ad hominem attack.” So you are in good company with your allegations here.

    McCarthy, a courageous man, dies in Bethesda Naval Hospital. His life is a testament to one of the first encounters between a patriotic man and the “Deep State” the true outlines of which he attempted to bring to the attention of the American people. Just like Diana West, who has her own battle scars from this sub rosa war. And now Trump’s election has opened up another chapter in this seemingly unending story about regaining popular control of government.

  7. Ah… I see by your mentioning the USNA prep school that you have been reading Prof. Fleming’s screeds. You don’t have to read a lot of his writing because it is all the same; USNA = bad!
    The funny thing about the guy is for as much as he finds unlimited faults with USNA he still manages to work there. He is of a very recognizable type that believe themselves to be firebrands that hold the ultimate truth.
    My son actually had him for a prof. for 2 classes.
    This is not to say that I didn’t think that there were several problems at the academy because I did. But I can tell you that the experience my second son had at a fairly competitive public university was like night and day. I recall one of his classmates telling me that his term paper for a senior year class was on sushi! Heh… no one wrote papers on sushi at USNA.
    As to the prep school, I have met many midshipmen over the years that went to prep. Most of those I met were formerly enlisted sailors that had done very well in the enlisted ranks and were encouraged to apply to USNA. Having been out of school for several years they needed a brush up on academics.
    I have been on the prep campus in Rhode Island and I do not recall thinking that they were a majority of a certain race.
    Having been involved with the USNA parents club in our area during my son’s tenure at USNA, I recall meeting exactly one young man that had been accepted to prep rather than USNA proper. He was white.

    • There are two ways the military academies sneak in athletes who fail to meet their admissions standards. First, they all operate prep schools whose original purpose — preparing promising enlisted personnel for the rigors of an academy education — is long outdated.

      Instead, the prep schools, which cost taxpayers around $25 million or so per year, are used for other purposes, including “redshirting” athletes — that is, stockpiling them for a year — when their high school records would prevent them from being admitted directly from high school. For instance, of the 300 students in the 2011 class of the Naval Academy Prep School, 110 are recruited athletes — typical for the other service academies.

      * * * *

      . . . Nearly 80 percent of the 52-member Navy lacrosse team came through the Naval Academy Prep School; for returning football lettermen, the percentage is around two-thirds.

      Joe Nocera, NYT, 4/8/12.

      Mr. Nocera’s point is illustrative of a phenomenon that is endemic to American higher education, namely, the inordinate emphasis universities place on recruiting unqualified black athletes for their fabulously profitable athletics programs. Who does not know of the coddling and turning of blind eyes toward “scholars” who cannot meet basic academic standards? The service academies do not have profit as a motivator but they are no less vulnerable to charges of “bias” and stupid athletic oorah. Whether blacks are heavily overly represented in the category of “athletes” I can’t say from the limited reading I’ve done (including only one of Prof. Fleming’s “screeds”), but my working hypothesis is that are. Entertaining such an hypothesis being prima facie evidence of my being a hater, of course.

      I don’t know what it is about Prof. Fleming’s article that qualifies it as one of his many “screeds.” He apparently made one or more points with which you disagree so that must make it a “screed” I infer. Apart from the military’s laudable commitment to careers open to talent and thus providing an opportunity for enlisted men of proven competence and leadership ability, the issue I raised is rather whether there is an unseemly toadying to people of zero demonstrated academic ability. Nothing in Fleming’s piece hints at racial percentages but can we make a guess. Personally, were I coming out of high school (not the ranks) with an SAT score in the neighborhood of 300-600, it would not occur to me to apply to Stanford or the USNA, but that’s just me. So, inquiring minds want to know Is there by any chance a demographic that would think of taking a shot at gaining admission to such institutions because of, um, certain legal privileges bestowed on them that tend to erase such vestiges of slavery as low SAT scores?

      And, anyway, my point was not that the majority of those prep school students is of a “certain race,” as you put it, but that such black applicants right out of high school with abysmal academic credentials who do apply cannot claim that “white racism” is what was responsible for their earlier poor performance in school.

    • Indeed they are. That’s why America remains resilient, at least for the moment. The futureBaron has been doing some tracing on his father’s side, finding all sorts of ancestors.

      On the fB’s mother’s side, we’re Irish back to the Kings. But he will, eventually, tackle which counties they came from. He saved for two years to visit Ireland before all those on his mother’s paternal side are gone. Found lots of information, on that trip.

      • America does not need foreigners in order to be resilient. Silicon Valley does not need thousands of Chinese and Indian engineers to function. That some immigrants have made great contributions is not an argument that only immigrants can make the majority of contributions.

        Immigration as it is presently pursued is not the source of any resilience but of a tragic and probably fatal brittleness. I mean “fatal” in the sense of America becoming a third-world slum and probably there will be bloodshed if the elite’s refusal to deal with street thuggery is any indication. So “fatal” in that sense too.

    • Point 4 speaks of a “nation of immigrants” not of a “nation of descendants of immigrants.”

      Every square inch of the earth is inhabited by people who are descended from people who moved into or conquered the land.

      The nation of immigrants idea is quite vicious. It implies that there is no nation that can deny entry to others since the inhabitants are morally compromised by being descended from “immigrants” themselves.

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