Oh Oh Oh, Pity the Poor Mohammedans

The following essay by H. Numan was originally written in Dutch for EJ Bron, and has been translated by the author for Gates of Vienna.

Oh oh oh, pity the poor mohammedans

by H. Numan

Yeah really, folks. Because the poor pitiable Rohingya who settled (illegally) in Burma (Myanmar) can’t rape, rob or kill Buddhists as they desire. That’s really sad, don’t you agree? No respect for different cultures. As it happens, I live almost around the corner, in Thailand. I’ve been to Burma a couple of times. That doesn’t make me an expert, of course. Real experts are [white] female professors at left-wing universities who teach Female Gender Mutilation or African Arts. Who have never been to the country at all. What happens in Myanmar is about to happen — or happening already — in the West, too.

A little bit of the background for you. British India included Pakistan in the west, India in the middle, Bengal in the east and Burma a bit further to the east. Burma was never formally part of British India, but a separate colony. Bengal and Burma share a long border. In 1948, when India became independent, Bengal became part of Pakistan and was renamed East Pakistan. Burma also became independent. Later on in the ’70s East Pakistan fought itself free from West Pakistan, which used it as a colony to be exploited. It gained full independence as Bangladesh. Formerly East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, is dirt poor, intolerant as only mohammedans can be, and is treated annually by Allah with a couple of massive floods with usually shocking loss of life and property. The damage is always restored by very generous and very dhimmi western countries. We Dutch also live in a major river delta; we know it takes quite a bit of work not to get flooded every year. Bangladeshi seem have other things on their minds. Procreating, mainly.

Burma shares a border with Bangladesh. The Burmese state Rakhine (also known as Arrakan) borders Bangladesh, has a large percentage of mohammedans, and is much dryer. From 1948 onwards lots of Rohingya, originating in Bangladesh on the other side of the border, crossed over and settled in Rakhine. They rather liked it there, and decided they wanted it. With full indirect support of East Pakistan they tried to take over the state. That almost became a real war, which they lost. The East Pakistani/Bangladeshis were permitted to stay, but they never got Burmese citizenship. Something they bitterly resent.

Burma itself deteriorated into one of the worst military dictatorships of the world in 1962. The official name of the country was changed from the Union of Burma into the Union of Myanmar in 1989. It changed lots of other names; for example, Rangoon is now Yangoon and actually no longer the capital. The SLORC (name of the military dictatorship) build an entire new capital city, Naypyidaw in the middle of nowhere, literally. Hardly a soul lives there. I’ve been there. Tourists are allowed to visit it, but it is eerily quiet. Almost like a superbly maintained ghost town. Before the military takeover in 1962 Burma was widely seen as the up-and-coming country in southeast Asia. Thailand not so much; that was much more a backwater. After the 1962 takeover the roles completely reversed. Burma is now the official backwater of the continent.

There are a lot of people who know squat about Buddhism and perceive it to be peaceful. Buddhists can be as violent and intolerant as any other religion. Burma itself was a highly militarized state (it still is) and very aggressive. For many centuries Burma was at war with the kingdoms of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Siam, which later became the kingdom of Thailand. The Burmese were able to conquer the capital of Ayutthaya, burned it to the ground, destroyed all the statues of the Buddha, took the population back home as slaves and exterminated the royal family.

To be fair, the Thais, Lao or Khmer behaved exactly the same when given the chance. It was custom to hide valuables in Buddha statues. Not surprisingly, some less religiously inclined soldiers were somewhat inquisitive. Even today lost treasures are sometimes found in Buddha statues. The relations between Thailand and Burma are better than they used to be, but border incidents do happen fairly frequently.

Is Myanmar a militaristic society? Judge for yourself. I counted 21 large military barracks on the way from the airport to Rangoon (50 km). I probably missed a few; I only noticed the large ones. During a tourist presentation, nearly all Burmese presented themselves as military men, in uniform. ‘Col. Y will inform you about …’, ‘Cap. X can answer any questions you may have’. I have rarely seen a paddy wagon in Holland or Thailand. During my trips through Burma I saw several, loaded to full capacity. Standing room only. “That’s anecdotal evidence!” progressive university professors will scream. But it somehow does give me the impression of a very militaristic society.

Internally Burma is not exactly a peaceful country. It is a union or federation of states, a bit like America. And there are lots of very active independence movements fighting the army. In a military stalemate: the army can’t defeat the independence movements, and the independence movements cannot defeat the army. The independence movements, for example the Karen Liberation army and the united Wa State Army, make money by producing hard drugs like opium, heroin and amphetamines. They sell it in and through Thailand. The infamous Golden Triangle is no longer working in Thailand, but very much so in Burma.

Back to the poor pitiable Rohingya. From 1948 onwards they crossed the border and parked their goats in Burma. Relations between the original (Buddhist) Rakhinese and (mohammedan) Rohingya were never good. Perhaps the Rohingya cultural habit of raping Rakhinese girls or robbing and/or murdering non-muslims has something to do with it. Things became really nasty when Rohingyas started to murder and behead Buddhist monks around 2012. The Burmese army had to intervene to prevent all Rohingya from being sent directly to allah. Burmese aren’t exactly as meek as Westerners are, so when Rohingyas raped a Rakhinese girl or murdered someone, they were paid in kind with some interest added.

The Burmese government is first and foremost Burmese (or Myanmarese, if you prefer). Right after that they are Buddhist, then military and very little else. Human rights are rare, foreigners are slightly suspicious and cuddling pitiable minorities doesn’t rate high on the agenda.

Even Aung San Suu Kyi doesn’t mince words about the poor suppressed sadly misunderstood Rohingya. That doesn’t sit very well in left-wing circles. They put lots of pressure on the Nobel prize committee in Norway to withdraw her Nobel Prize. That’s not possible, but it shows the hatred for people who don’t think the right (in this case: left) way.

What you may not know is that there are two very different types of Nobel prizes. The real ones are awarded in Stockholm. They are given for truly important discoveries in science. In Oslo two fake Nobel prizes are awarded: for peace and for literature. It’s not really possible to quantify objectively who should get one. Finland, not exactly a world leader in literature, was awarded a prize for literature in 1940 because … poor Finland was invaded by the Soviet Union. Iceland (population < 340,000) got one in 1955 because dear little Iceland otherwise will never get a Nobel Prize. Yasser Arafat, Nelson Mandela and even a certain Mr. Hussein Obama got peace prizes. But Mahatma Gandhi never got one. Need I say more?

Effectively, the colonization of Rakhine state has failed. However, mohammedans have a very different view. Once they colonize a territory, it’s theirs. Forever. No matter what. So they mobilize their Western allies to pump up the pity machine. Rohingya are suppressed, misunderstood, persecuted and need our full support. Plenty of propaganda journalists who can write sad stories and take heartbreaking photos of little mistreated babies.

Yes, Burma (or Myanmar) is a country where human rights are practically non-existent. It’s also a Buddhist country were 86% of the population is Buddhist. 6% is Christian, 4% is mohammedan, and 2% animist. There are no religious problems with other religious groups. Plenty of problems, but none are religion-related. The only state in Burma with a substantial percentage of mohammedans is Rakhine state, where 52% are Buddhist and 47% mohammedan. That automatically leads to mohammedan violence, as they are nearly in the majority. Do I need to say what will happen once they are the majority?

What you will see are poor mistreated Rohingya, but you will not see or hear anything the Rohingya do themselves. They rape, rob and murder where they can. Since 2012 Buddhist monks have been their preferred targets, if possible by beheading. You won’t hear a peep about that. It would spoil the picture. What you also will not read in the media is that all those Rohingya are effectively Bangladeshi citizens, and should — since they are no longer wanted or accepted in Burma — go back to that country. But Bangladesh doesn’t want them back. They bring in money, and at the same time work on taking over Rakhine state, something Bangladesh very much wants to add to its territory.

Same story for nearly all other mohammedan countries. Turkey isn’t keen to see its citizens come back, and Morocco even less, for example. In both cases, they make huge amounts of money from their expatriates and politically infiltrate very quietly into those countries. It doesn’t say so in the koran, but we should respect that culture. Once their scum lives in our countries, that is forever.

As always, they want to move to countries where life is a lot better. For example, to Thailand. There are lots of refugee camps in Thailand, where people from Laos, Cambodia and Burma are sheltered. The only group of people Thailand no longer accepts are … you probably guessed it … Rohingya. Their brethren in the faith in Malaysia aren’t willing to receive them either. Why? Every left-wing activist will tell you that’s because of the brutal oppressive regimes there.

The darker side of the Rohingya is something you will not read about in the mainstream media.

— H. Numan

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  1. That is a brilliant, precise analysis, H, and thank you. And, yes, it will never make it into the treacherous Western Media Cartel’s publications and broadcasts but perhaps this blog and others like it, particularly with contributors like you, are at last forcing clean air into the main stream deconstructionist vacuum.

  2. Formation of East and West Pakistan was briefly discussed in the article. Maybe a notice about the meaning of the word in the comment section. As long as I know: “Pak” means “Clean” in almost all Indo-Iranian languages and specially in a religious way. Invention of the word Pakistan was intended to be an insult, alluding Hindus and Buddhists are unclean, and Jinnah spewed it into the face of Gandhi. Gandhi asked for a united India and peace between Hindus and Muslims (he was dreaming) and Jinnah simply called him filthy kaffir in return and the name Pakistan was born.
    Anyway, thanks H.Numan for first-hand report.

    • Given that Pakistan is the world leader for Google searches such as “goat porn” , “animal porn” , “rape pictures” etc, surely that’s a bit ironic?

    • “Pakistan” means “Land of the Pure” in Urdu, which is the heavily Persian influenced Hindi language spoken in that country.

      And Jinnah was a real charmer. For a long while he was a big player in the Congress Party, but as soon as the British started their withdrawal from India he immediately pushed for the partition, and when it happened the Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab were run out of the country at gun point, with many killed and many more robbed of their portable possessions. That didn’t happen to muslims going the other way.

      • My understanding is that it wasn’t that funny for Muslims going the other way, either.

        This I get first-hand, from people that I know personally.

        • My understanding is that it wasn’t that funny for Muslims going the other way, either.

          The book, “Freedom At Midnight” (by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre), confirms that. An un-partitioned India very likely would have seen less strife.

      • “That didn’t happen to muslims going the other way.” Totally untrue, Sikhs in particular would ambush entire trains going into Pakistan and kill all the muslims on board (not that I am particularily shocked or offended by this, considering what the muslims did first to the Sikhs, engaging in massive amounts of rape and murder in Sikh villages in areas such as the Punjab).

  3. The Sangha was only institution in Burma that never knuckled under to the Junta. In a deeply devote Buddhist country this gives enormous gravity to their views and politics – and they no illusions about Islam.

    Same is true in Sri Lanka.

  4. Very good article. And very much the same that happened in (originally Serbian) Kosovo, in Bosnia (where Arabs converted the local -previously secular- muslims into a Trojan house to their conquering plans), in Cyprus, in Southern Russia (Ingushia-Chechnya), and in parts of India (Kashmir). Earlier in history, one could have seen it happen in Persia, Egypt, North-and East-Africa, Mesopotamia, North-Western India (now Pakistan and Afghanistan), Bengalia (now Bangla desh) Asia Minor and Iberia (the latter one containing Spain and Portugal, being the only countries that managed to liberate themselves through the Reconquitsa after 700 years of oppression). Now the turn is (again!) on Western-Europe, with its increasing number of no-go zones, and North-America, Australia and even some of the white countries of Latin-America are not far behind. It seems that the World’s only hope for effective resistance now comes from Russia, the Visegrad countries, China, South-East-Asia, Israel and India.

    • … And a litle farmhouse deep the hills of South-Western France, where I live. The Islamist thugs haven’t won yet!

  5. “Your hearts may be filled with respect and love for your neighbour, but you can’t sleep beside a rabid dog” . Those words, spoken by the buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu, should be kept in mind by anyone worried about short term future of Western civilization.

  6. Very good analysis of the situation. I haven’t been to Burma since 1997 when it was still very much a military dictatorship and Aung Sang Su Kyi was still being held under house arrest. Rangoon was “decorated” with huge Orwellian posters containing pro military slogans urging the native population not to listen to anything a foreigner might say. Somehow I don’t think they meant leftist college professors.

    In those days, we in Northern Thailand had a great deal of trouble with the Wa State peddling vast amounts of “Yabba” – methamphetamine- across the border. This would find its way to Chiang Mai and Bangkok before being trafficked across Asia.

    I think the Burmese Government’s direct approach to their muslim problem might serve as a model to be adopted by the rest of the non-muslim world – once it disposes of its leftist politicians.

      • Everything else seems to have been tried, unsuccessfully, besides, islam wants to take the world back to the middle ages and beyond.

  7. I am sick and tired of the media blathering on about the genocide/ethnic cleansing being committed against the Rhohingyas. Particularly by the BBC TV news. Then I think about the very real genocide committed by muslims of the Yazidi’s of Iraq. Muslims slaughtered men, boys and older women. The girl children and the younger women were kept as sex slaves. I don’t remember that the BBC broadcast as much heart rending stuff then.

    Why is that? Is it because it is normal and accepted that muslims will commit atrocities against other religious groups or is there a tendency to favor muslims against the rest of us and anyone getting rid of unwanted and illegal muslims are committing a most heinous atrocity.

    I say to Myanamar keep up the good work an cleanse your country of illegal aliens because they will be a source of violence and strife as long as they reside in your country. It’s a pity that we in Europe do not have the guts to follow suit and inevitably will be dominated by them. All except for Hungary, the only European country that has the guts to prevent muslims from settling in their country because they know of the consequences if they do not.

    • Your post suggests a new model for US foreign relations, which should be to let countries conduct their own internal affairs, and reserve diplomatic relations to business directly related to US security or commercial interests.

      In other words, we are not our international brothers keepers. We tend to our own interests and allow other countries to tend to theirs. Of course, any US citizens or groups are free to pressure other countries in whatever way they see fit, but it should be without the involvement of the US government.

    • “Then I think about the very real genocide committed by muslims of the Yazidi’s of Iraq.”

      Not only Yazidis, but also Christians and ‘the wrong Muslims’ (Alawites, for example). And not just in Iraq, but also Syria. And Pakistan. And Egypt. And Kosovo. And the list may be continued…

  8. Outstanding piece.

    Sadly the leftist propaganda seems pretty effective on this subject, it’s everywhere right now.

    I give Aung San Suu Kyi a ton of credit for staying the course under immense pressure from all corners. If only the West had such leaders.

    Finally, don’t forget the fake Nobel in Economics that is also awarded in Sweden by its central bank.

  9. India’s partitioning was one of biggest geopolitical mistakes made during the second half of the last century. East and West Pakistan were created in the hope of avoiding Muslim-Hindu violence. Instead, the resettlement efforts were used as an excuse for ethnic cleansing, resolving age-old grudges, and sheer brigandry.

    Read “Freedom At Midnight” by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre. While the book glosses over (for instance) the peccadilloes of Viceroy Mountbatten, a huge portion of it is meticulously researched and gives particularly keen insights about Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the creation of Pakistan.

    Between its proliferation of nuclear weapons technology along with acting as a clearinghouse for terrorist indoctrination and training, the world would have been far better off if Pakistan had been strangled in the cradle.

    At present, this entire Rohingya debacle is just one massive red herring intended to agitate the global Muslim population, further reinforce claims or perceptions of victimhood, and provide yet another excuse for more Islamic terrorism.

    PS: Good job, H. Numan!

  10. Islam believers behave the same where ever they are: as barbarians, savages, fanatics, rapers, ignorants, murderers, serial killers ….. there is no good islam as there is no good cancer, if you let it in: you deal with your life and the life of your kids and civilisation. Islam must be eradicated from this world

  11. Yes, the Karen Christians got while the getting was good but were marked by Burma and the more violent Buddhists for extinction as the Christian Faith is anathema to them both. Personally acquainted and still correspond with a missionary who was on the front lines and had to literally ‘run through the jungle’ or face a fate worse than death at the hands of the Burmese.

      • History tells us different – look also at the situation in sri-Lanka where the Army butchered Tamil women and children. Not much different to burning and murdering the Rohingyas in burma.

        • You guys need to learn to make a distinction between religions and its tenets and dogma and its followers and whether they act according to certain tenets of their religion or just out of religious tribalism.

    • Are the Karen Christians?? That would be new to me.

      From my student days (the eighties) I seem to recall they also had some sort of low key civil war going against the Burmese government. Not sure where their lands are though. If memory serves, the north of Burma.

      • Some of the tribals in the area have been fighting established governments Indian and Burmese – previously the British for a long time. Some helped the Allies during the War and were rewarded/Christianised.

  12. Jihad Watch has a post by the erudite Hugh Fitzgerald: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2017/09/reporting-on-the-rohingya-the-tip-of-a-huge-iceberg-of-misinformation. The Brits were importing Rohingya well before 1948. My ancestors have been creating problems all over the planet for centuries.

    My father (who was not personally responsible) served with the RAF in Burma 1942-5. I recall that he preferred the “hill people” to the mainstream Burmese, his unit even adopting a young lad as a “mascot” (I have the photos), but I don’t know who the “hill people” were, and he’s no longer around to ask.

  13. Just for the record: Norway only gives one Nobel price, for peace. It was specified in the will of Alfred Nobel that the peace should be awarded by the Norwegian parlament.

      • Excellent analysis that really does not need any input at all in defining the root cause of many of the world’s problems, and that many have yet to realize.

        And in my humble opinion, you’ll get no sympathy from this God fearing Christian who recognizes the inherent evil that is Islam, or for those who promote it, or have failed to realize that they are part of it.

          • Even if your predictable assertion were true, both the Middle Ages and the Colonial era were a long time ago. Islam is acting in a barbarous manner in the here and now and continues to do so.

            It has long been an assertion of islam and leftists that colonialism was some sort of Pan Global holocaust. It was not. I suggest you read some honest history such as “Empire” by Niall Ferguson.

      • Sorry Glenn, this comment was meant for the author of this article that you and I have responded to, but, I’ll give you second prize in that you have jogged my memory on Jackie Gleason – what a great comedian he was!

        • The Great One, as he called himself; because he was fat.
          The current generation of so-called ‘entertainers’ have the sense of humor of Goebbels. He would wipe them off his shoe.

  14. Excellent
    So tired of the liberal slant
    I got into an argument with fellow liberals, about how Islam is bad
    As usual, was called a racist, bigot, blah, blah
    They even thought I was an ex Muslim because I “hated religion so much”
    Now we have that horrible Linda Sarsour being held up as a hero

    I remember back in 1999, my college had a protest for women in Afghanistan against wearing burkas

    Who would’ve thunk in the year 2017, feminist would say they are empowered by hijab now?!!

    So done with them.
    I don’t care about the Royhingen Muslims.
    I really don’t.
    Buddhism IS the real religion of peace, and the world doesn’t belong to [vulgar intensifier] Muslims!

    • Buddhists are a pretty superstitious bunch believing in the significance of bird and insect-calls and omens.

      • Whereas communists don’t believe in anything while muslims believe in some sort of Christian heresy.

  15. The Rohingya issue is a snapshot of a much wider historical issue that is brushed over.
    Iran used to be a Buddhist country.
    What is now Pakistan used to be a Buddhist country.
    What is now Afghanistan used to be a Buddhist country.
    Where are the Buddhists now? They were annihilated in Islamic genocides.
    This almost happened to India, and the process is ongoing.
    Muslims in non-Muslim societies outbreed their hosts. Over time, this leads to a Muslim majority. Once Muslims are the majority, you convert to Islam or you die.
    If you are of a different ethnic group than the Muslim majority, you die anyway.
    This historical dynamic is not lost on non-Muslim societies hosting rapidly growing Muslim minorities.
    There is no pretty, feel-good solution acceptable to Western political Infantilism. The only path to survival when being invaded by Muslims is ugly. But it is survival.
    Unlike Europeans, there exist people in this world who are determined to survive Islamic conquest as who they are, where they are, and what they believe.
    So call them names if it makes you feel morally superior.

    • Iran (Persia) was a Zoroastrian country; Zoroastrians, like Jews and Christians, enjoy the privilege (!) of being regarded by muslims as “people of the book” (ie Mohammed stole ideas from them too).

      • Zoroastrians were Pagan Fire-worshippers – the reason they were not tolerated by the new religion of islam that sweapt the region from Arabia.

    • Don’t forget Indonesia, which was a Hindu archipelago prior to it’s eventual downfall to island-hopping Muslims.

      Bali and some of the neighboring islands are the only remnant of that past, and they are terrific places indeed. They are also huge economic drivers via tourism, that will probably be left alone until the lunatics in Aceh gain more clout and wealth relative to Bali and her backers.

      • The Indians/Hindus colonised Indonesia and South East Asia in an earlier period. Like it or not human migrations and conquests have been going on all through history. go back to an earlier era and people from Central Asia colonised the Indian sub-continent and brought their pagan beliefs there.

  16. What puzzles me is that the Western mainstream, so much in love with Buddhism (just remember the ecstatic worship of Dalai Lama), is so much on the side of Muslims, refusing any attempt to look at the other side of the problem. Why are the Western ruling elite and mainstream media that serves its interests so much on the side of Islam in any conflict?

    Perhaps, it is just that Saudi Arabian money trumps Buddhism’s beautiful spirituality? If only Dalai Lama, had an oilfield or two, the face of the world would be different! Or do I oversimplify things?

    • Nobody is on the side of Muslims – but war-crimes and collective punishment whatever the provocation is evil on its own. The Dalai Lama is another story – don’t mix his situation with the Mob of Buddhists in Burma killing and burning women and children.

      • Collective punishment? An interesting phrase oft used by palestinians and their leftist supporters. Nobody is on the side of muslims? Not true. They have invested heavily in the West with their petro dollars and if anyone dares to contradict their narrative they are subjected to threats, be it violence or withdrawal of oil or financial backing.

        If there is any killing of women and children, you can bet that the muslims are doing more than their share and God help anyone who complains.

      • The Dalai Lama reminds me very much of the current Pope. They are both so beatifically, so insufferably progressive and politically correct that it is difficult to believe they are real.

        I might be wrong, of course, but it seems to me that the Dalai Lama is the more hypocritical of the two. He cleverly exploits the West’s ideological clichés from ‘democracy’ to ‘climate change’ to ‘human rights’ in order to mobilise its political élites, media and activists to his cause of free Tibet, to ensure his status of the spokesman for the world’s Buddhism and to proselytise. But, as an oriental god-king, he can hardly care two hoots for any sort of ‘democracy’ or individual rights. Especially as Buddhism denies the very reality of the individual human being.

        (Please, don’t take me for a Chinese agent. I have no sympathy for Communist China and would not mind a bit if Tibet returned to its pre-Communist state under the wise guidance of the Dalai Lama. But let us have no illusions. Tibet under Dalai Lamas was no more democratic than Mao’s China. And it was less progressive and not a bit secular.)

  17. Agree in parts – if Buddhist Monks are being killed by terrorists – O.K take action against the culprits – but persecuting whole sections of the Rohingya population and burning their houses – in other words collective punishment is something the Nazis did during WW2.

    Agree Islam is a bigoted religion and easily given to violence, but you said it – there is no such think as human rights in Burma. Make up your mind – don’t just agree that the Rohingyas and Muslims are evil and deserve what they are getting – try to be dispassionate about women and children being murdered by the military and mobs – you are justifying total chaos simply because of your anti-Islam sentiments.

    • I do agree with you. An indiscriminate campaign of violence, which does not spare either children or old people or women cannot be excused. If we approve of it, will we be any better than Jihadis?

      On the other hand, just imagine those Buddhist people in Arakan or whatever it is called. They live in their own land, which is their home, and they see that great numbers of Muslim foreigners begin to arrive. And continue to arrive, to take up more and more space, to consume more and more of the scarce local resources. They do not care a bit for any thing that locals hold sacred. And local begin to fear that they will become a minority in their own homeland or even be thrown out of it.

      What reaction could you expect from them?

      In such situations, all over the world very ugly violence is the usual result.

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