Jihad in a Moscow High School?

A teenager ran amok in a Moscow-area high school today, attacking his teacher with an axe and an airgun. The incident may well be jihad-related, but there are no definitive reports of “Allahu Akhbar” as of this writing.

Here’s a report from The Sun:

Moscow shooting — Teen boy opens fire inside school, leaving teacher and three pupils injured after classmates jumped out of the windows in panic

A TEEN boy has opened fire in a Moscow school, leaving a female teacher and three pupils injured, cops say.

The schoolboy, 15, attacked the computer science teacher with an axe, shot her in the head with an air gun and threw firecrackers at his classmates, TASS reported.

Pupils reportedly jumped out of the second floor windows in a bid to escape the shooting, causing one 17-year-old schoolgirl to break her leg.

Two other pupils — a girl and boy — suffered fractures while trying to flee the gunman.

The teenage shooter was arrested at the school in Ivanteevka, northeast of Moscow in Russia, but his motives are not yet known.

Witnesses have told how the boy burst into the computer science room and yelled “I came here to die” before opening fire and hitting his teacher.

“There was shooting, explosions. He shot, and shouted that he came here to die,” a witness told Russian broadcaster RBC.

Another report says that the confused youngster was inspired by Hitler. However, given that he originally planned his deed for September 11, he may have other motives.

Below is a brief video report on the incident from RT. Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:18   He said to children, his classmates, that it will happen on 9/11.
00:22   But it happened today.
00:25   He wrote that to them on the Internet.
00:29   He told them not to come.
00:32   He told his class not to come on the 11th because on that day someone
00:35   will be here. —“I will come with a gun and a bomb.”
00:44   They have security at school.
00:47   Even parents, when we come to speak to the class teacher about our children,
00:52   we need to show our passport, and they write down our names and the time.
01:01   Ministry of Education Moscow region, Center #1

2 thoughts on “Jihad in a Moscow High School?

  1. No, the teenager is not a Muslim. He seems to be just mentally disturbed. And to have had a conflict with his victim, a 39-year-old teacher. He is also an ardent fan of the opposition leader Navalny (who recruits high school students to take part in his rallies promising them good payment if they get arrested).

    When the student entered the classroom, he did not say ‘Allah akbar!’ His reported words were: ‘I have been waiting for this for three years!’ He also said that the school was mined with explosives. He attacked his teacher with a hammer and frightened a few students into jumping from windows, three of them got injured.

    Not all violence in this world is Islam-related.

    • Yes.

      I always think it’s a good idea to wait for concrete knowledge before speculating on whether an incident is related to Islam. Usually, the facts are available one way or another in a few days. There are enough real incidents of jihad-related activities. The media and Islamic groups can easily take any speculation which turns out to be false, and claim it is the norm when, in fact, most violent incidents actually are related to Islam, but not all.

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