Interview With the Father of the Rimini Rapist

The video below, from a news report on Italian TV, shows an interview with the father of one of the young immigrants who allegedly raped a Polish woman and beat up her husband in the resort town of Rimini.

Note that the man featured in this video is an illegal immigrant, and was only allowed to stay in Italy because he fathered four children while he was in-country.

Note also that he expects that the mischievous young rapists will be out of confinement in a couple of years, able to “work, change their lives, have children and have their family.” Nice!

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   Can you show me the boys’ room?
00:05   With your permission — These are the children’s toys. These are their clothes drawers.
00:11   This is your sons’ room. —Yes, yes, yes, this one.
00:15   It’s like this now because the police were here doing their search
00:18   I put the things on (the bed) because I am cleaning [unintelligible]
00:22   What — this is a school trip?
00:25   Yes, a school trip, you see all here they made this at school with their friends.
00:30   This is written in Arabic from the Koran.
00:34   A phrase from the Koran? —Yes, yes, yes [unintelligible]
00:38   No, this is how you do the prayer: [Arabic] begins the prayer.
00:43   When we want to do prayer, we begin with this.
00:46   —They prayed, you pray together? One time, yes. I taught them a little how to pray
00:51   [unintelligible] I was looking for my son’s documents because he is disabled.
00:57   How is he disabled? [unintelligible] forgets some things.
01:01   Forgotten things from school… 100% disabled. He had documents.
01:06   Which of the two, the… —The smaller, the smaller.
01:10   They never found condoms, drugs…? —No, no. We go…
01:15   The father of two minor Moroccans of the Rimini gang, a welder who has been some 30 years in Italy,
01:21   says that in April, he will finish home confinement, a cumulative punishment
01:25   for theft and having re-entered Italy illegally after an expulsion.
01:30   I have 30 years in Italy. I had three months in 2004.
01:35   3 months in 2012 and 6 months now because I was convicted for returning from Morocco clandestinely.
01:40   One year in jail in Italy in thirty years.
01:44   For other [unintelligible] he cannot leave this public house
01:48   where he lives with his wife, who fled from this video camera, and with two other sons.
01:52   The younger of these two is now in jail. —And from there, we hope they will get out well and clean
01:58   with no more of this company and life will move on
02:01   because they are still young. I am sorry for this Polish girl,
02:05   for that trans(sexual). Such an ugly thing is not done. But it happened;
02:09   they are young boys, in two-three years
02:12   they will get out, work, change their lives, have children and have their family.
02:17   Ponte Vecchio, Pesaro Urbino, about 50 km from Rimini,
02:21   a place of industrious and hospitable people up until now.
02:24   Now disdain for the rapes; a sense of betrayal.
02:27   People are human, even in the wave of immediate pressure resulting from this episode.
02:34   As to the things being said about so many things, I repeat, let’s leave them to people’s comments.
02:39   The wife and husband have an expired residence permit. [unintelligible]
02:42   a result of a juvenile court decision, no expulsion,
02:45   to take care of their four sons born and grown up here.
02:49   Thanks to the magistrate of Ancona. A great lady. She helped me so much.
02:54   She released me in 2013. She released me also now.

8 thoughts on “Interview With the Father of the Rimini Rapist

  1. If there is any justice remaining in Europe, the only way such scum will ever leave the prison will be through the chimney.

  2. If there is any justice remaining in Europe, the only way such scum will ever leave the prison will be through the chimney.

    Something tells me you ain’t talkin’ about Santa Claus.


    • Not me. Approving and/or humorous allusions to the most depraved and barbaric practices of the Nazis suggest possible Hitler-worship.

      As the old russian adage goes, you don’t call in the wolves to help fight off the dogs.

      • Sounds like someone needs to lighten up. I am well aware that the Nazis were barbaric in their cruelty and methods of murder/disposal of millions of innocents. Since my humor/serious wish wasn’t understood by all let me clarify:

        I desire to see such violent rapist scum as our poor misguided immigrant boy executed because no amount of rehabilitation will ever make him fit to live again among civilized society. Since the EU does not believe in the death penalty even for the most depraved and egregious crimes, the next best outcome would be for him to be in prison for the rest of his life, dying there and being incinerated like common rubbish; not even receiving the dignity of a burial or resting place.

      • Approving and/or humorous allusions to the most depraved and barbaric practices of the Nazis suggest possible Hitler-worship.

        Nothing of the sort. Be that as it may, Europe is headed directly towards a reenactment of its darkest hours. While the EU continues to betray the entire continent, they are (inadvertently or not) paving the way for a Cromwell or Napoleon to wrest power from Brussels.

        While I take no great joy in predicting such a thing, it is all too likely that such a political strongman would then set about liquidating the Islamic filth that has been smeared across Europe like so much excrement.

        By the time this shift in power happens, there will be little left in the way of public patience, tolerance or mercy. Regardless of how vile, the most expeditious measures will likely prove unexpectedly popular after several more years of enduring jihadist attacks, gang rapes, and economic parasitism.

        Despite the fact that mass deportations would be the most humane thing to do, when this point is finally reached the EU economy will be in total ruins such that all thoughts of gentleness or humanity will vanish into thin air. Reprehensible as that may sound, Europe’s population is being driven to a state of total desperation by the linked forces of Theocratic Islam and Authoritarian Socialism.

        When that time comes, the Muslims will have no one to blame but themselves, regardless of how vigorously they point their fingers anywhere but inwards.

  3. In two or three years, huh? I kinda hope they will end up in our prisons for those two or three years. I don’t know what about Italian prisons, but in ours they are going to taste their own medicine. [Prison rapes here are way less popular than in the US or Canada, but apparently our lads have a sweet spot for rapists and paedophiles]

  4. …..absolutely atypically Muslim….excusing his rapist son of, effectively, being young and not mature as a means of a way to excuse the animal’s repellent behaviour….

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