Hussein Khavari: A Serial Rapist?

The following account by Egri Nök, published last night at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form, provides a useful follow-up to Nash Montana’s report on the sordid crimes of Hussein Khavari, the murderer of Maria L in Freiburg.

Maria L. was his third victim, at least

by Egri Nök

As a supplement to the videos posted earlier today, two original translations with slightly differing details.

1. From Badische Zeitung:

Second day of the trial of Hussein K.:

A confession — and possibly another rape

The defendant Hussein K. confessed to killing the student Maria L. The first witness testimony in the trial alleges to another crime: Possibly, Hussein K. raped a girl as a teenager in Iran. The second day of the trial in recap

The Confession

A long second day in the case of the murder of Maria L. brings several bombshells. First, the defendant Hussein K. made a comprehensive confession. He admitted to killing and then raping the student Maria L. in the early morning hours of October 16, 2016, around 3 AM on the bike trail at the river Dreisam behind the SC stadium. This was his account. He placed the lifeless victim only a meter from the shore into the river, to wash away the blood that had dropped on her. Hussein K. said that he had injured himself on the thorns of a blackberry bush. Previously, he had stopped Maria L. with a kick against her bicycle. The student was on her way home from a party.

Hussein K. said that he strangled his victim — who was screaming loudly — to death with his scarf. He abused her after she died. In actuality, according to the forensic findings, Maria drowned in the Dreisam. The victim’s body had several bite wounds.

Trial observers note that the defendant’s confession does not unequivocally contain characteristics of murder [as defined in German law — translator]. Thus, at least in theory, a sentence for manslaughter might become a possibility.

The First Witness

The first witness to testify is the detective chief inspector who was presiding the investigations as the criminal investigation department’s main case handler. The investigators were able to reconstruct using witness testimonies how the defendant had spent the day and the evening before the deed. First, he had been drinking and smoking hashish with friends in the Seepark. According to the investigators, the friends cannot confirm that Hussein K. was under the influence as strongly as he had said. The group of young men then later parted ways downtown.

The alleged attempt at Prostitution

Hussein K., the witness reports, thereupon went to the homosexual venue “Sonderbar”. There, he offered sexual services for money to a guest — who declined. He allegedly also harassed two women in the bar.

Did Hussein K. rape a 12-year old when he was 14?

The investigator pointed to the testimony of Hussein K.’s fellow inmate. This inmate testified that the defendant told him about the crime in Greece, where he threw a young woman down a quay wall. And Hussein K. allegedly also told him that when he was 14, he had raped a 12-year old girl in Iran. The case never went on the record, as the families arrived at an arrangement. Hussein K. was beaten — by his own father. Apparently, the prosecution investigated into this case. It seems that there is additional testimony on this, but according to BZ information no official confirmation.

The Question of Age

The age of Hussein K. remains open. He gave different answers to two friends who kept inquiring. He told one that he was 27. To the other one he said that he was 24. He also told authorities in Greece and in Germany completely different dates of birth.

There will be expert testimonies on age presented in the course of the trial. One will be based upon the examination of one of Hussein K’s canine teeth. The defendant had been keeping this tooth in his room, where the investigators found it during the search of the house.

2. From Focus*.

Hussein K. admits to abuse and violence against Maria L.

Day Two of the Trial

September 11, 2017
Focus Online reporter Fabian Herbers

09.05 AM: Punctually at nine, the defendant Hussein K. enters the hall in the Freiburg District Court. He knows the frenzy of flashing cameras from the first day of the trial. He is shackled at hands and feet today, too.

09:19 AM: The defendant reads a prepared note: “I ask you for forgiveness. I want to apologize to the family of Maria. I wish I could undo it. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart about what I have done”. He says that he dreams about it every day. He speaks quietly, but is alert. After he has finished reading, he wipes tears from his face. Maria’s parents do not attend the second day of the trial either.

09:24 AM: Hussein K. testifies about his age. He says he is 19 years old. Before the trial, Hussein K. had said that he was 17 at the time of the crime in October 2016.

09:44 AM: Hussein K. details the night of the crime. He was drinking and smoking hashish with three friends. Then he got kicked out of a bar because he was so drunk. At some point, he walked home. At the River Dreisam, the girl approached him on the bike. He kicked the bike, making her fall. Maria screamed; he pressed her mouth close. Then, he strangled her with her scarf, and laid her in the water, unconscious. “When I saw how pretty she was, I wanted to have sex with her.”

But by his own account, he was too drunk to have an erection. Therefore, he inserted his hand. As he had injured himself previously in a bike accident, he dragged her into the river, to wash his blood from her body. Then he fled. After his account, he weeps; the judge orders a break.

10:30 AM: Judge Schenk inquires: How did you feel in the days before the deed? Hussein K. says that he attempted suicide seven days before the deed. He allegedly took 15 sleeping pills and a sedative liquid. A psychiatrist allegedly prescribed him both. The judge tries to reconstruct the evening before the deed. To many questions, Hussein K. replies that he no longer knew. He avoids eye contact, keeps his head lowered. He could not remember where he boarded the street tram after the deed. “If I tell you that there are video recordings of you at Bertholdsbrunnen, can you remember then?” the judge asks. But this question does not help either.

“Did you want to have sex with a corpse?”

10:50 AM: He is asked to detail the deed again. Because she screamed, he took her scarf and put it around her neck until she didn’t move anymore. He thought that she was dead. “Did you want to have sex with a corpse?” the judge asks. Hussein K. answers: “I didn’t mind having sex with a corpse.”

11.56 AM: Hussein K. is still on the witness stand. He speaks quietly, and assures the judge upon her requests that he cannot remember anything. The judges want to fill in blanks that Hussein accounted for vaguely or left out of his testimony. Often, his answer is: “I don’t know.” The judge inquires about a “Chinese” whom he allegedly met that night. A witness is reported to have said that the defendant told him that he wanted to rape her, too. But Hussein K. denies that.

The suspect allegedly harassed other women

12:23 PM: It is the prosecutor’s term to question the defendant. The central question is: Was the deed done on impulse, or with the intent to rape the woman? Chief Prosecutor Eckart Berger lists that Hussein K. did not just harass a woman in a bar, but also another woman in the street tram, as proven by the video recording. Furthermore, he had been staring for minutes at a woman at the ticket vending machine. To each of these questions, the defendant replies that he cannot remember.

He does not admit that he allegedly told a friend after the deed that he had killed and raped a woman. Neither does he admit that, according to testimonies by friends, even before the deed he had intended to rape a woman. Where do the biting wounds on Maria’s body come from? By his own account, Hussein K. doesn’t remember.

12:43 PM: Hussein K. says that he did not see whether the cyclist at the Dreisam was a man or a woman. The lawyer for Maria L.’s parents wants to know why then he kicked the person from the bike; it might have been a strong man. Hussein K. says that he simply kicked, without giving it a thought.

12:57 PM: The defendant comes back to his failed suicide attempt, seven days before the deed. He was wishing today that he had managed to end his life. Because of the failed suicide attempt, he was not feeling well on the day of the deed.

1:00 PM: The hearing is suspended for a lunch break. It will be continued at 2:15.

2:33 PM: The first expert witness is police officer Edgar Pfeifer. At 8:20 in the morning after the deed, police received several calls. A patrol car then found the naked body of Maria L. She was lying in the water at the riverside. In her bag police found her ID. Thus they learnt that the victim had been living in student housing. Interviews there revealed that Maria L. had a boyfriend. But the two separated consensually a while before the deed.

Maria L. sent her last message to a girlfriend

2:58 PM: The police officer explains that Maria L. was known as abstinent and cautious. In her pocket, the investigators found a sealed condom. It turned out that she had gotten it at an event where she had just been as a giveaway from a condom company. Data from her mobile phone shows that Maria L. sent her last WhatsApp message from there to a girlfriend: she was cycling home now.

3:27 PM: Police Officer Pfeifer explains how the investigators found the trace of Hussein K.: Five hair strands were secured in a blackberry bush at the scene of the crime. Four of them were the victim’s. The fifth was 18 centimetres long, brown, with bleached lengths. Police subsequently viewed for days video material from the night of the crime from cameras all across town.

Finally, an investigator saw a man, in a video recording from a street tram line 1 bound for Littenweiler, whose hair matched the hair that was found at the scene of the crime — he wore an undercut and a pony tail. The man’s behaviour in the video recording raised suspicion, because, according to Pfeifer, he sat down next to a woman at the station Bertholdsbrunnen. She seemed visibly uncomfortable and left to find a different seat. Then, on December 2, 2016, the manhunt was successful: A female police officer from Freiburg recognized Hussein K. on the street, even though he was wearing a baseball cap and had changed his hair.

4:04 PM: Now it is about his age: how old was Hussein K. at the time of the crime? “He did not seem like a 17-year-old to me,” says Pfeifer and points out the older appearance, and his “bearing”. His behaviour in detention, too, pointed towards K.’s being older. The policeman also says: in the night of the crime, Hussein K. was out and about with six men — but then he went to the “Sonderbar” — a homosexual venue in Freiburg, Pfeifer says. The barkeeper there said that K. seemed absolutely sober to him. Hussein K. offered a male guest sex for money. But the man refused. Then K. danced with a woman and “groped” her.

4:43 PM: In jail, Hussein apparently confessed to a fellow prisoner, who subsequently told the police that K., according to his own words, when he was 14, raped a 12-year old from a neighboring village in Afghanistan. There were no charges laid, the two families agreed on a corporal punishment for K.

15:30 PM: The second day of the trial is ending.

*   This text appeared in Focus in slightly different form. Assuming that readers are familiar, we left out the introduction, which recaps the crime, and the last paragraph, which recaps day 1 of the trial. We then re-arranged the order for your reading convenience, as the article was originally published in form of evolving updates, with the first entry from 9:05 AM at the bottom and the closing of the day on top.

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  1. Thank the heavens for the blackberry bush which trapped his hair, or he might have gotten away Scot free. Unfortunately, the EU has done away with the death penalty. . It is merited in this case. Pure scum.

    • Can they really be talking in court about a manslaughter
      Charge for this animal?

      What price diversity Germany? A beautiful young woman,
      Full of potential, slaughtered on the altar of diversity and
      Political correctness imposed by the hag mutti Merkel.

    • You do know that his “religion” grants him sanction to do this kind of thing, right? Merely taking his just rewards in this world.

    • I agree totally with your sentiment Barbara – he is pure scum – he has ruined the lives of so many people – has he looked in the eyes of the family of Maria? or her friends (my daughter is one) – who will never see life in the same way again …

  2. Six years for manslaughter. Early release. No deportation. Will rape and kill again. Then investigations and assurances that the same mistakes “will not be repeated.”

  3. I enjoyed my time in Germany and my many friends of the ’60s and ’70s–North Bavaria (USA Army-3rd Herd).

    Now-I’m just disgusted with them. I don’t understand what they are doing. But what is WORSE–I just don’t care about them anymore.

  4. Cases like this are why the elimination of capital punishment was a huge mistake.

    Some “humans” are wholly undeserving of the privilege of a second chance.

  5. the two photographs in the header are iconic for the antagonism :
    obnoxious brutalized culture of shirtlifters and drug addicts vs. intelligent and committed beauty.

  6. So is this creep an Afghan or an Iranian? Is he 17 or 27? Whoever thought letting undocumented and vetted people into your country was a good idea?
    What did the sign those Germans welcoming “Syrians” say? “they are not dangerous, they are in danger”. We now know they were neither.

  7. Dear GoV readers, please don’t get too upset at this point; also none of you has a crystall ball …

    May be there would have been better sources to translate — most German newspaper are very careful not to sound “racist” you know …

    I did a quick search on the Web if there realy are serious sources that claim the case might be manslaughter. Came across

    FAZ — mainstream though on the better end. They state claims like “age 18” and “might be manslaughter” come from the lawyer of defence — what could you expect?

    The article also shows how desperate and stupid this guy is lieing; after having kicked at a bicycle: “I went over and saw it was a girl, I got afraid because she screamed …” Amazing acomplishment for someone laying on the ground, totally full, to get on his feet and look at the person before she even coud start crying… “In dubio pro reo” — but there are limits!

    Finally, to all those who imagine Germany as a hell of crime: please search the Web for some international crime statistics comparison. Yes, we are droping these years, but e.g. the US is still much worse.

    • Thank you for this very good brief FAZ article!

      The way I understood that paragraph in the Badische Zeitung was that they were noticing that the line of defense seems to be very obviously aiming at “manslaughter”.

  8. The daily catalog of crime being inflicted on Germans by STASI sow agent “Erika” as she implements the globalist filth master plan.

    “Count” Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi’s genocidal screed “Practical Idealism” in pdf format……the original Austrian NAZI and his satanic tome for the enslavement of €uroPeons that makes Onkel Adolf’s “Mein Kampf” look like a bedtime story. This was the freak that laid the foundations for the abomination in the Natostan sewer Brussels, seat of the totalitarian Pedophile Politburo that runs the EUSSR for the banksters and necromongers.

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