German Psychiatrist: Muslim Immigrants Have an Insane Potential for Violence

The following clip from German state television aired on September 17, a week before the earthquake at the polls. It’s nearly unheard of that the congenital and cultural deficiencies of the “refugees” could be discussed so frankly on TV, and it’s especially remarkable given the political climate that prevailed in the weeks before the general election.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the video and text below.

Notes on the video from PolitikStube:

It’s almost unbelievable that such clear words are being broadcast at PHOENIX and ZDF: The publicist Ulrich Reitz (FOCUS) and the psychiatrist Christian Peter Dogs use very bold and definite language about why the established parties have failed in their assessment of the refugee crisis.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s a detailed article about the discussion on ZDF, from Epoch Times:

Psychiatrist on ZDF: Today’s Migrants cannot be integrated — Politicians are ignoring the fears and concerns of citizens

Politicians aren’t taking the concerns of the citizens seriously — that’s what the psychiatrist Christian Dogs says on a ZDF show. Everyone that criticizes German asylum policies is immediately being labeled as “sick” and “right-wing”. All the while the migrants are a “ticking time bomb in our country” with their “insane potential for violence”, says the psychiatrist.

The saying, “We are not afraid!” after each terror attack is nothing more than an empty phrase, says Christian Peter Dogs. He was the leading physician at the Panorama Clinic in Scheidegg for years, and is now the leading Physician at the Max-Grundig Clinic.

On September 16th, 2017, he spoke on Peter Hahne’s talk show on the topic “The power of fear — exploitation or reality?” His dialog partner was the journalist Ulrich Reitz, former chief editor of the news magazine “FOCUS”.

Dogs: Politics pander to citizens without taking them seriously

Right at the beginning of the show Dogs criticized current politicians who merely mollify people with the slogan “We are not afraid!”, instead of taking them seriously.

They are trying to influence the people with slogans, the journalist Reitz explains. That way nobody would inquire any further about the politicians’ solutions for these problems.

“When a terror attack happens in one of the European capitals, politicians stand there mostly clueless, and that is their big fear. Politicians themselves are afraid,” Reitz emphasizes.

For years problem have been suppressed, the psychiatrist said critically. People who would question and scrutinize the refugee policies of the government, were labeled “sick” and “right-wing”. Not taking the people seriously is the biggest mistake of the government, says Dogs.

Reitz: Politicians are afraid, but they also abuse this fear

Politicians aren’t just afraid themselves, but they also abuse this fear, Reitz asserted. “When Frau Merkel presents herself as the inherent embodiment of security, then this is an exact reflex to the fact that people are very unsettled and uncertain. And Frau Merkel says, ‘I am security.’ End of story. She is the biggest profiteer of fear politics,” says the journalist.

“The crazy thing with our society is that we are all afraid, but we’re all acting like we’re not.” (Dr. Christian Peter Dogs, MD)

The people feel betrayed by politicians

According to Dogs, many people come to him for treatment due to current phenomena. These people suffer from severe anxiety disorders; some are even unable to even leave their houses because they feel threatened. “And they feel completely betrayed by politicians, because they say they’ll do something but nobody is acting,” the psychiatrist says.

Furthermore, it is completely incomprehensible to Dogs, that politicians who — like Merkel — have been in positions of power for many years, say things like “One should do something”. Who but they should/could do anything at all? he asks.

Mass immigration: Migrants do not understand our values — they are not integrable.

Furthermore, mass immigration itself is rather questionable, because young men come to Germany with an “insane amount of potential for violence,” says Dogs.

It’s commonly accepted in contemporary psychology that the personality of a human being is formed by the age of 20, or as early as 12 years old, the Psychiatrist explains. Character, temperament and personality are therefore hardly changeable after that.

They are people with entirely different sets of values. “They are a ticking time bomb that we have here, because they don’t even understand our values, and we can’t teach our values to them, either,” Dogs emphasizes. Therapy for refugees won’t help or change much, either, and “we have to accept that,” he added.

Therefore the demands for integration classes are sheer naiveté:

“You can’t integrate them. There is nothing to integrate in most areas. You can learn the language, but you can’t learn the cultural sphere, not the religiosity, not the conviction and especially not the potential for violence.” Dr. Peter Dogs, MD)

“There are a lot of people coming here who have a crazy aggressive potential, because they grew up in wars. They have learned to fight, and they don’t even know what it means to live harmoniously. To try and change that is lunacy.”

[Followed by the video of the entire program]

Video transcript:

0:07   …because they then — nobody reacts to it, does anything,
0:10   but I mean, it’s not like Merkel just entered the stage,
0:13   she had time for sixteen years, and I just think it’s insane
0:16   [Dr. Christian Peter Dogs, MD “Politicians should take concerns seriously”]
when the politicians say, ‘Yeah, one should really do something’,
0:19   but who? If anyone it’s them! —Good, I mean you could generally say that,
0:22   Schulz, too, is totally apolitical,
0:25   and he just started all brand new, and Lindner, and the Greens, too,
0:28   it’s as if they never had to do nothing with anything.
0:31   Isn’t that also a disappointment to the people
0:34   who want to… I mean, it makes it really easy for populists?
0:41   So now you have to tell me, are the established parties not populist? [Ulrich Reitz, publicist]
0:44   They do that, they do that… —Fine we just heard that in the […], the populist…
0:47   This is simply not a phenomenon where one can say
0:50   that only the AfD is doing it, or the Left party,
0:53   this is widespread, and everybody tries to gain from fear.
0:56   The question remains whether it’s pandering,
0:59   whether it’s a simulation of false facts
1:02   and wrong solutions,
1:05   or if, if, how one approaches that.
1:08   I mean, the complaints made by teachers are increasing,
1:11   that they just can’t manage to integrate refugees any longer
1:14   at their schools, and these are all consequential damages.
1:17   We… we, we have strains on the federal as well as the state level
1:20   that keep increasing more and more,
1:23   and when we warned about that two years ago,
1:26   that this would happen, one was really stigmatized,
1:29   because nobody wanted to hear this, but it was entirely predictable.
1:32   And the people, they possess a normal,
1:35   sophisticated ability to reason, they know that,
1:38   that if you let in so many people that bring with them
1:41   a culture that is hard to integrate,
1:44   with a religion that is at best shady,
1:47   that there will then be problems. Big problems.
1:50   And so, from the top down, politicians send the signal,
1:53   we can handle that,
1:56   and we here at the bottom have to solve that, but we can’t…
1:59   Yes, and then arrive all these young men, from these… war zones,
2:02   with that religion on their backs as well…
2:05   And that is when you’ll see this wonderful phenomenon that nobody
2:08   really wants to acknowledge, but we researchers of course see,
2:11   which is that the personality of a human being
2:14   is fully developed by the time they reach 20 years of age, starting at around 12,
2:17   meaning character, temperament, personality, are basically developed,
2:20   and they can hardly be changed anymore, which means then that these young people
2:23   coming here they bring with them an insane amount of potential for violence,
2:26   they come here with a completely different set of values,
2:29   and that is a ticking time bomb that we have here, because they don’t even
2:32   understand our values, and we can’t teach them these anymore.
2:35   And even if we could achieve meaning with therapists, which is something
2:38   I always question anyway, when we have to do these refugee therapies,
2:41   we are just not going to achieve a whole lot, and we should accept that.
2:44   But would you then say…
2:47   […] —Yes exactly!
2:50   And Claudia Roth sat here, she said we’re doing it all,
2:53   integration, and we’ll do classes and all,
2:56   this is naiveté. —Yes of course. You can’t…
2:59   You can’t, there’s nothing to integrate in that regard,
3:02   you can learn the language, but not the cultural sphere,
3:05   the religiosity, not the conviction,
3:08   and especially not the potential for violence. There are people coming here
3:11   who carry with them an insane amount of potential for violence,
3:14   because they grew up during wars, they have learned to fight, they never learned
3:17   to live harmoniously, and to try and change that is lunacy.

44 thoughts on “German Psychiatrist: Muslim Immigrants Have an Insane Potential for Violence

  1. Here’s a psychiatrist that might actually be worth visiting!

    Per the Catholic Church, seven is the age of reason.” By seven, a child can definitely assess right from wrong. It does not matter, if he is not trained in Christianity for example. The natural laws are written in everyone’s heart. Any child knows it is wrong to steal candy from a store, kick the dog when you’re angry, stab your brother with a knife during a fight, etc. etc.

    So yes, some of the cultures these people come from might be more violent than ours, but this is no excuse. Each individual is morally
    responsible for his own behavior. Even if a kid keeps kicking dogs year
    after year and thereby weakens his conscience, he can still decide to change at age 20, and turn over a new leaf, especially if there are good, mature examples around him/her.

    I think some of these wild
    incoming third world 20 year olds will indeed change for the better after a few years in Germany, but it will only be those few who have an attraction to wanting to be a good person. and who see the benefits
    they will get from it, which are undoubtedly many.

    • “some of these wild incoming third world 20 year olds will indeed change for the better after a few years in Germany”

      I think that is extremely unlikely. They are not simply products of a different culture, they are mass-brainwashed from birth to hate non-Muslims with a depth of passion that we Westerners simply cannot grasp. They are denied any form of education that might encourage them to think outside their programming, and thus are quite devoid of the ability to think for themselves. They can no more become civilised westerners than a rabid dog can become a teddy bear. They are aliens, by any definition.

      Having said that, their children could gradually integrate over generations, if the brainwashing is stopped. If governments could pluck up the courage to ban Islam, demolish the mosques and deport the Imams, they would not only save their own people from the ravages of Islam, they would also save the poor, benighted Muslims from it.

      They need to view Islam like they view Bubonic Plague or Cancer; and stop at nothing to stamp it out.

      • They are also sexually abused in their tribes at exceedingly young ages. It is permissible under Sharia law to do so as long as no physical damage is done. Under this ignorant lack of comprehension regarding infant and child development, such use of babies and children is not seen as the deep harm it is…and these kids grow up warped in the extreme. Even animals are treated more humanely.

        • People bag on the Catholic Church, which certainly has its fair share of child abuse problems, but those issues are a drop in the ocean of abuse that is institutionalized in Islam.

          On top of that, we can’t forget even more basic forms of abuse encouraged by the Ummah, such as endemic childhood malnutrition.

          Childhood malnutrition has been shown to inhibit frontal lobe development, and thus inhibit the growth of certain higher brain functions.

          Combine that with the issues created by systematic cousin marriage, and you have masses of people with highly suggestible brains that lack the physical structures for asking a lot of deep, skeptical questions.

          It is almost as if the prophet, or possibly Satan, planned it this way.

        • Yet I struggle to understand how they cannot at least see the horrendous results of underage girls becoming pregnant.

      • To the sailor,

        Agree: “changing for the better ….is extremely unlikely”.

        The inculcation in the mosques – with no disagreement, no questioning, no introspection permitted, on pain of being beaten – is what Allah has declared:
        Muslims are superior, the “best of peoples raised up for mankind” (K. 3:110)
        Kuffar are “filth …the vilest of beasts” (9:28, 8:22), who must be made to “feel themselves subdued” or else be killed (9:29),
        Muslims must be in command of kuffar, and NOT take instructions from them: “obey … those in authority from among you…”,
        The world rightly belongs to muslims,
        The women and wealth of the kuffar should be taken by muslims as punishment for the kuffar’s disbelief.

        To these immutable instructions add the cultural social mores that argument is weakness, and aggression is admirable (as Nicolai Sennels has found with muslim criminal youth). Compound those with GENERATIONS of first cousin marriage, causing IQ deficit.

        Between them they create a formidable obstacle to civilisation.

        • Nicolai Sennels was the first psychologist who’d actually worked with those “youths” and could explain from personal experience how they were beyond Western cultural reach. Admirable work, for which he was fired.

      • Culture is a function of race – Muslims were Muslims before Islam, and Islam is a mirror into their souls.

      • It is possible to throw off one’s cultural and religious heritage. What better example than the psychiatrist Dr Wafa Sultan.

    • I disagree with your comment, and totally agree with that psychiatrist. There are two kinds of society: shame society and guilt society.

      Within the Judaeo/Christian religion, we are brought up to examine our conscience, and to differentiate right from wrong.

      The shame societies have none of this – everything is external. Moslems are told by their imams what to think. Prayers are public acts, and are chanted by rote. There is no introspection. I believe that the idea that individuals being morally responsible for their own behaviour is alien to Moslems. Couple this with their constant brainwashing that encourages Jew hatred, and despising of the ‘Infidel’, and we are left with a hugely incompatible and dangerous society

      • succinct differentiation between shame and guilt. Many anthropological psychiatrists propose that only mature civilizations move on to a guilt version of morality. And even within those groups, mature moral discernment is relatively rare. Of course, only with guilt cultures can there be high trust — something that Quaker merchants and businessmen used to pull 19th-century England into modern times.

      • To lucretiamacevil
        “There is no introspection. … the idea that individuals being morally responsible for their own behaviour is alien to Moslems.”
        Yes: as instructed in the mosques, from the Koran:
        “Do NOT’ [whack] “ask about things which .. may cause you trouble” (5:101).
        “And you did not kill them, but it was Allah who killed them” (8:17).

        The Greatest of Deceivers controls everything.

    • Your are ignoring 1400 years of nonstop mandatory Jihad to cleanse the earth of all NONMUSLIMS resulting in the deaths of over 650 MILLION people.

      For 1400 years, Muslims have NOT integrated, they have conquered and destroyed the host civilizations, mak[ing] them integrate to them. There are geniuses behind this mostly taught in the WEST by the Saudis. But the face of Islam is the idiot screaming and butchering.

      You do realize the Middle East used to be completely Christian?

      You do realize they have a darn near 100% success rate in colonizing a country once they begin the process?

      And you do realize that they do not have to do a thing to conquer you except breed?

      They do not integrate because Mohammed forbade it. It will not happen. You need to learn the basics about Islam.

    • I can see why the interview made it on German TV.

      First of all, Islam was not mentioned. Seconde, the violent proclivities of the refugees were attributed totally to their experiences of war and the values around them when they were growing up. In other words, the infant is a blank slate, as preached by leftist writers. The refugees were simply written on by the wrong, indelible, chalk.

      So, there was nothing in the interview that could be taken, say, as being against a Muslim refugee who was raised in the orderly, wealthy environment of one of the oil sheikdoms, say Abu Dubai. The streets are clean and orderly, crime is low, and non-Muslims are fairly safe, as long as they keep their heads down.

      So, one idea which is not even mentioned in passing: that the character of a person is genetic, and quite fixed before birth, at the moment of conception. Black populations have a high criminality and low-IQ rate, regardless of where or how they are raised. The pathology rates can be affected by authoritarian pressures: for example, the black illegitimacy rate used to be far lower than it is, before welfare became a right.

      So, there is every likelihood that Muslim babies from the Middle East and Africa, if ripped from their hijabed mothers and raised by Lutherans, would still show staggering rates of violence and dysfunction.

      The DACA program in the US, “designed” to allow “innocent” Hispanic children a refuge from the chaos and dysfunction of their home countries, is plagued by high rates of gang membership, school dropouts, and welfare. Lots of DACA children join gangs: after all, they have the low-IQ and high impulsiveness (very correlated with heritability) that is just right for gang membership. The media pulls out the one or two refugee valedictorians in mainly-Hispanic schools, and touts them as typical “dreamers”.

      So, I suggest, the panelists haven’t said anything really earth-shattering. What they said cannot be taken as anti-Islamic, anti-immigration, in general, or anti-Middle Eastern or sub-Saharan African.

      At this point, Hillary seems to make sense: “What difference does it make?”

      What difference indeed? It doesn’t matter what your philosophy or science of man is: the refugees streaming into Germany are going to be violent, are going to be disruptive, are going to be a drain on the system and the structure, and they aren’t going to change and neither are their offspring.

      So, the Germans can all agree on this: the politicians aren’t doing anything about the situation. They are allowing the programs to play out, and are allowing free rein to whatever entrenched interests exist that welcome refugees. The future for native Germans is so bleak, some of them don’t even want to walk on the streets, and seek psychiatric care. So, if you’re likely to be robbed, beaten, or killed when you walk on the street, a psychiatrist can do….what?…for you.

      • A bit belated, RonaldB, but I can’t let this one past without comment. Intelligence may be genetic (at least in part), but character is largely determined by upbringing.

          • There is considerable genetic variation within families. The critical studies are the identical twin studies, which show an uncanny similarity in personality factors, even with identical twins raised apart from birth.

        • The Genius Famine

          This is not a technical book, but shows the converging lines of research showing overwhelming probability that general character and other vitally important traits come through genes.

  2. I take issue with the last sentence in the translation above:

    because they grew up during wars, they have learned to fight, they never learned
    to live harmoniously, and to try and change that *is lunacy*

    to try and change that “ist eine Irrsinnsaufgabe”, the speaker says.

    That means its a mammoth task, bordering on madness. In other words, a task bound to fail, a task one must abort….

    • Hence I also take issue with the title of the piece which includes the eye-catching word “insane.” applied to “potential” It is true that the adjective IRRE and its nouns mean insane, as in Irrenanstalt, lunatic asylum.

      But in colloquial German, IRRE can also be used as praise based on the size or magnitude of the thing being praised: irre schön, madly/fantastically beautiful.

      So given also the tone of voice of the speaker, he means “mammoth potential” and not “insane potential”, which would wrongly imply he is psychiatrising that potential.

      • Ah, but the English word “insane” has EXACTLY the same colloquial meaning. That’s the way I understood it when I put the post together. Americans often look at a job that is too difficult, or large, or dangerous, and say, “This is insane!” That’s how I took the idiom.

        So I think Nash was right to render it that way. From my point of view, you just confirmed it.

        • Worthy Baron, Your humble Servant begs to differ with your confirmation, inasmuch as the use of “insane” in any article dealing with aspects of Islam is liable to be taken literally by the reader and not colloquially.
          Deus lo vult.

        • German isn’t all that complicated. “Irrsinn” means insanity, “aufgabe” means task. “Irrsinnsaufgabe” means just that, a task only an insane person would undertake.
          German is a very straightforward language gentlemen, hardly any room for ambiguity.

        • This is being completely overthought. I translated the video in the way Americans – regular non-too-intellectual Americans- will most likely understand it. I’m not about to split hairs because of some complicated German words when I can very simply put them together in a way that they express the meaning of what is said, and say what is meant.

          • Overthought? Split hairs? Complicated German words?

            Do you not recall Carter’s Polish interpreter being sacked for causing an international incident? Or the successful lawsuits that are based on bad comma placement in contracts, there was one recently in the USA?

            The point at issue is at 2m 26sec on the video, “irres Gewaltpotential” , given that it was then used as the title.

            “Insane potential” means 1. literally mad 2. mammoth.

            But it is clear the speaker means mammoth and is not saying the potential is clinically lunatic.

            The distinction is all the more important as he is a psychiatrist.

            None of this with prejudice to Nash Montana’s admirable voluntary work, which I greatly appreciate.

          • Baron is not the President of the USA (though he should be), and I’m not an official government employee translating for him. Therefore I’m not really sure why you’re so upset. Clearly this is bothering you.

            But thank you for comparing this situation to Carter’s international politics Fiasko. I apologize that I am not up to par with expectations set upon government employed translators working for US presidents, or that this reminded you of a bad one. But I’m not taking it personal 🙂

            Thank you for reading and commenting though! Now I have to look it up. I was just a Swiss teen consumed with riding horses everyday when Carter was in office.

          • I’m with you Nash. Irrsinnig menschlich is an insane person. Sin is the stem ig is a suffix which changes a noun into an adjective. Irr is a prefix which modifies the stem and turns it into a negative.So in English we have the stem sane.The prefix( in) which changes the meaning of the stem so sane versus insane.Then take the adjective insanely .Here the word insane becomes an adjective with the addition of the suffix ly
            Aufgabe is a task.
            Hence irrisinsaufgabe is an insane task.

            Remember German ,English ,Dutch ,Swedish and are all Germanic languages.So there is some consistency at the structural level.

          • Oh by the way Nash meaningless or senseless task would probably also fit in this context .But insane task seems more accurate.

  3. So, knowing what he knows, having seen what he’s seen, the psychiatrist still treats populism like a dirty word. What would a populist solution to the nightmare scenario of invasion be? It would reflect what the populous, most of it, wants — a Muslim free Germany. Of course one must never assume. But I’m breaking that rule, I assume most Germans are deplorables. They want their country back. And for that to happen nothing less than a populist revolt against the suicidal socialist-globalists will suffice. Followed by expulsion of the Muslims. Or would the psychiatrist prefer that he or his children or his grandchildren come to horrible ends but die as respectables who wouldn’t touch populism or populists with a ten foot pole?

      • My own conclusion: an excruciating journey of denial and gradual enlightenment is in the offing for the ordinary Germans. At some point they realize what’s going on, but the metastasized cancer will be already incurable, or manageable only with a radical excision of primary tumors and extensive chemotherapy.

        Whether such ailment is still curable remains to be seen.

  4. Merkel herself said multi literalism had failed a while back.
    History teaches us that where Islam lands, gains a foothold, demands follow, then more demands, then violence, rape and all the savagery associated with this Cult. (Religion it is not).
    With this in mind, importing millions more, merely embolden’s them with greater number, and is tantamount to pouring petrol onto a fire. No-one asked the European citizens if changing the entire demographic of their home towns and cities was what they, as democratic voters, wanted! Why? because would have said no.
    Regardless, they steam ahead and did it, knowing they themselves would never be affected by the mass influx and change to the Society, yet happy to push the inevitable rapes and violence on their innocent citizens. How the [deuce] do these people sleep at night!?

  5. I find this odd that people are quibbling over the translator’s choice of words which did NOT obsure the meaning of the text for us. She/he might not even be getting paid for this serious effort.

    This is not an American Translator’s Exam where points are deducted for
    the smallest of errors!

    Thanks to the translator(s) here–
    you’re doing an EXCELLENT job in my opinion.

      • Typo in my above post.
        Should be “obscure.”

        Amazing, that they are volunteers. Everyday, there are long pieces translated. Not sure how they could spend that kind of time everyday for free,
        unless they can get paid by a different outfit for the same piece ! Or maybe, they are retired. Anyway, thanks again, the translators are high caliber here.

        • Some of them are retired. Some work full or part time on other jobs, and translate when they can.

          Vlad and I try to give them only short pieces when we request translations. The longer pieces are usually their own idea. For example, when Nash does one or two videos accompanied by an article, it’s usually her own idea.

    • Thank you very much!

      Oddly, when Baron “threatens” me with “docking my pay” in a playful manner when I or one of the other translators “mistranslate”, it does have an effect. We think that the honor of translating this stuff as a high one, and maybe even higher because it’s a labor of love and not labor for money.

      • You’re welcome. I translate from G into Eng once in a while too, and your translation was super. Yes, you could have chosen “monumental task,” or maybe “insane job,” but lunacy works just as well with me!! My gosh, maybe we need
        to create a new term for some smarty pants,
        perfectionists reading here:
        “Translation Nazis.” Next time, we could just say something to each other like, “ah oh, no worries, it’s just the translation nazis marching about..”

        • Good idea! I use the ‘Grammar Nazi Cat’ meme a lot. It’s a black and white tuxedo cat that looks like it has a Hitler mustache, and it says “Grammar Nazi Cat Does Not Approve of This Post”.

          I guess all roads lead back to Hitler, sooner or later. Lol.

        • yes, or tell the smarty pants to learn the target language themselves so they can check the accuracy of translations with the requisite authority!

  6. I think there are a very fairly simple measures Europe and the US can take to save ourselves, even at this late stage. Focus on the Ideology. It is a brutal, vicious, evil totalitarian *ideology* that must be strangled into submission, and from existence. Not the people. The ideology. So, allow no new copy of the Koran, or any Mohammedan text. in. When there is a terror suspect and the premises are searched – confiscate and destroy every copy found. If a mosque is found to be teaching jihad, or condoning rape and assault upon women and children – close it down, lock it up. Confiscate all written material and weapons and destroy them. Submit in no way shape or form to Shariah law. Pork will be served in all schools and cafeterias in Germany and England and France – and so on. Halal butchering should be forbidden because of it’s terrible and unnecessary cruelty. Certification for Halal meat should be forbidden because the monies paid go directly to fund terrorism. [Excessive material redacted]. You must also consider the birth rates of those allowed in. Enforce one man one woman marriage. Enforce it! Endless immigration of endless family members must be stopped. Everyone should apply strictly on their own merits. If they have no merits – if they can not support themselves and their families – do not move them in. If they can not prove who they are – do not let them in. If they have *any* association with Jihad – do not let them in. If they come from hotbeds of jihadi practice – do not allow them in. Women, small children attempting to flee – Christians, Jews and Kurds being exceptions – because they are the ones being raped and slaughtered by the Jihadis. In other words – if a person be tainted with the ideology – do Not let them in. If they are willing to leave the ideology and all the hate and violence that goes with it behind, then they are far more likely to assimilate into their host culture and act like civilized persons.

  7. The fight with “islam” is only a secondary fight–if a fight at all. Clearly nobody is fighting them at present.
    The REAL fight, the FIRST fight, the MOST DIFFICULT fight, the one we do NOT and at present CANNOT even mention………………………….

    …………………………….the unfought, unrecognized, unspoken about, shunned and shoved under the rug………………………………

    The fight against our own society. Its culture, religions, laws, news media, legal system and ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES who will resist such ‘islamophobia’ to the (OUR) death.

    Lock and load, boys and girls.

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