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The Danish government has replaced its border guards with army troops to guard the border with Germany. Troops have also been stationed around prominent Danish landmarks to protect them.

In other news, Austria’s ban on full-face coverings, including the burka, goes into effect this weekend.

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Financial Crisis
» Italy: S&P Analysts ‘Incompetent’ — Trani Judges
» ISIS Warns U.S. Muslims of New Attacks: Stay Out of Public Places
» Julian Assange Says Will Provide Evidence Russia Narrative is False in Exchange for Pardon
» Note in Church Shooter’s Car Could Point to Retaliation as Motive
» Federal Trudeau Still Seen as Best PM, But Conservatives ‘Best to Form Government’
Europe and the EU
» Austria Claims New Burqa Ban Promotes ‘Acceptance and Respect of Austrian Values’
» Austria’s Burqa Ban Come Into Force This Weekend
» Catalonia Referendum: Spain Deploys More Than 10,000 Police Officers for Independence Vote
» Denmark Acts to Control Borders: Danish Soldiers Installed at Germany Boundary
» EU Under Threat: Anti-Brussls Party Takes Strong Lead Ahead of Czech Elections in 2017
» Europe: What Do Islamic Parties Want?
» Italy: Trial for 16 Former PD Lazio Councillors
» Italy: Parolin Calls for Dialogue After Pope Heresy Letter
» Lesson From the German Elections: Voters See Through the “Equality” Scam
» Pope Launches Crusade Against Fake News
» Switzerland: The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Jihad
» Hungary’s Orban Cheers for Gruevski in Macedonia Election
Israel and the Palestinians
» Caroline Glick: Breaking Israel’s Imperial Court
Middle East
» Israel Must be Ready to Tackle Iran on Its Own
» Qatar Air Takes 49% of Meridiana Controlling Company
South Asia
» India Asks Myanmar to Punish Perpetrators Linked to Hindu Mass Grave
Australia — Pacific
» Yassmin Abdel-Magied Says She’s a Victim of ‘Brown Poppy Syndrome’ And Her Efforts to be a ‘Model Muslim’ Failed Because Non-White People Are ‘Second-Class Citizens in Australia’
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Sierra Leone Arrests Pastor Who Blamed Islam for ‘Every Terrorist Act in History’
Latin America
» WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange in War of Words With the Country Protecting Him

Italy: S&P Analysts ‘Incompetent’ — Trani Judges

President, CEO aware of this

(ANSA) — Trani, September 28 — Standard and Poor’s analysts who downgraded Italy’s sovereign debt by two notches were “incompetent” and the US ratings agency’s CEO and president were “aware” of this, a Trani court said Thursday in its explanation of a March 30 acquittal of S&P and Fitch for market manipulation. At the end of March the court acquitted five Standard & Poor’s analysts and managers, and the ratings agency itself, on charges of market manipulation in downgrading debt ratings in 2011-2012 when Italy was on the verge of a Greek-style crisis.

It also acquitted a Fitch analyst.

Prosecutors had asked for a two-year sentence for Deven Sharma, at the time world president of S&P; and three years each for Europe chief Yann Le Pallec and for sovereign debt analysts Eileen Zhang, Franklin Crawford Gill and Moritz Kraemer.

Prosecutors had also requested a fine of 4.6 million euros.

S&P and its analysts and managers had been accused of market manipulation after downgrading the sovereign debt ratings of Italy and other European countries, sparking market turbulence.

“Finally justice has been done,” S&P said in a statement.

The court also acquitted Fitch analyst David Michael Willmoth Riley, at the time head of the London office of the Fitch ratings agency, of market manipulation in downgrading Italy’s sovereign debt.

Prosecutors had asked for a prison term of nine months.

“The charges have been recognised as groundless,” Fitch said in a statement.

Prosecutors said they had no comment on the sentence.

Elvira Savino, a member of former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, said “if manipulating the spread, speculating on the public accounts of a State to subvert the democratically elected government is not considered a crime, then there is no democracy any more”.

“If international finance is more important than the sovereign people then it means that money counts more than votes.

“In absolving the ratings agency, democracy has been condemned”.

Berlusconi’s third and final government was forced to quit in late 2011 as the spread between Italian and German 10-year bonds soared over 500 points amid market fears of a Greek-style debacle.

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ISIS Warns U.S. Muslims of New Attacks: Stay Out of Public Places

The ISIS terrorist organization is using social media devices to warn U.S. Muslims and those in other Western nations to avoid public places in advance of possible terror attacks, according to a copy of that message obtained by a Middle East media watchdog group.

ISIS is said to be using Telegram, an encrypted messaging application, and other social media to disseminate a message instructing Muslims in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, and elsewhere “to remove themselves from public places that are prime targets for ISIS fighters,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

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Julian Assange Says Will Provide Evidence Russia Narrative is False in Exchange for Pardon

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide evidence that the Russian collusion narrative is false in exchange for a pardon from President Trump.

The president, apparently, has not yet gotten the message. On Saturday, President Trump told reporters that he has “never heard” of Assange’s offer to make a deal.

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Note in Church Shooter’s Car Could Point to Retaliation as Motive

WASHINGTON — Law enforcement officials say a note found in the car of a man charged in a Tennessee church shooting referenced retaliation for a white supremacist’s massacre at a black church two years ago in Charleston, South Carolina.

Investigators are not saying what motivated Emanuel Kidega Samson to shoot churchgoers Sunday. But the note could offer a glimpse into his mindset. The Associated Press has not viewed the note, but it was summarized in an investigative report circulating among law enforcement.

Two law enforcement officials read portions of the report to AP on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to publicly discuss an ongoing investigation.

Samson is charged with murder for killing a woman and wounding six others. Federal authorities have opened a civil rights investigation.

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Federal Trudeau Still Seen as Best PM, But Conservatives ‘Best to Form Government’

Almost half (45%) say it’s ‘time for a change in government’ — highest mark since Liberals took office

— It was a turbulent summer for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government, which has faced criticism for its handling of the surge in irregular border-crossings in Quebec, the decision to pay Omar Khadr more than $10 million to settle his lawsuit against the government, and its proposed changes to small business taxation.

As this last critique of the Liberal government continues into fall, a new analysis of quarterly polling data — fielded by MARU/Matchbox and donated to the Angus Reid Institute — finds evidence that Canadian public opinion is changing with the autumn leaves.

While Trudeau retains the approval of half of Canadians, more respondents disapprove of his performance “strongly” (27%) than approve strongly (14%).

And, though Trudeau’s overall approval rating remains significantly higher than that of Conservative Opposition leader Andrew Scheer, enthusiasm for Trudeau’s party lags behind support for its leader. For the second consecutive quarter, more Canadians say it is “time for a change” in government than say it is not, and more now choose the Conservatives as the best party to lead in Ottawa than Trudeau’s Liberals…

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Austria Claims New Burqa Ban Promotes ‘Acceptance and Respect of Austrian Values’

New restrictions come into force in Austria on Sunday banning the wearing of the full Islamic veil and other items concealing the face in public places and buildings.

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Austria’s Burqa Ban Come Into Force This Weekend

  • Wearing scarves to cover faces will be permitted under the new legislative bill
  • Generally, scarves, clown disguises and medical masks will be banned in public
  • Restrictions are aimed at ‘ensuring the cohesion of society in an open society’
  • They will come into force Sunday and anybody not adhering will get a €150 fine

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Catalonia Referendum: Spain Deploys More Than 10,000 Police Officers for Independence Vote

Usually, there are around 2,800 police officers in the north east region of Spain with a further 1,900 from the paramilitary Guardia Civil.

But the number of officers has now climbed to over 10,000, according to the the Catalan Interior Minister Joaquin Forn.

There are now around 5,300 police officers and 5,000 members of the Guardia Civil amid fears of violent clashes.

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Denmark Acts to Control Borders: Danish Soldiers Installed at Germany Boundary

DENMARK has replaced its border police with armed soldiers along its southern border with Germany and major landmarks.

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EU Under Threat: Anti-Brussls Party Takes Strong Lead Ahead of Czech Elections in 2017

Support for the ANO party of Czech billionaire Mr Babis inched up by 0.5 percentage points to 27.0 per cent, widening its lead over Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka’s Social Democrats (CSSD).

The Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD), a movement with strong anti-EU and anti-Islam views, rose to 6.5 per cent in September from 6.0 per cent in August, according to a Median agency poll.

And the anti-establishment Pirates, who campaign with images of some of the leading politicians behind bars, increased their share to 6.0 per cent from 3.5 per cent.

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Europe: What Do Islamic Parties Want?


In the Netherlands, two Dutch Turks, former members of the Socialist party, founded a new party, Denk, only six months before the Dutch parliamentary elections. Despite the short timeframe, they managed to get one-third of the Muslim vote and three seats in parliament. The party does not hide its affinity for Turkey: Criticism of Turkey is taboo just as is their refusal to name the Turkish mass-slaughter of the Armenians during the First World War a genocide. The party ran on a platform against the integration of immigrants into Dutch society (instead advocating “mutual acceptance”, a euphemism for creating parallel Muslim societies); and for establishment of a “racism police” that would register “offenders” and exclude them from holding public office.

In Austria, Turkish Muslims also formed a new party, the New Movement for the Future (NBZ), established in January 2017. According to its founder, Adnan Dincer, the NBZ is not an Islamic party or a Turkish party, despite being composed mainly of Turkish Muslims. Several of the party’s Facebook posts are written only in Turkish. Dincer has made no secret of the fact that his party strongly backs Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom it publicly supported at the time of the coup attempt in August 2016, and the subsequent clampdown by the Erdogan government.

In Belgium, several Islamic parties are preparing to run in the next elections. Dyab Abu Jahjah, apparently behind one of them, while not having presented a formal platform yet, has said he wants to “be part of an egalitarian radical renaissance that will conquer Brussels, Belgium, Europe and the whole world, with new politics of radical equality… defeat the forces of supremacy… of sustained privileges … of the status-quo… in every possible arena”.

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Italy: Trial for 16 Former PD Lazio Councillors

Accused of felonies over misuse of party funds

(ANSA) — Rome, September 28 — A Rome judge on Thursday sent 16 former Lazio councillors for the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) to trial over alleged misuse of funds for groups in the regional assembly. The suspects are accused of a range of crimes from misappropriation, abuse of office and corruption to fraud.

Esterino Montino, the current mayor of the coastal town of Fiumicino, near Rome, is among the defendants.

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Italy: Parolin Calls for Dialogue After Pope Heresy Letter

‘We must try to understand one another’ Vatican Sec of State

(ANSA) — Rome, September 28 — Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said on Thursday that “it’s important to dialogue even within the Church”, in response to a letter from a group of conservative Catholics accusing Pope Francis of heresy. “People who disagree express their dissent, but on these things we have to reason, to try to understand one another,” he said, speaking on the sidelines of a conference on Iraqi Christians held by ACS, a Vatican-based international non-profit that aids persecuted Christians worldwide. The letter accused Pope Francis of heresy in his 2016 document Amoris Laetitia — The Joy of Love The conservatives Catholics delivered to the pope in August issuing him a “filial correction” — a measure they said was being using for the first time since the 14th century — over the document, which opens up the possibility of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receiving communion.

Among the signatories is Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the former president of the Vatican bank, the Institute for Religious Works (IOR).

The letter accuses the pope of seven “heretical positions about marriage, the moral life, and the reception of the sacraments, and has caused these heretical opinions to spread in the Catholic Church”.

The signatories said their initiative does not conflict with the Catholic dogma of papal infallibility “since the Church teaches that a pope must meet strict criteria before his utterances can be considered infallible.

“Pope Francis has not met these criteria,” it added.

The conservatives also accused the pope of having Modernist leanings and of being influenced by the ideas of Martin Luther.

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Lesson From the German Elections: Voters See Through the “Equality” Scam

By David P. Goldman

The implosion of Germany’s Social Democratic Party in today’s national elections is the big news from Berlin. With just 20.5% of the vote, a party that governed Germany intermittently since the Second World War has dropped off the political radar. SPD leader Martin Schulz distinguished himself from Chancellor Angela Merkel with one idea, namely fairer income distribution, and the voters shunned him. Merkel will take a fourth term as Federal Chancellor, almost certainly in a coalition with the small free-enterprise party, the Free Democrats, and the Green Party—a so-called “Jamaica Coalition” after the colors of the island’s flag (Black for the Christian Democrats, Yellow for Free Democrats, and Green).

All is not well in Merkel’s house, however: with just a third of the total vote, Merkel’s Christian Democratic coalition lost nearly 9 full percentage points of the electorate compared to the previous national election, while the Social Democrats lost about 7%. Voters turned away from both major parties, and backed the populist-right Alternative fuer Deutschland (up 8%) and the Free Democrats (up 6%).

Some American conservatives cheered for the AfD, thinking it a Trump-like populist movement. It is no such thing. It is an America-hating ethnic nationalist monster crawling with Nazi nostalgia. Its dominant figure, one Alexander Gauland, derided Americans as “a people thrown together by chance without its own culture.” I reviewed the AfD’s ugly background in a February essay in this space, “A deplorable vote for Angela Merkel.” Fortunately for Germany as well as the United States, the AfD’s 13% of the total vote will enable it to make noise and little else, for no other party will speak with it.

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Pope Launches Crusade Against Fake News

Pope Francis announced that fake news will be the theme for World Communications Day 2018 on Thursday, advocating Journalism for Peace as a solution to harmful, false narratives.

Francis broke precedent by announcing the theme for the Church-sponsored World Communications Day on Twitter, for the first time in the history of the event, according to Crux Now. The church will focus its efforts to combat “baseless information” and the “distortion of facts” that perpetrate fake news and contribute to an increasingly polarized social, political, and religious landscape, according to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications.

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Switzerland: The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Jihad

by Bruce Bawer


Keller-Messahli does not mince words. The relentless spread of jihadist Islam in Switzerland, and the see-no-evil response by Swiss authorities, give her “a tremendous sense of betrayal. We trusted these people, we opened the doors of our country and our institutions. They say they want to be our partners in dialogue. But none of it is true.” She reports that some Swiss residents with Muslim backgrounds have thanked her for speaking up and have told her that organized Islam does not speak for them. She is grateful for their support, she says, but she “would prefer it if they did not keep so silent.”

The picture Keller-Messahli paints is a grim one. Is there any hope for change? Well, during the last few days it has become clear that at least some Swiss officials do not wish to remain silent about the enemy within. On September 21, it was reported that federal prosecutors had brought charges against the president and two members of the board of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS), the country’s largest Islamic organization. The charge: making videos in Syria featuring a top Al-Qaeda member and posting them on YouTube and other sites.

Only days later, the lower house of the Swiss parliament voted by a narrow margin to prohibit mosques from taking foreign money and to require that imams preach in the local language. The upper house has yet to debate the bill; the Federal Council, which constitutes the government’s executive branch, opposes the measure on the grounds that it places Muslims “under general suspicion” and “fuels the argument of extremists.”

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Hungary’s Orban Cheers for Gruevski in Macedonia Election

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Slovenia’s former PM Janez Jansa have given a hearty boost to Macedonia’s ousted leader Nikola Gruevski in the run-up to Macedonia’s local elections.

[Comment: If he’s good enough for Viktor Orban, he’s good enough for me.]

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Caroline Glick: Breaking Israel’s Imperial Court

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an applause line that should have brought the house down in his speech at Wednesday’s official ceremony celebrating 50 years of settlement in Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu was speaking before a crowd of thousands in Gush Etzion, which was destroyed by the Arab Legion in the War of Independence, and rebuilt by the children of its massacred defenders immediately after the area was liberated in the 1967 Six Day War.

Netanyahu pledged to the audience: “There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the Land of Israel.”

He did receive enthusiastic applause. But he didn’t bring the house down. And the rest of his speech was met with a lukewarm reception overall, even though he hit all the notes.

And that makes sense. As much as the audience wanted to believe him and his pledges to continue to build in the biblical and strategic heartland of the country, they couldn’t.

They knew that under the current legal regime governing the country, it’s not for elected officials to say whether communities will be built or destroyed.

That’s up to the Supreme Court, whose justices have seized the power to determine any aspect of Israeli law and policy that they wish. And the Supreme Court, under retiring President Miriam Naor, was boycotting the official state ceremony…

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Israel Must be Ready to Tackle Iran on Its Own

Israel must ask the international community to stop Iran’s nuclearization but prepare to do the task on its own in case the world fails, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Bennett, who is a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet, spoke before a meeting of the forum, in which the prime minister reported about his meetings with US President Donald Trump and other world leaders and his progress on the Iranian issue. The meeting was held a day after Iran tested a ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel, as security cabinet members backed Netanyahu’s call at the UN last week to either scrap or change the nuclear deal with Iran.

“On the one hand, we need to persuade the US to apply paralyzing sanctions of the highest level as soon as possible,” Bennett said. “Iran must be forced to choose between the nuclear path and a prosperous economy. Since the Iran deal, they haven’t been presented that option. At the same time, Israel must prepare for the possibility that the US and the world won’t be convinced by getting ready to defend ourselves by ourselves.”

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Qatar Air Takes 49% of Meridiana Controlling Company

We’ll cope with competition says CEO al-Baker

(ANSA) — Rome, September 28 — Qatar Airways on Thursday bought 49% of AQA Holding, the new controlling shareholder of Sardinian airline Meridiana Fly. After the closing of the operation, Alisarda will now have a 51% of AQA holding. Qtara Air CEO Akbar Al Baker said Meridian would cope with competition, “offering new connections with Italy, Europe, the US and elsewhere”. In July last year Qatar Airways and Meridiana signed the deal for Qatar to buy 49% of the Sardinian airline. A statement from the Doha-based airline said the deal with Meridiana’s parent company Alisarda was conditional on certain conditions that would have to be met by the start of October. “The agreement provides for Qatar Airways to purchase 49 per cent of Meridiana Fly’s shares, subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions, before the closing which is planned for early October.” The current operation was launched early this year.

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India Asks Myanmar to Punish Perpetrators Linked to Hindu Mass Grave

When India will speak for Tamil Hindu mass grave in Sri Lanka or recurring Hindu killings in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Sept 29, 2017:: In a sharp reaction, India at last asks Myanmar to punish perpetrators involved in Mass Hindu Killings in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

Amid reports of bodies of Hindus being found in mass graves in Myanmar, India on Friday hoped that the country will bring to justice those involved in the crime.

External affairs ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said as per the statement of the office of Myanmar’s state counsellor, all the bodies found in these graves are of Hindus.

Stating that India has seen the press reports about these graves and looked at the official statement by the Myanmarese government, Kumar said the country condemns terrorism in all forms.

“We emphasise that there is no justification to any act of terrorism which targets civilians in this conflict. We hope authorities will be able to bring to justice perpetrators of the crime.

“We hope the families of the victims will be provided all possible assistance so as to instill a sense of security and return of normalcy,” he said…

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Yassmin Abdel-Magied Says She’s a Victim of ‘Brown Poppy Syndrome’ And Her Efforts to be a ‘Model Muslim’ Failed Because Non-White People Are ‘Second-Class Citizens in Australia’

Activist and author Yassmin Abdel-Magied has claimed her efforts to be a model Muslim failed because of systemic racism in Australia which treats non-white people as second class citizens.

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Sierra Leone Arrests Pastor Who Blamed Islam for ‘Every Terrorist Act in History’

A Nigerian pastor has been arrested in Sierra Leone after recordings of a sermon targeting Muslims went viral on social media, sparking widespread outrage.

In an address to his congregation on Saturday, Victor Ajisafe, founder and leader of one of the country’s largest churches, called Islam a “violent religion of lies and deceit” and said Muslims have been responsible for “every terrorist act in the history of the world”. Sierra Leone’s population is roughly 78% Muslim, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center estimate.

Audio and video recordings of the sermon appeared online within three days, and were met with immediate and near-universal condemnation by both Muslim and Christian Sierra Leoneans. Ajisafe was arrested on Tuesday, but has not yet been charged.

“Everyone is very upset by his message,” said MB Kamara, head of Sierra Leone’s criminal investigations department. “We are a very religiously tolerant country and no one ever worries whether someone is Muslim or Christian. We all have lived peacefully for generations, and no one wants that disrupted.”

An initial press release from the social welfare ministry said Ajisafe was being held for his own protection. Kamara said Ajisafe would be held until a charge against him could be determined.

Sierra Leone does not have legislation devoted specifically to hate speech, but incitement is prohibited under common law. The attorney general, Joseph Kamara, is expected to make a decision on Thursday…

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WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange in War of Words With the Country Protecting Him

WASHINGTON — A vigorous campaign by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to break Catalonia off from Spain, further splintering Europe, is landing him in hot water with the government of Ecuador that has provided him with diplomatic refuge in its embassy in London.

Assange and Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno have traded barbs this week over whether his behavior comports with that of someone granted political asylum.

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16 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/29/2017

  1. I am disappointed that someone submitted a piece by David P. Goldman, who is also known on the internet as “Spengler”.

    First, its an opinion/analysis piece, rather than a new article.

    Second, “Spengler” is a globalist hack. “Spengler” supported Macron over Le Pen. “Spengler” argued that he is for the EU because Putin is against it.

    And THAT passes for insightful analysis in some circles?

    • We do allow our tipsters to present opinion pieces for our readers’ consideration. No approval is implied.

      Interesting update re Goldman/Spengler, however. I didn’t realize he was a globalist. OTOH, his area of expertise is finance, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. As for his reasoning vis-a-vis Putin and the EU, neither of them is trustworthy. Putin may be a tad more straightforward about his Russian nationalism, though.

      • Thank you, Dymphna and Chicago.

        Words, of course, have meaning. “Dreamers” is the very best word for a group of foreign-born interloper receiving preferences because mom and dad violated federal law.

        The AP uses “extreme right” for anyone supportive of any nation-state. Mrs. Merkel, who led some youth movement at Karl Marx University is a “moderate”, who…when asked…’nicht remembers’ her KMU goose-stepping days in Leipzig, East Germany.

        Again, this Goldman shows disdain for a German party that promotes the nation-state, controlled immigration, frugal government spending to other nations, and marriage ONLY between a man and a woman. It does endorse civil unions for others. These are platforms FDR, Churchill, DeGaulle, JFK and Reagan could embrace in 2017. David doesn’t seem to notice Western Civilization is crumbling. In sum, Herr Goldman’s dead wrong and seems supportive of a Leftist juggernaut in the media that peddles scare tactics over Truth.

  2. So the shooting in the White church wasn’t terrorism or a hate crime. It was a straight-forward proclamation of social parity. Mister Samson is a civil rights advocate promulgating equivalence by the deed. __________________________________________________________

    In an effort to confound domestic Chicken Littles who would like to advertise national distress by displaying Canada’s flag downside up, Justin Trudeau wants the colored national flag replaced by one that is solid white. His explanation is that “this will show the world who we really are and what we really stand for.” CAIR-Canada suggested that it is appropriate to make Taps the Canadian National Anthem.

  3. The problem with the ANO party of the Czech billionaire Mr Babis is that Mr Babis is a former communist secret service, possibly even KGB operative, and as our current finance minister he uses his power to destroy competition to his highly subsidized business, which is bio-fuels. The ministry of finance, under his guidance, unlawfully destroyed at least three major competitors to Mr Babis, and his Arch Competitor, Mr Mrazek, was shot dead!

    The only reason Mr Babis is against immigration is because he’s got the best PR in the Czech Republic, and thus he knows what to say to attract stupid uneducated masses.

    So – he is bad, bad guy in my book, although I also support his stance on immigration.

    • It seems we are rapidly approaching the stage where the only issue that matters with those running for public office is their stance on muslim invaders and how they will deal with the problem. All other concerns are secondary to that question.

      • Yes, but to be honest, we have numerous and much better alternatives in our local Czech politics. Mr Babis is against islamic imigrants allright, and even I believe he really is, because he certainly isn’t stupid.

        But, and it is a big But: Should we drop the immigration question, there is absolutely nothing charming about him: He is a “dictator” in his own right. It is proven he blackmails other politicians, he uses mafia practices against competing businesses, and without much effort one could find a truly horrific stuff like murders around him. And – the main reason for his popularity is him buying and owning major Czech newspapers and – the best PR money can buy.

        So – I am for the alternatives. The one and only true “against immigration” party in the Czech Republic is currently the Freedom and Direct democracy, run by a Japanese immigrant 😉

        And – it is also important to note, that pretty much all parties in the Czech Republic are against islamic immigration, because some 90 percents of Czechs are as well.

  4. “The Danish government has replaced its border guards with army troops to guard the border with Germany. Troops have also been stationed around prominent Danish landmarks to protect them.”

    I… have a hunch that years from now, tidbits like this which are now so casually thrown around they sound like an anecdote about Nigella Lawson’s new recipe book will be better recognized for what they represented. Steadily mounting drumbeats of violent disaster engulfing the continent.

    • “The lamps are going out all over Europe: we shall not see them lit again in our life-time.”

  5. Just came back from a Free Speech rally on Canada’s Parliament Hill.

    About 30 to 50 of us, and the 500 or so (many paid for) Antifa/Labour Unions/Communists (yes, they were flying the Soviet flag) repeatedly tried to rush us and do us bodily harm.

    RCMP, some in full riot gear, some with powerful-looking weapons, held them back, but the Antifa+ thugs kept rushing them, squeezing us into smaller and smaller area before ordering and escorting us off the Hill.

    We could not even take our equipment with us, had to return for it ‘later’.

    • It must have been a daunting experience to feel outnumbered by the enemy like that, but please remember, many of those who were wanting to get at you were paid mercenaries and not true idealists. You guys are the Patriots, who were not there to stir up trouble, and many of those Mounties would have noticed that.

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