Fiyaz Mughal at the OSCE: The Misuse of Free Speech Must Be Prevented

The following video shows the intervention given by Fiyaz Mughal, representing Tell MAMA in the UK, at OSCE Warsaw on September 15, 2017, during Session 8, “Tolerance and non-discrimination II”.

Note that Mr. Mughal received no rebuke from the moderator after his intervention.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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3 thoughts on “Fiyaz Mughal at the OSCE: The Misuse of Free Speech Must Be Prevented

  1. The whole point of the Marketplace of ideas is that good ideas can be proven to be that, and hence win out… and if Mr Mughal is so sure that certain religious texts are “cherry picked” and taken out of context, then free speech provides the platform to prove it, without giving “extremists” reason to believe that their hypotheses are unfairly discounted out… but then again, perhaps it was not his intention to show this, but merely to silence his opponents.

  2. Truthfully, I didn’t hear any proposal at all by Mughal, but just a general whining tone that went well with his whining words.

    Are these guys like Mughal anything more than a limpish set of whines that leaves any actual suppression to the faceless bureaucrat who hides his email address? It reminds me of how YouTube, Google and Twitter conduct their sanctions: the “offender” receives a form notice giving links to bland, general, non-informative descriptions. The form notice tells the “offender” he will be suspended or delisted (never telling which one) for going against one of the fuzzy descriptions, and threatening him with a permanent ban if he does it again.

    I guess Mughal always has a job waiting for him at YouTube if he ever needs one.

  3. Islam demands special, expedited treatment? I completely agree.

    Under my proposal, they will never hear anything negative uttered about them here again. They’ll have to read about it, because they won’t be here to hear it. Special enough?

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