Evacuation of the Jungle at Grande-Synthe

Grande-Synthe is a suburb of Dunkirk, on the coast of France northeast of Calais. After the “Jungle” migrant camp near Calais was dismantled a year ago, many of the displaced residents migrated to Grande-Synthe and set up shop in a new camp there.

Now the residents of the Grand-Synthe “Jungle” are being forcibly removed. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This site has been already evacuated eighteen times since April,
00:04   but this Tuesday, the prefecture decided to use
00:08   stronger means: almost two hundred law enforcement agents
00:12   and reinforcements to avoid any returns.
00:16   Law enforcement will be mobilized, but especially the employees
00:20   of the French Office of Immigration and Integration, which will allow them to convince
00:24   those persons that they would be better off in the warmth
00:28   in the CAO [welcome and orientation centers], or in the specialized centres, rather than
00:32   having their feet, and the feet of their young children, in the mud and cold.
00:36   Altogether, 557 people boarded the buses today.
00:40   Destination? —About fifty welcome centers all across France.
00:44   However, the associations remain sceptical of the relevance of the operation.
00:48   Even if we could tell ourselves that all those whom we evacuated
00:52   will stay gone, there will be new ones who will arrive.
00:56   Therefore I think it’s a… I was going to say “stupidity”; it’s not nice to say that
01:00   about our Interior Minister— but this cannot work!
01:04   It’s my belief that it’s a demonstration of power for the sake of public opinion.
01:08   Because around the site, some have already chosen to hide.
01:12   The buses go to the welcoming center,
01:16   and over there our FINGERPRINTS are being taken.
01:20   THAT’S WHAT WE DON’T WANT. Everybody wants to go the UK,
01:24   and if our fingerprints are taken, we will be forced to stay in France.
01:28   So for sleeping we will manage here, in the Jungle.
01:32   In about ten days, the town hall of Grande-Synthe should have a shelter ready for them.
01:36   Despite the evacuation, the work continued today.

9 thoughts on “Evacuation of the Jungle at Grande-Synthe

  1. I believe this transport and release methodology is the same used in training homing pigeons. Which brings certain questions into relevance.

    Do the “migrants” have metal id tags upon their legs?
    And if we encounter the cadaver of an ex-migrant do we snip off the leg to secure the tag, then dispose of the putrefying corpse in accordance with public health requirements?
    Should we be immunized against bird flu in instances of mass migrant flock mortality? Has shrunken head trafficking overcome its legal prohibition as demand from collectors accumulates like lava under the Kilauea Volcano?
    Are commercial opportunities involving taxidermy being made available to the working stiff? Any resistance from the organized guilds? [ Don’t let all that paisley throw you off, those unionized funeral directors are one tough bunch. They have the “ashes to ashes” part down pat. ]

  2. The mental image conjured by commercial taxidermy opportunities put a smile upon my face! I can imagine a bearded afghani head, sprouting a pair of jackalope antlers mounted upon the wall while next to it also hangs the snarling visage of an eritrean like a vicious cornered rat as he is coaxed out of the back of a UK bound lorry. Something to terrify the grandkids with, no doubt.

  3. Yes, what stops the apprehended migrants leaving the warm “Welcoming Centres” and returning to the forest? It does have the look of a publicity stunt by the government to pretend they are doing something. Notice they all want to go to Britain, there’s gratefulness for you.

  4. Funny, the guy speaking from 1:12 speaks German with strong “MENA-accent” . Where did he learn?

    • you heard right: his accent isn’t even strong.He speaks quite fluent and that arises the question how long he had been sponging in Germany. Imho it must have been years with involvement in work possibly.

    • What are these “welcoming centers” referred to in the video? Why do they even exist?

      They are specifically created to mollify the psychological unease of virtue-signalers that cannot resolve their own raison d’etre.

      These uneasy SJWs will find the very worst sort of justifications awaiting them.

  5. This, like many other stories, indicate a breakdown of the democratic system of government. The theory of elections is that the popular vote acts as a brake on bureaucratic or government abuses. In reality, between the courts and the institutionalized lack of any accountability, the popular opinion actually has very little effect.

    These people are obviously unsuited for any civilized society. The extent of their abilities is to place themselves in a welfare system that accepts almost anyone. They are far less concerned with the welfare of their children than Westerners are. What do they care if their children sit in the mud and rain?

    No government that was even faintly accountable for the welfare of their citizens would allow these people to remain in the country. Does France still own the “Devil’s Island”? If so, it would make an excellent final destination for people who destroyed their identity papers and cannot be deported to any functioning country.

    • You are right on point, he first duty of a government is the safety and security if the citizens and the state. The civil order must be maintained.

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