Cultural Enrichment at the Church Fair in Hirschaid

The following TV news report concerns the behavior of culture-enrichers at a church fair in the town of Hirschaid in Germany. Nash Montana, who translated the video, also translated the accompanying notes:

In the upper Franconia town of Hirschaid, district of Bamberg, a Kirchweih [church consecration festival] escalated out of control. According to the police, a mass brawl and fights, including sexual attacks, took place. Three young asylum seekers, aged 16 to 20 years, are now in custody.

According to the police, on late Saturday evening, September 9, 2017, a group of indigenous Germans and a group of asylum seeker confronted each other. In addition, three women, aged 13 to 17, reported to the police that they had been sexually assaulted by a group of young men.

[Translator’s comment: It really really bothers me that they keep calling the females “women”. They were between 13 and 17 years old — tell me, how are they women and not girls? The 13-year-old might not even have reached the onset of menses! This really {makes me furious}!]

Also note the man interviewed for the report who says: “I can’t even say anything about such things or I’d immediately be labeled evil, or right-wing…”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:02   Welcome to Franken Show Aktuell, for Monday,
0:05   and we’re first going to have a look at Hirschaid by Bamberg.
0:08   It went straight down the tube there Saturday evening,
0:11   with a mass brawl and fights during a church fair
0:14   between indigenous Germans and asylum seekers,
0:17   and prior to that three incidents of sexual abuse
0:20   were also reported against three young women.
0:23   The festival grounds in Hirschaid.
0:26   On Saturday evening the mood here tilted rapidly;
0:29   a mass fight ensued during the Kirchweih [church consecration = a fair].
0:32   Asylum seekers and indigenous Germans started to fight.
0:35   Allegedly up to one hundred people were involved.
0:38   The situation got completely out of control, says Mayor Klaus Hohmann.
0:41   “Then they threw beer jugs,
0:44   they hit people with belts, etc…
0:47   it just did… it really escalated;
0:50   the brutality of it all took me by surprise,
0:53   and of course there was alcohol among the Germans,
0:56   and that’s how the mass brawl started between Germans,
0:59   or the huge brawl between Germans and asylum seekers,
1:02   young refugees, actually, OK?”
1:05   Even prior to that, at the farther end of the festival grounds,
1:08   sexual abuse had been going on.
1:11   Three young women reported that they had been attacked
1:14   and harassed by multiple refugees.
1:17   “What can I say? I have nothing to say to that; words fail me…
1:20   words fail me. They ganged up and then groped the girls,
1:23   and when the German guys said anything, they threw beer jugs at them —
1:26   I know that for a fact, beer jugs!”
1:29   “Well, what am I supposed to think about that… I can’t even say anything
1:32   about such things or I’d immediately be labeled evil, or right-wing, or […]
1:35   it is really a shame, too, that this stuff has now come to our small villages,
1:38   and previously this wasn’t such a bad problem here.
1:41   We’ve been here for quite a few years now; we live directly by the Kirchweih.”
1:44   “In Altendorf we also have asylum-seeking neighbors,
1:47   I can’t say anything bad against them;
1:50   they are totally nice people, OK,
1:53   but as I said earlier, I think this is
1:56   like the one exception to many…”
1:59   Underneath one bridge right next to the Main-Donau is where
2:02   the sexual attacks occurred. The young women aged between
2:05   13 and 17 years were, according to their own words, ganged up on by multiple refugees
2:08   and pulled into the darker part and then the refugees groped them.
2:13   Anne Höfer, Oberfranken Police Presidium: “After the sexual attacks the women were able to flee,
2:16   and then they told security what had happened,
2:19   and quickly they managed
2:22   to apprehend three asylum seekers
2:25   aged 16 to 20 years…”
2:30   The asylum seekers came from all over the district
2:33   to the festival, says the Mayor.
2:36   Furthermore, among the Kirchweih visitors
2:39   there were thirty right-wing extremists who handed out fliers.
2:42   By Friday an aggressive mood had taken hold
2:45   when asylum seekers showed up at the Kirchweih,
2:48   and on Saturday the situation began to escalate.
2:51   It was only through the arrival of a massive contingent of police
2:54   that the situation was brought under control.

33 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment at the Church Fair in Hirschaid

  1. Why do you let them in? That is the biggest question. They belong in muslim land, not in Europe or England. How hard is this to understand? If they want asylum, let them go to a country in the middle-east, not to England or Europe.

    Their values are not compatible to European (or American) society. This is the most polite way I can put it. First get this through your heads and then next start deporting them to their countries of origin as fast as possible.

    Every country has a right to secure their borders. Why haven’t you (over there) secured yours? I realize Germany has a problem as long as Merkel rules, but the rest of Europe could conceivably just close their borders and say “no more”!!!

    • This is an invasion. You don’t invade a country you dominate, so they don’t need to go to Moslem lands. This is an invasion.

  2. Oh, btw, girls 13-17 are girls, not women. In a decent society they should be protected from this kind of assault.


    • execute!
      why should they be sent away unpunished in order to wreak havoc on other young girls elsewhere?

    • This had really really bothered me throughout the report, in the video and elsewhere, they call these girls WOMEN. It’s unbelievable. I’ve read youtube comments on the original German video such as:

      “But refugees are all categorized as minors even though far more than half of them are men.”

      “Well, over there nine year old girls are married off to old men, at 13 t0 17 years old, they’re already a bit on the elderly side, if you know what I mean.”

  3. Notice how jumpy and evasive the Germans are about admitting there’s a problem – blaming it on Right wing outliers who were not locals.

    These people have got no guts at all – but when they are drunk, their anger rises. Let them drink more beer!

    • Let them drink more beer!

      A typical euphemism for beer (and other potent potables) is “Dutch courage”.

      • In the first World War, Rum was handed out, and quite liberally to those ‘Empire Troops’ who were about to climb the parapet of the Trench and charge the Germans.

        There were not many canteens that were not filled and consumed.

  4. Well, of course, as soon as Right-Wing Extremists showed up, and began handing out fliers, the situation began to escalate…the next day. A timeline would help to clear things up…if the authorities wanted things cleared up.

    • The authorities desperately need to pretend that everything would have fine- except for neo-Nazis and too much beer. They lie in order not to face reality – or get into trouble with their ‘superiors’.

      They are simply cowards – the same cravenness that gave Hitler power.

      • The typical German, whomever that person is, is no different in behaviour to other Westerners who have been cowed by Human Rights laws and its Fascist enforcer, Political Correctness.

        And I think you have missed the stirrings of violent resentment in that village, as presented in the narrative of that incident, toward the so called ‘asylum seekers’ by those cowardly Germans.

        I find that violent reaction by German Men wishing to protect their Women rather uplifting!

        • Maybe we need to give them more beer then; to encourage more of the same behavior from German men…

          • One of the better side effects of a good beer, apart from actually imbibing it, is that it lowers one’s inhibitions, which in this case, was a good thing. So, I say to all the German Men who wish to remain Men, get stuck in!

  5. “And of course the Germans drank alcohol…”

    Yeah, so????

    For God’s sake, Germans have been drinking alcohol since time immemorial, and before 2015 I NEVER heard about mass brawls although I’m sure them Germans drank RIVERS of alcohol, but now there’s trouble, so WHAT EXACTLY would have changed since 2015 hmmmmm?

    It’s so competely, utterly disheartening to hear [epithet] types like this mayor put the blame everywhere except where it squarely belongs.

    • Throughout my life, I kept hearing the phrase, “self loathing jew”, and I didn’t know what it meant because growing up in Switzerland, all you see are jews being really proud and “Herrisch”, acting a bit Overlord-ish. In Zurich in their district you had to be careful not to say the wrong thing or oops…

      Then I came to the USA and I started seeing the concept “self loathing jews” with the Hollywood elite in action. I also watched “Larry David Show”, which by the way I love because the guy has a lot in common with me believe it or not, with his ‘everything always has to be just so so’, but I totally began to understand what it meant.

      And now, in the recent few years, I keep thinking of the phrase, “self loathing German”. And in my mind’s eye I see Bahnhofklatscher, politicians, Gutmenschen, liberals, greens, etc etc, pretty much anyone that’s not voting for the AfD.

      The Germans have become a bunch of self loathing creatures who miss no chance at putting themselves down and hammer their feet into the ground. It is really, really sad to see. It is the one difference between the Swiss and the Germans that’s still rather large.

      I recently learned that the amount of Germans who are leaving Switzerland, is drones of them. They can’t stand the “small mindedness” of the Swiss, they say. They can’t make friends, they say. They can’t live with the “nationalism”, they say.

      I say… oh well. But you get my gist…

  6. Merkel wanted to destroy West Germany when she a communist functionary and now she gets to destroy all of germany. How pleased she must be. May she die an extremely painful death, preferably involving a rope and a lamppost. And may the rest of the traitorous lars who enable the destruction of their country and the rape of Germany’s young women accompany her.

  7. This the Mayor of that village? The actual leader of the Village? The one who is supposed to uphold cultural tradition and ensure that ‘his’ Village functions as it has done for hundreds of years?

    Well if he acknowledges a problems exists, but then refuses to utter exactly what the problem is, then how is he in his capacity as Mayor going to rectify a problem he refuses to publicly identify?

  8. We need the modern day equivilent of the Boston Tea Party to dispense some rough justice upon these culture enrichers; say, a bunch of patriots dressed as Antifa in full masked regalia complete with truncheons. Imagine the surprise when they turn upon the culture enrichers who moments before they were shielding, and beat the stuffing out of them! And from that point onwards, the authorities would have to assume that every gang of Antifa thugs could potentially be patriots in disguise, and would be forced to crack down upon them at their disruptions. Masks and black work both ways!

    • This is actually… a brilliant idea!

      Never mind the authorities, they’ve lost all credibility in everyones eye. But imagine the reaction you would get the next time, when antifa would come out in support of culture enrichers.
      Enrichers aren’t exactly forgiving, so the result would most likely be an attack on the antifa. What a sweet case of due justice. Enrichers fighting antifa. The mental imagery alone makes me smile…

      • A variation on the theme could also be done impersonating burqa’d female invaders; right now they are able to get close to potential targets since PC refuses to recognize such apparel as a security threat. Pauline Hanson’s stunt in the Australian Parliament is a prime example of the danger inherent in PC and the burqa. The reader can imagine what varieties of mischief could be perpetrated in such a disguise, and the likely response by the authorities would be a (reluctant) banning of burqas and niqabs because of the security risk.

        Another win for our side!

        • Brilliant! Use a little “wardrobe” jujitsu.

          Turn everything but g-strings and jockstraps into “security risks” and then see how the authorities respond.

    • Exactly! Wear the Antifa masks & black hoodies to evade cameras and a Patriot’s true identity. While wearing disguises, protest one or more of the
      Mosques closest to terrorist attacked cities & local village brawls. Become like “Anonymous” and electronically attack all Muslim websites. Use IED drones to destroy their mosques under the cover of darkness. Make our indigenous locals feel even more irritated & annoyed when Muslims take over the village streets & parking garages after their mosques are destroyed. Indigenous Germans & Swedes set fire to many new asylum centers before the economic “givemegrunts” arrived in 2015. Destroying property without killing people is the next level of elevated protest to weed out the Islamic cancer! God knows how many illegal weapon caches & terrorist bombs are hidden inside mosques. Me thinks a Molotov cocktail would be the only ignitor needed to blow up one of those breeding grounds of terror!

      • I agree, this type of ‘behavior modification’ would bring results.

        Pavlov, does that name ring a bell?

  9. Reading between the lines from the report; there was no trouble at the event until the migrants arrived as a group (gang might be a better description) and started hassling and assaulting girls. The German locals responded appropriately. Notice again the way the migrants move and act in a pack.

    • The pack-like behavior of the immivaders and the left is something the right/conservatives need to emulate because we cannot afford to be picked off one by one.

    • Not just them. I saw that same mentality at work in Oakland 50 years ago. It was never one, always a gang.

  10. The asylum seekers came from all over the district…

    I call Bravo Sierra on this! Wouldn’t it be informative if the perpetrators’ addresses were published? Anyone want to bet that the “asylum seekers” came from one specific area where the “immigrant” population is highest?


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