14 thoughts on “Citizen Soros

        • History teaches us children very rarely have the same attributes and acumen their father had, or if they do only in a very diluted form (how can it be otherwise having a large part of their genes from their mothers family?) and in most instances end up squandering their fathers inheritance.

  1. It is rumoured that “Rosebud” was Hearst’s pet name for an intimate part of his mistress’ anatomy- no wonder he hated “Citizen Kane”!

    • Let’s hope it’s Satan who calls him home.

      This is the man who harks back to the halcyon days of
      His youth, fondly remembering betraying his fellow Jews
      to the Nazis and stealing their possessions!

      Hated and abhorred by the Hungarians, wanted on criminal
      Charges by Russian state, is only the stupid elites in the West
      That still stomach him.

      • The French have long since tried and convicted him for his financial manipulations, which harmed France. I wish the UK had done the same for the ruin he caused there.

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