Calling a Spade a Spade

As reported in the previous post from The Netherlands, the culture-enriching crime situation in Europe has become so alarming that law-enforcement authorities can no longer avoid talking about it, not entirely.

The following report from the German town of Giessen includes similar statistics. In this case, the “New Germans” causing the bump in crime statistics are North Africans.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   The current case happened only a couple of hours ago.
00:10   At the Giessen train station, a young female teacher was attacked and raped.
00:15   The perpetrators were allegedly from North Africa [Arabs].
00:20   Jörg Reinemer from the Mittelhessen police headquarters says: “We have to call a spade a spade.
00:25   There is a small group of perpetrators, which is responsible for remarkably many brutal crimes.
00:30   We are facing here perpetrators who know crime from home,
00:35   who in their home countries, in this case especially the North Africans,
00:40   who didn’t grow up in decent places.
00:46   And many perpetrators come here in order to continue to commit crimes.
00:51   We have several perps who were here only a couple of days and already committed a dozen crimes.
00:56   The young teacher wanted to simply go home. She became an accidental victim.
01:01   many refugees live in Giessen because of the arrangement of “initial reception”.
01:06   Most of them aren’t represented in the criminal statistics more often than Germans.
01:11   However, where a certain part of them is concerned, it is definitely different.
01:16   In 2016 North Africans were less than 5% of the asylum seekers, but they were responsible for
01:21   50% of all the registered assaults. —A small group does a lot and they
01:26   cause trouble, but anyway, we have to point out the difference
01:32   that they — compared with the huge group of refugees — they constitute a small group.
01:37   Concerning the criminal offenses committed, those were: robbery, sexual offenses and so on.
01:41   Many people in Giessen lost their patience in the meantime: they demand a change.
01:47   What do you want to do? The politics? I don’t know, I have my doubts.
01:52   The fear; that you can no longer walk on the street after dark.
01:57   Yes. It’s true. When it’s dark, try once to walk outside.
02:02   When they are caught, they should be punished in a way
02:07   to ensure they won’t do it again. And it doesn’t matter what their origins are.
02:10   After the yellow card, there’s the red card [as in soccer].
02:15   Then he loses his right to asylum. Clearly.
02:23   Asked by the responsible authority in Giessen: Why can the North Africans not
02:28   be deported? And the answer, among others, was: many
02:31   The statement by the Giessen district administration
02:33   deportations, especially to the Maghreb countries — North Africa — are unsuccessful
02:38   for the time being, because the deportees have no passports and their home countries
02:43   [Christian Lindner: Security has to be better-organized than crime. Let’s think in new ways.]
do not cooperate with the replacement of their passports.
02:48   What could be done? Easy solutions which may be currently found on the sidewalks
02:50   Integration means to transplant, not to abandon. That’s why — The Greens.
02:53   won’t help for sure. But the fact that the Giessen police
02:56   No passport — no entry! Protect the borders!
02:58   are now openly talking about it is certainly a step in the right direction.

15 thoughts on “Calling a Spade a Spade

  1. My German relatives say that most Germans are very angry- such is the scale of the “takeover” by Merkel’s pets.


    • If they REALLY were, then the ‘Gespenst’ should be out for eternity plus three days on the 24th.

      She won’t, because these people all talk big, but next Sunday most of them will vote for that monster anyway.

      Europe is LOST. I still want to fight for it myself, but it’s hard to envisage a victory when you are surrounded by weaklings and hedonists.

    • Come Sunday those “angry” Germans have an opportunity to do something about it.
      Will they seize that opportunity?
      Knowing Germans for what they are I doubt it very much.

      • “Will they seize that opportunity?”

        NO. The French had a chance. The Dutch too. They didn’t.

        I have come to believe that in the back of their minds, Europeans all realize to some extent or another that genuine trouble is brewing, but they hope it will be after they croak.

        Many want to quit. One of my most trusted workers, who has just turned 58, has invoked a labor rule which entitles him to ‘brugpensioen’, literally ‘bridge pension, a typically socialist invention. It stipulates that if you have been on some payroll for 40 years, you are entitled to an ‘early’ pension at a certain percentage (say 80 per cent) of your real pension, which will kick in when you are 65.

        Since my employee never studied and reportedly joined the workforce at 16, he’s entitled to a ‘brugpensioen’. I as an employer have the legal means to refuse it. But I won’t do it, because when I do I’m sure he will call in sick when he is not, or he won’t do his job as well as before. I highly suspect that his wife, who is on benefits since 52 even though she’s in relatively good shape, has encouraged him to ask for this ‘bridge pension’.

        What I want to illustrate, this is but one anecdotal evidence of a myriad of cases where people are just looking for a way out to an early retirement and enjoy the good life while they can. I could tell you many, many more.

  2. If the authorities wanted to so something about the situation, something would have been done long ago.
    We are ruled by traitors and the people of fifth column, they want this.

  3. We are testing the usefulness of Bitchute as a video platform. I would really appreciate it if people could post their experience of this video in the comments please. Does it play OK for you? Any irregularities?

    The need to try sites that move away from the increasingly controlled ones such as Google and Twitter (also trying GAB.Ai at the moment as well) is growing, and Bitchute is a very clever application of an older technology that may be the way to keep these videos up.

    Typically it requires the right browser, and a newish version of that browser however.

    • It worked great for me. The fine resolution was quite lovely.

      OT, thanks to Ava Lon for the translation.

      OTT. It pops out on the video how the immigrants prevent their deportation by destroying their passports or other identification. Germany seems committed to accepting responsibility for people, regardless of how criminal they are or how flagrantly they game the system.

      For a perspective on how desperate the situation is for people without identification, read
      B Traven The Death Ship This is the situation we would be placing refugees by casting them adrift with no ID. But, it’s them or us. The criminal non-Germans who have destroyed their links to their home country, and who cannot be placed, should be interned permanently on an island or isolated and fenced on a remote, inaccessible tract of land.

      The sexes should be kept separate, in spartan barracks except for those who accept voluntary and permanent sterilization.

      I’m sure the European Court of Human Justice would declare this solution to be genocidal and in violation of human rights. The judges should be invited to put themselves under German jurisdiction for closer inspection of the process.

  4. Video sharp and clearly visible, even here in Israel. Let us await and see how many Germans love their country and culture, next Sunday. I fear, however, a disaster which will lead to the ‘Untergang’ indeed. German people are like sheep going to the slaughter, in this case literaly…

  5. Sooner or later, pretty much everyone will be touched by these rapes, murders and fires.

    Somalians and Eritreans have a mean IQ of less than 80. Most would be deemed retarded or incapable understanding right from wrong. With that level of cognition, they cannot suppress harmful urges, defer gratification, or resolve conflict without violence.

    Who in their right mind would import Somalians or Eritreans to a democracy? The absolute minimum for participation in self governance is an IQ of 90.

    And it’s almost as bad with Afghanis because of inbreeding. Their mean IQ continues to spiral downward, with epidemic levels of homosexual pedophilia, because they [details redacted]. Pedophilia is transferred from one generation to another within these cultures… and grow exponentially.

    Why aren’t social scientists in Europe looking at this as science and not xenophobia??? These social conditions can only spread and infect the entire continent, if they go unchecked.

    Do Germans think these young men are just going to work and pay taxes, when most are functionally illiterate and/or retarded?

    • No. Even people with IQ’s between 80 and 90 can practice self control and solve problems without violence. I had a job once fund raising for an organization with retarded people. It used to be perfectly run by Catholic nuns who taught them every academic subject and helped them to engage in practical tasks like vegetable farming, cooking etc. There were little to problems amonst those institutionalized. Even when the Nuns died off and the institution began to accept public monies for its continuance– these Catholic mentally disabled men and women were not harming and raping each other nor making many problems for the staff. Infact, they were cheerful, God-loving, helpful, and
      delightful to be around. Many also loved the part time jobs they had ( answering phones, cleaning, stuffing envelopes, etc).

      The problem you are talking about is more a result of upbringing, culture of origin and life- long habits of the individuals, of the young adults arriving. It is not primarily because they are not as highly intelligent as the Western Europeans in general.

      • I agree, Gretel. I have known many people of low IQ, including Down’s Syndrome people, who have been well-behaved, cheerful, and able to do work with the appropriate training.

        This is cultural. It is a matter of the qur’an, their imams, and their upbringing telling them it is acceptable to grope, molest, rape, gang-rape, and not only indulge in homosexual pedophilia but that institutionalized pedophilia – child “marriage” – is holy and to be praised.

        No amount of effort spent on attempting acculturation of these vile creatures would ever be successful. Mohammed specifically approved these various forms of perverted sex and sexual abuse – including sex slavery, still being practiced by muslims – in order to gain the greatest number of followers possible. The desert brigands and other scum he attracted to his banner in this fashion are echoed in these current-day scum who are either born to islam or join it for the sex slaves, child brides (pedophilia encouraged and approved by islam), spousal rape, and the ability to “honor” kill their wives and daughters, sisters and nieces.

        Why would this muslim trash want to stop doing what they have been told they have a right _and_ a duty to perform? Especially when the German (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, British, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and other countries save Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic) police and government allow them to commit these crimes with impunity?

        The citizens of these countries – especially any men who actually have the testes for it – should start “disappearing” these scum, one by one, or two or three at a time, whatever they can manage. Their governments won’t deport them, imprison them and _keep_ them in prison, or put them on a leaky boat back into the Mediterranean Sea (with bags of chum trailing from those boats).

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