Alice Weidel Runs the Gauntlet at ZDF

Alice Weidel is one of the leaders of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), and will almost certainly be a member of the Bundestag by this time next month.

Earlier this month Ms. Weidel was given the special treatment reserved for “right-extremists” on the television program Wie geht’s, Deutschland (“Germany, how are you”), which is broadcast by ZDF, the German public TV channel.

The moderator, a well-known TV personality named Marietta Slomka, set the tone for the discussion. The others on the panel — including a number of prominent politicians — were uniformly opposed to Ms. Weidel and the AfD. They taunted her until she walked out, and then savaged her afterwards.

This is the translated statement by Alice Weidel after the program, as seen in the image at the top of this post:

“Moderator Slomka has shown herself as partisan and completely unprofessional in today’s Debate ‘Germany, how are you’. With insulting intolerance and plump argumentation she aligned herself with the SPD and the Greens. This is not worthy of a public broadcast channel!

Frau Slomka’s behavior does not serve the democratic process of opinion forming, but instead it rips it apart, and is deeply unprofessional.

Frau Slomka should not live out her personal animosities on her shows.

This is just one more reason to refuse to pay for public broadcast channels.

Below is a video that includes relevant segments from the TV show. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s an English-language report on what happened from Deutsche Welle:

Anti-immigration AfD party leader Alice Weidel walks out of TV debate

Weidel left when she was asked by a CSU leader to distance herself from the xenophobic comments made by her party colleague. She was on a panel with some of Germany’s leading politicians.

Right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s co-candidate Alice Weidel walked out a TV debate being held in the run-up to Germany’s federal elections.

Weidel got into an exchange of words with Andreas Scheuer 40 minutes into the program, when the Christian Social Union (CSU) leader was replying to a question on integration.

She interrupted Scheuer as he was trying to make his point, asking him if he was suggesting integration meant “legalizing illegal immigration.”

Scheuer responded by asking her if she would distance herself from the xenophobic statements made by her party’s co-candidate Alexander Gauland.

She walked off immediately after Scheuer said the AfD was a “radical right-wing party.”

The applause in the German public broadcaster ZDF’s studio intensified as she walked off.

Weidel later took to Twitter to lash out at one of the moderators of the debate. In her statement, she accused Marietta Slomka of being “biased and totally unprofessional.”

She wrote Slomka “found common ground with the SPD’s and the Greens’ brazen intolerance and crude arguments,” referring to the German political parties.

ZDF’s Editor-in-chief Peter Frey on Wednesday rejected her accusations, saying that Slomka had presented the debate in a “fair and calm” way, adding that id candidates “lash out they have to be able to take it on the chin, too.”

Weidel, an economist, was elected AfD’s lead candidate for the forthcoming election, after former leader Frauke Petry decided not to run.

She is often regarded as AfD’s voice of reason for her knack for sidestepping the racist and xenophobic remarks by her party leaders.

Video transcript:

0:00   Today everyone was quizzing me about why I left the show.
0:04   Seriously? Then you have a look at this.
0:07   No, but as well, the category of gang rape,
0:10   within one year, an increase of suspects among asylum seekers of 130%!
0:20   So since we’re talking about numbers then we should also
0:23   talk about the correct numbers.
0:26   Of suspects [for any type of crime] in Germany, 8.6% were migrants,
0:29   and by migrants the statisticians mean
0:32   asylum seekers, accepted refugees that have been living here
0:35   for a long time, contingent refugees / refugees of civil war,
0:38   and also all that live here illegally.
0:48   This is what journalism looks like at a TV channel
0:51   in which the government obviously not just decides
0:54   who the moderators are, but also
0:57   so much more.
1:00   …and warrants for arrest were issued,
1:03   and that is why we want a comprehensive and effective
1:06   border security, and I am telling you…
1:10   Are you saying we’re going to reinstate all the European borders again?
1:13   No, the German border because the European Union…
1:16   But they are economists as well!
1:20   They, too, see that there are open spots,
1:23   that there is a need for skilled workers,
1:26   does that mean that such a business then employs…
1:29   as the AfD likes to say, economic migrants, that there’s absolutely no chance for a change in this?
1:33   Well, first of all it is of course wonderful that there are individual cases
1:36   who are still integrating themselves [public boos], but the numbers…
1:39   That’s outrageous! What numbers!
1:42   When we look at the numbers… [more interruption] When we look at the numbers
1:47   from the Federal Institute for Professional Education, then we can see that those numbers…
1:50   These numbers were already cited, they were specifically for those who are seeking jobs.
1:53   Just let me finally talk, because otherwise I don’t have to be here…
1:56   It’s not like anyone is trying to keep you from leaving, I think…
1:59   60% do not have a school education…
2:02   With a moderator that did not let me
2:05   finish one single sentence,
2:08   while schmoozing up to all the others,
2:11   this is not journalism.
2:14   Asylum and refugee status, and this differentiation
2:17   is not being made, and that is what we, the AfD, demand.
2:20   The number that you just mentioned is in reference to
2:23   refugees seeking work, but not the entirety, and of course
2:26   as such doesn’t represent those who already have a job.
2:29   This means that we have a lot to do,
2:32   and whoever wants integration will also have to deal with integration racism.
2:35   Of course Frau Weidel wants to answer this.
2:38   Those who don’t want to integrate themselves, who want to live parallel to us or against us…
2:44   therefore, illegal immigration shall be legalized right.
2:47   Yes Frau Weidel, you can gripe about that now…
2:50   You want to legalize illegal immigration!
2:53   Why not first make viewers believe you distance yourself from Herr Gauland… —Really, Herr Scheuer…?
2:57   We should memorize this. —He openly called Herr Höcke the soul of the AfD,
3:00   but for me he’s nothing more but a right-wing radical…
3:05   Illegal immigration! [Packs up, walks away. Nasty cheers, arrogant smirks on faces.]
3:09   Are you leaving now? —Well this is … a peculiar culture of discourse!
3:13   [Scheuer:] Maybe it’s because of the snacks they serve backstage.
3:17   [Moderator:] I’m sure she left because she doesn’t want to face the next topic of discussion.
3:20   It has to be said that all parties,
3:23   including the CSU,
3:26   are standing up for the legalization of illegal immigration,
3:29   under the clapping attacks of the carefully chosen audience.
3:32   When one just hears this, Frau Von Der Leyen,
3:35   does one feel left high and dry? What would you say,
3:38   what would you answer, this is a representative of a party
3:41   that stands for law and order?
3:44   I can’t really get that in a row…
3:47   15,000, that’s the number the SPD is also asking for, so that means that
3:51   quite a few parties are in unison on this number 15,000… Is this going to help?
3:56   Violent crime has risen altogether, but the total amount of crime hasn’t.
3:59   Frau von der Leyen, is this a sign for you
4:02   that there is a sort of coarsening occurring in our society?
4:06   We of course will remember all that, we say thank you,
4:09   and we will see each other again on September 24th.

10 thoughts on “Alice Weidel Runs the Gauntlet at ZDF

  1. Bright and shiny people those cosmopolitan Germans. Fashionably arrayed excellently drained of anything resembling an ethnicity, a tribe, a people. German Stepford people. Reduced to credit cards they hold, proper fitting suits and glasses & underwear that does not bunch up the wrong way. What a wonderful bunch of mobiles. Human wretch the ersatz mirror wretch they so eagerly import from the most wretched parts of the planet. “Look”! “they are as mobile as we are”. Just like they are in their Audis’ and Bavarian Motor Works, “So mobile”! Masterly holding forth creep speak about racism and bigotry as they unleash hell on earth on 8 and ten year old “girls”! Amazingly I see clearly now the same wretchedness in Paul Ryan and ¾’s of the American Congress. New York LA Sanƒrancisco Minneapolis all filled with the same bunch of mobiles dying to be like them. Birds of feather shall flock together. Look at them flying into the death spiral together. Souless crows cawing out the same heartless creep speak. “We’re all the same”, “Islam is cool, meet my friend Ahmed” and the worst one ” Love is Love”. Had it with those quizzical looks! They’re our worst enemies

    • Same treatment that MSM inflicts on Nigel Farage
      In the UK. A hand picked hostile audience to back up a largely
      Panel of Feminist (childless) women, howling down his every comment!

      What a piece of work the German Woman moderator is
      Though! She failed to control the panel and the audience
      Throughout. Should be sacked with immediate effect!

      Suspect that she lives in a snug, secure gated community
      Never sees a brown skin person in her neighbourhood
      That’s for sure.

  2. Long live xenophobia. Where is it written that white people have to grovel before foreigners? However, Western politicians are accustomed to crawling on their bellies before foreigners, the more savage abd contemptible the better.

    And yet millions of whites also support those very same politicians. Servile to the end. Merkel by a landslide! Wiedersehn, Deutschland!

  3. Ha ha , the notorious Frau Marietta Slomka , lovingly called ” Marionetta ” Slomka in certain quarters . Biased and self-rightious as usual , what else is new . The audience ? Could be entertaining to look for familiar faces among these audiences in that never-ending stream of talkshows and panel-discussions ….

  4. Like France and The Netherlands, Germany is finished. I’m just back from a professional fair in central Germany, and basically you only see two kinds of electoral ads: gigantic ones for CDU (“christian” “democrats”) and SPD (socialists). I saw a couple of small scale AfD posters, plus FDP ones, plus here and there loonie posters (for the Pirates Party).

    If after such an overwhelming display of the insanity of admitting two million unemployable barbarians in your country, if after the overwhelming evidence of the folly of the “Energiewende” a majority of Germans STILL want to keep Merkel at the helm, there’s something profoundly WRONG.

    I also notice that Germany is becoming a country for old men. In hotels, on the streets, on the fairs, I’ve seen many, many, many middle aged people, 50 somethings 60 somethings, 70something but very few young people. I may have seen one (1) pregnant white woman.

    On the way back to Belgium, yesterday evening right after crossing the German-Dutch border, I stopped in Venlo, The Netherlands, intending to eat a pizza as I am very fond of a decent Quattrostaggione (with an egg, to be sure).

    Found only three that were open and they were all run by Middle Eastern types. On the windows of one colourful stickers screamed “100% HALAL”!

    So, no pizza for me. I went to eat in a MacDonalds.

    Europe 2017.

    • I think the McDondald’s are halal now, too.

      The only reliable way to avoid halal is to eat bacon, ham, or pork. If you can find it.

  5. Germany is strangling itself (free after a book-title of Thilo Sarazzin), definitively next Sunday. Foolish people, always started wars but neven won one. After 9/24 it will soon be over and done with.

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