AfD: “We Want Our Country to Return to the Rule of Law”

Below are brief excerpts from a press conference held by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) after Sunday’s election.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   Of course one has to chase the government.
00:12   Chase them in the parliamentary debate.
00:16   That is exactly what I wanted to express, and what we are going to do.
00:21   Please spare me angst-ridden visions of chasing humans.
00:26   That was not what this was about. And —
00:29   “We want to take our country back” — that is what some of our election posters say.
00:34   I’m sorry, we are of the opinion that we want different policies.
00:39   One million people, strangers, taken into this country,
00:43   do take a piece of this country away. And we, the AfD, do not want that.
00:47   And we have been elected to brutally address this policy!
00:53   Other parties accuse your party of being Nazis.
00:57   Do you know what happened, what we experienced at our election party yesterday evening?
01:01   We could only leave the party under danger to our lives and well-being.
01:06   Even my partner and her daughter were physically attacked by protesters.
01:11   The nonsense that people like Gabriel and others say,
01:16   that we are Nazis or similarly monstrosities — apparently, simpletons believe this,
01:21   and carry out violent attacks on the streets of Germany.
01:24   It is the seed of violence that is planted by our political enemies.
01:28   We are appalled by that. We are a through-and-through constitutional, liberal party;
01:34   and we want a civilized democratic discourse.
01:37   And how do you want to prevent that?
01:41   Name me one sensible debate in the Bundestag
01:45   — funnily enough, Mr. Bosbach said exactly the same thing —
01:48   name me one sensible debate on sanctions of Russia, on the NSA espionage affair,
01:54   on ‘Saving the Euro’ — there aren’t any. It is rubber-stamped.
01:58   We want a culture of debate to return to the Bundestag
02:02   that will let the people know
02:06   which decisions are made and why, and who stands behind them.
02:15   The refugee policy that has been in place since 2015
02:19   has no legal basis whatsoever, it is a breach of the law!
02:22   And that is one of the reasons why we want to take our country back.
02:27   We want our country to return to the rule of law
02:30   and to compliance with the laws again,
02:33   Which have been kicked by the feet of the CDU and the SPD in the past.

17 thoughts on “AfD: “We Want Our Country to Return to the Rule of Law”

  1. The AFD is too little and too late to turn the tide in Germany. Remember, only 12.6 % of the voters agree that this third world barrage which they see every day, should seriously cease. They are moreover, though now in the Bundestag, not in any real position to evoke change.

    The AFD reps also have to hide their real feelings by pretending and now saying that the foreigners that are now there who possess German passports are indeed “Germans.” If they do not say this, they will be gobbled alive and will not be able to deny that they are racists. But their constituency which just won them their seats in parliament–wants every last one of these new Germans since 2015 to ideally go back home.

    Then, they would like the longer living there Turks, many “dual citizens”, to also pack their bags and check out of hotel Germany.

    • It’s not only the AFD reps who have to hide their real feelings.

      The majority of the German (and european) population feel the same way.

      The problem is that the fear of being called a racist or a “nazi” still outweighs the fear of standing up for your beliefs.

      Unfortunately things will have to get worse before they start to get better.

      Have you wondered why there are no “terror” attacks in Italy and why they are dosified (sic) in the rest of the continent ?

      • It is not fear of being called a “Nazi”, it is fear of losing your job. If you lose your job you will inevitably lose your home, too.
        If you lose your home, you will lose your pets. Your car. Your old life.

        And – it doesn’t matter that it was “just” 13%.
        First, you can count in the FDP’s 10%, too, and a strong movement in the CSU.
        Second, a small minority is enough to change a country.

      • I am encouraged that AFD received it’s share of the vote, even though it was a small share. Here in the USA, it is very difficult for a new party to get any significant percentage of votes. People who do not like either the Democrats or the Republicans will nevertheless vote for the lesser evil among those two parties, because they know one of those two will be elected and a vote for any other party is a wasted vote. Perhaps it is the same in Germany. Now that AFD is seen as a party with a real chance to win seats in the government, I hope more people will vote AFD next election.

        I had not previously wondered about the lack of terror attacks in Italy, but I am wondering about it now. Why are there no terror attacks in Italy?

    • I agree. Left and right this is being labeled as some kind of a political earthquake, but I am NOT impressed. So 14% of Germans voted AfD? That means that 86% are hunky dory with more clitoridectomy, more religious police, more mosques, more whiteys ‘zusammengeschlagen’, more women harassed, raped or even killed. If the AfD would have gotten 30 per cent, THAT would have been an earthquake. But now it’s a dud. And very soon now, they will get the treatment the VB has known for 4 decades already: a cordon sanitaire.

      Finis Germania. And Finis Europa.

      • Hi Outlaw Mike,

        We must have hope. After all, do you remember that the siege of Vienna happened in 1683 and Europe survived that incident.

        Thank You.

        • I would hazard that Vienna circa 1683 did not contain a gigantic fifth column composed of Ummah members and self-loathing Westerns.

    • The difficult question is: Can Germany be salvaged from within the framework of existing legislation? I hope the answer is Yes.

  2. Sorry son today Western Europe is occupied by savages. One rule for the natives and another for the Muslims. It’s a no brainier?

  3. The problem is that the regressive left has had ample time to organize and every opportunity to indoctrinate generations with their narrative. It had been rammed down the throat of Europeans for too long to be even threatened by a small minority of AfD voters. It will take a considerable amount of time and effort to deprogrammethe majority of Europeans. People will only wake up when the problems bite them in the rearend and then it will be too late.. Probably. But that’s allright. When the European wellfare-state collapses, the cockroaches and locusts will scurry back to their muddwellings in the deserts they came from. All we need is their patience. (sarcasm off)

    • Unfortunately, they will not “scurry back to their muddwellings in the deserts they came from”, they will just turn once-civilised Europe into a wasteland of muddwellings and social, economic and spiritual deserts.

      However, I do not share others’ pessimism about the AfD. I think 14% makes a pretty good wedge, given that the smug consensus of the Grand Coalition is now in tatters. Even if it does not take over itself, it surely is laying a foundation for someone with similar, but less strongly-stated views. Perhaps someone who has recently reappeared, quietly but emphatically, in the wings of the German political stage after a period in exile.

    • You are correct. In terms of spreading its ideology, the Left has far ‘outbred’ the Right so to speak.

  4. “name me one sensible debate on sanctions of Russia, on the NSA espionage affair,on ‘Saving the Euro’ — there aren’t any. It is rubber-stamped. We want a culture of debate to return to the Bundestag”

    This guy is not alone in his views: – —

    “The grand coalition is always a compromise in which the parties agree to avoid conflicts, even limited ones,” explained Gero Neugebauer, professor emeritus at Berlin’s Free University.

    “Detractors counter that the government’s legislative successes came on small “no-brainer” issues likely to attract broad public support, such as heavier punishments for burglars or steps to prevent abuses of the social welfare system. By contrast, truly tough topics like whether Germany should have a law regulating immigration or how to finance the pension system as the population ages in the future get ignored.”

    The whole article is well worth a read on the issue of consensus politics. If the AfD can put even a small spoke in this cosy consensual back-scratching, they will do the whole of Europe a great service.

  5. Going on German voter trends this years Federal Election saw a rise of voter input up on previous years to 79% of the electorate.

    In other words, 79% of those eligible to vote chose to exercise that right.

    That then leaves around 21% of the German population who are either disinterested, disillusioned or apathetic about the current political system.

    But, it also reflects on the 79% of those who did vote that 13% of that number chose AfD with which to cast their ballots. That then leaves 63% of the remaining voters casting ballots for the other parties – which may reflect on their own self-interest in being a ‘rusted on voter’ for a particular party or simply being politically naive and just choosing from random a party to vote for or maybe due to other voter vagaries that are probably too numerous to go into here.

    It is the 21% who chose to not vote that is of real interest in this recent election because adding another 21% of the vote to one’s party, especially to the AfD, would not only increase the AfDs political prestige and power, it would send shock waves throughout the whole German political system that has been under control of the Left ever since the founding of the German Federal Republic.

    And when the Collective political elite can see their own demise in the offing, many of them will become individuals once again with a view that to serve their own best interests, they will need to bend to the new political paradigm.

    The AfD need to target that elusive 21% of the voting public to get on board and assist in the forging of a New Germany. That would be the quickest way with which to improve their political stock, and as the AfD grows in political influence, other voters will begin to notice their impact on the German Establishment and willingly become part of the real New Order.

    • Except for that fraction of the 21% non-voting electorate that consists of Muslim women who were not given permission by their husbands to leave the house on election day…

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