A New Wave of Cultural Enrichment in Lisbon

A reader in Portugal sends the following account of a sudden acceleration in the Islamization of his country:

My name is David. I am a Portuguese living in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. I am writing because something is happening in this western point of Europe, and no one seems to be paying attention, including the Portuguese.

Lisbon has one mosque (near Praça de Espanha); it will build a second one this year in Mouraria. Who will pay this new mosque, which will cost about €3 million? Public money of the Lisbon municipality. Source (in Portuguese)

But why? Why is public money going to new religious sites, and not hospitals, schools, transportation? Why is the president of the city of Lisbon publicly supporting this construction with Lisbon’s money? No one is asking these questions in the Portuguese mass media, and even our right-wing Catholic politicians remain silent.

Simultaneously, something happened this month to our immigration laws. Now it is much easier to obtain a legal permit to stay in Portugal (Sweden-style, basically). In just one week since the law went into effect, we have 1300% more immigration requests per week compared with the previous law: 4,037 permits in a single week! Source (in Portuguese)

Who are we accepting? We are just ten million people; we can’t have this influx with no consequences. Are all these events somehow connected? The politicians remain silent, as also the media. I have the feeling Portugal is being transformed in a “rough state”, a “spear tip” of something much larger than ourselves.

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  1. I am so sorry for Portugal. It is a wonderful country, the Portuguese are kind and friendly people, a good example of a nation brought up on traditional Christian values. (And, of course, I love fado. That’s why I am especially said about this mosque being built in Mouraria, of all places!)

    It is a pity that Portugal is about to go down the drain, just like the rest of Europe.

  2. You are right to be concerned; about both issues. In U.K., immigrants have flooded in since Blair was in office. We don’t hear church bells now, we hear that dreadful wailing from mosques. And we have suffered attacks by these Muslims we have allowed in. Hold your Government to account; they represent YOU & all those who are fearful about this ‘invasion.’ Read up re The Kalergi Plan

  3. Was in Portugal in May… Lisbon seemed very “culturally enriched” – and also not too safe. During my 3 days there, I was offered drugs 4 or 5 times by Arab-looking men, and almost fell victim to a pickpocket (though likely a gypsy, not Arab). Quite different from how I’d imagined it would be.

    • May be you were in Lisbon central areas -just turists and people we do not know where they come from -some from Kosovo, or Afganistan. Others? the devil knows.
      Pickpocketers are gypsy from Romania and Bulgaria -they have no borders.

      So, you haven’t seem to see to much of natives 🙂
      Safety is still good in Lisbon -in nearby twnships is not so good

  4. David asks the simple question, “cui bono?’

    The Left in the OECD countries are not having babies. Europe’s “leaders” do not have children. Given that, you import people for two main reasons: 1) in the hopes that young immigrants will work and pay into the Socialist safety nests for native people who retire with 30 years to live and more importantly 2) to obtain votes in perpetuity for the Left.

    Teddy Kennedy figured it out here over 50 years ago. Then you combine the two above with the Left’s hatred of freedom, liberty, free markets, Christianity, Judaism, America, rule of law, property rights and Israel and you answer David’s question. Islam is the enemy of the list of above so are therefore allies in the cause.

    I might add Steve Bannon’s recent remark that in the case of the US the Catholic church especially as well as mainstream churches need new parishioners. They are in on the scam as well.

    It really is not much more complicated than that.

  5. Welcome to the European Dream: A completely islamicised Europe within 40 years all with the support of your political representative.

  6. David is right, so, so right.
    We have not day care centres in Lisbon, but we’ll have a mosque for Bengalis. The project is going to destroy XVIIth century houses that are monuments.
    There is a «Petição pública»* to stop it: http://peticaopublica.com/pview.aspx?pi=PT76702
    Yes, Portugal has Africans, which came after the independence of our colonies (war and famine drove them out their ‘free’ countries). The invasion now is Muslim from Bangladesh. The mayor of Lisbon is a socialist and we all know what that means. And yes, there was some fuss, but now during the campaign for 1 October local elections in Lisbon nothing is being discussed.
    The open boundary law is being discussed to be revoke at the parliament, Passos Coelho (former PM – Conservative) said it, since the Socialist yield to far-left morons that support his minority government. Socialists have not won the election but together with Trotskyist and Stalinist they have a majority at Parliament. We still have a Conservative President that can deny his signature, but I not sure of anything, anymore

    *Public Petition/Request

  7. I was thinking of travelling to the Northern Portugal/Spain area and considering the Camino de Santiago. Not however if it is becoming over run by Muslims. The Portuguese politicians must consider what this will do to their tourism. No one will want to travel to Portugal if it just looks and feels like Morocco!

    • No, it didn’t. They stayed in for 4 centuries. Luckily, the founder of Portugal, D Afonso Henriques, with the help of the crusade, drove them out.

      Muslims first entered in Portugal as invaders in the VIII century. Due to internal conflicts, they were invited to stay. One faction thought the Muslims could help defeat the other. But at the end Muslims dominated the whole peninsula.

      Now Portugal has a communist, Trotskyist, socialist government. And they won’t stop until the first Islamic terrorist attack takes place. Then they will capitalize on it, further their power, stating the need for reforms and that the attack happened because the country is not left-wing enough, because there are social inequities, poverty, racism, or maybe it was Trump’s fault or whatever. The aim is to defeat the political opposition. History repeats itself.

  8. Yes…And slowly but surely they continue to trickle in. Little bit by little bit. That’s worse than a mass migration, because nobody notices it, anymore.

  9. How very terrible that the city of Lisbon will plan to build an Islamic mosque. That is a very big and a very serious mistake. Portugal is supposed to be a country where religion and state need to be completely separated. In the future, like most of Europe, Portugal will go down the deep hellish drain, if the Portuguese people do not take any action. Wake up Portugal, before it is too late!!!! You do not need Muslims!!!! They will destroy your cultural identity and your civilization.

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