A Culture-Enriching Murder Epidemic in Sweden

This year looks to be a record year for gun violence and murder in Sweden, most of which may be attributed to the “New Swedes”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

One shooting a day in Sweden — 31 dead

September 11, 2017

On average, there is a shooting once a day in Sweden. Just this summer alone, which is the worst period, eleven people have died, figures from Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) show. The newspaper calls it a “bloody summer”.

81 shootings with 46 injured and eleven dead. That is the record of shootings only during the summer of this year in Sweden.

June, July and August account for 40 percent of all shootings that occurred in 2017.

The total number of gang shootings between January and August of this year amounts to 202, with 31 deaths. That is “a shooting per day”, according to SvD.

The worst are the metropolitan area of Stockholm (79 shootings), southern region with Malmö (61 shootings) and the western region where Göteborg is included (21 shootings).

And it has become much worse over the years.

“Before 1990 there were about four gang murders a year in the country; after the 1990s it was between 8 and 13 up until about 2014 or 2015, when it increased up to 30 murders per year across the country; since then it has been at a high level,” says Gunnar Appelgren of the Stockholm Police to SvD.

Now the police are going to fight gang crime, and, among other things, increase the number of surveillances. But what the increase may be attributed to, the police say they “do not know”.

In May, a survey by Dagens Nyheter showed that immigrants are behind 9 out of 10 shootings in Sweden. Out of 100 people involved in murders and murder attempts where firearms have been used, 90 of them have at least one foreign-born parent. The vast majority of men, around 80 percent, have their roots in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Most come from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia and Eritrea.

In late June, Expressen published a survey of organized crime in Stockholm. Of 192 gang criminals, almost all, 94.5 percent, had at least one foreign-born parent. The country of origin that stands out is Iraq, but many also come from Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria and Turkey.

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  1. The real trick is encouraging the rest of them to kill each other. Same problem as gangstas in American cities; their rounds fired-to-kill ratio is abysmal. Money currently spent on handouts would be better spent on teaching them to shoot, and providing the New Swedes with larger caliber handguns so hits have a higher probability of resulting in kills.

    • Probably should open ranges for them only, so they can go spend time upgrading their accuracy, without being disturbed by the polizia. Likely they have to be furtive in any possible opportunity to practice accuracy.

      What is remarkable, is I thought guns there in socialist, alls well land, were so restricted. Ha. Enrichers need no stinkin’ laws, just like Chi town! Appears may be worse than Chi town, if not, certainly amazing to see whole country in the realm of Chicago. As I think they aren’t quite a body a day, in Chicago.

  2. That idea is not bad, but the first question is: WHY do they let them in? No muslims, no problems (at least not very many).

    • The best summary of why Islam is allowed to penetrate western societies is by another commenter (from another site):

      “The globalists LOVE Islam. It’s everything they could possibly want in a false religion.

      They love its brutality, the way it viciously polices its own and crushes dissent from within.

      They love its dehumanization, how it turns its followers into little more than human ammunition, eager to be spent in the slaughter of infidels.

      They love its crushing of spirit, how it keeps entire populations ignorant of history and science while living in destitute poverty, convincing them that fighting the infidels is more important than civilian infrastructure.

      They love its real rape culture, the way it reduces women and girls to mere livestock, to be raped or beaten or killed or sold on a whim.

      But most of all, they love its system of unquestioning loyalty, how its followers wouldn’t dare think twice if their imams told them to butcher that person or blow up that kindergarten or beat their own daughter to death.

      This is why the demonic death cult of Islam has been chosen by the globalists as the official false religion of their new world order.” – cyberjacques

      • They also love its mindlessness, which turns the Ummah into a horde of rapacious, unquestioning, and wasteful consumers.

  3. The immigration equation with these migrants from backward muslim hellholes is quite simple. They either won’t work for an honest living as they have been told the kuffir owe them a living, OR they can’t work as their education, skills and language is so deficient. The end and natural result is that crime becomes the employer. They join gangs, deal drugs, steal stuff. And it’s only a matter of time before some Imam tells them to become a Jihadist. These are the “new Swedes” that delusional nation welcomes.

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