We’re Being Played

The clash between the alt-right and the hard left at last Saturday’s aborted “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville ended in what appeared to be a deliberate atrocity on 4th Street just below the Downtown Mall. One woman was killed, and nineteen others wounded when James Fields ran them down with his car. The reason for the car’s sudden acceleration is not yet clear, but the Antifa action with the baseball bat immediately prior to the incident does raise questions (see this post for more).

Given the speed at which the car was traveling, and the number of people on the street, there could have been far more casualties — we’re fortunate that there was only one fatality.

And the political feast has begun. For those who would make hay of the incident — the earnest politicos who never let a good crisis go to waste — the maneuvering and posturing began the moment the bodies of the victims impacted the pavement on 4th Street. Twitter was alive with shock and horror and finger-pointing by the usual suspects all Saturday afternoon and evening.

It’s well-known that the Communists and “anti-fascists” who hit the streets for events like this one are being organized and directed from a higher level. They’re put on buses, driven to the venue, handed signs and banners, and given an itinerary and general instructions on what to do. Some of them are paid a per-diem for their participation. They act as the foot soldiers — and in this case, the cannon fodder — for the regional and local affiliates of the Globalist Left. Their directors and manipulators are “community organizers” à la Barack Hussein Obama. The leaders are cynical, hardened acolytes of Saul Alinsky, dedicated to inflicting the maximum possible damage to the cultural infrastructure of the oppressive capitalist patriarchy.

That’s how those Antifa banners and hammer-and-sickle flags ended up marching down Market Street by the library Saturday morning. Violence was not an unfortunate byproduct of the resulting confrontation; it was the intended outcome (see the Z Blog for more).

The police were ordered to stand down and let the Yin and Yang come together to grapple their eternal combat at the entrance to Lee Park. Blood on faces, blood on the streets, blood on the hood of a car — that was the preferred outcome.

The chief of police was acting on orders from Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, who is the sort of lefty you’d expect to be elected mayor of Berkeley East. But the mayor himself was taking his cues from higher up the food chain, beyond even Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of the Commonwealth (and also a former DNC chair and former campaign manager for Bill Clinton).

The Left’s organizers and manipulators got exactly what they wanted on August 12. Immense damage was inflicted on the #UniteTheRight meme-brand. They got a photogenic martyr for the cause. They got an abominable extreme “right-winger” as a villain to be deplored, excoriated, and repudiated from now until the sun turns into a cinder. And they were handed a glorious opportunity to give President Trump yet another poke in the eye.

Yes, last Saturday was a red-letter day for the Left. But what about the Right? What were they doing there? How were they so easily manipulated into doing grave damage to their own cause?

That’s a harder question to answer…

Nowadays it’s difficult simply to describe the process of events, because one is required to denounce and repudiate one ideological faction and affirm the other. Plain, factual, neutrally-worded discussion is generally not permitted. If I don’t explicitly denounce badthink, why, then obviously I must be in favor of it!

However, for the following discussion, I’d like to step back and pretend that I don’t have any opinions about the various components of the #UniteTheRight coalition. They range from liberty-minded patriots through the “race realists” to the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-Nazis. They are a disparate bunch, and the only thing that they have in common is the decision to take a stand against the open warfare that has been declared against white people.

The advocates for uniting these groups would have done well to ask themselves whether it was really possible to “unite” them in any meaningful way. The neo-Nazis, with their black regalia and crypto-swastika logos, were carrying a banner prominently headed by the words “National Socialist Movement”. That’s SOCIALIST, mind you.

There is no way that Liberty and Socialism can do more than briefly and superficially cooperate within any political order.

And the KKK is a Progressive entity, for crying out loud! Back in the 1930s it was part of the Progressive movement, and a favorite of Margaret Sanger’s. Eugenics and racism were Progressive in those days — purifying the white race of its defective and degenerate elements was part of the plan for creating the Shining Socialist Future.

The KKK was also a close affiliate of the Democrat Party until Lyndon Johnson redrew the political map in the 1960s.

These little historical crumbs have been swept under the rug by the post-1945 Left. All those embarrassing facts have been conveniently forgotten by Modern Multicultural Progressives. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and Progressives have always opposed Racism.

The Left can’t be expected to remember these things, but the Right would be foolish to forget them.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Given all of the above, why did those who were attempting to create a broad-based conservative coalition think it was a good idea to include neo-Nazis and the Klan?

The short answer is: They were played like a fiddle by the permanent government, a.k.a. the Deep State.

The following analysis consists of speculation mixed with a healthy dose of Occam’s Razor.

It’s possible to observe the underlying pattern in the course of events, and our task is to devise explanations for it without multiplying entities needlessly.

Here are some of the components of the pattern:

1.   Infiltration of right-wing organizations. It is established practice for the FBI to infiltrate right-wing organizations — not to mention socialist groups such as the neo-Nazis. As we learned from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge trial, FBI plants are not only numerous, but often occupy leadership positions. They help guide the group’s policies and take part in planning actions.

It is the planted agent’s job to sow discord, encourage group fragmentation, and induce schisms. But agents also typically suggest action programs that will do the most harm to the group. Ideally, the organization will be discredited by such actions, its membership demoralized, and its leaders arrested.

The historical record from the 1960s shows that FBI plants were often involved at the top levels of revolutionary anti-war groups. Promoting violent action was part of their job description.

2.   Antifa preparations for urban warfare. The “anti-fascists” came armed and equipped for street battles. Most of them were not from Charlottesville. I would bet money that Soros-funded organizations arranged the antifas’ attendance and paid their expenses. They were well-prepared.
3.   The stand-down by police. Police officers assigned to downtown Charlottesville that day did not stand down of their own accord. They were under orders from the police chief, who in turn was under orders from the mayor. A mayor — even a Progressive Democrat — does not make that kind of decision unless there is a push for it from higher up in his party. In the event that the fallout from his decision causes him not to be re-elected, before he takes such a risky move he must have the assurance that his political career is safe.
4.   The immediate and uniform response of the mainstream media. The news reports about the ramming reached fever pitch immediately. There was no delay. There were no confused and contradictory accounts trickling in (compare last Saturday’s process of reporting with, say, the media response to the fatal shooting of a white woman by a Somali police officer in Minneapolis). The rhetoric was uniform across all outlets, with almost identical headlines and topic sentences in early reports. The neo-Nazi element was hyped over and over again, and turned against President Trump with full force.
5.   The lawsuit against the organizers. The driver and passenger in the car rammed by James Fields quickly sued him and all the organizations listed as participating in the #UniteTheRight rally. The lawsuit was filed with far greater rapidity than one would normally expect in such circumstances. It was as if there were a lawyer (or lawyers) on the scene in advance, ready for action and looking for clients. Perhaps on the payroll of a Soros affiliate…?
6.   Get Trump. The focus in the aftermath of the ramming attack was to use it massively and relentlessly to do damage to Donald Trump.

There are other pieces of the puzzle that could be listed — such as the alleged previous association of the event’s permit-holder with the Occupy movement, and his support for Obama — as data points for this analysis, but I lack definitive data for them. Nevertheless, the pattern is clear, even without such additions.

It’s also possible that James Fields — a diagnosed schizophrenic — was encouraged or helped to go off his meds. It’s possible that he was urged to drive down 4th Street by some of his “friends” in Vanguard America.

But it’s also possible that his rampage on 4th Street was entirely his own idea, a deliberate attack on people he hated.

It does not matter which is true. The pattern is clear.

We conservatives are being played. Our organizations are infiltrated and manipulated. We are encouraged to act against our own best interests by operatives from what is commonly known as the Deep State.

Every time we fight among ourselves, we are doing the Deep State a favor.

Every time we consort with National Socialists or the I-hate-niggers-and-kikes-crowd, we are accomplishing the purposes of the Deep State.

Look at the manifest results of last weekend’s events in Charlottesville:

  • President Trump has taken a big hit, just so that the Klan and the Nazis could gather by torchlight.
  • Within six months all the Confederate monuments will be gone, even deep in the heart of Dixie.
  • And the Right is more fragmented than ever.

Do you think all that was an accident? Do you think that the minds behind the Charlottesville event were simply so stupid, and so clueless, and so short-sighted, that they allowed it all to happen?

Somebody wanted it to happen.

There were probably dozens of other James Fieldses who were groomed for the occasion. Marginal, disaffected loners with mental issues who could be easily manipulated and encouraged.

The specific action didn’t have to be planned or arranged. The battlefield was prepped, and one of the prepared pieces of ordnance was all but certain to detonate.

And one of them did.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So what is to be done?

For almost a decade I’ve been advocating for Counterjihad groups to form counterintelligence units within the structure of their organizations.

The first step in counterintelligence is to recognize that your group will be infiltrated — if it hasn’t been already.

Counterintelligence means a sustained effort to spot those infiltrators and either expel them or use them for your own purposes.

It means becoming aware of the dirty war that is being waged against you, and acting accordingly.

It means ceasing to be an amateur activist organization, and becoming a professional one (even if you have no significant funding).

Study the history of the KGB, which conducted the most successful counterintelligence operations in history — and probably still does, in its reincarnation as the FSB.

As your organization moves upwards in this line of work, it will enter the big leagues. You would be well-advised to improve your game accordingly.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Two appendices: First, an eyewitness account from Charlottesville by someone named Jacob Kachelhofer Tyler. I’m certain that he’s one of the people that I’m required to deplore and repudiate. Otherwise, I must surely support him, right?

I’m not certain of the original source; it may have been Facebook:

You want it straight? Here it is:

  • In response to the incessant attacks upon our heritage by the left, a conservative blogger and concerned American, Jason Kessler resolves to organize a rally for traditionalists across the Conservative spectrum to stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of our identity and right to exist as a people group.
  • Kessler secures a permit for lawful assembly at Lee Park, site of a monument to Robert E. Lee.
  • In short order, the city attempts to revoke the permit, denying hundreds of disenfranchised Americans their rights to freedom of speech and assembly.
  • The ACLU and Rutherford Institute file an injunction against the city which is upheld by a Federal Judge.
  • Charlottesville Mayor and City Council acquiesce and the rally commences on the appointed day.
  • Nationalist Front members from League of the South and Traditionalist Worker Party among many others line up and March to Lee Park, literally having to fight our way through throngs of Antifa and BLM bussed in from New York screaming obscenities, attacking with clubs and pepper spraying people at every opportunity.
  • Heavily militarized police funnel us into the park as we are surrounded by still larger commie hordes.
  • Our guys form up in shield walls to defend the park while preparations are made for the scheduled speakers to address attendees of the event. Police stand by and watch as we are relentlessly bombarded with all manner of projectiles ranging from deadly to disgusting. Everything from balloons filled with bleach and pepper spray to bottles of feces and urine to rocks and bricks. Other leftists were menacing us with baseball bats, a homemade flame thrower and even a bow and arrow.
  • Our guys held the line rather well, even while having to defend themselves, but things start going downhill as 100 or so cops in full riot gear and heavy armor form up behind us while another cop starts bull horning us that rally has been declared an “unlawful assembly” and that anyone who does not disperse will be arrested.
  • Police continue to ignore the actually violent leftist terrorists 100 feet away and literally begin to forcefully shove us into the rabid throngs who’ve been violently assaulting us. Numerous of our guys are attacked as they try to evacuate the park.
  • Our guys begin regrouping into smaller parties after basically being scattered all over the place and working our way to a new rally point in the “free speech zone”/park the city had originally tried to move the rally to.
  • As we are fighting our way out of the park, and to the new rally point Antifa and BLM continue assaulting our guys with wild abandon. Even the older men who were with us. Despite this, we tightened our formation and worked our way through them.
  • By the time we make it to a safe zone, we start hearing the Mayor has declared a state of emergency.
  • Our guys gradually get shuttled out and things begin to calm down.

Despite the chaos and confusion that ensued, some things are painfully obvious in all this:

The mayor, city council and police forces are guilty of gross negligence in the performance of their duty and of consorting and colluding with violent, left wing extremists and terrorists. Not only were they clearly ordered to stand down in the face of rampant criminality, but they attempted to instigate a riot by shoving our group into the throngs of Antifa.

They proceeded to allow Antifa to take over the park while pursuing our guys to the rally point and arresting several, even pursuing some of our guys to the parking garage and taunting and threatening them with arrest while allowing more Antifa to continue to attack.

The time between our arrival in the park and the SOE declaration was about 40 minutes.

Long story short: It was a set up folks. Plain and simple. We saw the police state up close and personal yesterday. And it wasn’t at the hands of the people having “Nazi!!!” shrieked and hissed at them. It was at the hands of the self proclaimed arbiters of love and tolerance.

This is what it looks like when freedom fails. And it ain’t pretty. Stay tuned for my full writeup on this for American Free Press.

Finally, a quote for the occasion. I’ve posted this poem before, but it’s worth excerpting again, because it’s relevant to what’s happening now.

From “Ghost Crabs”, by Ted Hughes:

                              These crabs own this world.
All night, around us or through us,
They stalk each other, they fasten on to each other,
They mount each other, they tear each other to pieces,
They utterly exhaust each other.
They are the powers of this world.
We are their bacteria,
Dying their lives and living their deaths.
At dawn, they sidle back under the sea’s edge.
They are the turmoil of history, the convulsion
In the roots of blood, in the cycles of concurrence.
To them, our cluttered countries are empty battleground.

97 thoughts on “We’re Being Played

  1. Perhaps the subtitle could have been “The Convulsion in the Roots of the Blood” – though that seems a mixed metaphor at best.

    For some further thoughts on police ineptitude, see a recent essay at City Journal:


    He begins:

    Why did the city of Charlottesville, and the state of Virginia, suspend the First Amendment for Saturday’s calamitous “Unite the Right” rally? And would the outcome have been different—one protester dead in a deliberate car-ramming, two state troopers killed in a demonstration-related helicopter accident, and a nation’s confidence in its institutions severely shaken once again—had the authorities vigorously defended all parties’ constitutional right to free expression?

    If anyone sees material on the failure of the soi-disant “conservatives” (largely of the ‘neo’ persuasion) and how their thorough disgrace set the scene for C’ville’s events , please leave it here in the comments.

    The Conservative movement, started more or less with William Buckley’s wealth and gifts of persuasion, was much influenced by Russell Kirk’s founding principles. If you want to understand how far these Beltway Bobos have fallen, see Kirk’s ideas, here:


    As he notes, and it bears repetition, the word “conservative” is an adjective. It accompanies thought and thoughtful action.

    As for the politicized C’ville PD, it took many years of work in domestic violence situations to get them to see it was more than merely “women who don’t know their place”. Sheriff’s Department isn’t any better. I always had better luck with the judicial branch, the commonwealth attorneys. They had to run for office so they were more responsive…and knew the law better.

    My battles with the police are long done now, but I remember them well. Rank injustice has a way of burning itself on your brain.

    BTW, Ann Coulter was on the radio talking about her years at UVa Law School and she doesn’t remember it being “that bad”. The woman must have slept through the many calls on campus by black undergrads to self-segregate. What an insult to their parents and grandparents! It was a shock the first time I saw it, but then I remembered my own experience of being sloughed off by the NAACP, back in my liberal days. It was a hard but necessary lesson in culturalism.

    There are no easy lessons here, but there are vital things to be learned from 20th century history, most of all from those who would fray and break the bonds of remembrance. There will be many places where the statues of Lee and Jackson and icons to Confederate memory will remain.

    As for that place in C’ville where the general sat astride Traveller (his horse), it will still be called Lee Park. New names don’t change Old realities.

    • Dymphna, thanks so much for that Kirkcenter citation. I’ve skimmed it, and will read it later. It is great, haven’t seen that on the web before, forgot totally about the name Kirk, heard of it a long time ago.

      • Don’t forget Richard Weaver.

        I was thinking about him today, having read him independently as a student in the early-80s in Charlottesville as a displaced Yankee, a National Review and New Republic subscriber in Reagan’s America, exploring Conservatism. Yes, today I was contemplating the extent of my empathy (historical and otherwise) for the traditional and confederate south. I remember his writings encouraged me to study John Calhoun and Randolph of Roanoke.

      • Agreed, awesome link to that citation. Trump is exactly correct in pointing out that there is no end to historical revisionism. Once these people control language and history, you can expect people to be sent to the gulag for “thoughtcrime”. Hold on to the 1st and 2nd amendment with both hands.

        In reference to Ann Coulter. I went to the University of Minnesota in the 70’s and it was terrible back then. I can’t imagine what it is like now.

    • Russell Kirk’s sublime “Ten Conservative Principles” (I recommend that everyone should read/re-read them), reminds me of the great Sidney Hook’s “Ethics of Controversy” (1954), relevant to these times, “in which he set down ten ground rules for democratic discourse within a democracy”:

      1. Nothing and no one is immune from criticism.

      2. Everyone involved in a controversy has an intellectual responsibility to inform himself of the available facts.

      3. Criticism should be directed first to policies, and against persons only when they are responsible for policies, and against their motives or purposes only when there is some independent evidence of their character.

      4. Because certain words are legally permissible, they are not therefore morally permissible.

      5. Before impugning an opponent’s motives, even when they legitimately be impugned, answer his arguments.

      6. Do not treat an opponent of a policy as if he were therefore a personal enemy or an enemy of the country or a concealed enemy of democracy.

      7. Since a good cause may be defended by bad arguments, after answering the bad arguments for another’s position present positive evidence for your own.

      8. Do not hesitate to admit lack of knowledge or to suspend judgement if evidence is not decisive either way.

      9. Only in pure logic and mathematics, not in human affairs, can one demonstrate that something is strictly impossible. Because something is logically possible, it is not therefore probable. “It is not impossible” is a preface to an irrelevant statement about human affairs. The question is always one of the balance of probabilities. And the evidence for probabilities must include more than abstract possibilities.

      10. The cardinal sin, when we are looking for truth of fact or wisdom of policy, is refusal to discuss, or action which blocks discussion.

      • Regarding the 10th point. Sometimes it is good to block discussion. Islam should be banned. If it is banned, unblocking the discussion to reallow Islam is a road to destruction. The 10th point is not absolute, shouldn’t be.

    • the right is not fragmented , we are not that stupid to be lead by morons like the the jew hating jew “soros ” , when the “shtf” you will see how organized we are by the amount of blood and bodies of the left we leave on the streets , we understand what is coming , let the left continue in their assinine anticts , when the rubber meets the roads they will be cannon fodder , ( the second revolution i s right around the corner )

  2. Great post, Baron…. The nation has been played for 190 years by the democratic so called party, which should be permanently decertified. Below URLs of lectures, begins to reveal the true criminal and crooked racist actions they have been involved with since founding. And it continues at least as badly these days, without God, without ethics, just a wilding gang, which they have always been, doing their separate but equal, lynching of blacks and whites both, sanger, racism always, so many ways. Now hating America, strident evil stupidity, no redeeming value, whatsoever. There are many things I can’t say here, but wish I could shout them. The public has to must begin to think, to study, to try to act like scholars, read and learn

    I turned off Fox before Hannity, because one of the stupid women made a remark even so much dumber than normal, I think it was about islam, just couldn’t handle them at all tonight. Few of them do any more than put in their contracted time, not professional at all. They clear as a bell do no homework research on history, and so much more, they are stupid, ignorant about. Most of the men likewise, with some handful notable few exceptions. Most of Foxes personnel are either democrats or just plain uneducated stupid, both sexes. Murdoch doesn’t know how to hire or run a station worth a damn. I wonder if they know what professional or hungry for knowledge above the rest even looks like. And just whom do they pander to as their audience trade, idiot left commie America hating democrats, or intelligent people?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REl-99K-8tk American History in Black & White – David Barton (Part 1) .3 hr.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74KxHcVHyRA American History In Black & White – David Barton (part 2) .8 hr.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM65kxmSiE8 American History In Black & White – David Barton (part 3) .9hr.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SStdawtYFA C-SPAN: D’Souza Exposes The Racist Political Strategy Of Democrats 1 hr.
    http://www.dailywire.com/news/19199/poll-culture-wars-threaten-turn-democrats-john-nolte – Poll: Culture Wars Threaten To Turn Democrats Into Permanent Minority Party

    We are in a state of social psychopathy, sheer insanity, a degree of civil unrest, not unlike the time before the civil war, and 650,000 dead or more, both black and white. The democrats, are wholly to blame, daily making unheard of crooked, crazy, and criminal, or extremists remarks, as today with the Missouri stupid senator, that looks every inch like a young version of crazy maxi, threatening the POTUS. The democrats, godless criminals, are an American outrage. They put up the confederate statues, and now they are blaming the conservatives as a constant diversion from their guilt, and wanting to try to erase the democrat’s own evil past racism, while practicing a different form of racism currently, classic alinsky tactics. Always. They are total crazy, and criminal. They love criminals everywhere. Sanctuary cities, Wasserman Shultz protecting the criminal from the Mideast, who was today indicted four times. And so many more examples, through 190 years.

    And by the way, can’t America seize soros 22 or more billion dollars, for breaking RICO statutes or other crucial laws, since he is backing global insurrection, through a racketeering set of several dozen terror or insurrection, and subversion causing organizations?

    • For a bit better defense or explanation of what I said here:

      Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-16/why-was-crowd-hire-company-recruiting-25-hour-political-activists-charlotte-last-wee
      “Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests…Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.”

      Horrific Hate, Violence on Both Sides Answering Lynch’s Call for Blood in the Streets http://www.independentsentinel.com/horrific-hate-violence-on-both-sides-answering-lynchs-call-for-blood-in-the-streets/
      Home S. Noble – August 17, 2017 0
      Ted Goodman at The Daily Caller was at the Charlottesville protest reporting on the radical groups of right and left who came prepared to fight – violently. It’s worth reading the article on the link…

      Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness
      “… what I see happening to the population of America right now seems very troublesome and foreboding. What I’m witnessing across the board is hordes of people increasingly separating themselves into weird, unthinking cults. Something appears to have snapped in our collective consciousness, and many individuals I used to respect (on both sides of the political spectrum) are becoming disturbingly polarized and hysterical.”

      Jim Quinn Rages At “Functional Illiterates Trying To Erase History”
      “This Confederate monument narrative is designed by the left to provoke a backlash from whites who are tired of being scorned, ridiculed, belittled and called racists, rednecks and deplorable’s by so called open minded progressives. It’s working. The cold race war is beginning to turn hot. The mood of the country will continue to darken. That’s how Fourth Turnings roll. ”

      The truths I spoke of, develops exemplified here, with just these few articles of the past 24 hrs., and a thousand places upon a thousand places more. Nearly 5ooo lynching’s alone. Female black MD student at U Va. MD school, treated with ridiculous rude disrespect. I have the story, written. Mostly because she was black, partly because woman. Even threats of death, in homes, as a black, there.

      We use idiot “be kind” words, but democrats is what all progressives, leftists, socialists, communists actually are, and vote as. Atheists all. I’ve spoken to random ones, and seen the current raging reactions of these worthless “resistors”. All racists, now and in the past. I’m sick of these distilled losers.

    • By way of defending and explaining my above comments, here are a few items of expansion of the preceding.

      Why Was This ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Recruiting $25 An Hour ‘Political Activists’ In Charlotte Last Week? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-16/why-was-crowd-hire-company-recruiting-25-hour-political-activists-charlotte-last-wee
      “Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests…Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.”

      Horrific Hate, Violence on Both Sides Answering Lynch’s Call for Blood in the Streets http://www.independentsentinel.com/horrific-hate-violence-on-both-sides-answering-lynchs-call-for-blood-in-the-streets/
      Home S. Noble – August 17, 2017 0
      Ted Goodman at The Daily Caller was at the Charlottesville protest reporting on the radical groups of right and left who came prepared to fight – violently. It’s worth reading the article on the link…

      Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness
      “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”
      “… what I see happening to the population of America right now seems very troublesome and foreboding. What I’m witnessing across the board is hordes of people increasingly separating themselves into weird, unthinking cults. Something appears to have snapped in our collective consciousness, and many individuals I used to respect (on both sides of the political spectrum) are becoming disturbingly polarized and hysterical.”

      Jim Quinn Rages At “Functional Illiterates Trying To Erase History”
      “This Confederate monument narrative is designed by the left to provoke a backlash from whites who are tired of being scorned, ridiculed, belittled and called racists, rednecks and deplorable’s by so called open minded progressives. It’s working. The cold race war is beginning to turn hot. The mood of the country will continue to darken. That’s how Fourth Turnings roll. ”

      There exist from a large variety of sources, for both current, recent, and way in the past, multiple sources for more evidence of subversive, racist, treasonous, murderous, and criminal, ethics less, Godless actions of the democrats, in all their various forms of progressives, radicals, leftists, socialists, communists, et al. If it’s wrong, non defensible, sneaky, crooked, stupid, it’s democrat. There is no call whatsoever for their behavior, nor was there ever in their 190 years…….Rarely if ever, do conservatives ever go where democrats live…

      • If “Law Enforcement” were doing it’s job, bus loads of hired thugs would NEVER get across state lines much less make it out of recruiting centers and bus loading sites. These criminals would never make the rallies, they would be way laid, and arrested for inciting riots, well before they reached any rally.

  3. Good essay. Will posted at WRSA after I finish this note.

    I believe, however, that any efforts to disassociate from any of the non-Red groups at Cville will be unavailing.

    Based on the limited reading of the Red POV in the wake of Cville, those who are not in key and on the very same beat of the same sheet of music as the Reds will be denounced as “Nazis”, no matter what.

    Best advice I have seen is this (in substance):

    “Just keeping repeating ‘I believe that in America, everyone has a right to speak’ until the questioner relents.”

    The term “Nazi” means today and has meant for quite a while nothing more than “I am a Red and I disagree with you.”

    There is no escaping being hit with that tactic, absent actual departure from the field.

    Thanks for all you do.

  4. I want to know how Unite the Right became synonymous with KKK, Neo Nazis, Nazis, racists, Haters, White supremacists, White nationalists. I’m trying to get to the truth. I am sympathetic to them, and even feel I would be on the same side, though I don’t consider myself any of those synonyms except maybe white nationalist. And I would really rather call myself a nationalist, period. I didn’t hear anything out of Unite the Right that I found offensive, racist, fascist… I read that one of their organising principles is protecting or securing the ability of whites to advocate for themselves. I understand that. Whites (I hate having to use that!) are being marginalised, drowned out of the public square, and the liberal ones are eagerly disqualifying themselves because of their ‘whiteness’!
    So I agree with whites wanting to have a voice, but I am uneasy with dividing myself, or ourselves off into an identity group, Although we have already been put there by the surrounding social forces. I also agree with them in preserving the Robert E Lee monument. I’m not a southerner so I don’t have that kind of a local stake in the issue, but I’m an American. Robert E Lee sounds like an honourable man. I’m no expert but read a bit and he was anti slavery. He declined a Union offer to fight with them, reserving his loyalty for his home state, When he had to choose and stand up and fight, he said he would not attack the Union, but would defend his state which he felt was his duty.
    Now that there are calls for taking down statues and many already doing it, I do feel our history is being taken away. We are still battling to preserve Christopher Columbus. The Ten Commandments monument had to go, the crosses, – this is also about religious heritage and freedom of religion. We all know the demographics already spell out our end unless something truly remarkable happens. It never occurred to me that the legacy of our forefathers, our history & culture would meet such hostility, hatred, and a real desire to bury it.
    If there is racism, supremacism, bigotry in the Unite the Right group I haven’t found it yet. Because I want my own race and culture to survive and flourish, it is not at the expense of any other. But in the end, even if they were some or all of those things they are accused of, while I would not be in agreement, I would certainly expect they would be allowed to voice their ideas. The right to free speech and freedom of assembly is not dependent on what your message is. This is the next step in shutting down rights. They are saying because a message is ‘hateful’ we can not allow it.

    • “I want to know how Unite the Right became synonymous with KKK, Neo Nazis, Nazis, racists, Haters, White supremacists, White nationalists.”

      The media.

      Almost everyone there except the armed militia (AFAIK) were white nationalists, but only a few were actual nazis (not entirely sure what that means, except the aesthetic.)

      I’m in a chat grp that contains people involved w/ UtR including some planners, and right now we have a white hispanic chatting with us. Sometimes we have an Assyrian stop by. The Right Stuff w/ Mike Enoch is often held up as the ultimate in Alt-Right evil, yet it has a podcast called “Beyond the Wall” hosted by several white hispanics who talk about Latin American issues.

      We don’t hate anyone, we want a white nation and hope that other races can have theirs too.

      • The Nazis are National SOCIALISTS. If they really mean it, then they are not a natural or meaningful part of any right-wing coalition. And a large proportion of them are FBI plants, which means that they don’t mean it, but are enemies for different reasons.

        • Don’t be ridiculous. The Founders supported public money being spent on the unfortunate; where they socialists?

    • The same way that the one lunatic driving that car into people in Cville gets lumped in with the entire group. Notice how something far worse happened just recently (shooting of conservative congressmen at baseball game), and the media is more than willing to pass it off as a “lone wolf” attack, but let one person on the other side commit violence, and now Trump is at fault. Total hypocrisy!

      If you want to see what happens when whites become a minority in their own country, study what is happening in South Africa today. Black leadership in SA is more than willing to use “affirmative action” laws to prevent whites from even working at all. White farmers are being slaughtered in Vietnam war numbers (60000? and rising). Why? Because they want to live on property they legally own and support themselves and their country? This is your future with the irrational leftists in charge.

    • Any assembly that supports the waving of a swastika is repugnant to me. Any assembly that invites David Duke and Richard Spenser to speak is repugnant to me. Had I been naively at the C’ville rally to protest the tearing down of the R.E.Lee statue, I would have walked away in disgust.
      The chanting on Friday night of “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us” was disgusting.
      I sympathize with anyones’ right to spew whatever hate speech they wish, as that is the entire basis of the 1st amendment, but I do not support the organizers of this rally, in no uncertain terms.

      As for the culpability of the CPD to deliberately mix opposing sides to foment a riot, I have to agree with that.
      I mentioned a few days ago that Faith Goldy of Rebel Media was streaming live on something called Periscope. I don’t know how I linked on to it or what it actually is to tell the truth but, she just happened to be across the street from the car ramming and just prior to the ramming she blurted out “where are the police” as several hundred counter protesters clogged the streets with no apparent police control as events were apparently turning hot.

      Anyone that has watched these civil imbroglios knows that there is a distinct pattern here, BLM and Antifa bussed in to foment violence at an otherwise peaceful assembly. We have seen it in a number of venues over the last 18 months. Anyone (the media) that tries to say otherwise is a stone cold liar.
      This element of the left are violent anarchists. These are the people that show up with baseball bats, stones, improvised flame throwers, urine, feces, mace and bricks to physically harm others.
      I really wish some media org. would investigate and expose who is funding this. They would win a Pulitzer (not).

  5. The leftist elites have been trying to manufacture conservative violence for years. This is their gateway to power and removal of human rights, or so they believe.

    • I think this is of the utmost importance, because the fascist left has the moral high ground. The right must repudiate violence, avoid militaristic manifestations, insist on the rule of law, the right to speech, the freedom of the streets. And the right needs to decide what it actually wants!!

      • The right also needs to remember that it is constantly, massively INFILTRATED by those who wish to marginalize it and make it ineffective.

  6. Of course you are being played. If it was for real there would be dozens of casualties – just for a start.

    So you have one car rammer – one criminal guy? Plus a helicopter accident? That is what I would call cooking a neo-nazi hyper soup out of distilled water.

    And – it was a common tactics for the National and International socialist secret police services, to play the part of the enemy in order to destroy enemy’s honor. If there was a demonstration against Russia – in Czechoslovakia in the 1970’s, you could bet that the whole demostration was made up of secret police, who -later in the day -would throw bricks into the Aeroflot windows in Prague – thus justifying all “necessary actions” against those evil anti-Russian elements…

  7. The struggle between Right/Left, Conservative/Liberal, & Freedom/Tyranny are all subsets of the real struggle, race. Look up any study or poll you want, and you’ll see that whites are the only race for whom a majority prefers Right/ Conservative/ Freedom. Of course there are always individual outliers, but they do not effect the outcome. We can argue to what extent this is nature or nurture, but its irrelevant as we do not have the time to change our entire educational & media system from the ground up to integrate them, even assuming it was possible.

    Obviously this is why the Left has been importing masses of non-whites since 1965. Obviously this is why the Left vilifies whites & takes every opportunity afforded to them by their media & grasp on government to decrease our birthrates while at the same time subsidizing non-white birth rates.

    End Game Approaches:
    According to the Brookings Institute, 2028 is the last chance for Republicans to win the presidency. After that it is either a 1-party state, or the Republicans morph into the Democrats in order to compete. Either way, Right/ Conservative/ Freedom will no longer have a viable constituency. Whites will no longer have any power. We will be a hated minority in what used to be our country. See South Africa for what that looks like.

    pg 35

    • Republicans have already morphed into the Democrats. That cake has been baked.

      The issue that I am trying emphasize here (and evidently have failed to highlight sufficiently) is INFILTRATION. Right-wing groups first get infiltrated, then they get manipulated. The manipulation does harm to their cause, and either destroys the group or totally marginalizes it. Case study: Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

      Too many right-wing activists seem to be stuck on stupid. For some reason, a lot of liberty-minded people seem to think that if a guy wears a Three Percent t-shirt and owns a bunch of firearms and mouths appropriate slogans, that he is ipso facto one of them. This is not true, especially after a group grows larger and becomes effective. Then it gets infiltrated by agents who have been trained to look and act EXACTLY like its members.

      Counterintelligence is the systematic, patient process of discovering who the infiltrators are and then neutralizing them. And by “neutralizing”, I don’t mean killing — read the history of the KGB, and you’ll learn that killing a planted agent was the least-desired option. A double agent was far more useful to the KGB than a corpse. And an agent that had been made, but didn’t realize it, could be used to funnel disinformation back to the enemy, among other things.

      These are subtle, dangerous games. But for groups that want to be truly effective, they are absolutely necessary.

      • Baron-

        You will probably laugh/cry/balk, but a good entry point for entering this mindset could be the TV show, “The Americans,” about a pair of deep cover KGB agents masquerading as a married couple in suburban Washington DC in the early 1980s.

        I will warn that there is a great deal of sexual and violent imagery in this TV series. People who do not enjoy such scenes should not watch this show.

        The pozzed, anachronistic bits of dialog they interject from the 2010s to the early 1980s are also extremely annoying. I also feel sorry for the husband in the KGB couple.

        On the other hand, I was amazed they killed off a couple minority characters in the first season, one of whom was a gigantic token.

        Okay that’s enough for now. I won’t start about the Nina character who is extremely….alluring…

      • May I make an early comment on your warning on infiltration.

        What you say is completely true. I follow Ranzpaul on twitter and YouTube, and he suggests totally limiting yourself to actions that are legal, but do it in an underground manner.

        But, looking at the situation in Char’ville logically, there are two main points of disaster: one is the inclusion of Nazi and white supremacist symbols and chants; the other is the obvious intention of the police to stand down in the face of antifa violence, and to actively intervene if the UniteTheRight defenders appeared to be successful in preventing injuries to their people.

        I read a few articles strongly suggesting Spencer and Kessler were, in fact, acting as plants to discredit the right and nationalist identity. But, the actions of the police were necessary to the narrative, and not at all covert or undercover. It was like the police non-action in San Jose, Berkeley, and Chicago: designed to allow maximum violence against non-leftists and Trump supporters.

        But, as you pointed out, infiltrators are trained professionals. It would be stupid to think you can operate on the basis of eventually being able to determine who is the plant. A better guide is to never say anything, particularly on the phone, you don’t want in storage in security agencies, and above all, never allow yourself to be dragged into doing anything against your better judgement. I think lots of people are kicking themselves right now they used the bad judgment to share the streets with people displaying swastikas and KKK signs.

        Again, Ranzpaul discusses the idea of infiltration, of someone with nationalist ideas, just beginning a career, not necessarily being open about his views, but worming his way into positions of power…kind of a nationalist Alinsky type.

        The real beauty of this idea is, when a totalitarian government degenerates, they don’t really care what you think as long as you don’t make waves. The government of the USSR came down hard on dissidents
        but knew that most of its own people were long since disillusioned with Communism.

        • Yes, the Deep State’s purpose could not have been accomplished without all the elements of the pattern — infiltration of the “Right”, the stand-down of the police, the orchestration of the media response, and an atrocity that could be pinned on the “white supremacists”.

          If the last had not occurred — if no one had been run over — then the operation would have been a useful accomplishment for the Deep State, but not a complete success. They would have had to wait for the next alt-right event — some of which are occurring this weekend, as I type this.

          To make sure that an atrocity occurs within the planned time frame, a fairly large number of nut cases must be groomed and primed. One presumes that this is one of the main goals of the agents who have been planted in these groups.

          I disagree about watching out for infiltration. If you start out early in your group’s development, it can be done. But it requires a conscious dedication to counterintelligence.

  8. Both the KKK and the Neo-Nazi’s belong in with Antifa – all are of the Left – the hard Left of Socialism that inevitably leads to totalitarianism.

    Both sides have fought this kind of ideological war before in Europe – during WW2 – and we all know the end result of that battle of the ideologies. Millions dead on both sides!

    The crux of the problem that the Baron raises is how did two left-wing organizations end up marching with Unite the Right. How were the organizers of that event – a legally authorized march – come to be fooled into accepting, not one, but two Trojan horses to march with?

    Obviously, those who authorized the march knew exactly the kind of people that are represented by the KKK and the Nazis, and had already figured the huge publicity and psychological effect from such a readily available antidote to such public bluster – Antifa’s appearance along with disappearing police officers.

    Was it the political naivety of this age that has been propagated by the Deep State, that Nazis and KKK are of the right, that overcame any worries the march organizers may have had concerning the notoriety of such groups, or was there a reluctance to include them due to a perception of low numbers of marchers without their inclusion?

    Or, was there something else yet to be revealed?

    Who made the decision to include those two Trojan horses, and why? – that needs to be explored.

      • I am reminded of Tommy Robinson’s excellent autobiography “Enemy of the State,” where he is again thrown in prison on trumped up charges, and the “Men in Black” (Metro Intel Bureau) visit him and make him an offer. They will clear his legal path if he agrees to again lead the EDL, but under their direction. He honorably refused, and took his legal lumps, and later wrote about their dishonorable blackmail offer.

        At this point I assume that any and all leaders of the C-ville alt-right fiasco are either:
        1. Morons barely smarter than the buffalos they herded over the clearly visible cliff.
        2. Self-aggrandizing publicity hounds who would feed any cause into a meat grinder for more personal national media exposure.
        3. Dishonorable liars who have made special arrangements with the feds to help stampede the dumb buffalos they purport to care about over the cliff.
        4. Clever Leftist agents provocateurs who passed themselves off to the dumb buffalos as converts to the alt-right with little or no vetting.
        “Be the Indian, not the buffalo.”
        If you don’t understand the above, you are a buffalo, and you should stay away from herds, because you will never see the cliff before you go over the edge.

        • Yes, this is exactly my assessment of the situation.

          The general rule for someone who forms and leads one of these organizations is not to allow anyone into a leadership position that you have not known and trusted continuously since grade school. That’s kind of the most basic form of preventive counterintelligence.

          Once your organization is large enough, you put one of those trusted associates in charge of a new counterintelligence division, tasked with doing background checks and monitoring every new member.

          • Perhaps, like the biker gangs, prospects should have to serve for at least a year, running errands and such like … and they should have to prove themselves, etc before being “patched in”

          • Meanwhile, they should be investigated. Not just their internet footprint, but in meatspace.

    • Who do you trust? An age old problem for both sides in any ideological or ‘hot’ war in which the combatants wear no distinguishing uniform. One only has so many ‘close’ friends they have kept in contact with over many years and who is known to be trustworthy – but even friends can become ‘fairweather’ if given to accepting their ‘saleable’ price – and having low numbers of those considered ‘trustworthy’ while being outnumbered by the enemy, is a distinct disadvantage in any war.

      The Romans had a process for selecting their legionaries where a suitable recruit would have his background thoroughly checked at the local level by the magistrate charged with investigating such requirements before signing him on to the next level in his acceptance or dismissing him outright.

      When I joined the NSW Police Force I went through a similar process of background checks, employment, educational and typing requirements, as well as references from noted persons within my district, such as the family lawyer and doctor. While this system does not expose one’s political views it nevertheless establishes the bona fides of individuals that can be checked for accuracy, reliability and consistency.

      The above tells us that any establishment that wishes to remain a viable concern must investigate all who wish to be part of such an establishment if the goals set are to be accomplished.

      Any system or movement that takes to thoroughly vetting its applicants will have a far higher success rate in remaining ‘spy free’ or ‘Trojan Horse’ exempt, than the ad-hoc outfits like Antifa, that take to employing mercenaries as their ‘foot soldiers’ while the hierarchy remain largely aloof from the main battles not really knowing just who is being employed on their front line.

      Let’s face it, without that money paid to the scum that like to up the ante at street protests against those they are told to attack, there would be no Antifa.

      That kind of ‘organization’ will not stand the test of time or battle.

      I would suggest that if the push comes a little harder and the shooting starts, then how many mercenaries from Antifa will remain on the street for the money paid to them while being shot at? Which side in this current ideological struggle has more to lose in this fight thus ensuring their perseverence?

      It is those who are awake to what the Left are doing who realize that they will have much to lose if the Left dominate and then win this war. White folk are now under attack for simply being white and the media and much of government are supporting an outcome that if not actively fought against, will result in a kind of white genocide that will be disguised under the false banner of killing Nazis.

      The Deep State and its participants have set an agenda that does not include those who believe in their individual inalienable rights under God and everything that the United States used to be and once stood for, and that should be incentive enough for those who value their liberty to start fighting for it.

      • You and the Baron make perfect sense in advocating security measures for weeding out government plants from positions of knowledge or authority in political or issue-oriented organizations.

        But, this is not full proof and in fact it can be extremely dangerous to assume your security measures were effective, or that you can rely on the vetted leadership of an organization to determine the best course of action.

        Who vets the leader?

        Bradly Manning gained access to the most dangerous secrets of US intelligence,bypassing any vetting measures in place. The ultimate vetting measure is severe punishment, long imprisonment or execution. And yet, the ultimate barrier against flagrant violation of espionage measures, legal retribution, was sabotaged by the highest leader, President Obama, when he pardoned Manning.

        If you say something to a trusted leader you wouldn’t want on the news or in a police file, or do something you wouldn’t want reported to a prosecutor, or associate with someone you wouldn’t want a picture with on Facebook, you’ve already made bad decisions.

        Charlottesville was a disaster for the nationalists, but the fix was already in. One person was killed in an incident where genuine questions exist concerning the motivations of the driver. I absolutely do not agree with any violence whatsoever used to enforce political thought, or to pay back past violence, which is the province of the police. But, one person killed in a questionable incident is just not that big a deal. If it were an assassination, yes. But there is no indication that it was.

        If anyone thinks the police would have acted decently, or the Republican [faux conservatives] would have opposed further desecration of Confederate monuments, or Democrats would have been less shrill in denouncing Trump, if no swastikas or anti-Semitic shouts were present at the protest, raise your hand.

        I’m not saying I oppose anti-infiltration measures. I think they’re important. But, they should not provide a false sense of security or an excuse to stop the pressure in favor of our ideas.

        Why do we want to preserve the memories of the Confederacy?

        The men leading and fighting for the Confederacy were brave, honorable, and extremely flawed people, like the leaders of the North. And in some cases, not so honorable. Once the war was concluded, the country eventually came together, focusing on the character of the participants more than their specific positions, as an example of virtue. The south provided invaluable contributions to the wars fought by the US for survival. For many years, the south and the north reconciled their differences through litigation, legislation and negotiation.

        Destroying the Confederate monuments is a repudiation of character-building and of reconciliation through non-violent and principled means. In other words, it is a major step in the atomization and alienation of individuals who are not in an identity community.

        Coincidentally, these are exactly the goals of the cultural-Marxist movement.

        • Indeed Ronald, no system can function as it is intended unless those employed by the system work for the system and not against it.

          Given the time and inclination we could probably pinpoint the exact areas, the eras and the people who chose to not work for our institutions, but against them, giving us the problems we now have today.

          And while hindsight cannot correct what has previously occurred, it can provide a window into how to prevent such re-occurrences.

          One of my pet peeves is that those who are elevated into powerful positions of authority today are generally promoted, not on their experience that could add to the position promoted into, but their political affiliations and more precisely, their ideological leanings.

          That kind of system guarantees a continuation providing that the vetting and promotional system does not alter. Take one of the processes away and the system will ultimately collapse. And so it is with any intelligence system that operates solely to further, not only its charter by the authority vested in it, but its own longevity in providing what the empowering authority requires from it, and most importantly, what the hierarchy of such intelligence outfits are prepared to undertake covertly in order to preserve their positions.

          Where the Marxists are superior to those of us who oppose them is in their ideology and in the conviction of the importance of the ‘collective’ as opposed to the individual Conservative/Patriot.

          And I know who I would trust to not lie to me.

          The Marxists will employ any tool and tactic in order to advance their cause, whereas the Patriot has no such desire to impose his will onto anyone – and it is with that individual difference we may employ guidelines with which to alienate those not considered as trustworthy.

          Psychological testing generally has a tendency to expose those who would not be suitable applicants, regardless of their bona fides. And while I do realize that a well trained individual could easily pass most testing procedures, it will only be by their actions that they will become exposed – if ever caught – and there have been many spies never caught out.

          A skilled interviewer, say ex-police, is able to unravel many a good story through a simple but effective system of questioning. But again, there are those who are so good at getting their ‘story’ right that their consistency in telling it can easily out manoeuvre the interviewer.

          Like a well protected house, no system is perfectly protected from ‘breaking and entering’ by those who want to get in, but we can limit the numbers of those who would do us harm through the simple procedures I have proposed.

          • “One of my pet peeves is that those who are elevated into powerful positions of authority today are generally promoted, not on their experience that could add to the position promoted into, but their political affiliations and more precisely, their ideological leanings.”

            This is one of the best descriptions of Trump I’ve seen.

            If you went simply by political and government organizational experience, Hillary was far more qualified than Trump. But the electorate showed it much preferred a decent ideology with bumps on the road, rather than a smooth highway off the cliff.

            As far as detecting infiltrators, I have several points.

            I think your measures are eminently sensible. Interrogation, background checking, or even psychological testing are all fine. I think your designation of patriot as more trustworthy is a bit dangerous, as anyone can pose as a patriot, and once patriotism becomes profitable or advantageous, the psychopaths will now resemble patriots. If someone tells me I should trust him because he’s Christian, I feel for my wallet.

            I think the best bet is a decentralized movement, with disparate prophets and multiple cells advancing covertly in the bureaucracy. Above all, stay legal. I don’t care how many tests a leader passes. If he advocates dangerous or illegal actions, he needs to go, or you need to go.

            I guess it occurs to me it’s also important to maintain control of your message. If you are demonstrating to maintain Confederate memorials, why would you even dream of allowing swastikas or white identity signs in your space? Again, if your leaders allow the message to get sidetracked, I don’t care how many tests they pass: they need to go or you need to go.

            As I think about it, I’m wondering if the most serious problem is when the authorities either actively or passively create violence to further the establishment narrative. The Charlottsville police were obviously given orders to promote confusion and violence. The police in San Jose were obviously ordered not to interfere with violence against Trump supporters. The Berkley police were ordered to not interfere with street thugs smashing windows and attacking passers-by.

            One Berkley rally was successfully protected against antifa by the group security forces, but after that, the Charlottsville police were obviously using the lessons from that encounter, which were to use the police to disable the functioning security of the protesters and expose them to attack.

            So, it comes to the same question faced by Merkels Germany or Mays England: what is your recourse when the authorities not only conspire, but actively intervene to injure peaceful protesters and petitioners? In pulling Constitutional rights, such as abortion or gay marriage, literally out of the air, the judiciary seems to have missed the very clear mandates which are, in fact, in the Constitution.

            And to do a bit of virtue-signalling, I’m not saying I’m against abortion or gay marriage; I’m saying, they are not Constitutional rights.

    • Stop believing the media narrative. KKK had nothing whatsoever to do w/ the march. NatSoc isn’t exactly right or left. And as I said, the struggle isn’t about left/right, it is about race.

      • If the struggle is simply about race, why are the influential people destroying the Confederate monuments mainly white, with blacks used primarily as street thug enforcers?

        Race is an important component, but only as a tool. Sweden was once one of the purest countries racially, but they imported masses of Africans and Middle Easterners. Why? The Labor party of Tony Blair in England was primarily white, but they consciously decided to flood England with non-British races. Why? The “why?” is the critical question, more than race.

        So, I’ll make the point I usually make: racial isolation is not in itself a winning strategy and leads to an ecological community unable to defend itself. And to label myself, I’m a proponent of voluntary eugenics.

        • Off the top of my head, big business loves importing the Third World because it dilutes the labor pool and drives down wages.

          Socialists/Marxists/Leftists love importation because it provides cover for them to publicly the moral high ground against conservatives and virtue signal to no end.

          The Left love the giveaways because it allows them to steal wealth from the conservative taxpayer and hand it to newly arrived parasites. This helps weaken conservatives by damaging them financially through more tax increases for giveaways.

          They know they can use welfare/giveaways to buy off the new arrivals, thus ensuring a voting bloc that permanently votes Left. The Left can use importation to swing districts that were a narrow loss to a narrow win. This allows them to further weaken conservatives and suppress their interests

    • “Who made the decision to include those two Trojan horses, and why? – that needs to be explored.”

      I find it very curious that the organizer, Jason Kessler has ties to the Occupy movement, and now has ties to white supremacy movements. How exactly does one shift allegiances so quickly? I guess the FBI has gotten lazy and is now into recycling. It is not uncommon for radical organizations having FBI agents running them. What they want to do is draw the radicals out into the open so they can arrest or discredit them. I would learn to be very wary of organizers and organizations.

  9. The mark of a good leader of a political movement is knowing what battles to pick and what ones to walk away from. It’s means doing recon, planning and having alternative plans ready if things go pear shaped. And who to ally with and who to avoid.

    For those who don’t get this. Go read the U.S. Army Ranger manual, section on leadership. It should be read by any aspiring leader and alt-rightist. Kudos for Aesop pointing this one..

    Because we’re in a war whether we like or not The elites and tools in the MSM and political parties want us dead and gone. Act smart, use your eyes and brain..

    Both Spencer and Kessler are colossal idiots. Kessler may have been a plant given his status as stringer for CNN, being a Obama supporter and Occupy Wall Street type up until the presidential election and then joined our side.

    Spencer just makes one bad decision after another. His judgement and understanding of people and utilizing resources, is simply dreadful

    • One of the first signs of a planted agent in the leadership is a history of repeated bad decisions that do harm to the group’s mission.

      It may not be the leader himself who is the plant, but a small group of infiltrators who have discreetly helped place him in his leadership position, and keep him there.

      A properly functioning counterintelligence process would examine such a leader thoroughly, to see whether he is in fact an agent, rather than his close associates. Both situations are obviously possible.

      • If an organization has a leader who consistently makes counter-productive decisions, why bother to go through a counter-intelligence process on that leader? You already know what you need to know: either dump the leader or bail from the group. Why would you even consider sticking with a consistently counter-productive leader, even if acting from pure motives and impeccable staff?

        • I’m not thinking about infiltrators as the actual overall leaders of a group. I’m thinking about those groups whose leaders unwittingly allow planted agents near the top as close advisors, perhaps becoming part of the leadership team. Something similar to this happened with the Malheur Wildlife Refuge group, as far as I can tell.

          It’s true that some groups are occasionally formed by agents of the state. They take positions designed to attract “right-wingers”, and then direct the group towards damaging rhetoric and action, thus marginalizing its adherents. “Flypaper”, I think they’re called.

  10. Baron, this is an excellent expose of what is going on in the USA and how people on the right are being set up by their highly organised, politburo adversaries. It rather cuts across something I was writing (Red Evolution 4) and I have to go back to the drawing board with this. My fault for working so slowly. Keep up the good work.

  11. Thank you for this article. This is one of several that have been written that are gems in their analysis of the Charlottesville betrayal and disaster. I am trying to bookmark and track each that I find.

    (One historical point to add about the KKK of the 1920s: many members – at least in Midwestern states – were also Freemasons, especially in leadership rôles in each group.)

  12. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/15/report-splc-charlottesville-racist-former-occupy-activist-obama-supporter-jason-kessler/

    Follow the link Baron and you will see that the leader of the “Unite the Right” march was a former Obama devotee and a member of the Occupy Wall street movement.

    The problem for the left is the lack of conservative violence.So they manufactured the whole situation .The left wingers headed both the “Alt right “protest march and the left wing Antifa march .And thus they smeared the naive Conservatives.
    A classic propaganda coup or what is called a false falg or black op.

    If your enemy just what co-operate and disgrace and discredit himself ,pretend to be him and do something bad and then you can call him out to your heart’s content.

    The right/conservatives just have to learn to deal with sneaky ,dirty underhanded left wing tactics.

    The left want anarchy chaos and civil war .They hope to ride that wave of violence (seasoned with disinformation )to a position of total and undisputed power.

    • The right/conservatives just have to learn how to conduct counterintelligence. It is a cold, calculating, dirty, ruthless sort of business, but it is what must be done.

      The only way to end the manipulation that destroys the cause is to untangle the knots of infiltration.

      The first step is to become actively aware that you are being infiltrated and manipulated. To keep it in your conscious mind whenever you are organizing and planning. To remember that all the while you are planning to do something, somebody else within your group, someone you have not yet identified, is planning to undo it.

      The Deep State has been playing conservatives like a fiddle for decades. It’s time to wise up.

  13. Sorry “if your enemy what cooperate…” should read “if your enemy won’t cooperate…”

  14. The disgraceful behavior of the police – first inaction then steering – was soon noted and discussed on blogs and even on Fox. Trump was thus aware of it by direct observation and by input from his staff. If Trump did not see and hear this himself and was not advised by staff then he is amazingly unobservant and astonishingly ill served by staff.

    He himself chose to do two thing. First, he went full bore against the white supremacists but was most obviously determined not to add the names of BLM and AntiFa to the category of “really, really not nice other” people. Nope. It was studied vagueness on that.

    Second, he deliberately chose to see this incident as sui generis with no recognition that AntiFa has engaged in violent, aggressive action at Berkeley and elsewhere and is the identical AntiFa seen in Europe with the identical viciousness. (New Zeal has a great pic of an AntiFa symbol on German commie HQ in the ’20s.) Nor would he connect the dots to planned violence at his campaign rallies.

    Third, he fails to understand (a) the significance of AntiFa actions and the degree to which their masks and similar dress are clear evidence of intent to commit violent crimes and to avoid identification and (b) the problem of university leadership’s pusilanimity. He fails to understand the grave threat to liberty and to him posed by this. This skirts sedition and Trump and Sessions did not anticipate this and ensure there was some federal presence. What purpose do those fusion centers serve exactly? Was this just a local issue? Was Ferguson? Obviously, Trump and Sessions have failed to call for states to address masked participation in unpermitted “counter-demonstrations.” This is anarcho-tyranny again where the state willfully fails to address criminal behavior. Jeebus but do I have to point this stuff out?

    A possible fourth thing is that he has not called out the governor, mayor, and police for their behavior. I’ve not heard or read that he did though my disgust with MSM treatment of this – their one-sided treatment (hate, evil white supremacism, Nazis), nauseating virtue signaling, and stupid nostrums (come together as Americans) – leaves me out of the loop as a non-obsessive in this particular case.

    For these reasons, Trump finds himself on his back foot but it need not be. However, it’s clear that he has no strategic sense and has not figured out how not to dance to the left’s tune. It’s clearly not about the substance of speech. That’s basic First Amendment stuff. It’s about protecting free speech from the actions of leftist scum but Trump is paralyzed or reactive, and ineffective in his reaction. As Maxwell Taylor pointed out, who will respond if the trumpet is uncertain. Well, actually it was Shakespeare who came up with that.

    • Trump is positioned correctly for the next turn of the screw.

      Now we are drenched in virtue signaling by Never Trumpets … Romney, McCain, Kasich and Rubio – telling antifa that violence toward hatred is acceptable, if not necessary.

      Insuring that all the gains from McAuliffe’s stunt will be lost in the coming weeks, as newly empowered BLM and antifa flash mobs descend on parks, graveyards, museums and monuments

      Middle America will yearn for white supremacists to save the country.

    • Col Bunny,

      I think you raise excellent questions.

      I think it’s a mistake to put too much faith in Trump. Obama had us speeding full hilt to disaster, and there is every reason to believe Hillary would have sped up the pace.

      But, Trump has his own problems. He has to work with a turn-coat Congress, he has to watch his back from the Mueller fishing expedition, he has chosen a staff and cabinet almost completely unsympathetic to his base issues, and…there is always that unexplained $300 million debt forgiveness by George Soros.

      IMO, Trump’s main value is to slow the pace of disaster and give us some breathing room. I actually think Trump was right to be furious at Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian investigation. The investigation is a major threat to Trump and any important supporters. The investigation itself is being conducted with far fewer scruples and far more impropriety than Sessions would have shown had he not recused himself. He acted honorably, as he saw it, and consigned his own side, and possibly the entire country, to the flames.

      It seems to me the Confederate monuments are toast. But, that doesn’t mean we lost by any means. A perfect subversive activity is to study the Confederacy: it’s Constitution, leadership, economics, and the pressures concerning slavery that would have worked on it had the war not occurred. In in particular, the honor and valor of the people involved.

      Brutal suppression of a movement and idea does not at all mean the movement will disappear. I guess my analogy is that Trump is holding a leaky umbrella against the storm, but you’d better find your own way to shelter.

      • Thank you.

        More and more I lower what I expect from Trump and I think you put your finger on it about his serving to slow things down. Note, too, that he’s served to turn over the rock for Americans to see many creep crawly things.

        Trumps awful personnel choices take my breath away. IIRC, McMasters came at McCain’s recommendation. IANMTU. Trump seems blind to the damage this is doing to him. Then there’s his failure to clean house and fill many plum positions. I never saw a president so clueless about salting the bureaucracy with friends and allies.

        The Soros loan forgiveness just smells. After the national spasm of that election it’s, bam, Soros right there with zero degrees of separation from Trump. That’s what I voted for, like more war in Syria and Afghanistan. Then there’s the tsunami of Goldman Sach people.

        Sessions’s recusal shows an exactness about appearance but for a longtime Washingtonian, Sessions should know that’s just slop to a hog. Trump also was mystified by the Mueller appointment. The conflicts of interest screamed to be addressed but Trump was seemingly Mr. Deer in the Headlights.

        I maintain Trump is not a statesman or particularly adept politician. To his credit he saw that jobs and foreigners were issues vexing Americans and we’re that much ahead. But I don’t look for him to be able to apply the Constitution to public issues and he certainly won’t be a spokesman for restoration of the now abandoned Constitution.

        This is a time for a Buchanan or Paul, even a Gingrich. Please God could we have a thinker of some kind? Reagan was the last one to understand that government is not our pal. Bush ’41 was clueless. Worse than Trump really and his son, a decent sort I tend to think, was Mr. Lights Are on but Nobody’s Home, esp. where Islam is concerned.

  15. Great piece, there is a lot to study in it.
    When by their actions a group shows that they are as dumb as buffalos, nobody should be surprised when they are stampeded over a cliff by those more clever than them. C-ville was a planned and organized “buffalo jump” where a lot of dumb buffalos were played like fiddles by the enemies of freedom. In my opinion, most of the leaders were probably agents provocateurs, recruiting and herding dumb buffalos to a corral next to a cliff. And the eager buffalos followed their Judas goat leaders like dumb beasts. At the pre-arranged hour, they were stampeded over the cliff.
    Why was this a surprise to anybody with a three-digit IQ? Every event of the day, including the vehicular homicide and the MSM reaction, was foreseeable weeks in advance.
    How often does it need to be said?
    “Be the Indian, not the buffalo.”

    • And yet cville advanced the alt-rights goals to a huge degree, exactly as planned. Put down the books on guerrilla warfare and read up on ideological/ memetic/ 4th Gen war

  16. “The Nazis were not a political party in the sense that we today understand the concept. Little in the way of detailed Nazi policy was ever published. A commitment to the Führer (as Hitler became known around this time) and a general belief in the aims of the movement was enough to prove one’s loyalty. This was a party not of talk but of action, not of policy but of emotion. As a philosophy, this appealed particularly to the young; research shows that during this period the average age of those joining the party was less than thirty. […] ‘It was exciting,’ says Wolfgang Teubert, who joined the Nazi Storm Troopers in the 1920s. ‘There was the comradeship, the being-there-for-each-other, that’s for a young man something outstanding – at least it was then.’ Something else the party offered a man like Teubert, who wore the Storm Trooper’s brown shirt with pride, was a sense of importance. In that shirt he may have been young, but he was still a somebody: ‘We marched behind the swastika flag, marching through the towns. Outside working hours there was nothing but the Storm Troopers.’ And then there was the factor that perhaps appealed most to these youths – fighting. ‘There was the danger, the threats from other people. Night after night we increasingly provided protection at hall meetings not just in our town but in many other towns to strengthen the Storm Troopers there. We had no weapons, the most we could do was defend ourselves with our fists and only work the enemy over with our fists – where it was necessary. And it was necessary more often than not!’ Teubert and his friends in the Bochum Storm Troopers would regularly fight the youths of the Communist Party. ‘Breaking up the chairs in the hall and then fighting with the chair legs, that happened quite a lot.’ Teubert smiles at the memory. ‘Both sides did that, each as much as the other.’

    Rees, Laurence. The Nazis: A Warning From History (Kindle Locations 373-386). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    Is Laurence Rees guilty of the moral crimes that have just been laid at President Trump’s door, just because Rees pointed out in one of his books that the Commies were violent as well?

    • And rather obviously, all that was said about the national socialists in Germany could be said about the socialists in Yankee-land today, young people, impressionable, get to march behind a flag & feel important, etc etc …

      The same fodder being fed into the same mincing machine, by the same dark forces …

      There’s nothing in the streets
      looks any different to me
      and the slogans are replaced, by the by …
      and the parting on the left
      is now a parting on the right
      and the beards have all grown longer, overnight …

      Won’t Get Fooled Again.

  17. Knocking the noses/hands/other protuberances off statues is a time-honored tradition of conquerors. Been going on since ancient times. It’s an attempt to erase every vestige of the hated enemy/the conquered. Look at ISIS and their destruction of world heritage sites. Problem is, those who forget history (and destroying these statues is certainly an attempt to bury and forget history) are condemned to repeat it, as the fine old saying goes.

    Also, to the Nazi hunters of the left: McCarthy called. He wants his witch hunt back.

  18. I hypothesize the following. The initial impulse for the protest was by Sothern “patriots” who did not want a statue that was there for a century torn down. Of course certain unsavory racist types took advantage of this to join in. Interesting that the ACLU took the part of the protestors securing their right to rally. It may sound conspiratorial but they probably figured that the unsavory elements would join in. They were also apprised that the new fascists who call themselves antifa would show up armed with clubs, mace and equipped with helmets. Then when the inevitable clash occurred they knew the media would focus on the protestors as being the cause. And sure enough the media came through and ignored that most of the original violence was incited by the antifa counter protestors including the use of a flamethrower. A nutcase on the right duly obliged the ACLU and their allies and drove his car into the crowd killing a counter protestor. This “windfall” good luck exceeded even their expectations. Very clever, these leftists as they followed the teachings of their guru Saul Alinsky.

  19. What is stunning and stupefying is how the history of Jason Kessler has avoided a simple investigation.

    Less than a year ago this Mr. Kessler was a supporter of President B. Obama. Was a participant and active in the Occupy Wall Street creepathon. Which was supported financially by George Soros, which could possibly place J. Kessler on the payroll of G. Soros., and places him in the vicinity of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, another political antecedent who possesses a preference for mischief

    Simple Google searches of his name attaches him to there with CNN (Time Warner Co) as a copy/editor. Maybe even in the world of the doyenne of “spirit cooking” Marina Abromovic, with his affinity for Satanic poetry readings.

    Agent Provocateur: A person who induces others to break the law so they can be convicted

  20. Please, please, please………………………………….
    LOOK at the video and pictures concerning the “automobile assault” or whatever they want to call it.
    Calling this a deliberate attack is absurd.
    Car assaulted leaving car park. (panic?)
    DIRECTED into the downtown maize–AND straight into a hostile mob.
    Car goes fast on EMPTY street–slows down as mob is letting other cars THROUGH.
    As car SLOWLY approaches mob–driver can no longer see through the thick mob that preceding vehicles are stopped.
    Mob closes in.
    AT LEAST an assault on car with baseball bat–PANIC FOR SURE!
    FULL POWER attempt to FLEE THE SCENE–GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE– first foreword, then in reverse.

    Terrified driver (see Police report) surrenders to the first cops he finds.

    The rest, as we know it, is PURE MSM (redacted).

    • An important question — was he directed on to that street? It would not surprise me all, since like the Baron, I think much of this was pre-planned and carried out by plants. The right is being manipulated and duped by globalists abetted by the left.

  21. Just read that the AIR BAG on said automobile did NOT deploy.

    Better rethink that “full power” stuff–at least in the forward direction.

  22. An aside to my previous post.

    CNN the news organization owned by Time Warner which is affiliated with HBO the cable network which is also affiliated with a new entity called VICE television. This VICE TV laps at the toilet bowl of countercultural exegesis with a psychotic preoccupation with vagaries of pot smoking and culinary uses of marijuana.

    Well VICE TV had a reporter embedded (their description) with the Unite the Right protest group and groupees. Pretty blonde lady with a nondescript way about herself. YouTube the VICE VICE baby. Wonder why, wonder why they got such an up close and personal view to a protest about a statue. By the the way VICE and Mr Kessler both reside in Brooklyn New York., where the the Gowanus Canal gained an inch more depth from the progressive tears flowing into it on 11/8 /2016

  23. Regarding some my earlier points here in this compendium of important realities in these psychiatrically disturbed times: Many know that Oregon has perhaps surpassed California, in socialist and modern hippy mindset mentation of the hard left democrats. When I heard the teaser on TV a few minutes, that some state had just declared a solar state of emergency, officially, instantly I said to self, which democrat run state could that be? Rewarded herewith with this typical behavior of fact, and more that I won’t even go to: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Declares State of Emergency to Facilitate Eclipse Preparedness and Readiness

    If behavior is racist, crazy, unhinged, financially unsound or indefensible, first assume democrat. Are they born that way, or trained that way, or both?
    http://bethrogers.tumblr.com/image/164301685126 illustrative poster, democrats long past
    http://bethrogers.tumblr.com/image/164311029401 illustrative poster, democrats long past

    I know, many democrats have grown up to become fine and great conservatives, and always there are a small portion who are decent people, horribly misguided, but….

    Coincidentally, on Fox, I think,Tucker, last night, appeared an intelligent, middle aged appearing, black Reverend (extreme opposite the Sharpton Wright type), being interviewed, non adversarially, during which Reverend declared he believes the democrat party should be disbanded, for all the reasons I gave, above, and more, of his own, I recall. I can’t find the video yet, however. But it was very gratifying, given multiple ways of who the Reverend was. It was an uplifting moment to see that others accurately see this outrage that is the democrat “party”, which has embraced, caused, or participated in all that has been wrong, evil, or improper in the great USA. For which many uninformed and conned American people contributed much money, wasted, after bad, including also the foreign funds, for illegal power “favors” with crooked hillary and hers, most recently, to buy uranium, and other favors. That includes the soros funds, also supporting crooked hillary!!!!

    The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. – Max. Robespierre, French Revolution, over-zealous prosecutor
    ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge so there will be a famine in the land.’ – Isaiah 5:13

    Absolute truths, expressed by so many diverse and educated people, including our founding fathers who did so brilliantly, and heroically, which of course the majority of democrats couldn’t imagine of what I speak.

  24. Interesting article, Baron!

    Unfortunately, the principle of working only with people you’ve known since grad school might work in the country but certainly not in the cities, for obvious reasons of demographics.

    Sitting around and making policy or action decisions in large groups of 20 or more like in Tea Party times is over. Groups gotta be layered like the mob and info passed on on a need to know basis only.

    When action is required, mobile and agile groups of three is the ticket.

    Time for talking will soon be over.

    • The grade school idea is just an illustration of the level of trust and shared background that is needed within the core leadership group. It’s also a way of saying: “Be skeptical and suspicious. Anyone who showed up not all that long ago may well be a plant.”

      Another characteristic of a planted agent: He is often one of the best workers in the group. He will probably be dedicated, efficient, and more than competent. He is a hard-working self-starter. You will soon find that you are dependent on him, that you don’t know how you ever got along without him.

      Guys who are somewhat lazy, who goof off, who are often late or unavailable when you need them are actually less suspicious.

  25. I hear ya. But that leaves you with the lazy, the idiots and the flakes.
    It’s a fine line between prudence and paranoia.

    • A modest dose of paranoia — or at least skepticism and suspicion — is a prerequisite for counterintelligence.

      If you followed the trial of the Malheur people, you know what happens to people who pay no attention to such matters.

  26. My brother and I were speaking on this topic this evening — though not so eloquently. I try to avoid conspiracy theories so am not of the belief the driver was anything but a hateful lunatic. But the whole event reeks of a set-up. And in general, it seems the globalists are trying to get a reaction out of the nationalists/right. I refuse to give it to them because I refuse to play their identity/ victim politics.

    Because of my Christian beliefs and view on the last days I think this could be it for those of us still wanting our Judeo-Christian society and the nation state. I would rather go down proclaiming the truth with honour than use any form of dirty tactics just to say that “I won”. I understand this makes me a sort of fatalist but I do hope things turn around yet. I just think that it would take a real change of heart in our society to do so — a change only Jesus Christ Himself could orchestrate.

    I do think political activist groups need more discernment in who they trust and associate with. Be honest but shrewd, or, as the Bible says, “be wise as a serpant but as gentle as a dove”.

  27. —I received this e.mail today:

    “The Eastern Europeans are patriotic and have experienced for some 70 years marxist internationalism. The West is decadent and ruled by traitors. Will the East save the West as King Jan Sobieski did in 1683.? M.”

    I replied:

    “—I think the only place we could immigrate to now is Russia plus Eastern Europe! Russia is once again, Orthodox Christian and is surrounded by Muslim ‘stans.”

    • Your alternate title is total misrepresentation. Kessler (if he was the author) was speaking in Darwinian terms, by which culling the herd of the weakest was beneficial to the species in the long run.

      That thesis, by the way, has not been disproved by any means.

      Let me pose a general question. By most accounts, if the police had simply sat on their hands, the protesters voluntary security would have protected the demonstrators and would not have engaged in gratuitous violence. There would have been no news.

      So, given the degree of corruption, dereliction of duty, and malfeasance by the government from top to bottom, and the entire MSM except for a few Fox commentators, does anyone really foresee a different result if no Nazi paraphernalia had been displayed?

      And I firmly believe organizers should consider the boundaries of a permitted demonstration to be their property, and keep Nazis and other such characters outside of the boundaries, using their own security forces if necessary. But this is more to keep the integrity of their own message than to assure the cooperation of government and the media.

  28. Wiley E McAuliffe did a swan dive off a bronze of R E Lee – in a desperate attempt to change the Sunday morning headlines.

    4% 3rd quarter growth
    Assange chums for pardon with proof of DNC leak, not hack.
    Wasserman Shultz’ Paki’s pull 4 count indictment – will sing.
    and last but not least…
    Russian narrative dead at the hands of THE NATION – gasp.

    Instead, we are drenched in virtue signaling by Never Trumpets … Romney, McCain, Kasich and Rubio – telling antifa that violence toward hatred is just dandy.

    All the gains from McAuliffe’s stunt will be lost in the coming weeks, as newly empowered BLM and antifa flash mobs descend on parks, graveyards, museums and monuments

    Middle America will yearn for white supremacists to save the country.

    BEEP BEEP ….

  29. Baron, you wrote, “For almost a decade I’ve been advocating for Counterjihad groups to form counterintelligence units within the structure of their organizations.” Well, ok, but remember that you are asking for high intelligence and saviness from ignorant people who are cunning like sheep and, as you wrote, stuck on stupid. The sheep are quite gullible, too. This explains their readiness to believe that a Jew is their god even though not a single cogent argument can be found in defense of Messianic Judaism, the dogma of original sin, and other silly ideas.

    In the USA, the sheep are fond of saying that police are “heroes” in one breath and decrying “big government” in the next. It doesn’t require much intelligence, however, to figure out that there could be no “big government” without heroic goons to push people around.

    Given the situation, it would be better for you to convert to Islam. Then you would be a member of Team Wolf instead of Team Lamb. The resulting increase of optimism would have a marvelously beneficial effect upon your health, and you would have good reason to claim even then that you are a Christian. After all, Muslims believe that Jesus is the Messiah promised to the Jews by the Jews. Alas, you would still have to believe thaan ascension to “Heaven” is possible even though Ptolemy’s fantastic cosmology has been entitely discredited.

  30. have you ever heard about Chechnya?
    Or, Russia’s “Orthodox Christian” church’s links to FSB?
    Or maybe, war in Ukraine?
    Or, maybe, how people of “Eastern Europe” react to Putin’s Russia?

    it looks like this site becomes, sort of, parade of delusions.
    which brings me to the main topic.

    with all respect Baron, this is weak text.
    you know, everyone knows – there is no INFILTRATION.

    there is lot of confusion.
    because future brings, consistently, unpleasant things –
    – oligarchic/statist feudalism (hello Trumpy),
    – criminal free for all,
    – anti-white violence, and
    – jihad.

    terms that you use – “Left”, “Marxist” – they are largely irrelevant today.
    class wars have ended, – with common literacy, robotics, perpetual emancipations, cheap food, cheap stuff, affordable air travel, Wikipedia, evo-devo and internet porn.

    but still, the meta-political reality isn’t that compicated.

    on the bright side, there are
    – Conservatism (core ethics)
    – Modernity (objectivism, scientific method)
    – Progressivism (emerging ethics)

    on the shadow side, there are
    – Archaics
    – Nihilism, and
    – Intellectual passivity (inertia, heard mentality)

    in the time of conflict, people on both sides lean to Shadow as an epitome of strength/resistance, there is nothing surprising about it.

    it is very bitter to realize that, after being so good on humanistic side (your article on protecting Western females was superb), – you essentially give up independent political thinking.

    how on earth do you end up protecting “alt-Right”, taking the side of ideological tribesmen?
    isn’t “unite the Right” a call for militant collectivism?
    isn’t the essence of “alt-Right” the idea of “Natural Order”, where black man is subservient to white man, social hierarchies are coercive, and the cult of force and casual oppression justified by sacrifial mythology of Patriotic Good.

    “let us all marry Putin”, – and where else can this lead, honestly..

    • I don’t support “Unite the Right” or “protect” the alt-right. I observe these movements as phenomena, from the outside, as an interested and sympathetic spectator.

      I’m in basic agreement with some of the other commenters here — organized mass movements are generally a bad idea, because they get infiltrated and co-opted or manipulated.

      And if you think these groups don’t get infiltrated, you’re living in a dream world. Not only does it violate common sense, it is contradicted by publicly available facts: the historical records on the actions of the FBI in the 1960s, and the court proceedings in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge trial, among others.

      • major quality of these groups isn’t that they are infiltrated, but that they are, in essence, retrograde.

        BLM/Antifa are chaka zulu/mafia level, and alt-Right maybe British Empire level. Islam about Shumer/Babylonian type.

        in our time, dominated by scientific objectivity, universal ethics and child/female friendly sociums, that is all poisonous stuff; I’m not “sympathetic” to neither.

        • AY,

          It seems to me your posts didn’t make any argument at all. They made vague (very, very vague) charges and veered off into mysticism, bolstered by trigger phrases and chants.

          BLM/Antifa are chaka zulu/mafia level, and alt-Right maybe British Empire level. Islam about Shumer/Babylonian type.

          If this makes any sense to anyone, please let me know and provide me a glossary.

          terms that you use – “Left”, “Marxist” – they are largely irrelevant today.

          So, you throw up phrases that somehow trigger you because of your personal philosophy, dismiss them without an argument, and expect us to agree, or even make sense of what you said. In fact, I have very little idea of what you’re saying.

      • I hadn’t heard of “Unite the Right” until days before it happened. It was definitely a fringe event, 500 people showing up is not representative of a broad-based movement. “Alt-Reich” or “Fake Right” are more accurate descriptors than the “Alt Right” that these people have tried to claim leadership of. This whole debacle was rotten from the start. Jason Kessler acted as an agent provocateur and undermined the reputations of the fools that associated themselves with him.

        Vox Day has come up with th 16 points of the Alt Right, which sums it up pretty well in my opinion: http://voxday.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/what-alt-right-is.html The “Alt Right” or “New Right” isn’t a movement though, its a philosophy. Anyone pretending to lead it should be immediately suspect. Street theatre is a leftist tactic, at this point I see no need for it on the right. Anyone claiming to be a National Socialist, white supremacist or brandishing Nazi regalia, should be immediately dissociated from, they are either leftists, federal agents or head cases.

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