12 thoughts on “Warlord, Brigand, Slave-Owner, Pedophile — And a Shining Example for All Mankind

  1. Where is this being shown? Why is it in English? The text says, “Muhammad was [various bad things] and until today the example for many Muslims”. What is the Dutch text? I suspect that in Dutch the “until today” part has the implication “continuing up to the present day, Muhammad is still the example for many Muslims”. The implication of the English wording is that heretofore Mo has been the example for many Muslims, but today and henceforth that is no longer true.

    • Yes, you’re quite right. Unfortunately, they don’t consult with me on editing the English text for these things.

    • If you go to Geert Wilders twitter account you will see that the video is posted in both Dutch and English.The Dutch clip starts off saying that Mohammed is the example for millions of Muslims .

      It then goes on to say that he was a terrorist exctr and that Muslims have followed his example from that day time to this day.I think that the translation into English is perhaps a bit literal but I don’t see much difference.The phrase “from that day to this” ,is probably quite acceptable to the English ear.

      But maybe a more acceptable translation to the American ear would be that Mohammed was and remains an example for all Muslims.

      But given that the first sentence is that Mohammed is the example for millions of Muslims ,I think it has already established the fact that times haven’t changed one iota for the Mohammedans and their poisonous belief system.

    • Mo, the Pirate, [Muslims’] perfect creature… Well his ideology and diabolical code of behaviour and warfare and pragmatic understanding of human nature, won the [Muslims] 57 nations in the world, especially the oil-laden ones, up to 1970’s.

      Over the last 50 years virtually the whole world, except China, are at the mercy of islam, nay, eager to surrender to islam, and pay them jizya and enslaves themselves willingly. e.g. Muslims asked the useful idiots to smash Yugoslavia, they did. Iran asked Argentina not to convict those who bombed the Jewish Centre in ’94. They obeyed.

      Didn’t Hitler long for islam to have been Germany’s inherent religion. He felt so much affinity because they shared the same sentiments of aggressiveness, enmity, antagonism, ill-will, belligerence, satanism, and SUPERIORITY.

      Ok with one difference: Germany’s aggression ended with the death of Hitler. [Muslims’] increased by the burst of the paedophile pirate.

      What’s happening in Germany today is happening in all so-called Democracies of the west. The reason: complacency, surfeit, naïveté, New Global Common wide-spread Stupidity and New Dark Age created by semi-erudite of Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing. And by those Traitors who they give to [Muslims] their honour . . . oh no honour.

    • I follow Geert Wilders on twitter and have retweeted this clip.I’ll let you know if it is removed from my account

  2. C’mon, Geert. Tell us something we don’t know. (I know, I know, it is for those ignorant about Islam)

  3. Baron could we have an article on Sweden’s new law to give returned jihadis hugs jobs and free housing?I tread the article on Breitbart online just now and found it most disturbing.Sweden is undoubtedly Europe’s largest open air lunatic asylum and clearly the very worst of the lunatics are in charge .

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