Turks in Duisburg Talk Trash

When it comes to ethnic minorities in Europe — or anywhere else in the West — talk usually centers around “inclusion”. Culture-enrichers repeatedly complain that they are being “excluded” from this or that, and the authorities in their host countries bend over backwards to be inclusive and welcoming and tolerant etc blah yak.

It was a different story, however, when the German city of Duisburg launched a clean-up-the-town campaign urging citizens to drop their personal waste in trash cans. Turks found the posters to be offensive and racist, you see, because two of them used Turkish names to designate a typical citizen of Duisburg. The planners of the campaign had gone to great lengths to make their posters inclusive — the number of posters with Turkish names was a reasonable approximation of the proportion of Turks in the overall population of Modern Multicultural Duisburg.

But none of that mattered to the Turks. Putting a Turk’s name on a trash can is like, WAYCIST, man, y’know?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s some commentary on the issue from Politically Incorrect, also translated by Nash:

Duisburg: Whining Turks Complain About “Racist” Trash Cans

The North Rhine-Westphalian city of Duisburg is a very special city. Way back it was known for coal and steel, and for the largest inland harbor in Europe. But lately it seems Duisburg is only in the news anymore for negative stories. After the mishaps of the “love parade”, Duisburg is now famous as the one place in Germany with a very large no-go zone which even the police don’t dare to enter anymore. Namely the district Marxloh, for which Mutti Merkel has nothing but praise.

The latest story from the Caliphate metropolis: A city clean-up campaign, which speaks directly to its citizens to encourage them to utilize the trash cans in the streets instead of just letting everything fall to the ground wherever they stand or walk. Those who know Duisburg know that it is much worse there than in most other German cities.

On neon green posters the Duisburg people are prompted to utilize the available trash cans instead of just throwing their garbage on the street. There are slogans such as: “Throw it in, Hanna” or “All clear, Andy!” But there are also some that say: “You can do it, Gülcan” or “Make it, Mehmet.”

Actually nothing special, one would think.

But the very strong Turk-fraction in Duisburg (often deceptively ennobled equal, German-Turkish) was immediately outraged. The accusation: The campaign was xenophobic. “It appears as if only Turks throw their trash not he ground. What will be next?” one Turkish woman angrily twittered on FOCUS online.

Turkish Media picked up the story

And the media in the Erdogan’s Turkish paradise immediately picked up the story. With the headline “trash discussion between Turks and Germans,” the Turkish newspaper “Bir Gün” for instance reported about an overt campaign of discrimination in the city.

That the whiner Turks, as usual, are completely off the mark is for instance proven by the other slogans of the campaign. Because Gülcan and Mehmet are not the only names on the trash cans, but also the names Lisa and Kevin:

  • Throw it in, Hanna!
  • Neat, Steffi!
  • You can do it, Gülcan!
  • Let it crash, Lisa!
  • Come here, Kevin!
  • Make it, Mehmet!
  • All clear, Andy!
  • Respect, Robert!

The fact that Mehmet and Gülcan were both included should not be a surprise, considering that the Turkish population of Duisburg is a whopping 20.8%. Almost 35,000 native Turks and people of Turkish origin live in the city.

Meanwhile the voting Turkish population is looking forward to the next mayoral election, which will take place on the same day as the federal election, the 24th of September. Because the candidate is a known Erdogan acolyte, Yarar Durmus, a crane operator, and he is running for Mayor.

He is expecting the best odds and a victory, not just because the Turkish people will all vote for him, but especially because of German natives who will vote for him. “They say they think it’s totally cool,” Durmus claims in an interview with FOCUS online.

I wonder if they will still think it’s ‘totally cool’ once the Shariah is implemented with beer and alcohol prohibition?

Video transcript:

0:00   You can do it, Gülcan, or Make it, Mehmet!
0:03   Lately, the city of Duisburg has been speaking to its citizens directly
0:06   when the topic circles around cleanliness.
0:09   But why exactly Gülcan and Mehmet?
0:12   Not all Duisburg citizens are happy about that.
0:15   ”When one then sees his own name on a trash can,
0:18   then this is honestly insulting and it puts this name,
0:21   and the carrier of this name, in a bad light.”
0:24   ”I just, if I have to be honest, one does feel a bit attacked,.”
0:27   And Turkish media have been reporting for a while now
0:30   on Facebook that this is pure racism.
0:33   One user wrote, “This is simply sick.”
0:36   But in reality only two of the eight posters bear Turkish names;
0:39   the rest are directed at Robert, and Kevin, etc.
0:42   35,000 Turks live in Duisburg. The intention was to not exclude them,
0:45   says the inventor of the campaign.
0:48   ”Actually, with the use of humor and self-deprecating irony,
0:51   we wanted to accomplish the goal of keeping people
0:54   from throwing their garbage on the ground,
0:57   but that instead they use the trash cans provided.
1:00   Humor is simply a matter of taste,
1:03   and when it’s about trash, it’s not to everybody’s taste.
1:06   But whoever still can laugh can go online and create their own posters,
1:09   just like this one with a ‘wink wink’ back to the studio.” (Poster: “You can do it, anchor-man”)

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  1. The narrator pronounces the “c” of “Gülcan” like “ch, tsch”. If I have my Turkish spelling right, the letter “c” is pronounced like a English-language “j”.

  2. that reminds me of a turkish joke from way back when….
    what is a turkish discotheque? a trash can under a traffic light.
    But however and reluctantly defending them: I could not notice that these people are particularly improper. Even their guys have their body hair, brows and such, perfectly groomed.Can’ t report about other areas ….

  3. If the Germans were intelligent, they would know the Ummah have not a care for the environment, because their faith teaches them that Earth = Hell.

    Thus, it matters not if your Styrofoam cup lands in the bin or the ground.

  4. 🙂 is not part of Islam. One can’t do a thing about it and since Merkel (and others before) decided to give Turks rights, Turks taught/think they are the lords of the land.
    Germans (and other Europeans) just have to bow to their greatness.

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