The Sadness of the Muslim

Oh, the backlash! The terrible, terrible backlash!

That’s what the Muslims of Barcelona are worried about. They’re suffering more than the infidel Spaniards, because they were hit twice — first by the attack, and then by the awful Islamophobia.

Pampasnasturtium, who translated this article published yesterday in El Periódico, includes this introductory note:

Reading this, you can see the level of European collective psychosis, dhimmitude, islamolatry, civilizational self-loathing, infatuation with our soon-to-be executioners, and whatnot. Bring out your entire stock of barf-bags before reading, for it is extremely vomit-inducing (besides being hilarious, creepy and sad in equal parts).

The translated article:

The sadness of the Muslim

The Muslims of Barcelona categorically condemn the attacks and they say they hurt them just as much as any other inhabitant of the city

Photo caption: Friday prayer at the Centre Islàmic Camí de la Pau (Path of Peace Islamic Centre), in Barcelona, one day after the attacks

There’s an “us” and a “them” in the air since the moment when journalists take a walk through the halal butcher-shops of the Raval neighbourhood or when they phone the representatives of the Muslim community after an attack, and that fence raised on the foundation of questions is the first thing the Muslims addressed lament, with an expression as if saying: “You and I live in the same city. What happened hurts me as much as you”. If there’s a “them” in all of this, they explain afterwards, let it be useful to name the “fanatics”, those who are capable of driving through a summer Rambla, knocking down human beings. “I don’t recognize these people, they’re not Muslims, a true Muslim that believes in god [note: in lower case in the original] doesn’t do these things.”

The words are uttered — they carry rage, frustration, outrage, all that overwhelms the Muslims of the targeted city right now — by Narjisse el Adnani, “a Moroccan raised in the Canaries and a neighbour of Barcelona”, at a halal butcher-shop on Hospital Street, right in the multicultural heart of the city. She heard through one ear the topic that is being spoken about, and wanted to intervene; one day after the attacks, the Muslims of Barcelona know they face another “them” and “us” moment, and they feel the need to make themselves heard. “The truth is we suffer doubly, because what happened is terrible and because our name has been tarnished,” she says. Just like almost everyone else when the conversation enters the territory of religion, Adnani quotes the Quran verse that states that whoever kills a human being kills “all of humanity”. A Muslim deserving of the name, she says, acts accordingly.

Day of prayer

It was Friday, a day of prayer in the five mosques of the Raval neighbourhood. At the Centre Islàmic Camí de la Pau [Path of Peace Islamic Centre], on Erasme de Janer street, a small crowd leaves after praying, a little after 2pm. The imam has stuck to the script and has spoken about the imminent feast of sacrifice, but the vice-president of the association, Mohammed Iqbal, aware of what might happen from now on, intervened at the end and made a brief speech about the attack. “The truth is, we are quite uneasy about the possibility of stigmatization,” he says, “so I stated that we must not fall intro traps: if they insult us on the street, we change sidewalks, if there are Islamophobic graffiti, we don’t pay them any attention. They are things that we understand might happen these days.” Yesterday itself, the façade of the mosque of Montblanc (Conca de Barberà) in the early morning was revealed to have been sprayed with Islamophobic messages. “Everything that happens in this city affects us, the good and the bad. Now we are twice worried, first because of the attack in itself and, two, because it leaves us in a socially vulnerable situation.”

“We are citizens of this country and we practice the Muslim faith,” Riay Tatary, president of the Islamic Council of Spain, tells this newspaper, “and what harms this country harms us. If the discourse of ‘us’ and ‘you’ [note: in plural in the original] is not changed, we are unable to achieve anything together, we consider ourselves part of our society and defend it with all of our force.” Pronounced in Madrid, his words find an echo all across the Raval neighbourhood. “They’re animals,” says Mohammed Hafeez, a Pakistani, the owner of several shops on the Sant Antoni Abat street. “We live here,” says Bilal Ahmed, also a shopkeeper, at his shop on the del Carme street. “My wife, my son, me. Now this is my country, and what happened hurts me as much as anyone who was born here”. On Thursday he took a group of tourists running away from the Rambla into his shop. Never did he see them as “them”. He saw them as us.

“We feel the same pain as you, or more. I swear this to you upon my mother.” Adam is a waiter at El Rey de Istanbul [The King of Istanbul], a restaurant on Hospital Street within which some tourists took shelter after the attack. “The police lowered the shutters of the place and we stayed inside with five or six injured persons.” Then he says, reports Beatriz Pérez, that “there are feelings that cannot be expressed with words,” but soon after he manages to express one clearly: “They” —meaning the Islamic State — “want to separate us”. They.

43 thoughts on “The Sadness of the Muslim

  1. They appear to use the same kind of logic exemplified, for example, by a Muslim’s denying that the Holocaust took place and then, in the next breath, saying that Hitler should have finished the job. Muslims have been known to believe these two contradictory things and not see the contradiction. Bizarre from the Western point of view.

    And they sound so sincere!

    • Or, as a retired small business owner stated it, “They lie all the time and they don’t even seem to know that they are lying.”

    • This is SOP for Muslims. Every time one of them commits some atrocity They immediately start bleating about backlashes and how mistreated they are. They really do know how to play modern westerners like country fiddles. Islam is the mortal enemy of western civilization and has been for nearly fourteen centuries. There will never be a peaceful coexistence with them. One will eventually vanquish the other. They know this, we’re deep in denial.

  2. As someone wittier than I said recently: “The muslims fear and complain about the backlash for the bomb attack they have planned for next week”. (or words to that effect).

  3. What lovely crocodile tears from these taqiyya and covert dawah artists.

    And I’m sorry, a practicing Muslim is automatically disqualified from being a Western citizen.

    If only the West was prepared to give them something to really cry about…

  4. If 10% of the Muslims actively favor, or participate in, jihad, that 10% is who drives the narrative, rather than the 90% who are passive. I’m sure it’s more than 10% anyway, especially since the Europeans and Spain in particular, began importing masses of unvetted Muslims from tribal cultures.

    Where are the Muslims who effectively oppose the terrorists and Islamic supremacists? By “effectively” I mean to give police consistent and reliable intelligence, to denounce publicly individuals planning jihadist activity, and to admit there are some small flaws in Islamic canon that might, by a literal reader, be interpreted as calling for violent expansion.

    Where are they? Probably in a cemetery, if such Muslims existed at all.

    • I like your use of “passive” rather than “peaceful” or “moderate” for the Muslims who don’t actually commit atrocities. It describes them more accurately, it seems to me. I shall adopt it from now on.

      I have heard it said of Muslims that “the peaceful majority is irrelevant”, which is rather neat, but if we substitute the word “passive” for “peaceful”, the significance becomes very clear.

    • Your 90% 10% dichotomy goes back to the earliest days of Islam. They learned that if everybody goes Jihad and they suffer a major defeat, the cause is wiped out in that area. So only the fanatics are sent forward to do violent jihad, while the rest stay back to solidify their conquests.

      Nothing has changed in 1,400 years.

    • This is a good point, for we only see “moderate muslims” saying they oppose “radicals” after an attack, but rarely if ever before one. And even then it is only talk and not action.

  5. Western islamaphobia can result in paint running down a building.

    Moslems can result in the blood of Westerners running down a building.

    Which is of more concern?

  6. In a Godly Christian world. Muslims who dress as Islam requires, should cross the street when they see Christians approaching. The former “president” of the United States of America wrote in one of “his” books about when he saw white people cross the street at his approach.

    But then again, what we are seeing in the “Western World” today is the opposite of that, isn’t it?

    “Western Christians” are walking directly into the sword of Satan as they carry flowers and teddy bears and offer up their wives, daughters, and mothers, to the invading horde, while they kneel before them, and ask permission to keep breathing.

    After Lot plead to God to allow him to search Gomorrah (Gomorrah was the town, Sodomy was the act they were performing) for one single righteous man, and he found not a single one, God destroyed it. Satan still lived on afterward, and deceived Lot with his own daughters.

    This is the world we face today. For a Godly man, not even our own daughters can be trusted. This is nothing new. It is one of the oldest stories ever written.

    • Before Christ comes back, God will speak to the “new” Lot, and He will ask him to find ONE righteous man on the face of the Earth – who has not committed sodomy. Afterward, everyone on Earth will be destroyed as they were in Gomorrah.

      • Well, I do not think that the time will come when every living man have committed sodomy. I am sure there is a hard core of men and women who find no pleasure in unnatural sex no matter to how much brainwashing they are subjected.

    • Ric, re sodomy, some people are born homo- or bisexual; this is how God (?) made them, not a “lifestyle choice”. And- whisper it not- some heterosexuals also enjoy this “deviation”. Get over it!

      • Well, “RicGaston”, Sodom (Sdom) was (like Gomorrah) a “settlement” in Canaan. It still exists as a locale in Israel and is the “home” of a chemical production facility. (Proof of “Imperialism yes”?)

        Sodom: been there, haven’t done that.

        • Heh. Very heh.

          I’ll bet it’s really an aspirin factory. Thank God the Clintons are out of office or it might be in danger.

      • Well, if it’s true that they are born that way, and I do believe they are, eventually there will be a pre-natal test for it.

        • Are you suggesting abortion for the deviant? Yuk. Don’t want to be a part of your “brave” new world. The one we have is bad enough…

    • Thanks Ric, just a clarification here…it was Abraham who came to God and plead for Him not to destroy Sodom, not Lot.

  7. Until Christians beat their plowshares into swords and kill the forces of evil they are facing today, everything will continue to progress as it is today.

  8. “Adnani quotes the Quran verse that states that whoever kills a human being kills “all of humanity”. A Muslim deserving of the name, she says, acts accordingly.”

    That should read “Adnani misquotes the Quran verse….”

    Sura 5:32 in its entirety fully justifies murder. And the very next verse sanctions not only killing but crucifixion and lopping off hands and feet. Misquoting that verse is a very common deception used by Muslims and their apologists. They always steer well clear of 5:33, though.

  9. ““They” —meaning the Islamic State — “want to separate us”.”

    This statement, constantly peddled by the MSM, seems very strange to me. Why would they “want to separate us”? What would that achieve in terms of advancing the Caliphate, given that if they actually succeed in turning the Infidels against the Muslims, the Infidels just might decide they have had enough and stamp them out.

    It seems far more likely to me that the purpose of Islam’s Military Wing is to frighten the Infidels sufficiently to stop them objecting to the steady creep of Sharia takeover, so they can be consumed by the Islamic collective. Far from wanting to “separate us”, they actually want to absorb us. Pliant Muslims and the idiots of the Left push this narrative precisely to assist them.

    • ***Why would they “want to separate us”?***

      It is in the interest of the jihadis to promote a sense of alienation and persecution among the Muslim diaspora. The more alienation, the less assimilation, the more people turn to active jihad out of rage.

      As for the possibility that infidels will turn violent against Muslims because of jihad atrocities, that ship seems to have left quite some time ago. Islamic doctrine of war states that a society should be undermined and demoralized before any actual hostilities begin. Islam being Islam, you always have violent vanguards who serve as “probes” of the readiness of the society for actual jihad.

      If the society shows signs of fighting back, the probes are disavowed and possibly beheaded. Hey, they understand. It’s for the cause. If the egregious violence only produces more compliance and sympathy, it’s time to embrace the vanguard and move on to the next stage of dawah.

      About the only questionable event I can think of that might cause a concerted Western backlash against Islam at this stage is to pop a nuke on some skyscraper or tower. It’s interesting to speculate on whether the Islamic State (might as well use their term) or al-qaeda would actually use a nuke if they had one. The progressive hijra is going so swimmingly, why press their luck? In 10 or 15 years, all their objectives will be met anyway. Why risk everything to shave a few years off the schedule?

      • I would agree with RonaldB. From my contacts with Muslims, I have had an impression that most of them are ordinary people who are concerned with their families and everyday business much more than with jihad. They can get on well with their non-Muslim neighbours. Some even have a sincere respect for Christianity (at least, for Orthodox Christianity). In Tajikistan, for example, when people possessed of a devil, come to mullahs, the latter often tell them that they have ‘a Russian devil’ and should ask a Russian Orthodox priest to exorcise them. In Ashgabat, I have seen women in traditional Turkmen clothes (thus, most probably, Muslim) praying in the narthex of an Orthodox church. The Russian woman working in the church confirmed that local Muslims do sometimes come to the church to pray and even ask Orthodox priests to pray for them when faced with some serious problem (a severe disease, for example).

        So, peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims is not impossible. As long as the Muslims are not radicalised. Islamist terror attacks are an effective means of such radicalisation exactly because they poison relations between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

        They are especially effective when they demonstrate the helplessness of non-Muslim authorities, for Muslims have a great respect for strength (both physical and spiritual). As the reaction of the authorities and societies of modern Europe to Islamist attacks has been so far rather irresolute, incoherent and sickeningly sentimental, it has convinced Muslims of their hosts’ weakness. Sporadic anti-Muslim backlash attacks would definitely cause resentment and alienation but they will hardly change the overall impression of Westerners’ weakness. Thus, instead of frightening Europe’s Muslims, such backlash may radicalise them even further, it can make them wish to show who is stronger.

        As for ISIS and other fanatics out there, they, of course, want to destabilise and weaken the West so that it would no longer impede their efforts to seize power in Muslim countries.

        • Ask these ‘normal’ Muslim people if they think sharia should be the law of the land and see what they say….

          • I think that many do not care too much about sharia. Until they are radicalised, of course.

  10. It’s the ancient and ongoing Islamic Mutt and Jeff or “good Muslim-bad Muslim” routine.
    “Now, we’re peaceful moderate Muslims. But my crazy cousin Mohammed, he’s a fanatic. So just let us have a little more Sharia around here, a little more respect for Islamic traditions, and crazy cousin Mohammed probably won’t go jihad on you all.”

    And Europeans fall for it year after year, as the Islamic noose tightens around them.

    • Absolutely spot on comment.

      Sad and tiresome everytime – no thought or empathy for the
      Slain and injured just self delusional, self interested bleating
      About totally imagined persecution, shamefully aided and
      Abetted by the disgraceful western elites!

      As Nigel Farage, demonized as per usual by the MSM has
      Recently stated, “what is it that these western leaders do
      Not get?”

      Hopefully next time a boat load of third world young men of
      Fighting age turn up on a tourist beach in Spain they will be
      Met with a more serious response from the authorities

      Meanwhile spare me the candles, balloons, singing “imagine”
      Etc. Where is the anger at the continued assault on hard won
      Western values?

      I truly despair and await, unfortunately, the next inevitable
      Atrocity and the predictable, apathetic ensuing response.

    • That would make a good cartoon. You could create any number of such cartoons, for giggles over what Europeans have fallen for before they fell to the sword of Mo. Begin with Bismarck’s welfare state…

  11. Nearly 600.000 people of North African origin, mainly Moroccans, and many of them illegal, live in or near Barcelona.

    Nearly 80% receive state handouts averaging around 1.200 US a month.

    This doesn’t include free education and free healthcare.

    They also get around 250 US per every child, and on average they have a child every 3 years.

    In other words, what they are REALLY worried about is not being able to receive these monthly payments.

    Nothing else.

  12. “There’s an “us” and a “them” in the air….”

    This is standard Islamic doctrine:
    Muslims are “the best of peoples raised up for mankind”, K 3:110.
    Non-muslims are “filth …unclean …the vilest of creatures”.
    Muslims are “merciful to each other and ruthless to the unbeliever”, K 48:29.
    “Do not take the Christians and Jews as friends” K 3:28
    “…between us and you enmity and hatred forever…” K 60:4
    Prayer on loudspeaker in Mecca:
    “O Allah vanquish the unjust Christians and the criminal Jews, the unjust traitors; strike them with your wrath; make their lives hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment; fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression;”

  13. From the inimitable Mark Steyn: “Muslims fear backlash from tomorrow’s terror bombing.”

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