The European Man (And Woman) on the Street: “We Don’t Want Them Here Anymore”

The two videos below feature man-in-the street interviews about immigration to Europe. Despite their different settings, the opinions of the citizens interviewed are very much the same.

The first interview is from Germany. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video is from Ventimiglia, the Italian town on the border with France. Refugees have been backing up there for five years or more, since before the Great Migration Crisis of 2015.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video #1 transcript:

0:00   Almost 500,000 refugees are expected in Europe in 2017,
0:03   almost all of them African men. The media won’t even report about it anymore.
0:06   Do you think this is OK?
0:09   “No I don’t think this is OK…
0:12   I don’t think it’s OK because Germany can’t even take in
0:15   that many refugees, all by itself…
0:21   The opinion that other European countries…
0:24   …I mean, they don’t even take in anymore refugees themselves.
0:27   They’re all afraid of the mostly Muslim migrants.
0:30   I too used to be a Muslim in the past,
0:33   but today I am no longer one.
0:39   Because I think that they do everything a**-backwards.
0:42   I mean, I’m talking about the past 1,500 years.
0:45   When today I look at Arabs,
0:48   and I think about how 1,500 years ago
0:51   how stupid they actually were even back then,
0:54   and today they’re still that stupid.
0:57   They build golden stairs,
1:00   but act against the interests of their own people,
1:03   of their own fellow Muslims.
1:06   They don’t do anything.
1:09   They build golden faucets, golden stairs,
1:12   and they have fat guts.”
1:19   “Many asylum seekers are claiming fake nationality,
1:22   a new identity. We now have language software
1:25   that could immediately detect the false accents,
1:28   but our government is not using it.
1:31   Do you think Berlin is being reckless?”
1:34   “Yes. Yes, absolutely. Yes.
1:37   They should control more.
1:40   All of us have worked here very hard.
1:43   I have worked here for forty years, and I
1:46   get absolutely nothing from the government.
1:49   I also don’t have an income at the moment.
1:52   For years and years I have paid
1:55   into my life insurance,
1:58   and I got the payout when I retired,
2:01   but that’s all I have to live off now.
2:04   I am getting no interest, I am not earning a single penny any longer.
2:07   And those others, they come here,
2:10   and often they are just insolent.
2:13   They are insolent, and I always hold myself back.
2:16   When one is a foreigner in a foreign land,
2:19   they should just be more grateful, but all they talk about
2:22   are their rights, and I just don’t think that’s OK.
2:25   OK? Thanks.” — “Thank you right back.”

Video #2 transcript:

00:02   “Ventimiglia is abandoned” — “Resignations. Resignations.”
00:07   Also because of these people, unfortunately, this is not their fault — the area they came from,
00:11   they bring bacteria and diseases that we are not used to.
00:14   For certain diseases our children are no longer vaccinated.
00:18   If we take older people like me and this woman (on the other hand), who is young, here near me,
00:22   we were vaccinated for everything because it was after the war.
00:26   Now they are no longer vaccinated.
00:29   And let’s not get into the topic of vaccinations. [unintelligible]
00:32   Ventimiglia says, “Enough” “Enough!!!”
00:36   Why are these (centers) not used? It was a lot easier, no?
00:39   They were [unintelligible] beautiful, concentrated.
00:43   There was no need to spend the amounts that are being spent.
00:46   If they spend all these amounts, probably somebody is making a profit.
00:51   They are not all [unintelligible] of anybody.
00:54   One of the subordinates should have complained…[unintelligible]
00:57   We are afraid to move around, to walk.
01:00   Someone got into the car of a (female) friend of mine the other day in front of the bank
01:03   He was trying to steal her bag. Understand?
01:07   We can’t (handle the situation) any more.
01:10   I, I don’t blame these people. There is a market; there is a business; that’s fine.
01:15   I blame the (Italian) State first of all, which I don’t know what the hell it is doing,
01:21   and this municipality, which evidently doesn’t have the balls to take ….measures.
01:32   We can’t manage any longer. I repeat, I lost my husband for this, OK?
01:37   [unintelligible] was going to die, and is dead because of this.
01:41   And I am the first to say that we can’t take it anymore, and we don’t want them here any more.
01:55   Nobody is taking care of the babies in the orphanage.
02:02   Those (who suffer) because of the earthquake, nobody takes care of them.
02:07   Those — we give housing [unintelligible] €80 a day…

33 thoughts on “The European Man (And Woman) on the Street: “We Don’t Want Them Here Anymore”

  1. Then why do they keep voting for the same parties/politicians? Or are these views in the minority?

    • I remember now that the majority in the U.S. according to polls have wanted a reduction in immigration for many years–but that didn’t seem to make any difference and Americans voted for politicians who did not fulfill this preference. The difference now seems to be that Americans feel more strongly about it and many are angry with politicians who do nothing. This is one major reason for Trump’s election.

    • In Italy the problem is simply that there hasn’t been a vote in years and years. Several politicians right now are pushing for an immediate vote, and have been for some months; but it is almost certain by now that it will be pushed back to next spring.

      Then we will see.

    • I agree. They vote for it, and they abet it. There has never been more information available about the crisis the majority of voters are willingly helping to create. Merkel will romp home. Many French voted Macron purely because they could not stomach the idea of a patriot in power. The UK voted overwhelmingly for immigration-friendly parties. Wilders did well but nowhere near well enough for a country in which all major cities are now half-immigrant. There are only so many excuses you can make for the stupidity and cowardice of European voters, from Sweden to Greece.

      • I too, question why people keep voting for these Politicians.

        But that’s a simplistic response. It doesn’t take Preferential voting into consideration (otherwise known as Ranked Voting). or Borda counting etc. A number of nations (including mine, Australia) use voting Preferences Preferences completely screw the actual voting intent of the voter.

        Then you have the side issue of multi-platform voting. Most of these Politicians across the entire West, campaign with a wide ranging number of policies in mind. There are very few one-trick-pony Politicians out there who survive longer than one or two campaigns.

        So ‘Jean-Louis’ in France may agree strongly with a couple of issues that Le Penn raised in the recent French election, but he ultimately chose to vote for Macron instead, as there were other issues that he felt as an individual, were more important to him for some reason. Rightly or wrongly, the bigger picture won out for him, as a voter.

        Take me for example. The last few elections in my nation, I have deliberately voted for Independent Politician’s – and each time on single policy issues. Yet in the Gillard/Rudd vs Abbott election in 2013, I voted for Abbott. I didn’t like him, I didn’t trust him. I voted for the Right and for him for one reason and one reason alone… Because the Left wing party (Labor) who were running the show at the time, were making a nightmare mess of the nation.

        I would’ve voted for just about anyone in desperation to get the Labor party out of power. My only choice was Tony Abbott leading the Coalition (our major Right party). Despite everything, I voted for him just to ditch Labor and their incompetency.

        Since then, I have consistently voted for Independents – differing ones each time in each local, state and federal election. Why? Because both the major Left and Right parties (Labor and the Coalition) are not getting my vote. They’re both a mess. So I’m stuck voting for people who frankly, I wouldn’t ordinarily vote for, out of desperation.

        And it doesn’t even change who gets in charge. Because we’re a 2 party preferred system, a Westminster parliament where the major 2 parties fight each other over slightly varying versions of the same identical policies each election.

        I voted Pauline Hanson in the last election – solely because of her stance on Muslim immigration, Islam and Muslims in general in our nation. She got a seat in our Senate out of that election. But I don’t agree with most of her other policies. Frankly, I’d be terrified if her party (One Nation) actually managed to win enough seats and take control of government and lead the nation. She has some great ideas, she has some ideas that I disagree with, too. And she and her party are not who I want holding the reins of Australia.

        We all face this reality every-time we vote. Look at the USA! Last election, their choice was Clinton with more of the same establishment politics – plus a healthy dose of absolute danger. So people actually voted for DONALD TRUMP. They voted for a ludicrous laughingstock. A fake tanned loudmouth idiot who understands two things – real estate and reality TV. And they let that idiot grab the reins.

        I don’t blame the Americans. In their shoes, I would’ve done the same, despite knowing Trump was a terrible option in reality.

        Trump won – not because he is Trump. But because it was desperation tactics. Because he was ANYTHING other than the continued status quo of Democrat versus Republican and the usual career Politicians who serve themselves only whilst sitting pretty in Washington, distracting the voters year after year after year on the same two tired topics – gun control and abortion.

        (You’d think the USA was perfect except for guns and pro-life/pro-choice, given the way those Politicians constantly control debate by steering everyone constantly back to those two issues. Meanwhile they’re merrily distracting the idiots with these issues whilst being free to screw everyone behind the scenes.)

        This issue is found all over the West. Including Europe. Its easy to blame people for voting the wrong way (and I blame them too sometimes) but when you really look at the reality of it all – what choice do these people have?

        The system is not true or free. It is corrupt, decadent and rigged. It wouldn’t matter if Le Pen or Wilders or whoever got in – look at what Trump is facing. Every Politician around the world, every mainstream media outlet in the world, all those celebrities and elite’s and ‘rich and powerful’ types are doing utterly everything they can to stonewall him and block him – and insult the hell out of everyone who voted for him originally.

        That isn’t democracy. We don’t have true democracy in the West. We haven’t for a long time.

        • i am surprised, but i’m afraid that i must somewhat agree with U; we are only partly free, and what freedom is left doesn’t do anything to stop the power-mad for doing what they want.

          i’m an american who voted for mr. trump. he is indeed a loose cannon whose only saving grace so far is that he appointed a supreme court justice who believes that the laws should be enforced as written (“original intent”), not re-interpreted and re-evaluated constantly. and that just restored the balance on the court to what it had been before mr. scalia, another “original intent” justice, died, which means that really, nothing that i want to happen has happened (the “muslim ban” doesn’t ban enough muslims, and won’t last long enough). i would have voted for a tree stump if it had had any chance of stopping ms. clinton, an alinskyite traitor and proven lawbreaker, from winning the election, so i voted for somebody who *may* have broken laws instead.

          OTOH, the u.s. is a two-party system; neither party is officially part of any government in the u.s., but both are treated semi-officially by all governments here. it is very hard for another party or parties to break into the power structure, although it has happened in the past (the last time was when mr. lincoln of the brand-new republican party was elected in 1860). since politics everywhere is like a cesspool, in that the biggest lumps float to the top (the power-hungry are the lumps), we get what we pay for.

    • they keep voting leftists into power because the leftist propaganda organs allow very little to be published that goes against the “religion of peace.” if one *does* open one’s mouth, one can lose his job, and good luck getting a new one, let alone one as good. our nazi friends at facebook and google will also make sure that if one posts something that the left doesn’t like (politically INcorrect), the State will be notified, and an arrest is likely. if one can’t learn the truth and is severely punished for publishing the truth, it’s hard for parties smeared as just barely to the left of nazis (even though, if one could find out about them, one would find them to be *nationalist* rather than nazi) to get votes. and that is ignoring the fact that nazis are leftists (national *socialism*) and hardly on the right.

      finally, education has been in the hands of leftists for many decades in eurabia. while they didn’t gain that control here in the u.s. until the 1970s or thereabouts, they seized control of education in eurabia in the first half of the 20th century; few people are still alive there who were schooled before the leftists took control. there, as here, leftist platitudes and lies are taught in place of critical thinking. when U get this garbage from all quarters for your entire life, it can be decades, if ever, before one can learn the truth. many people in eurabia *still* don’t suspect that the media are propaganda organs.

      thus, the precious freedom of speech we currently have in the u.s., which is quickly and efficiently being eroded by leftist nazis, is one of the few things that has protected americans thus far. as one can see from news reports, which conveniently omitted that the BLM folks and their fellow nazis were pelting their opponents with bags of urine and feces, and the response of the left and most media to mr. trump’s remarks, that protection will soon be gone, and respect for and rule by law will be gone shortly thereafter.

      i don’t know what my freedom-loving friends watching in horror in eurabia will be doing, but i am preparing for the worst. i fully expect there to be more than one civil war in eurabia, and probably one in the u.s. as well. absolutely *NONE* of the death and bloodshed to come was necessary, but hard-core leftists and pious muslims, haters-of-freedom-in-arms, are the cause of it, and both have blood (and will soon have much more) on their hands.

  2. I loved the German ex muslim. He had no fear of being ‘racist’ and could really speak out.

    • I know his kind. He most likely is an ex-Yugoslavian Muslim. They are a trip. They have a great sense of humor, they’re old school, and they fiercely love their guest country. I’ve grown up with men like that from Yugoslavia, Turkey, and Persia. There are entirely too few of them left…

      • Not many people realise that Sweden had good experience with the Yugoslavian refugees in the 90’s, and that is also one reason why Sweden has remained so open. All of them Yugoslavians speak Swedish already and usually you would’t recognize they are not Swedish…

        Angry foreigner is one of them.

    • He was both marvelously refreshing in his candor and epitomized the tragedy of contemporary Germany. He arrived 40 years ago, worked hard, left lslam behind and assimilated, retired, and now lives only off the money he paid into his superannuation fund whilst he worked. He notes that the new Muslim “migrants” are “insolent” and bleat about their “rights”. Who, in his position, wouldn’t be resentful?

      And then one thinks of native-born Germans, especially those from lower socioeconomic strata, who have worked diligently their whole lives and have retired to live on minimal incomes. They now have to watch their government shower largesse on hostile invaders who, moreover, pose a threat to their personal security.

      • … and the best part is that the traitors running the State refuse to protect them.

  3. In the second video, translation of the unintelligible sections is as follows:

    00:29 Good God!
    00:39 beautiful [he repeats this word twice]
    00:51 kept under control
    00:54 [Nothing has been left out here; everything has been translated.]
    02:07 and board

  4. An newsworthy posture is now in Europe’ s Trotskyist activism: fight tourism!
    The same jackasses that want ‘refugees’ to came in millions, are demonstrating against tourists that are affecting their communities! Their insanity is out of this world
    In Barcelona, they are making terrorist raids against tourists and facilities that work to tourists. Here (Lisbon) they made graffities saying: «Wellcome refugees, tourists go home» sic

    • Less tourism could be helpful because it will collapse the welfare system. When that is gone some parasites will leave on their own.

      Sadly, there was a mass casualty van attack in Barcelona today.

    • They want to bring everything down. Will they wake up when it all falls on their heads? Seems we are running out of time.

      But… they are not 100% wrong… hardly anyone is… predatory capitalism is destroying the planet, and I wish folks on the right were willing to deal with that aspect of what is going on. The climate fight is a distraction from the real damage that happens every day.

      • i am a capitalist and a conservative; U are not. notice that both of us are speaking civilly with one another, and neither one of us wishes to *kill* the other. pious muslims, OTOH, *do* want to see *both* of us dead, simply because neither of us is muslim. i encourage U to look at the record of muslim-majority countries to see how resident non-muslims, homosexuals, and women are treated under sharia law. learn about the history of islam, especially the practices of muhammed, since all muslims consider him to be the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil) and Model of Conduct (uswa hasana). learn about abrogation and what its implications are (U can start with

        in other words, don’t take *anybody’s* word for it; check out the quran for yourself. islam is *not* a religion like others with which westerners (or most other people, for that matter) are familiar. why should U bother? i’ll answer with a couple of questions. if islam is peaceful, why is it that so many muslims get their religion wrong? if all these coincidentally-muslim people making terrorist attacks are mentally disturbed, why is it that only muslims seem to suffer these mental episodes? there are plenty of non-muslim poor people in the world whose ancestors also suffered under western colonial systems, and who now suffer under nasty dictatorships and kleptocracies, but they almost *never* seek out and kill people who are not of their religion. why is that?

        as for the “evil capitalists” discussion, i would love to have that with U or anybody else on the left, but this is really a site meant to discuss islam, so i think that we should limit it to that.

        • Oh we discuss far more than Islam. If that’s all we talked about then they’d be winning by default.

          On the other hand economic discussions/differences in philosophy have to be done carefully. Or you can simply refer to those economic philosophers whom you find congenial. For me, a favorite is Frederic Bastiat. He summed up so much in so few words.

          [Would you please refrain from using text language in your comments? It’s unseemly.]

  5. I am uninterested in being fair to Islam.

    I don’t need a pretext. I want them gone, soon and forever. To remove the virus we must remove the carriers. Think Typhoid Mary.

    The Islamic opinion of this expulsion is just as irrelevant as it is predictable. I want the only “safe space” for Muslims to be the Arabian Peninsula, period. They give the rest of our land back. [epithet].

  6. “[epithet]” isn’t much of a epithet, but it is appropriate.

    Please don’t edit my posts.

    You needn’t print this submission. I don’t care.

    But in the future I will.

    No one tells me what to think or say, or read or write. I’m seventy-one and shall do as I please.

    • No one tells me what to edit or not edit on MY blog. Regardless of my age, I shall edit what I please.

      Or, if I get tired of doing that in the face of all the unpleasantness and complaints, I shall delete the comment. It’s much easier.

      As Bruce Springsteen said, do what you like, but don’t do it here.

    • Your age proves nothing, sir. However, it might be indicative of CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff) – a misfortune that visits us all eventually. Otherwise, I’m sure you would recall reading the Commenting Guidelines here and why we have them…

      Besides, at your age surely you recognize that you can no longer “do as I please”, at least not as you once did as a lad of twenty or so. It’s sad when age takes things away but doesn’t compensate with an attendant wisdom.

  7. The best thing Europeans can do is to join the reserves and get proper military training (not to mention the keys to the armory). The Islamists aren’t peaceful now, and will likely be less so in the future. If the government does a 180 and tries to remove them, they’ll riot. If the government brings more in, they’ll riot. If the government stops bringing them in, but lets them stay and multiply like rabbits on viagra, they’ll still riot.

    One way or another, Europe’s youth will need to fight back.

    • My position is composed of two points.
      1) Why should I fight for Merkel?
      She can not get rid fast enough of a german flag:
      Yes, I am a loyal german and you should respect the flag.

      “The character of a nation you recognize on how they treat their soldiers after a lost war.”
      Either attributed to Leopold von Ranke or french president Mitterand.

      All our politicians unload their liquid waste on our old soldiers.
      There was this exhibition with the Wehrmacht as topic and it was a POLISH historian who proved the errors in this exhibition, not a german.

      2) You see there is something I fear.

      I always asked myself why do our politicians invite our destruction?
      The only solution I came up with it that our politicians have tasted everything, like love, sex, power etc and now after tasting everything they cannot feel anything anymore. Whatever they do, any powerplay etc just tastes like ashes. But they want to feel something. But the only thing that can make them feel something is the fear of death.
      So they invite our destruction to ride the razors edge.
      In a muslim society (that is family / clan based) without a strong and numerous family / clan you loose your position and your life.
      Our politicians know that they have invited death but I do not think they are suicidal.
      So I think at the last minute they will give us a chance to join them with them as leaders of the clan.
      So we are bound together (Either we do not join then we die everybody for himself or we join and survive but as slaves to our politicians.)
      I think that then a lot of rules like gender mainstreaming and feminism will be repealed because those things make the clan weaker and that means the chance of death for our politicians gets bigger.
      While they want to feel something, they are not suicidal.
      And to survive they need a strong family / clan.

      3) To bring these two points together:
      Am I willing to fight, kill and die for those who care nothing about me and will call me a hero or a piece of dirt just as the wind blows (As long as I am useful I will be called a hero and protected from prosecution but if the wind changes and I can no longer fight because of old age or because of political change then I am called a warcriminal and put before a firing squad.)?

      Yes, I dont want to die either but submitting to their powerplay – I just want to see their faces when we Europeans rather let us kill so that those politicians can no longer manipulate us.
      Yes, it means the end of European civilization, but better an end with fright than a fright without end.

      • Fight for Merkel, or any politician of today? Absurd.

        Fight for yourself, your family, your people, your nation, your heritage, your culture, your legacy, your freedom? Those are the things to fight for, even to die for.

        • But if I join the armed forces there is a chain of command. I can not decide when to act, whom to kill etc on my own. I will be given a gun only if my superiors allow it. And those people follow Merkel. So I have to follow Merkel.

          Germany is NOT the US. We do NOT have a 2nd Amendment. Getting a gun as a civilian is nearly impossible.
          Yes, the leftwing anti-german Claudia “Fatima” Roth has a loaded revolver in her handbag, even though she is against guns.
          And being a patriot counts against you if you want a gun. Because to fight violence we have the police (this sentence was irony).

          So please, if it ever comes to a second war between Germany and the US could you please give us a 2nd AD then? Thanks a lot.
          And Article 20 part 4 of the german Constitution (Duty to resist) could also be cleared up, you know it should be like a checklist that even a 5 year understands. Now it is a nightmare that even the highest german court has problems understanding.

      • Alex, i think that Michael was telling europeans who do not want to be eurabians to get military training so as to protect themselves, because the traitors running the State refuse to do so. notice that he mentioned the “keys to the armory;” i believe he was indicating that when the time is appropriate, those keys should be used, regardless of what the traitors say.

  8. It does not matter what Europeans say on the street.
    What matters is how they vote.
    If they re-elect the politicians who are destroying them, they will be destroyed, and they will deserve their fate no matter how awful.

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