Strangled With Her Own Handbag Straps for Smoking in Front of a Mosque

The following brief article, kindly translated by Oz-Rita, was published earlier by Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form:

A 72-year-old man was presented to the prosecutor’s office on Sunday. He was released but will soon be tried before the Criminal Court of Lyon for acts of violence with a weapon last Sunday morning.

On Rue Baraban in the 3rd Arrondissement, the septuagenarian had crossed paths with his victim, a 37-year-old woman. According to Progress, the latter had sheltered under the entrance hall of a mosque to light her cigarette in the shelter of the wind. A decision reprimanded by the old man, who continued on his way the first time after the apology of the woman, before finally coming back to strangle the smoker using the straps of her handbag.

On the verge of fainting, the victim was saved by the intervention of a passer-by, who put the aggressor to flight. The latter was finally arrested on a bus and immediately confessed to the facts. Investigators, however, dismissed the charge of attempted murder, despite the violence of the scene, and the deep marks still visible on the neck of the of the victim, who is in her thirties.

9 thoughts on “Strangled With Her Own Handbag Straps for Smoking in Front of a Mosque

  1. Recall that the EU is constantly making more difficult for private citizens to own or carry firearms.

    The intent of the West European governments is to give free rein to criminal street thugs and street gangs, and to terrorize the productive citizen into silent compliance with the galloping totalitarian fascism of the EU and its subject governments.

    The combination of centralize government power, a monopoly (government-granted as always) on communications media, and a ruthless suppression of any individual assent has produced the situation where people will vote for their own enslavement. Merkel looks to be reelected.

    Do I blame the people? Not really. The human reasoning apparatus is not built to handle the mass hysteria/communications and propaganda employed by modern technocrats in service to a fascist state. One way to regain some control is to break up, or prevent the formation of, massive states. In other words, keep countries small and maintain a strong national identity over a limited area.

    Which is one reason why I have expressed my preference elsewhere that the Confederacy had been allowed to peacefully secede from the US and retain its own government and identity.

  2. Bank this for future consideration:

    ‘Mosks are static targets full of moving targets.’

    • And sometimes they’re arsenals. Imagine if one of them blew. Just another ‘gas explosion’ – Nuttin’ to see here, move along.

      • Don’t forget they’re also planning, drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, and money laundering places safe from the prying eyes of the authorities!

  3. Seriously, it seems the protected class can do no wrong. It is always “Nothing to see here.” And it is always us who has to adapt. Has anyone thought of telling them to not be so sensitive? Wait, they have the left as allies. The power of being offended is stronger than of attacks it seems. The woman was attacked but he was offended so he has the moral high ground. And when you live in a world of bitter and delusional paranoia, everything is an offense.

    • The power of being offended is stronger than of attacks it seems.

      That is because, to Liberals, feelings outweigh physicality. It is why good intent carries so much weight amongst these starry-eyed social engineers.

      At present, feelings of fear seem uppermost within EU circles. Fear of being called a racist, a Nazi, or even (from all appearances) just a sane and rational human being.

      Along with all of this comes an almost crippling fear of giving offense (especially to People of Color). Since most of the EU kowtows to the absurdity of Islam being a “race”, fear of offending Muslims ranks quite high in terms of avoidance factors.

      As to somebody, “telling them to not be so sensitive” Has anyone ever considered why it is that all of these easily offended people are flocking to a region where pork, alcohol, and tobacco are consumed on a regular basis?

      Why, it’s almost as if these Muslims want to be offended. What better excuse could they then have to vent all of the hostility and violence that follows them like some sort of (psychic) baggage train wherever they go?

  4. Islam does not ban smoking, but it does not encourage it either, the problem here was not smoking as such but the use of the mosk in a too casual way, i.e. lack of respect. And for this, a believer is allowed to inflict the death penalty on the unbelieving woman….

    Islamic law is that barbaric, especially to women, and the [morans] on the left have not the gumption to see it (or maybe they just live in envy of it).

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