Stopping “Hate Speech” in Sweden

Sweden lacks the enormous resources provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center to fight “hate” in the USA. Nevertheless, the Swedes seem very resourceful in their efforts to shut down dissent.

Many thanks to AF for translating excerpts from this Fria Tider article. As he says, “Censorship seem to have become epidemic.”

Soundcloud erases immigration-critical Swedish pods: “Hate”

August 22, 2017

Media. On Monday the popular service Soundcloud closed — totally without warning — nearly all immigration-critical Swedish podcasts on their home page. The company refers diffusely to the fact that the users may have spread “hate” or “obscene” content.

Among the Swedish podcasts which have transmitted via Soundcloud and now have been shut down are “Motgift” (“Antidote”), “Ingrid och Conrad” (“Ingrid [Carlqvist] and Conrad”), “Vita pillret” (“The White Pill”) and “Sluggers”.

Also “Den kokta grodan” (“The boiled Frog”), led by the ex-SDU chairman Gustav Kasselstrand, has been blocked…

9 thoughts on “Stopping “Hate Speech” in Sweden

    • Whilst moped gangs run riot in London in particular, and
      Other major cities, virtually unopposed by the police, knocking
      Over pregnant women, robbing jewellery shops, ripping
      Watches off peoples wrists etc!

      The police cannot chase them once they remove their helmets
      In case the perpetrators are hurt and the teenagers know this
      So escape with their stolen mopeds and stolen hoard, openly
      Mocking authorities.

      Londoners were warned that this sort of criminality would
      Increase over the school holidays as more teenagers wood
      Be entering the arena.

      Meanwhile if you are accused of a “hate” crime, based on
      Some imaginary slight, based on “evidence” supplied by
      Someone offended on someone else’s behalf you could
      End up in prison.

      Frankly I despair at the rank stupidity of the ruling elite
      Of this country.

      • “I despair at the rank stupidity of the ruling elite”

        To call the elite stupid is to assume that they are pursuing a course of action which will give them an effect they won’t want. In other words, it assumes the elite have to objective of lowering or preventing crime for the average citizen.

        I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that protecting the average, tax-paying citizen is not on the list of priorities, or even objectives, of the ruling elite. So, however we characterize their treachery and evil, “stupid” is not necessarily a good description, as it implies some good will, but lack of intellect.

        For example, in the 1930’s Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians to achieve total power over the country. His means were exactly apropos to his ends: absolute power.

        What’s the objective of the ruling elite in the West? Who knows? But, advancing the welfare of the citizen is not a contender.

  1. Soundcloud is based in Berlin, the heart of the pozzed, and should be avoided by all free thinking people.

      • Some on the alt-right use “pozzed” as shorthand for “enthusiasts of leftist degeneracy”, and I am using it in that sense.

        Originally, it was slang for a person that had caught HIV.

        • Got it, thanks. Not a pleasant usage, and it makes assumptions about gay people’s politics which can’t always be correct.

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