Slaughterhouse Jive

Until recently a culture-enriching “German” was running an ad-hoc abattoir in a backyard shed in the German city of Essen. The operation was set up to supply delicacies for an “Afro-shop” where the butcher’s wife served as proprietor. The couple evidently ran a thriving business until the stench drove their neighbors to complain to police.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this news report from German TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Residents have complained of a bestial smell
0:04   and the loud buzzing of flies in the back yard.
0:08   Good evening, dear viewers, here is your Local News.
0:11   When the relief force arrived,
0:14   they found rotting animal cadavers in a garden shed,
0:17   and it actually smelled so bad that the camera team became sick.
0:24   The smell of long-ago ended lives still hangs over the house;
0:27   even today invisible waves of vapors still drift through the air.
0:30   A neighbor reported the case.
0:33   “I called the police yesterday due to endangerment of health.
0:36   I have two children and I am pregnant,
0:39   and that entire window was full of flies,
0:42   and we could smell the strong stench of decay.
0:45   someone had already called the veterinary inspection office;
0:48   they had set a deadline. They came again and again;
0:51   the flies came all the way up to my front door.”
0:54   The police also call the fire department.
0:57   They arrive dressed overalls and respiratory masks,
1:00   after all, no one really knows what is lying in that small garden shed.
1:06   “One of the windows was open. you could look inside;
1:09   there were large freezers in there,
1:12   and one of the freezers exuded this intensive stench,
1:15   … yeah…
1:18   in it were remains of animal cadavers.”
1:21   All in all the police found 100 kilograms of cow parts,
1:24   Cows’ feet and cows’ stomachs, unfrozen. The concept of an expiration date
1:27   was alien here. The city has to take measures here,
1:30   but a camera interview was denied by city officials when requested.
1:33   However, in a statement they say that
1:36   “In addition to a strong disturbance from the smell, maggots and cockroaches were discovered at the location.”
1:41   Officials do not know who the leaseholder is, what he did with the cows’ feet.
1:44   Therefore, back to the district of [name].
1:48   The alert neighbor knows unusual facts
1:51   about the renter of the shed, and about his culinary inclinations.
1:54   “That he prepared this for a so-called Afro-shop.
1:57   Basically the warehouse was here.
2:00   He processed it here, and then, he told me, he gave it to his wife
2:03   for that Afro-shop. But where that Afro-shop is, not a single person knows.”
2:08   “So there is the worry that this stuff here was actually eaten?”
2:11   “Oh, yeah, he ate it, absolutely. He even offered it to me,
2:14   to my partner and to my dog, he offered various things.
2:17   He said, “Those are delicacies from Africa,” and I said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”
2:23   Cows’ feet and cows’ stomachs are seen as a delicacy by people in certain countries,
2:27   but what exactly happened and how will be investigated by the city
2:30   in the next few days, and at this time, multiple offices are working on this case,
2:33   and with the attached fines.
2:36   Among other things being investigated are the disturbance and the assault caused by the smell,
2:39   and who sold the cows’ feet and stomachs to the renter of the shed,
2:42   because all slaughterhouses have to keep accounts on all their customers.

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  1. Its going on all over europe,

    This is not some isolated case,

    These filthy islamic arabs, scum, they just rent garages, and string up cows upside down, slit there throats to bleed them out, and then cut up the animal in the dirty garage in some backstreet, they then often turn the meat a d waste into huge doner meat blocks u see turning on a flamed grill in doner kebab shops.

    Next time u think to eat in those kebab shops, keep moving, remember this story.

    In finland,mthis is going on in helsinki, backsreet garages, cows strung up, in makeshift slaughter houses.

    Its disgusting, barbaric to murder these animals like this.

    We must deport any and all who support islam, get out of here, go back to u desert hole.

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