Sharia Law for German Soldiers in Jordan?

The following translation was published yesterday at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany and Jordan in Dispute over Sharia for German Armed Forces

An original translation by Egri Nök from Zeit Online:

German Armed Forces

Germany and Jordan in Dispute over Immunity for Soldiers

Before the German Armed Forces move to Jordan, the German government intends to achieve their immunity under the law. Otherwise, they would be under sharia law.

August 26, 2017

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen in Jordan

It still remains unclear whether German soldiers in Jordan will be protected from Sharia law. The federal government had made this demand in the negotiations concerning the stationing of German soldiers in Jordan. But according to information from Der Spiegel, Jordan has not yet granted such immunity.

About 250 German Armed Forces soldiers are to be stationed in Jordan from September on, to fly reconnaissance flights against the terror militia “Islamic State” from there. The federal government wants them to be protected from criminal prosecution in Jordan, as it partially still is under the Koran-inspired sharia law which also uses the death penalty. The jurisdiction of the Sharia courts is limited to certain aspects such as family law, however.

After withdrawal from Turkish Incirlik base, the soldiers are to be stationed at the Jordan base Muwaffak Salti near Al-Asrak. The moving was a decision by the federal government early June. The reason for this decision was the conflict with the Turkish government regarding the visiting rights of German representatives to the soldiers in the German Armed Forces.

“We are still negotiating the stationing arrangement,” the defense ministry in Berlin comments. They were not expecting a delay in moving the Tornado reconnaissance jets, which is scheduled for October [“Tornado” is the name of a type of German military jet — translator].

Last year there were similar discussions with Qatar. There, a compromise was achieved, according to which soldiers were flown out to Germany, instead of being held responsible before a Qatari court. In Jordan such a compromise seemed unlikely, due to the size of the mission, Der Spiegel quotes sources in the Federal Armed Forces as saying.

12 thoughts on “Sharia Law for German Soldiers in Jordan?

  1. I have the solution: Western nations stop waging war in Syria. Stop supporting Islamic terrorists no matter what name they operate under. The Jordanian Air Force is perfectly capable of flying their own surveillance missions over Syria if they so chose. Besides there are plenty of Islamic terrorists in Germany for the German Air Force to run support missions for right at home.

  2. Sounds like those 250 soldiers will be happily returning to Germany.

    There is only one law in Dar-al Islam, for the believer and the infidel, no exceptions.

  3. …but the military are Merkel’s diplomatic contingency sent to culturally enrich Jordan, how could Jordanians be so insensitive.

  4. I don’t know why they would bother: they’ll soon enough have Sharia in Germany anyway…

  5. I have friends and family living in Jordania. I have visited Jordania myself, and I can
    honestly say, … Jordania welcomes economical enrichers with open arms !
    Even if they take their dogs with them !

  6. Jordon has a relatively enlightened royal family, but is still majority Muslim so they have to watch their step. The German government is asking the Jordanian government to make a formal, public exception to sharia law, which may be problematic for them. Most likely they would have no objections to an under-the-table understanding.

    I agree Western forces have no business in this conflict, especially since the Syrian forces seem to be winning. If it were a vital national interest for German troops to be in Jordan, which it obviously isn’t, I’m sure the German military and Jordanian authorities would easily reach a mutually-satisfactory informal arrangement.

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