Sauce for the Gander

Sigmar Gabriel is a German politician from the SPD (Social Democrats). He serves as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor in the current coalition government.

Mr. Gabriel’s recent remarks warning the Turks to stop meddling in German politics have resulted in Turkish-instigated harassment and threats against his wife’s dental practice. Social Democrats are used to instigating harassment and threats against “right-extremists”, but do not expect the same kind of treatment themselves. Now Sigmar Gabriel is unhappy and afraid, and feeling very sorry for himself.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from PolitikStube, also translated by Nash:

Sigmar Gabriel close to tears…

When cars and houses of AfD members are vandalized, we don’t hear any commentary from Sigmar Gabriel. When police officers read Compact magazine or privately support the AfD and then get suspended, Sigmar Gabriel agrees with it. Weapons deliveries to Saudi Arabia during his time as economic minister were a hangover from the previous CDU administration, and he couldn’t do anything about it, short of receiving his fat Minister’s paycheck. Left violence and left terrorism don’t exist, according to his own words, bur right terrorism does. Kaiser Tengelmann at one time was the campaign focus, but Opel or Karstadt suddenly not. But if he picks a fight with Erdogan and gets burned, he blames political climate and he cries like a little girl.

Now Sigmar Gabriel has to experience how it feels when one gets denounced based on his own opinion and appearance, and when one’s private life starts to suffer the consequences. It’s a good thing that his car, financed by taxpayers, is still intact, that his house is well-protected; he never really worked anyway, so his future can’t really be destroyed. But the dental practice of his wife, on the other hand, is now suffering the consequences of his unqualified statements on the topic of Turkey, and as he’s fighting back tears, Sigmar Gabriel complains:

“The way Erdogan does this apparently motivates some to try and harass my wife and to threaten her,” the SPD politicians tells the German press agency on Monday. This is “a terrible result”. “When a head of state starts to go against people in this way, there unfortunately are people who think they have the right to organize personal harassments,” Gabriel said Monday at the DPA on a “European Boat Tour” with the Saarland SPD top candidate Heiko Maas in Saarland Perl. This apparently had happened to his family.

Now what is that — there is no evidence as to who the offenders are? Maybe because he feels bound so strongly to the codex of the federal press council? Were they maybe right-wing Turks (that would be racist), or were they the always-evil neo-Nazis of the AfD? He can dish it out, but can’t take the heat himself? The top of our state therefore fails to act rigorously against people who think differently, changes and passes laws and dictates to the public media what they should and shouldn’t write?

Well, when opponents and people who have other opinions are denounced and lose their jobs due to their political opinions, then that’s OK, but beware if this happens one of their own! Then suddenly family values are being shouted from the rooftops. But where does a family stand in the mind of Sigmar Gabriel, or as Madam Merkel would say, “that has lived here for a longer period of time,” that have been forgotten and ignored by his unspeakably anti-social and anti-democratic political activism? And, actually, Sigmar Gabriel should know how it is when one starts tangling with the Turks, since he did — in his inconceivably long stint as a vocational school teacher — end up making one of his female Turkish students his wife and stayed married to her for nine years. It would have been time enough to get to know the Turks.

One almost thinks: Finally, one of the RIGHT ones has been targeted, but unless I want Heiko Maas to personally put me in jail for slander, I’ll just stick to this sentence: The ghosts that Sigmar called up, or, whoever sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind. Both sayings are perfectly fitting.

According to his professional résumé of two legendary years of experience in the development of adulthood, Sigmar Gabriel apparently has neither learned nor passed on anything in terms of what it means to make decisions cautiously and speak words with prudence. I think that’s why he became a professional politician. Those who can’t learn, teach, and those who fail at that become professional politicians. And now someone other than an evil AfD supporter has to feel the wrath of ‘other-think’, even if it’s the wife and her employees.

Video transcript:

0:00   Harassment and threats against his own family,
0:03   this is what Sigmar Gabriel says.
0:06   Threats recorded on the answering machine in his wife’s dental practice,
0:09   threats that are directly connected to the fight
0:12   between Gabriel and the Turkish President.
0:15   “The way Erdogan does this apparently motivates some people
0:19   to try and harass my wife, and to threaten her.”
0:22   German-Turkish relations are seeing a tough test.
0:25   Meddling in German political campaigns,
0:28   verbal attacks against Sigmar Gabriel,
0:31   and last but not least the arrest of the writer Dogan Akhanli in Spain.
0:34   Here we see him at his first public appearance since his arrest.
0:37   Interpol arrested him for supporting terrorist activities
0:40   in Spain, an EU country.
0:43   “Because I thought that I would be
0:46   safe in European countries,
0:49   and that the long arbitrary hands of despotism
0:52   and arrogance wouldn’t reach
0:55   all the way to there.”
0:58   Angela Merkel accuses the Turkish president
1:01   of using Interpol to carry out his personal vendettas.
1:04   More and more German politicians demand harsh consequences
1:07   for the police organization. The main concern is that they should question
1:10   more strongly calls for help from doubtful states.
1:13   “I will of course look at this, but at this point I can’t share any information.”
1:16   Still imprisoned in a Turkish jail,
1:19   the world correspondent Deniz Yücel.
1:22   After six months the German ambassador is allowed to visit him
1:25   for the second time, and tomorrow for the very first time,
1:28   the human rights activist Peter Steudtner.

15 thoughts on “Sauce for the Gander

  1. I’ve been looking forward to German FM Sigmar Gabriel getting his comeuppance ever since his highly controversial visit to Israel in April when he insisted on meeting with two of Israel’s most radically leftist NGOs, both financed by European countries and the EU.

  2. Still I feel very sorry for Herr Gabriel and his family. Gloating about their current situation will lead nowhere good.

    • It’s makes many people happy that some poetic justice is being meted out.

      There are many people without the financial security of this family who have felt the sharp edge of the leftist agenda and had their lives ruined.

      Gabriel and his family have the means to move, to start over, plenty of those he despises have no such means after the deep state has ruined them.

      Gloating over the misfortune of nasty people is not another step to damaging society, it is a sign that society has already been damaged – because of people like Sigmar Gabriel.

  3. I ran into Siggi Gabriel twice in a economic policy setting some 20 years ago when he was prime minister of Lower Saxony.

    He was and is a pompous little piggy that got swept into his present day position on a wave of boundless opportunism.
    If he had grown up 50 years earlier, I guarantee he would have been a perfect nazi. Had he grown up in East Germany he would have become a perfect commie.

    He is reaping what he sowed and deserves it fully.

    It’s the soulless bureaucrats of his ilk who destroy the classic values of European culture.

    As he is driven only by greed and fear, I suppose the latter will increasingly become a motivator for him.

    • and last night, in a TV show, he repeated the stupidity that the Turks had helped to rebuild Germany after the war,which is utter nonsense.I have not seen one in a workplace before the seventies.

  4. I would say it’s long past time to withdraw from Interpol, cut off its funding, and declare its employees as persona non grata in any country.

    I have been hearing all my life how Interpol helps to control crime and, in the past few years, terrorism. But as usual, we sell our freedoms for a bit of illusory security that is mostly smoke and mirrors anyway.

    Like all unaccountable bureaucracies, Interpol constantly seeks to increase its budget and scope. It’s likely they steer clear (for now) of US citizens, but citizens of smaller, weaker countries like Spain or Israel always have the threat that someone will put out a warrant on them and they will be detained without warning in some foreign country. This is an excellent tactic to use, by the way, against officials of conservative countries who take definitive actions to protect their citizens. It is not beyond the imagination to think that border control officials in countries like Poland, Hungary or Czech Republic will find Interpol warrants against them for crimes against humanity for barring ME refugees.

  5. It is not beyond the imagination to think that border control officials in countries like Poland, Hungary or Czech Republic will find Interpol warrants against them for crimes against humanity for barring ME refugees.

    Sounds like a great way to trigger a European civil war. Especially in the Czech Republic where the citizens have all those nasty, icky guns.

    • Unfortunately, internal and external affairs are very different. My point is that the officials of smaller countries trying to protect their national identities and character can be personally harassed as part of the pressure on the independence of the country. And they really have no recourse.

      It’s part of what happened to South Africa before the previous government fell. Also, recall what happened to Pinochet of Chile; he gave up power voluntarily, and on a trip, was grabbed by Spanish officials and held for trial. Interpol was not involved with this, but is part of the enforcement mechanism for PC justice. Human rights is another hook to demolish national identity. Not that torture should not be condemned, but the definition of human rights will be (has been) expanded so as to make national protection or national identity impossible.

      • My point is that the officials of smaller countries trying to protect their national identities and character can be personally harassed as part of the pressure on the independence of the country. And they really have no recourse.

        Fear not. We are in strong agreement.

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