“Rescuing” Migrants in the Mediterranean is a Socialist’s Duty

You’re a twenty-something liberated socialist woman in Berlin. You have high social ideals. You want to help the unfortunate and the downtrodden, wherever they might be. You see images in the media and on the Internet of poor, oppressed refugees drowning in the Mediterranean as they struggle to get to Germany in search of a better life. You’re concerned. You feel helpless. What can you do?

Annika Klose, a Young Socialist from Berlin, has the solution: you volunteer to sail the Mediterranean in an NGO “rescue” boat and help the people-smugglers ship their human cargo to Lampedusa at €3,000 a pop. You work for free, which helps their profit margin, so it’s win-win for everybody. Except maybe for your fellow Germans, but who cares about them?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this insufferable young woman’s video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Some commentary on Annika Klose from Politically Incorrect, also translated by Nash Montana:

Berlin Juso leader becomes people-smuggler

Is Martin Schulz currently the worst that the SPD [Social Democrats] has to offer? Yes, probably. But concerning what the future of the dying political dilettantes (SPD) will bring, there is still a lot of air underneath that can be popped. Annika Klose, the county chairwoman for Juso [Young Socialists] Berlin and member of the SPD (self-portrayal: Young socialist, feminist, internationalist) has, two years after the beginning of the manufactured so-called “refugee crisis”, finally discovered that in the Mediterranean Sea, “refugees” actually drown. How? She just “sat in front of my Facebook timeline” — a situation which, as she opines, we all surely know as well — and there she saw it, “pictures of fleeing people on rubber rafts” and then she just thought: “S***!” And she decided to sign on as a smuggler with one of the many officially recognized NGOs for the job.

And now she will travel with “Sea Eye”, which — just like “Jugend Rettet” (Youth Saviors) and “Doctors without brain and common sense borders” — have refused to adhere to the behavior codex for sea rescue required by the Italian government, and she’ll go on her big adventure, to wash gold in the Mediterranean sea.

But something else is important to her, for which she wants our help: “The refugee topic has to be put back on the political agenda!” Oh, really? Yeah that’s really not something that’s being discussed very much these days. Where exactly has Annika Klose been hiding the past two years? Wherever she was, she should go back there. Unfortunately, however, she wants to have the world participate in the coming weeks via videos on her newly created YouTube channel. One of the reasons, as she said, was, “this feeling of helplessness”, but that is supposedly something that we all are familiar with. Yeah, Annika, once we watch this video statement we do indeed understand this feeling of helplessness. And of empathy! For being this young, you really shouldn’t be this brain-dead already.

Video transcript:

0:00   VLOG from the Mediterranean by ANNIKA KLOSE — Student and Juso leader in Berlin
Hi my name is Annika, and I am 25 years old
0:03   I’m a student in Berlin and I am the leader of the Juso [Young Socialists] Berlin.
0:06   This summer I decided to participate for fourteen days
0:09   in water rescue actions in the Mediterranean sea.
0:12   You may ask yourself: how does one get such an idea in her head?
0:15   The situation that made me decide to do this
0:18   is something you are probably totally familiar with.
0:21   There I sat in front of my Facebook timeline, and I scrolled through it,
0:24   and then suddenly I saw pictures of people fleeing
0:27   on rubber rafts, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea,
0:30   and I thought to myself, “s***, this is a really s****y situation,”
0:33   and then I continued scrolling.
0:36   And when I realized what I did,
0:39   I was really shocked about myself.
0:42   I asked myself, what is going on, do I just not care?
0:45   Or am I so totally indifferent and jaded?
0:48   How could it be that I don’t even read or look at this,
0:51   scroll up, out of sight, out of mind.
0:54   But of course I am not indifferent; that’s out of the question.
0:57   Of course this affects me, and of course this is important to me.
1:00   I think it’s totally s****y that there are people drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
1:03   But there’s this feeling, I’m sure you’re familiar with it,
1:06   a feeling of lack of power, of helplessness.
1:09   This feeling like, this is so bad I’m not even going to let it get too close to me,
1:12   because I feel like I can’t do anything about it anyway.
1:15   And so one just sort of blocks it.
1:18   But, honestly, that is the biggest betrayal of one’s self,
1:21   because… of course I can do something!
1:24   Of course you can do something, and together we could actually really do a lot,
1:27   we could really change things, and that’s what we now have to do.
1:30   I have now begun to research what I can do concretely,
1:33   and I have found Sea Eye. It is an organization based on voluntary action,
1:36   whose members sail from Malta to Libya in two old fishing boats
1:39   and do their best to save people from drowning.
1:42   And that is where I now will keenly participate as well.
1:45   And I want to ask you to please help me, and help us,
1:48   to keep these actions going.
1:51   This campaign depends on donations,
1:54   and it is very expensive
1:57   to buy a ship and to operate and maintain it,
2:00   life vests and fresh water and medical first aid,
2:03   and all that just costs a lot of money, and I want to ask you
2:06   to help our campaign with a small donation.
2:09   But that is not all. Because together we can
2:12   put this topic back on the political agenda.
2:15   We have to be heard.
2:18   We have to talk about it, and we have to find solutions.
2:21   Because why do people still have to drown in the Mediterranean Sea?
2:24   Essentially this should so not happen anymore, and we really could change this.
2:27   And therefore I want to ask you to first please inform yourself,
2:30   and second, talk about this, and let us together
2:33   put this back on our political agenda,
2:36   and third, I want to invite you to keep on
2:39   following my preparations, my journey.
2:42   I will therefore create a YouTube channel,
2:45   where I will collect information, and I will show you
2:48   how I am preparing for this,
2:51   and then I will of course take you on board,
2:54   so that you too can experience first-hand what these sea rescues mean,
2:57   and why things have to finally change.

25 thoughts on ““Rescuing” Migrants in the Mediterranean is a Socialist’s Duty

  1. please don’t assign good motives to people like this. she is a communist whose only goal is to destroy your country so she can have her glorious revolution.

    • I don’t think anybody here is assigning good motives to her actions here. This is an openly critical post about yet another brainwashed German Gutmensch.

      Is she a communist, I doubt it. Socialist for sure. Semantics, some might say. I say… true socialism has never been tried. That would kill a country instantly instead of slowly weakening it.

      • what she is doing is going to be bad for the german people. there is no such thing as an unintended leftist consequence. every ill effect they cause is intentional. it is no different with this leftist. nothing she is doing can truly be ascribed to the good intentions she is claiming. she knows exactly what bad things are going to result from her actions. those bad things are why she does what she is doing. everything for the cause. I don’t know why people keep trying to find good intentions for what communists do. communists are evil people who do evil things with the full knowledge of consequences of those evil actions.

  2. She’s been misled. I suspect that her family situation is such that she really has noone caring for her. She’s probably given a lot of money but no love. So she sees that she has enough things, but looking inside into what hurts her most is so difficult, that she tries to jump the important questions in her life straight into the “I have to help everybody” mentality.

    It is difficult to explain, but she really is a stereotypical rich university girl of today. I know a couple more cases which talk and act just like her, Czech girls, from rich families, re-educated in international universities, currently “crazy refugee welcome” types.

    • I actually disagree. This is just one more coddled girl who was overly cared for, not financially but protected from reality, so she became a Gutmensch because everybody should want to help those poor drowning peoples in the mediterranean, no? That’s what her parents taught her. I bet you 100 D-Marks that her parents are very loving and kind people, the sort of liberal German type that have raised this generation of social justice warriors out of the pure, innocent goodness of their hearts, because their parents didn’t have it so good and weren’t so loved back in WW2.

      I doubt that she comes from money. Her demeanor does not strike me as one of a German girl having been raised with lots of mullah. Nope, this girl here, pure German innocence meeting the real world. She’s been hiding behind a rock the past few years, due to her being overly “educated” with public money.

      • I agree with you. I know that my comment lacked clarity to an extent. Let me explain myself: When I write “love”, I follow the logic “spare the rod spoil the child”, or as the Bible says: He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

        So “love” in my book isn’t necesarily “give them roof, food, and clothing” – but that’s what their parents, I believe, ehm, believed…

        These kids are like loose cannons on deck. I even have a cousin just like that. 28 years old, with everything provided for by the family, university educated – and what does he do? He loses every job within months, because he likes to advise bosses. But that is not his “problem”. His problems are that “small kids are able to open doors on a fast train while its moving”, or that “some politician said something”, or “what happens in Liberia”…

        I suspect there is something seriously wrong with the upbringing of these kids. They are miserable, yet they refuse to “look in the mirror”. I suspect it might be too painful for them to realise, that they themselves need help – and love. So they “jump” the topic to problems, which are completely unrelated to them…

  3. My old University is full of these “Unibrats”. Full of fecal matter, especially between the ears. I hope we get through WW3 and this muppet and her evil kind experience the living hell that Europe is increasingly becoming. Oh for the power to make such behaviour and “speech” arrestable?

  4. I may be cynical and a bit jaded but I see and hear this deluded fool as a virtue signaller and an attention seeker of the first order. She is going to create a youtube channel so we can all see how ‘heroic’ she is.. Will she record the multiple gropings she will endure as she hands out ‘tea and sympathy’ to the African invaders.. Throw in being raped a few times that she will put down to a reaction to white racism and colonial oppression…The trouble is, she will honestly believe that Europe has to take these people, and provide for them. Put up with, and make allowances for all the mayhem they create and generally roll over and take anything these barbarians decide to dish out, All in the cause of tolerance and diversity

  5. I have run entirely out of patience for such types. Misled, useful idiots with tha capacity to rationalise whatever nonsense. From a small age human relations have been corrupted by state interference, and nothing is organic. But like another poster mentions, she can have alle the material goods she needs. She is fatigued by consumerism. After you can pay your bills, secure food and maybe treat yourself to a nice little something once and awhile (I remember when something as trivial as an ice cream could bring great joy by virtue of its sparsity), how much money and “shiny junk” do you really need? A silver selfcleaning sauce separator, anyone? There is a dangerous transition from the worship of material mammon, to the worship og moral mammon, if one can have such an idea. This girl doesn’t fit into that box entirely, as she is actually going out herself, but the simplified rationale (Third worlders are my peoples plaything, they have no agency, let me project my mother instinct out onto the whole world) of thinking problems will be solved by bringing people here to throw money at them. The more money thrown, the greater the relief from that original sin of being part of a (by objective measure) superior civilisation. .

  6. Vapid, delusional, dangerous too.

    Why do these individuals believe that they know better than everyone else?

    Most likely volunteering to submit to Sharia law and wearing a burkha
    Soon too.

    • Of course this one will be first in line to submit!

      What could possibly compete with that thrilling rush of cultural enrichment?

  7. It’s ideological possession.

    80 years ago she would have been a perfect little Nazi.

    Evil is the force that believes its knowledge is complete.

  8. Even apart from her appearance and the content of what she is saying, Annika’s voice is unusually irritating. I’m trying to analyze why. Probably because of the naturally higher pitch, it is easier for a woman to have an irritating voice than for a man. A high syllables/second speaking rate increases the irritability too; would she sound more pleasant and less agitated if she merely spoke more slowly? And maybe the exact articulation of German speech increases the irritability. Would she sound more pleasant and relaxed if she spoke in English or French?

    Also, in addressing the general public, she speaks in the familiar “thou” politeness level: “ihr koennt” instead of “Sie koennen”. Is this common?

    • If she were American, I bet she would be a chronic uptalker. She would also potentially exhibit a degree of vocal fry, another horrible trend in American speech patterns.

  9. Hmmmm…I would donate a ship. to have her empirically experience and to be culturally enriched by 6 dark skin studs by all possible way as they often do, to her female friends all over the Europe upon arrival … Kudos to her if survived..
    How someone possibly be so sick and ignorant ? It’s beyond my wildest imagination…
    It’s that suppose German superior race and intellect ? Ohhh Lord we are damned ..

    • I would posit that she has plenty of fever dreams about swarthy-skinned invaders.

  10. Hey, if the Socialist Party of Deutschland (SPD) has a Juso (Junge Sozialisten) division for young socialists, does it also have an Also (Alte Sozialisten) division for old socialists? And do the Also members get to wear a snazzy mathematical three-dot “Therefore” badge?

  11. Prediction:
    After a few pick up trips with the Islamic-swarthy-rescued , she will be on our side. The socialism and the marine altruism will be kaput… as she ascends the learning curve.

  12. Ego tripper! This fiend, is a clone of many, i met many of these dreamers, in a few years After shes been raped and sodomised by some morrocan sheep herders, shell see the errors of her ways, but then itll be too late.

    Germany wont exist thanks to the likes of these utter morons and traitors.

    Theres a war coming very soon.

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