We’re now well into the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres), which runs from late July to early November. In the following essay by MC, the mud and carnage of the Western Front are a jumping-off point for a discussion of the parlous times we’re living in a century later.


by MC

A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This was amply demonstrated during the First World War when generals expected an artillery bombardment to clear the barbed wire (It didn’t) and expected extended artillery bombardment to put the machine guns out of action (it didn’t) and sent men marching in extended lines into those machine guns supposedly destroyed in the bombardment (they died).

Socialism is also repetitive, and the results are always the same, viz. Venezuela. The ideas are not new; they are in fact very ancient. The masses are ruled by a gifted/privileged/intellectual elite with a vision, supposedly for the betterment of all, but somehow it never quite works out that way.

It never quite works out, because the Robespierres oust the Dantons and turn the whole benevolent idealism on its head. Under Danton “liberté, égalité et fraternité” were supposed to be something benign and of benefit to all, but under Robespierre they became vicious blades by which the heads of the unwary could be removed. To curb somebody else’s liberty became a capital offence, to appear to treat somebody as inferior became a capital offense, and to seem to be unfriendly too, became a hate crime punishable by beheading. Madame Guillotine was kept very busy removing politically incorrect heads.

A new terror is upon us. The man who says something out of order will be sent to gaol on trumped-up charges, there to have to survive in the company of malicious Muslim thugs who will scald him with sugar water with complete impunity.

Murder of dissenters is permitted, and not just by the imams. The modern-day committees of public safety views ‘nationalism’ as a much more serious crime than rape or assassination, especially when the victims are members of a preferred race/gender/religious group.

Europe does not need a guillotine as such this time. It has an army of willing executioners specially imported across non-existent borders, exports from the barbarism of the Middle East and northern Africa, young men ruined by Islam, an Islam that is yet another husk of socialism, this time wrapped in religion and pseudo-righteousness.

Socialism always means slavery and exploitation. However, in its modern form it does not use these words to describe itself. Historically, the failed iterations of socialism were always slave states: the USSR and Nazi Germany were overt slave states, others have wrapped up their slavery in acceptable verbal packaging such as “The New Deal”, “The Workhouse” or the “Bridewell”.

A hundred years ago the First World War battle of Third Ypres was fought. It was not trench warfare as such, it was “mud-hole warfare”. The ground was so wet that trenches filled with mud as they were dug.

On paper, the plan was good: break through the German lines using a lifting barrage to protect the troops, who would be able to just walk into the now-abandoned enemy trenches on the high ground.

The troops of course had heard this all before, and they knew that to refuse was certain death; murdered by the military police or shot at dawn by their comrades, sentenced to death by a commander who wanted to encourage the others with terror.

Third Ypres started well, with the top being blown off the Messines ridge by mines laid at the end of tunnels.

Then came the inevitable delays as the generals bickered.

So when the slaves soldiers went “over the top”, the Germans had reformed and rebuilt and were waiting, machine guns cocked and magazines full.

The General Staff twenty miles behind the lines knew it was muddy, but trench warfare was always muddy, and soldiers always gripe, so they ridiculed and disciplined those regimental officers who tried to feed news back of the appalling and impossible conditions at the front. Politically correct behaviour was expected of regimental officers by the senior staff officers. As a consequence, the list of names of the dead at Menin Gate seems endless, and those were only the ones whose bodies were never found. One false step, and our fully equipped but tired Tommy was in the mire, drowning in fifteen feet of mud, dragged down by a hundred pounds of kit and whatever consumables he was detailed to carry up to the lines…

The elite officers lived in their own little world. They would break through the German lines whilst quaffing champagne and claret; then they would take all the glory as they returned in triumph.

Today’s ‘generals’ are still quaffing the champagne and the claret, but they don’t wear uniforms anymore. They, too, are unaware of just how deep the mud is at the front. But like those WW1 generals, they don’t care. They demand political correctness, and get it. Nobody rocks the boat and survives; they are too powerful to be challenged.

The foibles of the Great War were only exposed ten years later when Sir Basil Liddle-Hart wrote his history of WW1 and basically advocated that the elite generals should be put on trial for murder (they never were).

On the whole, socialists have never been held to account for their atrocities, either. And Islam is a religion of peace. Therefore it is politically incorrect to ascribe to it any wrongdoing over 1,400 years of mayhem and murder; it was always the other guy’s fault.

Socialism is just a modern word that describes something much, much older; that is: elitism. Elitism is rule by those with influence. The elite are a group of people who, by accident of birth or providence, happen to be at the right place, at the right time, and who by virtue of wealth and/or influence are able to project their wants and desires and their religio-political beliefs into the public arena.

They usually hide behind a charade of intellectualism. They consider themselves to be the intelligentsia with a divine right to dictate acceptable behaviour to the cattle people. They KNOW that their way is best (but for whom?).

Elitocracy never ends well. It means that horribly average and sub-average people can take the reins of real power with no accountability. Even in a supposed democracy, money not only talks but talks big. Unfathomable wealth and power in the hands of an unscrupulous, self-idolising elite can bring down the even most stable of countries.

The dictators of the 20th century were severely damaged beings with a streak of self-righteous ruthlessness that exhibited as thuggery, and taken to extremes, as mass murder. Hitler, Mao and Stalin believed in one thing, and one thing only — themselves. They, too, were immune to the mud at the front. They surrounded themselves with sycophants who carefully embroidered their fantasies and kept the realities twenty miles down the road.

Canadian and ANZAC troops finally made it to Passchendaele and could look back down the gentle slope to Ypres and know that a man had died for every square yard of land taken.

In our current Passiondale, the bullets are emotional and the mud is the stinking swampy mud of political corruption where elected representatives fail to represent, preferring pork and pocket money instead. But are we prepared to shoot the enemy? To shoot the enemy with real bullets and real shells in order to defend our lands? Hopefully this will be the last resort, but we need to be clear on just exactly what we are prepared to do, and then we must DO it.

If the elitists get their way, then thuggery will soon follow. To some extent we already see it in the Antifa movement, always ready to use violence on those who resist their new Nazism. The Antifas are the modern-day Red Guards/SA. Yes, there is so little difference between socialist thuggery and Nazi thuggery that it really is not an issue. Especially when the modern-day equivalents of the Völkischer Beobachter are so quick to defend their actions and decry the so-called alt-right.

Our socialist enemies have created an alternative society on our doorsteps, a society where there is a new definition of “good and evil”, and a new “torah” with which to judge it. In Genesis 3 we read how man’s (puny) knowledge of good and evil became sundered from Yah’s (omniscient) Knowledge of Good and Evil, and how the serpent was at the centre of man’s falling into his own insane dogma, as demonstrated by Cain.

Now that dogma is coalescing across the world at a remarkable rate and with astonishing consistency, fuelled by a constant reinforcement in the media.

This new torah demands that we (white-skinned Westerners) all show lurve, not “hate”, where lurve is unthinking compliance, and “hate” is any form of deviation from lurve especially the expression of elements of western cultural norms deemed to be “supremacist”. Definitions of lurve and “hate” are flexible and vary from day to day and situation to situation, but they are the weapons in a war whose single objective is to destroy Western Civilization and culture and replace it with yet another form of elitist feudalism. “All you need is lurve” is the same war cry as “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” or “Workers of the world unite” or “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!” and so holds the same hidden message of death for non-compliance.

Lurve is not love as such. It is an enforced behaviour that approximates a charade of love. “Brother”, “sister”, “comrade”, “citoyen” etc.

To deviate from lurve is to be “racist” and “racism” is punishable by total isolation.

I would like to think that our society has the resilience to deal with this problem without resorting to civil war(s), but I look at what the Deep State has achieved in hampering the President and Brexit, and I do begin to worry that it is not enough. The penetration of the institutions by the forces of elitism seems to be near-complete, and the swamp is so profound that it is like the mud before the village of Passchendaele: a huge and costly maw that consumes life and limb.

Finally arriving in Passchendaele a hundred years ago was a pyrrhic victory. The breakthrough to Antwerp and the German submarine pens had not been achieved. All that had happened is that the Allied soldiers reached the top of the hill (with great loss of life), a hill that they held onto for a while and then lost four months later.

Our only way forward without a new shooting war is to trust in (President) Trump, to give (President) Trump a chance, and to try and defend him as best we can even when we cannot understand what he is doing. He is not superman, and he has to try and work with an administration that appears to be full of traitors and media cottonmouths, and it is not easy. But we MUST keep faith.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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  1. MC is absolutely right. As the radical left, embedded in the teaching profession, grows increasingly radical and violent, cheered on by the totalitarian press and the Democrat party, we are more and more in a struggle for our nation and our civilization. Only Trump stands up to them, and he is undercut by the RINOs and Stupid Party Republicans. And also by some of his bad appointments, such as the fool McMaster.

  2. Who is MC? Is he an Israeli? If so why does he write to Americans telling us to stick with Trump?

    Has not the American military given up the mass battle tactic in favor of special forces hit and run tactics?
    I’m no military expert but conventional wisdom seems to be no more mass battles at least for the Americans

    • Mari-

      You are correct that the US has shifted to a model of ‘war on the cheap’ using cruise missile strikes and highly trained, fanatical special forces (who must be so isolated all they see is the Spirit of ’76 and nothing else that is happening in this country) to implement its military actions.

  3. MC, you forgot the Christian, and I mean the true Christian who does not wind God up on Sunday but walks with Him every day and every moment he of she is awake. We don’t march as we don’t need to. We pray, and then we do as the Holy Spirit instructs us. Our lives are lived to set the example and not to be one. Those in Charlottesville were the example, one which we avoid. Certainly I would give food to a Muslim who is hungry, but I would just as certainly send the Muslim to his reward were he or she to invade my home with the intent to loot, plunder and whatever to my family (BTW, both are biblical).
    The battle is not political, the battle is spiritual. I have lived among the antifa and almost became one but was stopped by what little conscience remained in me at the time. I know them to be lost and miserable and have been that way so long that they have come to prefer it as their reality. The alt-right are same coin, but simply the other side of it. I see my duty in this as a matter of prayer and then gracious words when called upon to speak. That is where and when the healing begins. That is what is needed to break the bonds and chains that are tightening what is called Western Civilization. We need, as the Ephesians were admonished, to return to our first love, Who was left in the dirt as we chased after things and material comfort after WWII.

    The above is my $0.02 after months of serious study of what I am observing taking place locally, nationally, and worldwide.

    • “I don’t believe you, you’ve got the whole damned thing all wrong:
      He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sunday.”

          • Off topic, that album, in my opinion, was the height of Jethro Tull, with the possible exception of War Child.
            If you will pardon a little rewrite of the lead song,
            “Digging in the hot sun, pulling out weeds as quickly as they come. Marathon again? Don’t you say that lawns aren’t easy. I know you’re sod, I see you’re always green.”

  4. BTW MC, back in the day the officer lead the troops into battle. If the strategy was ill-founded the officer was the first to perish. Maybe a return to that battle protocol is warranted. Hmmm?

  5. I have always been surprised with the numbers of officers that were wounded or killed that are bought up at ANZAC memorial services in small towns. They were more articulate, often kept diaries and of course well written letters. The survivors had been in the thick of battles, were also active in setting up Returned Services Associations.

    Although the great majority of casualties in WW1 were from the working class, the social and political elite were hit disproportionately hard by WW1. Their sons provided the junior officers whose job it was to lead the way over the top and expose themselves to the greatest danger as an example to their men.
    Some 12% of the British army’s ordinary soldiers were killed during the war, compared with 17% of its officers. Eton alone lost more than 1,000 former pupils – 20% of those who served. UK wartime Prime Minister Herbert Asquith lost a son, while future Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law lost two. Anthony Eden lost two brothers, another brother of his was terribly wounded, and an uncle was captured……..

    ….Donkeys leading Lions……..his saying was supposed to have come from senior German commanders describing brave British soldiers led by incompetent old toffs from their chateaux. In fact the incident was made up by historian Alan Clark.
    During the war more than 200 generals were killed, wounded or captured. Most visited the front lines every day. In battle they were considerably closer to the action than generals are today.

    The closer you can be to the politics of War, then the safer you will be.
    That is then it when one is deemed too important to risk in losing.
    It was the changed nature of the WW1 to an industrial war, and lessons were learned, even if too slowly, so that by 1918 summer defeats to the German army as the English army reached a peak.
    The politicians were shook up by the losses, and changes were put in place, that had long term effect on the military system.
    Change also took place socially in much of the UK as well.

    It is with President Trump, will he learn fast enough on the job.
    Will he set enough change, in place, so that it can continue?

  6. Nice essay showing a good understanding of Socialism/Communism/Fascism and the woe and misery they always bring. But how to prevent another fall into the mud and death? I think supporting President Trump is a good and essential step.
    The next step would be to primary the likes of Ryan and McConnell and get conservative leaders in Congress.

  7. A huge revisionism of western history is now under way to delete Europeans and their achievements from their own history. The BBC is making films depicting our origins as “black” civilisations. Even the Etruscans are now “black”. These new ‘histories’ are aimed too at the Jews and Chinese.”They woz black too!” It is so serious the the Chinese government have complained to the UN, as have the Israelis about “black Hebrews being the origins of Judaism”.

    I thought this was ludicrous at first and dismissed it along the lines of “We wuz kangs n’sheit!” Afrocentric madness. While recovering in hospital I got to talking with a very bright Eritrean nurse that said that even her own civilisation was being affected and the Italian occupation written out by the global elite.

    She actually admired what the Italians had brought with them-literacy but an appreciation of ancient Eritrean kingdoms and language, including script. All this was being removed to rewrite history.

    She was an Orthodox Christian. Then I met another nurse who realising I was a scholar myself recognising my name, she had seen on the Internet. she stated that they were taught in her old schools and university the “Huge debt owed by Europeans and Christianity to Sub Saharan Africa and black civilisations!”

    She only came to know the truth when she read my articles on the Internet.

    I have been freelance archaeology for a decade and more now but I had no idea just how bad the problem of US Afrocentrism was and still is pushed by Leftwing cranks and black consciousness Americans. It is a form of child abuse in my opinion. The BBC now sell films to schools about “Black Roman Britain”… This lunacy has to stop. It is part of a global genocide of Europeans.

  8. America has been carrying “England” for at least 100 years now. I think it is time for America to stop putting effort into taking care of this island of losers. We broke from “England” and their worship of King/Queen 241 years ago. To suggest that “England” has a similar political structure to America, is offensive to me, and should be to EVERY American. Canada, Australia, India, China, Germany, Japan, name a country, you are ALL – SOCIALISTS, IMPERIALISTS, or COMMUNISTS! There are no Lords in America. There are no persons in America who are born into “royalty”. England has lost every war that America wasn’t involved in since WE kicked out their stupid worship of king/queen.

  9. And America has “lost” every war we were involved in since we were influenced by the Imperialism that is “England, France, Germany, and yes Israel”. America needs to get back to its roots and defend freedom. America, the country, is Lot looking at the rest of the world, trying to find a righteous man, and failing.

    • In times like these unity is important. Yes Britain and Europe owe a lot to Americans but could one humbly suggest you read a bit more? I am not enamoured of the Royals, and frankly they could have done a lot to stop the mess we are in now!

      For all its faults British imperial history did far more good than bad. We are your cousins and yes we deserved a good kicking in 1776 and my empathy is with the Colonists.But don’t allow yourself to be blinded by prejudice and anger. Give me a powerful USA any day over the rotten EU- a German Fourth Reich and more than likely the cause of the next world war my friend-Just like the last two. We in the Anglosphere need each other. We face a common enemy. Islam and its crank Quislings.

      • Quite so. We can hang separately or together.

        The queen’s silence as her country descends into being a third-world, Islam-poisoned stink hole amazes me. Not a peep from her. Not one.

        And her idiot son dressing up in his Muslim cap and talking about Defender of the Faiths. Yaroo! Absurd.

        Benny Hill was at least funny but I expect they have dug up his grave by now.

  10. MC – good analysis, nice definitions and logics, except last paragraph.
    why do you need that Trump guy?
    he is the sort of atypical “elitist” (oligarchy) grebe with blown up ego, psychologically unsable, manipulative and manipulated. and also – KGB agent.
    hopefully will be impeached soon.

    • Trump obviously upset the applecart, and the elite are moving heaven and earth to remove him, does that not tell you something?

      And with whom do you want to replace him? HRC, BHO, Harry Reid, McCain?

      • McCain, Paul Ryan.

        but I would prefer scientists, – a good old tired lion like Craig Venter or Napoleon Chagnon.
        or Steven Pinker, but he is Canadian born.
        someone with record of meaningful achievement and leadership in intellectual environment.

        • Dream on.

          Trump is your only option. If he fails, then it’s game over. You will NOT get a second chance.

          Fight. Or lose. Now.

    • What do you think what will come after a successful impeachment? GOP paradise or more cultural marxist bull???

        • You mean the ex-POTUS, who was caught off camera promising to give the Reds an easy ride … whose upbringing was streaked with red … him, you mean? The “community organiser”?

          • no that was Sharia organizer.

            let’s wait for Mueller report.
            Trump’s strange and persistent sympathy to Russia won’t remain unexplained.

      • To the one calling itself ‘AY’ :

        As Baron said…..Please. [I am dismayed by how uninformed you are]. Trump recognizes what should be obvious to any thinking Western Christian man. The Russians are not our enemy. They are a predominantly white Christian nation as are we Americans. Their interests and ours coincide more than they collide.

        Putin pursues what he thinks is in the best interests of Russia and Russians, the same as we would want our own president to do on our behalf. And Putin is aggressively fighting the spread of radical Islam in Russia’s near abroad and in Syria. Trump is smart enough to see the vision of Russia and America united in the fight against Islam, against the banksters and globalists, and against the godless left. Yes, Vladimir Putin is currently the defacto defender of Western Christian civilization. Trump sees that, and would ally America with that.

        The so-called Russian ‘hacking’ of our election never happened. That false narrative was cooked up by John Podesta and Robby Mook the day after the election in order to discredit Trump enough to hamstring his (our) agenda. We know now from the NSA how the breach of the DNC computers was done (flash drive). And we also know who did it (Seth Rich, who paid with his life. )

        • sorry to disappoint but I am not white, not Christian, and not consumer of RT propaganda.

          but I am Russian speaking and have a bit different prespective on being “(un)informed” on the reality there.

          so I can’t share your delight about Great White Orthodox Christian Conservative Power emanating from Kremlin.

          I think Baron will be grateful to you for speaking on his behalf in support of Putin’s fascist regime.
          or maybe he will not, I’m still not sure.

          just for your information about Islam in Russia – they have Chechnya and Kadyrov there, you can google what that means.

          by re-posting lies from RT, you do disservice to many victims of institutionalized jihadi terror delivered by ethnic Islamic mafias to ordinary Chechens, Russians and others (summary executing Chechen gays, in particular. but you may not consider it as big deal).

          but you also do disservice to the friends and relatives of many politicians, journalists, lawyers – victims of political assassinations.

          as well as to the memory of 10000+ Ukrainian citizen who died in Putin’s colonial war.

          as well as to hundreds of political prisoners, and dissidents who are again forced to escape to the West.

          as well as to the American and NATO military who are currently taking positions on the border, in Poland and Baltic states, readying to beat off next invasion.

          BTW many of Putin’s victims are white, and many are Christian.
          so maybe, just maybe, you would consider paying a bit more attention to what you are posting.

        • Well said. The anti-Russia hysteria is 100% contrived. There are otherwise sensible conservatives (SHMG) who believe the collapse of the Soviet Union was a deception operation.

          If I said the conniving Francoists are plotting to take over Europe it would make as much sense as saying Russia is an “implacable enemy,” as one excellent friend said. Strangely, these people are sincere. The leftist trolls are utterly dishonest.

          Slightly OT but the Syrian catastrophe is similarly deranged. The regime change stuff was the worst kind of flapdoodle but Ob[ama] ladled it out like it was ambrosia. 400,000+ paid with their lives but, as they like to say over at the DNC, “no big deal.”

  11. Being an elite can be used for good cause,if you understand Islam; and use all your resources to strategize and act in order to win. Remember the expressions ‘Moslems are either at your neck or your feet’. Be the elites, and make them at your feet; while you can. Look at China.

  12. Very nice analysis. Even the comments are pertinent and not ugly. Try reading The Madame Defarge Gazette for a similar take on the issues.

  13. To WW I:
    I once read an article that said that during the 1904/1905 war between Japan and Russia both Barbed wire and machine guns were used and that the japanese Commander lost two sons to this. And at some places the dead were stacked four high.
    And both sides had european observers. But they did not learn.

    To Military:
    It seems that Generals make war like war was when they were just a 1. Lieutenant. Then they are set in their ways and dont change.
    Just think: In the War for US indepedence (1775) enemy soldiers would line up against each other at what, 40 Yards and fire. And you were lucky if three people were hit.
    By 1815 if you did the same you had at least fifty hits at the same distance.
    In 1865 you had 80 and by 1914 it was Annihilation.
    The Generals never grasped that the accuracy of the rifles increased and that this meant a higher death toll.
    Or think of: in the naval wars of 1799 the ships used carronades to clear enemy gun decks. The carronade could be described as a proto-Claymore-mine.
    Just Image it would have been used on land.
    Or soldiers in 1865 digging trenches like 1914. Add some carronades and the South could have been the winner (No, I dont mean ONE carronade per trench, I mean at least 10 or more per 20 Yards before anybody says “If the South uses only one carronade per battle they are still swamped by the numbers of the North.”- Yes, this happens at if you make some suggestion like this. ).

    Advanced World War I Tactics with General Melchett

    To Hitler: Did he not serve on the frontlines in the mud in WWI?

    To today: It will end in bloodshed.
    Our enemy is willing to spill our blood while we cling to rules/laws our enemies laugh about. So we will have not RED DAWN (the first movie, I insist!) but GREEN DAWN.
    I foresee that THEY will take over Europe and in a few years, when their ideology has penetrated our Schools and technical knowledge becomes extinct, then our homes will be cold and they withdraw to greener, warmer pastures. So, maybe the northern parts, Finnland etc everywhere where it gets very cold, will be free. And then if we get rid of niceness towards our enemies, then maybe the Europeans will return. First like a Horde of mongol-like riders, later with civilization.

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